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Author Topic: CP's list of ideas (M seeking F writer/characters)  (Read 1892 times)

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CP's list of ideas (M seeking F writer/characters)
« on: May 01, 2011, 01:34:04 AM »
As a warmup, you can find my O/Os here as an idea of what I like and don't.

Lie Back And Think of Uncle Sam NEW
Just ever so slightly in the future, the third World War had happened. And, unlike everyone's prediction, it didn't turn into a nuclear holocaust, but it did cost the lives of nearly three billion people. That was nearly half of the world's population. Xander Flynn was one of the few military survivors, and as such, one of the few men left in America. Four years of absolute hell had left him a little battle scarred, but certainly he wasn't prepared for what would come next. When he got back to his home in California, he'd been informed that there was a need to start repopulating the country. Two full generations of people had been nearly wiped out, and the male-to-female ratio in the US (much less the world) was 1-to-100. As part of the war, nearly every available man had been drafted, from 18 all the way up to men in their 50s. Lots of women were drafted and lost, as well. Now, the world was a mess. Several countries were unliveable, and a new immigration was coming to the US, which had mostly avoided invasion (although Florida was lost, as was most of the Pacific Northwest), and thus, didn't have radiation, chemical spills, viral outbreaks or heavy infrastructure. So people were leaving places like England, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, and dozens of others. The war was over, but the healing needed to begin. And Jake returned to San Francisco to find that he no longer lived in the tiny studio apartment he'd had when he left four years ago, but now owned an entire apartment skyscraper, and that the top three floors were his penthouse mansion. That was the good news. The, well, more surprising news that while he wasn't flying fighter planes any more, he was still in the service of his country, and was expected to stud bull for all the women in his apartment building, who had fought to get a place in his home. Much like women had been told after World War 2, he needed to lie back and think of Uncle Sam, and try and enjoy the sex while keeping the women from getting too possessive of him, and fighting with each other. Love, as they say, is a battlefield.

Whose Party Is This, Anyway? NEW
Max Hartman was too old for these sorts of parties. He was thirty-two, and certainly not the kind of guy that typically hung around college house parties. But his twenty-eight year old friend (who was what they liked to call "a perpetual freshman") still had classes on campus, and so got invited to parties from time to time, and this time, he'd insisted he bring Max with him. And then his friend had vanished, leaving Max as sort of the odd man out, until someone decides to change that. (Paths this could possibly go down - Max could get picked up by a girl who's drunk and needs someone to walk her home, he could get roped into a game of Truth Or Dare or Spin The Bottle, he could end up hanging around until nearly everyone's gone home except for the girl or girls whose house it is, he could get roped into some sort of sorority initiation ritual... lots of paths for a partner to choose from.)

A Familiar Fan NEW
Clark Anderson had just set out to write a nice little modern fantasy novel. Most of the story, that of a man who was both blessed and cursed with the ability to shift little portions of reality, trying to survive while most people were trying to kill him. Clark had expected to sell a thousand copies if he was lucky. Now, the book was in its fifth printing, and he was one step away from a hermit. He hadn't wanted to become a Thomas Pynchon, but he wanted the work to be the focus, not him. So he'd left to go hide out in London, in a city where he could blend in. Then, one day, an old college classmate recognizes him, and starts talking to him in a little streetside cafe. While he's a reclusive writer... she's a call girl, enjoying being highly paid for her services in London. And she offers him a freebee, and starts introducing him to all the girls, so he can get inspiration for his next book. (Lots of paths open here, so very much looking for an inventive partner to play this with. Clark will be a lot more reserved than most of my characters, so he'll work best with a female character who isn't dom, but certainly is strong-willed and the kind of person who likes to drive any situation she's in.)

His Inheritance NEW
Dan Pym had always known that he was adopted, but he never let that stop him from loving his foster parents. A few months after he'd graduated from college, a lawyer showed up on his doorstep, to inform him that his real father had passed away, and had left him an inheritance, a special gift that would allow him to break one woman and bend her totally to his will, to make her into the perfect combination of wife, lover and slut, but that the gift had to be used within one year's time, otherwise it would be squandered. So now Dan has to decide, who is his inheritance? Someone he knows? Someone he doesn't? Is she naive, world-wisened, foreign, local? What does he want, and how does he want to craft her?

