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Started by Kalthus63, April 26, 2011, 04:44:53 PM

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I finally decided to put a lot of my favourite story ideas into one place, with the odd picture update now and again perhaps…

The waxwork

Don't see this one lasting too long, but could be fun all the same - I could call it 'duet for mean guy and dangerous, pyschotic Goth chick...":

There are some girls you can date and dump. There are others who you shouldn't. You really, REALLY, shouldn't.

When your date run a 'Chamber of Horrors' waxwork, it can result in some fun, kinky sex. When you text her and say 'I'll call you' - she might not take it very well. And given that she has an entire basement full of working horror machines, you have to be careful where you wake up, too.

Killer Angels
The day of judgement draws near. Feeling kind in his pre-rapture mode, the Lord has decided to send his angels to Earth to help us cleanse ourselves of sin before the final judgement. The only trouble is, his Angels have some pretty fucked up ideas about 'cleansing' - it's all medieval with hideous machines and lakes of fire:

You thought demons could be bad? They're sweethearts compared to whats coming down from above...

L'Ecole de la Torture

Each year, a number of young ladies leave exclusive universities with very few qualifications except very rich parents, a GCSE in needlework, the ability to ride a horse - and a very sadistic streak. The one profession they are suited for (if they decided to work at all) is as either a high class dominatrix or a professional interrogator for dubious foreign powers. Of course, both of those jobs require training in very specialist skills.

That's where the Academy comes in.

Students may be taught everything from basic sexual teasing, all the way to the most dark arts of the dungeon. We also teach 'applied history' (use of ancient and medieval instruments like the rack, the anal pear and the Iron Maiden) - Chemistry (the application of drugs and acids) - Physics (electicity for stimulation and interrogation) - domestic sciences (how to really get blood off steel and out of leather garments). The schools gymnasium and laboratories are second to none.

If you would be interested in Enrolling at the Academy, please send a PM to the headmaster, Lord Kalthus.

Interested in develioping something around this:

Makes me think of something about medieval wizards and their assistants - perhaps the Siegfried and Roy of the 11th century?

Victorian Values

Interested in doing an RP based around this historical oddity I found in Ronal Pearsall's book 'The Worm in the Bud":

Basically, some parents and guardians were too soft hearted to flog their children, and so paid other people to do this. One of these professional chastisers was a Mrs Walters, of 53 Oakfield Road, Bristol, who provided a 'respectable chastising service for unruly girls at £100 a year, or a little more for girls over twenty."

"The props of her trade were a strong narrow table, straps, (Waistband with sliding straps, anklets and wristlets, cushions, and a good pliable birch rod."

I'm interested in working with someone to do a RP involving this chacater, either with them playing Mrs Walters, or them 'visiting' Mrs Walters house for chastisement. Obviously, they would have to be of legal age, etc.

A few technical concerns…

Carol is a geek, but a pretty one. She works as electronics engineer, dealing with industrial control systems, and every time she tells someone that their eyes just glaze over. What she never tells anyone is - she has a secret leaning towards bondage games. In fact, during dull meetings about creating new refinements to EPROM based rivet selectors, she's likely to be designing a new AI enhanced butt plug. Or maybe an electrostim station connected to a heart monitor to create full feedback arousal, or - well you get the idea. But they are just fantasies and drawings. She's never found another person to tie her up, she's never kissed another woman.

Starting a new job, Carol is horrified to find that her boss monitors everything designed on the work computers, and gets called into their office to explain what some of these designs are all about. Far from sacking her on the spot, the rich, elegant employer offers her a $100,000 to build the ultimate automated playroom in the basement of their mansion. The only catch is - she has to be the first test subject for everything.

If you are interested in taking the part of Carol this RP, I'd really like to talk!

Barbarella II – the sequel

One of the all time great 'bad' SF films, Barbarella is one of my favorite sexy, high-camp pieces of soft core porn (yeah, they call it art, but we all know better. The villains were gorgeous and evil, and Jane Fonda never looked better - so why did they only ever make one film?

I'm looking to do a role-play, which takes the adventures of the famous blonde space adventuress a little further - if they had made a slightly lower budget sequel; this is how it might have looked.

The idea is for lots of slightly camp SF adventure, lots of naive fetish and bondage, and of course, something very like 'The Excessive Machine'...

Barbarella - scène machine de l'excés

To ride a wooden horse.

Lady Violet Beauville is the wife of an elderly foreign office diplomat posted to Japan in the 1880’s. She is young, pretty – and very bored. She also harbors the kind of dark desires that are not entirely welcome in Victorian society…

By accident, she witnesses a female criminal being punished under the cruel laws of the Tokugawa shogunate – tied shibari style, and then made to suffer on the wooden horse. Lady Violet is drawn into an increasingly disturbing world of ropes and fetish... mixed with Victorian corsetry and stockings.


updated status - Still looking for an RP partner for 'To Ride a Wooden Horse'


Added "L'Ecole e La Torture"



Victorian Values now available


Addes 'sorcerers assistant'


Added new idea about Angels


Added the waxworks story line


Back after a serious hiatus. Ideas updated (a bit)