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Author Topic: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP (Recruitment/OOC) - REDONE!!!  (Read 19242 times)

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Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

The basic story:

Though rare, there are a number of Accursed Bloods scattered around the world. These Accursed Bloods have found they possess the power to turn into a creature that best reflects their personality. Some may be 'normal' creatures like cats, birds, snakes, deer, horses and the like, while others are of mythical stature like dragons, harpies, unicorns, pegasi, and even demons. Some have been discovered and now every one of them is being hunted down. Finding each other, they band together to fight the onslaught. Each were creature has a human form, a morph form (halfway between human and animal), and an animal form.

Profile Form:

Character Name:
Age: (please be realistic to how long the average of your animal lives)
Accursed Creature:
Occupation: If applicable
Appearance: If you want to use a picture, please put the LINK here. Not the full picture. Thanks.

The RP:

The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP

Current Character List


<This is where couples will be listed and links to the deviating adult threads will be posted. I say they will be posted here because not everyone who decides to participate will be accepted, but so that the adult parts of the story/plot are still available for the people who are accepted, to read

Please, when creating a deviating thread, send me the link and the title. Also, please do NOT make it vital to read to understand what is going on in the main RP>

Other Important Information:

"Before posting where you're coming in, please discuss it here."
"Please read other people's profiles so we don't have more than one of the same exact animal and/or career/job."
"When changing between full human and full animal, clothes are lost. Accursed with animals larger than humans rip clothes as they grow, while smaller than humans have the clothes fall around them. There are no exceptions to these rules, though the morph form may keep some form of clothing."
"If you want to branch off into a 'pre-meeting-Rosa/Isaac' PLEASE either MAKE A SEPARATE BRANCH THREAD and put the link to it in your profile, OR add it directly to your profile as I(SxyCowgirl) have done!"



<Here will be a list of people who don't want to participate in this RP, but still wish to follow it. If you would like your name to be added to this list, please PM me

As readers, you will be asked questions about the plot because I may be using this RP as a base for a story I am planning to add to the book I am writing.

Thank you for your support!>
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Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

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Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

Username: SxyCowgirl
Character Name: Rosa Liluit (LIE-loo-it)
Age: a couple hundred years, lost count after 100
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 113 lbs
Occupation: Thief/Mercenary/Assassin
Accursed Creature: Dragon
Appearance: Like this with longer hair in human form.
Like this, as a morph and in dragon form. Imagine the morph form like that but with long dark hair and the same colors as the larger dragon.

Personality: Calm, cool and collected at times, hotheaded at others, stubborn, brutally honest, strong, romantic, and not easily trusting of others

History: Born and raised in Italy, Rosa learned at a young age of her powers. Not only did she learn of them, but so did many others. She was greatly feared and was hunted for many years, until a knight from France declared he had slain her, showing a pelt of colored scales, the same color as hers. Truly he had found a true dragon and had slain it and she had taken it's place in it's cave for many many years. Now she has learned from the other animals she shared the cave with, that other Accursed Bloods had been discovered. Leaving the cave in the middle of the night, she has flown in her full-form to New York, where the largest number of Accursed Bloods are said to have been discovered.

Other: Her powers become useless on nights of new moons, leaving her at her most vulnerable. In her 'normal'/human form, she can be faster than normal humans and stronger, but only for short periods of time.


Chapter 1:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Birds sang loud and clear as the sun rose slowly over the hills and valleys that lay far below the entrance to the cave. The sky painted yellow and orange grew ever lighter and the bird song ever clearer and more jubilant. It was Spring, and a long awaited one at that. It had been a hard long Winter and it was time for the world to awake and renew itself. Warm rays peeked through the branches, glinting off something blue within the cave.

Feeling the warm rays of sun upon her back, Rosa stirred, lifting her head to look out towards the entrance of the cave. It was still the beginning Spring and though the snow had long melted, the nights were still nicely chilled. Standing, her scales gleaming in the fiery light of the dawn, she shook herself and stretched her wings. She moved gracefully to the entrance of the cave, allowing the light of morning to engulf her and begin to warm her.

As she stood on the ledge, a fox in it's transitional coat trotted quickly up the slope towards her, a smile upon its face. She turned her head slowly to look at it and smiled.

"Hello Derna. It is good to see you again. How was the winter hunting?" Rosa asked, the fox meeting her on the ledge.

"Sparse, but livable. As usual." Derna said, sitting and curling her tail around her. "I bring news for you. I heard it from a little friend."

Rosa chuckled, closing her eyes, a deep rumbling laugh. "And by little friend, I can assume you mean a bird you ate or intended to eat."

"I can never get one past you can I?" The fox asked, chuckling as well a high barking he he he. "She said there has been events across the sea. Many people dying of unknown causes." She said, narrowing her eyes, a sly grin across her light red face.

