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Started by pleiades, April 30, 2011, 12:09:00 PM

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I am back after a hiatus.

Well, here is my wish list, idea presentation place, thinking page, whatever.  If I have story ideas I will present them, but even more so,  characters and ideas that can be woven into stories.  Characters always come first,  to me.  If there are ideas about a character I like, I can usually think up a story.  I find it harder to go the other way.

I play female characters, opposite male characters.  Generally of the sweet and nice type.  I do not like to play bad characters, although a nice girl can be driven to do bad things.  If you are looking for your proud barbarian queen, seductive succubus, wicked villainess or bold swords-woman with biting wit and devil-may-care attitude, that's not my type of character.  . 

So if you follow my musings along... maybe something will inspire.  Send me a PM if so. 

Here goes:

1.  Genres.

I like fantasy and myth firstly, I can be talked into historical fiction, I will even do a little science fiction if you tell me which buttons to push.  (or push them for me)  But I especially like fantasy.  Faeries, witches, elven princesses, wizards, etc.  But I don't like playing contemporary characters, high school, etc, except for fantasy characters in a contemporary setting.  Fantasy, for me, has the advantage of being imagined.  You can have any situation you want, without wondering, "did they really have that in Tudor England?"  But no vampires.  I just don't like vampires. 

I also like creative twists to "traditional" stories.  Doing something which just isn't how its usually done. 

2. Characters

I like heroes, even if my characters are not heroic, they will be moral.   (And my characters certainly like heroes!)  But I think a real hero is defined by limitations.  A hero who is a hero despite some limit is a much more engaging character than Mr. Demigod who is always the best at everything.   I also like villains, but not to play them myself.  I don't mind playing the good girl in the villain's clutches!

I prefer my characters to be "nice" characters.  That does not mean the whole story is "nice".  This does not mean the other characters are nice.  Maybe some not-so-nice things happen to my character.  This is Elliquiy and not Hello Kitty, after all.  (I can handle secondary characters who are of less sweet demeanor, it's just my lead character I'm referring to here.) 

Since I prefer the fantasy setting, my characters have run the range from simple peasant girls, to goddesses , faeries, witches, etc.

Now, there is your character- or multiple characters, if that's what we are doing.  Again, this being Elliquiy, your character is male, please.  Women just do not do it for me.  Not to say that there aren't other women in the story.  But you're going to play the Leading Man.  And your character should know what he wants to do, and how to do it.  Especially with my character.  I like having ideas but not leading.

Your character might be anything drawn from the worlds of fantasy.  You have your own ideas here, I'm sure.   Maybe your character is similar in outlook to mine.  That can lead to a gentle romance story.  Or maybe not... and things aren't so gentle.  He can be a hero, or a villain, or something in between, but he is the one in charge, knows it, and likes it that way.

Characters drawn from fiction:  Personally, I don't like to do this with my own characters.  I may take inspiration and use ideas, but writing a story about a character I saw in a movie or read in a book isn't the same as writing my own story.  On the other hand, I know a lot of other people like this.  So, if you want to, and it fits the story, go ahead.  We can even adjust the setting, to fit your needs- but bear in mind, if you're a serious fan you probably know a lot more than me, so you'll have to tell me what's what, and I will go with it.  Feel free to take a character you love, and explore a what-if.  For example, what if He-Man from Masters of the Universe wasn't gay?  Heck, if you take a character from a video game, I wont even know it.  But then, is it really your character?

3.  Story ideas I like- But feel free to suggest your own!

Just a couple of  story ideas at the moment:  (White Out:  Not at this time)

Court Witch.   As part of a "gesture of peace and goodwill", an attractive young witch has been sent to a foreign court, where she will be a "court witch", providing magical services to the king, tutoring children, and acting as adviser and emissary.  She's not here as a slave, and the king did not bring her here with that in mind, but she is a beautiful young thing, alone, a stranger in a strange land, and someone else in the court is smitten with her... or maybe just sees opportunity here.   Your character is another member of the court, or perhaps someone around often, and this could be a simple romance, or a seduction.   

The Tavern Dancer.   She's a background character in a million fantasy tales, the dancing girl in the tavern.  This one has her own story- she's an outcast from her homeland for her unusual appearance.  Bianca has white hair, pale skin, and eyes the color of pure clear sky blue with traces of white cloud.  Some say she is infused with the essence of Elemental Air.  Sleek and lean, she is an exotic dancer and an aerialist performer of great talent, with intense love for her art, and she can pack a dance hall or tavern with customers.  But she has always had an extreme case of wanderlust.  Maybe that too is part of her other worldly heritage, to move on towards distant horizons, as inexorably as wind.  She's broken her share of hearts because of this, and been heartbroken as well, but it's always been too strong a calling to ignore.  She's just given notice to another dance hall, she is moving on again.