Oh God, Professor...
Art Stevens had been teaching archeology for almost five years at the university, and when a bunch of artifacts came in, he got his senior class permission to help clean and classify them. Little he did know that one of the items was cursed, and one of his brightest students, a shy girl who was pretty in a bookish kind of way, would unlock the curse. So when she came knocking on his door, dressed as slutty as possible, practically in heat for him, he certainly didn't know how to take it... not, mind you, that the girl was going to give him much of a chance to say no. She was cursed to need his seed, and need it often, and wasn't going to give him a chance to say no...

The guy downstairs
Kurt Davis and his merry gang of programmers were new to the building. They were working on a highly secretive tech project, and eventually they'd decided they needed an office space for them all to work together, so they'd rented out a section of an office building, filled with lots of people in suits, financial advisers, bankers and the lot, and Kurt's crew definitely stood out - nothing but jeans and t-shirts, wild haircuts and strange hours. They were almost like mysterious rockstars that just happened to share the building with all of these suits. And mostly they kept to themselves, but the building wouldn't let them keep a fridge in their offices, and while the rest of his guys just drank water, Kurt needed a steady stream of caffeine to keep running. Worst of all, the soda machine wasn't on their floor. So four or five times a day, Kurt would hop into the elevator with a bunch of the suits and ride up to the top floor to use the vending machine and fill his caffeine need, and because he was one of those guys who was always in thought, he didn't notice that some of the women in suits were taking notice of the rebel, from the bankers to the college-aged bubbly secretary behind the reception desk on the top floor to the hostess of the Irish pub down on the ground floor that Kurt and his team took their lunches in. And sooner or later, one of them was going to make a move on the tech genius with cash to burn. And Kurt certainly wouldn't see it coming...

Not As Expected
Clay Henderson was the quiet kid in school. Not ugly, but not the kind of stunning guy that brought all the girls to the yard. And, worst of all, he was something of a nerd, but without being obsessive about it. He was, simply put, the guy who knew a lot about everything, always reading, always listening to music, always seeing movies. He took part in drama, working on the school yearbook, and everyone sort of knew him, but didn't know him well. The girls liked to joke about him, how he'd be all fumble fingers and completely unsatisfying, and how they were sure he was a virgin. So one day, the cheerleaders were at a party and drinking and decided to get catty, and they all put their money into a pot, and considering most of the cheerleaders were from rich families, they had a lot of cash on them - almost $3k, split between the 20 girls on the squad. And they decided that the first girl who could sleep with Clay would win the pot, but she'd have to get him to tell all the girls about what his first time was like. And now all the girls are on the prowl for Clay, seeing if they can figure out what makes him tick, what turns him on, and how to get his cherry. And while it's true, Clay's a virgin, the boy reads a LOT, and so whatever girl ends up getting him first is in for a surprise - he knows how to get a girl off far better than any fumbling jock, and once a girl gets past the quiet exterior, he's actually kind of charming in a shy sort of way. But the cheerleaders are all catty as hell, and the girl who gets his cherry knows that to get the cash, both he and she are going to have to tell all the other cheerleaders what that first time was like, and when they find out he's a dynamo, they may want a turn, but she wants to keep him for herself. Of course, if she doesn't tell them they've done it, all the other girls are still going to be trying to get him into the sack, and while Clay seems like a pretty loyal guy, the girls aren't used to taking no for an answer. (This SL works best for a F player who wants to play multiple characters, but could also be done with 2-3 F players. I'm particularly keen to play this one, right now.)

Feel free to contact me via PM, if you have an interest in any of these ideas. I will keep this thread updated as ideas occur to me, or SLs get taken.

The Spy Next Door TAKEN
Jon Wyse had been working as a spy for the better part of six years, but even spies had to have homes, and he kept a nice, quiet little condo in Los Angeles, trying to stay well off the grid. Unfortunately, one of his neighbors has taken an interest in him, so the girl next door starts knocking on his door just after he's gotten back in, trying to make friends with the mysterious neighbor who always seems to be coming and going. He's torn - he likes the sort of small town girl thing she has going on, but doesn't know that he could fit her into his life, what with the spying and the shooting and the like. Of course, he doesn't realize that the sweet girl next door is really one of the world's best thieves, and the two of them are massively underestimating each other. She thinks he's just some nice, average guy who constantly travels for work. And, of course, when someone tries to kill one of them (does it really matter which one?) they both assume it was meant for them, and start to protect the other one. And that's when the whole thing starts to get complicated...

