Player looking for GM for one on one rp.

Started by Funguy81, April 29, 2011, 10:55:20 PM

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Hi there.  While I prefer playing a tabletop game with a group nearby trying to find a group where everyone has the same off time where we can get together is hard to find. So I thought why not try it here and see what happens. I'm looking for a GM that could run a one on one Star Wars Saga or D&D 3.5 game via forum or email.

Since this is online I would love a mixture of story, action, adventure, surprises and sex.  I can play almost any kind of character depending on the storyline that will be used. Though it has always been my personal preferences to play along the lines of soldier or warrior type classes. In a star wars game I would more likely lead myself to play a jedi character, or a soldier character that specializes in piloting star-fighters. In the D&D front, I am currently leaning more towards the fighter, rogue, or even a Paladin. That will all depend on the storyline.

Since sex will most likely be a part of the game, the characters I would play are male where his sexual preferences leans to straight or bisexual.

I have the books, and a very good understanding of the system. If you want to limit to just the core book, or use all of them...I will be happy to oblige by that.

Some of my on's that can be utilized is seduction, bondage, collar and leash, inter-species (like elves and human, or twi'lek and humans.) Domination, or submission, bisexuality, etc. A wider list can be found in my personal preferences.