Your character is someone who has watched her a few times.  Someone with his own agenda here.  Maybe, just a chance to spend a night with the fabulous Bianca before she moves on.  Maybe he offers to accompany with her.    Maybe his interest is business- Bianca loves dance but barely thinks of the money end of it, and maybe with a manager she could be doing better.

The Canyon.   A canyon rift bisects a mountain range.  A trail runs the length of it.  It is often used by travelers as a shortcut during the fair months, but in the winter, it is a nightmarish place.  Blizzards dump snow into it, and the thermal springs in the canyon depths are active, and there is a bizarre mix of steamy hot and arctic cold- and between is foggy and slippery.  Despite this, my character simply must get through.  She has heard the stories, she's got to take the risks.  She has her reasons, and heaven knows, for a young woman who certainly doesn't look "rugged adventurer" to try this on her own, they must be some pretty serious reasons.  And, she looks to be in a hurry.  Your character has reasons too.  Whatever they are- maybe it's just that he's too chivalrous to let a lady make the journey on her own.  Maybe he is a courier carrying something important.  Or he's an experienced guide who does this for a living.  Whatever the case, fate has decreed that these two make a nigh impossible journey together.  In this story, the canyon is almost a character itself, so I would be sort of a Light Duty GM, describing it.   

Second Chance.   This is an escape story leading to a healing and recovery story.  And it takes up where many more standard stories leave off.  My character already is a prisoner.  Not yours: your master's.  You are the young apprentice/protege/servant of someone quite evil, but seeing what's happened to her has changed you.  You've become  very sympathetic to her, while finally learning how evil your master can be.  The final straw:  you learned that she is a sorceress, a very important one and dedicated to the cause of good, and maybe, if she were rescued, and brought back to some semblance of what she could be, a lot of lives could be changed for the better.  You cannot challenge the power of your wicked master, but you can steal the master's prize away. 

The Fairy's Hero.   Your character has just rescued a Fairy.  Or maybe she just thinks he did.  Either way, she believes it, and as Fairies are not known to be level headed analytical types, she is convinced your character is the Greatest Hero Ever! and she insists on staying around to... help.  She can do many interesting things with her fairy magic, including temporarily becoming human sized, so she knows she can help.  However:  she's a bit of a ditzy, goofy thing, even for a Fairy.  Is he really the hero she thinks he is?  That's up to you.  This is more of a light hearted story, since the fairy is something of a silly little goofball thing and doesn't belong in a dark tale. 

The Witch's Apprentice.    In which I run two characters.  (and perhaps you have more than one, too).  There is a witch of the traveling kind, who goes from place to place, selling various services.  She's not a good witch.  But not an evil witch... amoral is the word.  Except for one thing: her attitude towards her young apprentice.  She has her reasons, maybe simply jealousy over the girl's beauty, or maybe her something much deeper.  The older witch discovers that voyeurism excites her, decides your character would make a suitable "stud", and gives your character the ability to charm her apprentice.  Maybe your character will know the older witch likes to watch.  Maybe not- maybe she uses magic to keep an eye on her apprentice. 

The Tantric Mage.    Our heroine is a mage, in a world where every mage has a focus of some kind, from which they can summon power.  Fire, earth, plants, music, there are many.  But our heroine, who has been trying to find her focus for a long time,  has just learned she is a Tantric mage- she draws power from sexual energy.  Being a shy, modest person who has never been sexually "free", she is shocked and appalled by this development.  On the other hand, ignoring it means refusing access to a lot of power. 

And then there is your character:  Friend?  Apprentice?  Wanna-be lover who realizes what a potential great deal this is?  Rival who thinks this will be fun?  There are a lot of paths this story could take. 

- - - - -

Let's create a story!   Respond via PM, please, not here. 

I will add more as I think of it.

Thank you!



I'm Tree. I read your request and I think I could get into it with great pleasure. I'm thinking of a scenario where the heroine is abandoned on a mountain where she is hunted by a sadomasochistic villain who plans to sacrifice her once he has "prepared" her. The hero could be a barbarian wanderer who comes across the scene and decides to rescue the girl for his own purposes. What do you think? I am quite flexible and open to whatever. Say hello if you're still looking.
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Revamped my whole wish list, with a new design, and new ideas, a few of which I hope are very unique!


Added a couple of new ideas at the top.



Hello pleiades, I've looked at your ideas and I've picked up an interest. Please pm if you feel fit to. Then maybe discuss the details through that.

The Return: I'm trying to make a return to this wonderful website. I have fond memories of it, only outside conflicts made me put my interactions with all the amazing people here on hold. Now, I think I can be back on for awhile.

I'm all for the ons and offs pages, but I think I would liketo interact with people for a longer time rather then just a quick look at their page.