Traveling CompanionsTAKEN
Curt Hayes felt like the adventure of his life was just beginning. Two days ago, he'd packed up everything he'd owned into a U-Haul trailer, hooked it up to his car, stuffed as much as he could into his backseat, and started driving out west. Time to leave his small town Iowa life behind, and get to the West Coast, where he had a job waiting for him in a month's time. And he wanted to see some of America while he did, so he hopped on I-80 and started driving West, and somewhere in Utah, fairly late at night, he saw a girl with her thumb jutted out, trying to hitch a ride. And while he usually didn't give a second thought to passing up hitchhikers, she looked barely college age, and they really were in the middle of nowhere. So stopping and offering a ride seemed only fair to do. Sometimes it was worth taking a risk.

My Guardian Sister TAKEN
This story concept's a little different than most of the others, mostly because it requires a female player who's going to play two parts who never interact with each other, one of whom interacts purely for the plot. (And no, despite the title, there's no incest planned for this. You'll see in a second.) -- Tony Daniels had just gotten to college, and man, did he not fit in at all. He was a night owl, but not really a party animal, and he didn't make friends easily. The college had given him a dorm room by himself, so he didn't even have friends, except, of course, his big sister, who was a senior, living off campus, finishing her work in biochemistry and neurological interfaces. All of that was sort of Greek to Tony, who was studying creative writing. And then, one day after months of doing nothing on campus except studying and sleeping, his sister invited him over to her place, to see how he was doing, and he just broke down, complaining that he couldn't make friends, he couldn't talk to girls, he wasn't getting out of his dorm enough... college, it seemed, just wasn't doing it for Tony. His sister smiled, patted him on the back, and told him it was all going to be okay, he just needed to give it more time. And she sent him home, then went to work. She felt she owed her little brother, and it was as good enough a time as any to test her project out, so she'd swiped some of Tony's DNA, and was going to use her knowledge of biochemistry and neurological interfaces to make him the most popular boy on campus. But, right as she started, she decided to not hit him with it all at once, and to start setting up little strange and unusual encounters for her brother to have, all the while without him knowing she was the one starting up all of it. And she started to find she liked the game, and wanted to keep one upping herself... (So, it's a mind control story, where the female player will be doing all of the mind control, of other characters she's also writing, with my character the none-the-wiser dealing with more and more WTF? situations. Maybe it starts tame, one girl he's noticed before starts flirting with him, then dials up, popular kids stopping by and inviting him to every party they can, and girls practically showing up on his doorstep naked. And while Tony tries to fight it a little at first, his sister is persistent, and is enjoying the game too much to stop, so she keeps trying new things, new people, new situations, because she's addicted to controlling people, and can keep justifying it to herself as long as it's not for her own benefit. And there's some part of her that likes keeping her brother always on his toes. She can make a girl go from unknown to girlfriend in seconds flat, and then make her break up with him because she knows one of her friends likes him more, and hey, it's college. His sister would be his best friend and confidant in all of this, and she would absolutely love hearing the details of what happened, because she doesn't directly control anything - she sets it up, and then it plays out, although she never knows the details, until he tells her. Obviously, lots of room for creative interpretation and freedom, and I'm eager to play the guy who's always got a new surprise just around the corner. Will be more than happy to do fairly meaty posts for this, too.)

Happy Birthday Bro TAKEN
Josh Davis kept busy. He was leading a team of engineers working on a hush hush project for the military, and that didn't leave a lot of time to do much of anything. So when his little brother called cross-country to wish him a happy birthday, Josh almost didn't take the call. But it turned out that it was a good thing he did. Because his little brother informed him that he had a birthday present waiting for him at home. Josh's little brother had bought him a mail-order bride, and she was in his house right now. So now Josh has to figure out what to do with this girl who's eager to keep him happy, so she can stay in the country, and just maybe this 'random person' thing will work out after all.

