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Author Topic: My Garden of ideas(Seeking Female Characters)  (Read 850 times)

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Offline DwarfvaderTopic starter

My Garden of ideas(Seeking Female Characters)
« on: April 29, 2011, 07:37:33 PM »
Welcome to my garden. Where I shall plant my idea seeds, and hopefully you can water them with your own ideas. And we can shine some light on them with discussion, then hopefully they will grow into wonderful RP plants.

Alright, so that might be a stretch for symbolism, but hey I tried.

Anyway onto the plot seeds.(I should add that even though there are some ideas that have multiple female roles. I would prefer one person to play multiple characters. I find that it's much easier to handle that way. Also I do not mind Males playing females)

Also anything in bold is what I am currently craving.

Real Life ideas

1. Two perfect girls for him(M/F/F.)
Basically there is this college student. He's pretty average, nothing super amazing about him.  He's kinda on the wealthy side but he doesn't let that get to him. A pretty carefree casual guy without a care in the world. Then he meets this girl at a party, they hit it off and go out the next day. It all goes well and then a couple days later he meets that girls best friend. And they really hit it off.  And ends up dating both of them(If he does this behind the first girls back, or if the first girl is ok with it will be up to you.) And after awhile they decided to just be a threesome. Problems can arise from this. Dunno which could be a RomeoXJuiletXJuleit kinda thing, but we can work on that.

2.A Dwarf's Dream come true.(M/F(Maybe another F?)
I'll be playing a young dwarf character. He's a pretty cool guy...just on the short side. He's trying to get into the acting world and figured that the best place for that would be New York. While he's there he comes across a celebrity, who has a thing for short people. So they two hit it off. Further details to be discussed with anyone who wants this idea.

Possible celebrities include: Megan Fox, iJustine, Morgan Webb, Kari Byron. Or anyone else you'd like to suggest.

Fandom dreams

3. I can Harley believe it. (M/F Batman)
A new villain on the block calling himself "The Dwarf." is making a ruckus in Gotham. While he does he happens to come across his personal hero, The Joker, along with Harley Quin. Falling in love with Harly in an instant he tries to earn her heart through various means. Although he has to do it behind the Joker's back.(This is a pretty basic idea. And I don't know the Batman world to well. So yeah. Ye be warned.)

4.I can't Believe it!(M/F) Naruto Shippuden)
Naruto is up to his old tricks again. He meets this Chuunin at his favorite ramen place and decided to play a trick on him. He turns into his female form and starts to flirt with the unsuspecting Chuunin. Who returns the flirting. But this little prank was more then Naruto bargained for, since the Chuunin has fallen in love with Naruko. Naruto strangely enough returns these feelings. Eventually the Chuunin finds out that Naruko is merely Naruto in disguise. And hilarity, drama and romance ensue.

5.I know of a Sunny Place(M/F/F Naruto Shippuden)
Naruto and Sakura have admitted they love each other, this crushes poor Hinata's heart. Luckily the flirt Komakai is there to pick up the pieces. Eventually the two really hit it off and Naruto becomes a thing of the past.....but what happens when Ino reveals to have feelings for Hinata. And the two fight for her attention. But eventually just decide a threesome is much easier on the three of them. Although the Hyuuga family doesn't seem to think so.

6. Rough waters for a Relation-ship(M/F/(F?) One Piece)
 The Straw Hats stop on a nice little island. And meet another pirate whose just starting out. After a bit of adventure this new Pirate becomes the 10th crew member. Who happen to fall in love with Nami(Or Robin) As the Straw Hats adventure forth eventually she returns his feelings. But after there adventures on Sabaody Archipelago will the new Straw Hat be able to survive with Luffy on Amazon Lily....and will his heart be strong enough to not be tempted by the wiles of Boa Hancock. (This plot can be changed quite a bit. Maybe Boa Hancock joins them later. Maybe threesomes happen. Who knows.)

Other animes or video games I enjoy but I don't have a plot for are.
Soul Eater, Yugioh, Mega Man, Pokemon, Digimon, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball Z.Final Fantasy 7, Devil May Cry

Other settings I like, or things I would like to try.
College/highschool settings
Something from the Marvel Universe

So yeah, that's all I got. If you have any questions or concerns please pm me. Or post here. Thank you for your time.
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