D&D Pro Sports Adventuring... Again. This Time Searching For A DM! (3.5)

Started by Inerrant Lust, April 25, 2011, 11:59:22 PM

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Inerrant Lust

Hi, I'm Inerrant Lust. You may remember me from previous RPs like...

Not really, just one. A few weeks ago I started looking for players in this thread. So... I got so many people wanting to play that I felt bad about turning any of them away... so now I want to find another DM to run a game in the same theme.

I like this idea, I really do. And I think that it shouldn't really exclusively belong to me. I want to see what another DM could do with the idea and how far they would run with it. If a little good RPing gems result from it, I'll be happier than a sailor on a weekend pass.

As for the setting itself? Still pretty vague. I'll give a quick run-down.

Adventuring is a world-wide pasttime. Most people watch it via public scrying as we would watch football or the olympics. 24-7 there's an adventure going on and somebody's watching it. It has basically become the central obsession of the world, going so far as to dominate entire economies and cultures. High-fantasy. Slight magitek.

So it's light-hearted and a often full of sex appeal (It sells, AMIRITE?)

I've avoided characterizing the setting to much, mostly throwing in just a few random nation/culture/character concepts that I think are cool without going overboard and giving them Tolkein-esque histories that extend millennia into the past, so I leave the rest to you.