Up In The Club TAKEN
Adam Stack had spent the last four years, most of it cooped up in a lab, working on his crown jewel for biochemistry, a pheromone that would allow endangered species to find another one of their kind so they could mate. Except that in testing, he's found a few weird side-effects - it tends to put the subject into heat. And normally Adam wouldn't be tempted by this kind of thing, but it's been so damn long since he's gotten laid, one little experiment couldn't hurt, could it? And he doubted it would work anyway. But why not. So he went to a local club where a hot techno act was playing, and all the girls were out in their best and skimpiest clubwear. He was already wearing the marker, so all he had to do was sprinkle a few drops of the other pheromone one the skin of one of the girls, and within fifteen minutes or so, she would seek him out in the club, by scent alone, with a certain degree of attraction. He'd always wanted to get the hottest girl he could find and make her into him in the worst possible way. He wasn't sure how strong it would be, but really, what was the harm? Hopefully he didn't overdo it...

Brewster's Bedroom TAKEN
This is a variation on the classic story, "Brewster's Millions." Allen Jacobs had had a pretty good life, although he'd been dirt poor for as long as he could remember. Still, he was a musician, and a good one, and he enjoyed it. Until that night that the lawyers came to visit him. As it turns out, his long long great Uncle Phillip had just passed away, and Allen was the sole heir to a fortune worth $125 billion dollars. But he had to earn it. He had thirty days to sleep with thirty different women, to teach him a lesson about how the constant life of a new woman a day would make his life feel meaningless. And if he didn't do it, he wouldn't get anything. Of course, if he wanted to chicken out, he could take $50 million right there, and walk away. But Allen loved a challenge, and so girl number one was one of the legal assistants that the lawyers had brought with them. 30 days? It was going to be a hell of a ride, assuming he could do it. (Anyone up for playing 30+ female characters, each wildly different than the last?)

The Neighbor Girl TAKEN
Nick Phillips often felt like he lived in the wrong damn apartment complex. He was in his mid-thirties, never married, single, working hard days as a medical examiner for the police department, and his complex was full of parents with high school kids, and newly college kids who didn't want to move too far from home, but wanted to get a place of their own. So Nick had taken up a hobby - photography. And he was good at it. And eventually, he decided to take some photography workshops, and a couple of them were fine art nude shots. And he recognized one of the girls there. She lived in his complex. He was certain her folks didn't know, and when the girl came by his place the next day, to practically beg him not to tell them, he hadn't made his mind up yet. So the girl told him she wanted to do a slightly more... intense photo shoot, where she'd start as the girl next door, and then transform into a rather intense nude model, and by the end of the shoot, well, she figured she could have him agreeing not to tell her folks, because she'd be making it worth his while... and he might be getting it all on film.
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Re: CP's list of ideas (M seeking F writer/characters)
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2011, 05:50:39 PM »
Hi, you seem vastly interesting to me and I would like to try a story with you. I really like Brewster Bedroom, and The spy next door, but my favorite is His Inheritance.  PM me so we can discuss possibilities.

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Re: CP's list of ideas (M seeking F writer/characters)
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2011, 06:12:06 PM »
Added Lie Back And Think Of Uncle Sam, and Happy Birthday Bro.

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Re: CP's list of ideas (M seeking F writer/characters)
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2011, 02:55:39 AM »
My Guardian Sister now taken.

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Re: CP's list of ideas (M seeking F writer/characters)
« Reply #4 on: May 22, 2011, 04:25:42 AM »
Updated some of the storyline texts...

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Re: CP's list of ideas (M seeking F writer/characters)
« Reply #5 on: May 25, 2011, 12:34:50 PM »
Updating availability

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Re: CP's list of ideas (M seeking F writer/characters)
« Reply #6 on: June 02, 2011, 01:59:07 AM »
A few minor updates. I'm probably only taking on one or two more RP partners then going to hold steady for a while until a couple of the games I have going close out.

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Re: CP's list of ideas (M seeking F writer/characters)
« Reply #7 on: June 05, 2011, 01:13:07 AM »
Added "Whose Party Is This, Anyway?"

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Re: CP's list of ideas (M seeking F writer/characters)
« Reply #8 on: June 22, 2011, 11:54:37 AM »
I sent you a pm.