Rosa frowned and considered Derna's words for a moment before responding. "And this is important?"

"Oh very much so. You see, there are birds who have seen the deaths." Again the fox paused, waiting for a reaction from the great blue dragon.

Getting a little impatient, Rosa glared at her. "If you have something to say, say it. Enough with the games." She half growled, her wings twitching in agitation.

Her smirk widening at the impatient reaction from Rosa, and waited for a few more moments before continuing. "They say it was a beast. Not human, not animal." Derna half whispered to Rosa, her sharp white teeth showing in her devious grin.

At that, Rosa's ears perked forward and she straightened up. Beast. Like me. There are me?! She thought. "Where?" She blirted quickly and rather loudly, startling the fox into standing.

"In a city called New York. A place of high buildings and horrid smells." She said, wrinkling her nose. "At least that's what my breakf--I mean 'friend' told me."

Stepping closer to the edge of the cave, Rosa turned back and smiled at the fox. "Thank you Derna! Thank you!" She said, stepping to the edge of the cliff and preparing to leap.

"WAIT!" Derna yelled, running right up next to the dragon. "There is more. The killings are not random."

Rosa stopped and looked at the fox, puzzled. "What do you mean?"

"They were beasts as well. Or ones who knew of beasts." This time, the she-fox was frowning in concern. "If you go, please do be careful. I don't like it."

"Thank you Derna. I will be cautious. You have been so good to me over the years and I will ask you but one more thing, please take care of my cave until I return." Though she knew her request would be difficult for just the fox to handle, Derna knew many others who would be willing to come to her aid should she need it.

"I will go to this New York and I will warn the others like me of what you have said. Thank you." And with that, she spread her wings and leaped from the ledge, the wind catching her and propelling her forwards.

I must find the others like me! I will. I have always been alone, felt alone. It's time to find out what else is out there.
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Offline Grimmwolf

Username: Grimmwolf
Character Name: Isaac "The Archangel" Dellos
Age: 23
Height: 5'4"-12'9"-25'2"
Weight: 145
Accursed Creature: Basilisk
Occupation: Sushi Chef,  Part time assassin
Full Basilisk
Personality: Outgoing, very dominant, analytical, precise, business oriented
History: Hidden deep in Finland, Isaac was a prisoner since birth, being a child that was injected with the venom of a Basilisk. Though instead of dying, his DNA merged with the mighty serpent's, creating something new, something dangerous. Over the years, his captors began to train him in the art of assassination and turned him into a living weapon. After the age of 15, Isaac had already soiled his hands with hundreds of innocents. He grew tired of being a slave, and decided turn and escape. He soon found himself in New York, in the back of a Japanese Restaurant as a dish washer, then spent several years training under the sushi chefs, becoming one himself. He still did assassinations, but only for a large sum of money.
Other: He wears sunglasses constantly, pretending to be blind because his staring into his eyes can paralyze a person, in his Basilisk form, he can turn people to stone. In all forms, he has unusually long canines that produce a deadly venom, first effecting the motor functions, then stops the muscles, then the lungs, and finally the heart.
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Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

Accepted. :)

Offline Starlequin

Hey hey, welcome back, Sxy! Good to see this one going again, it had much potential the last time. Hope it garners enough interest.

Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

Thanks. I've been around though. Doing more 1 on 1's than anything, but still around. :) I hope so too. And I hope you join again.

Offline Starlequin

I just might at that. Maybe I'll bring back whatshisface,  the bat.

Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

That would be perfectly fine with me. :)

Offline Starlequin

Username: Starlequin
Character Name: Val Marlar
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185 lbs
Accursed Creature: Common Vampire Bat (Desmodus rotundus)
Occupation: Part-time writer, pickpocket

Appearance: A tall, slender fellow with dark brown hair that seems almost crimson in bright sunlight, smoke-gray eyes, and very pale skin. Living on crumbs in the city has ensured Val doesn't have much opportunity to gain weight, and running through back alleys and subways from angry people who realize they've unwillingly contributed to his finances makes for excellent exercise.


Personality: Very articulate, possessed of a sharp mind and sticky fingers. Cocky and charismatic while in the presence of others, Valentine often exhibits almost crushing self-doubt when alone. He's been walking a high-wire act for years, and he knows it's only a matter of time before the winds come.

History: Val was born in a little nowhere town in south Mississippi, and despite having lived in New York for almost seven years his accent still slips through now and then. He never knew his parents, and was raised in a strict religious orphanage. The day he turned 18, they threw him out and he struck out for New York, having no better ideas. When he reached the city he spent most of his time wandering the streets, visiting libraries and museums; as a result, though he lacks any formal college education he is self-educated to a respectable level. To get by, he works for a few local news rags churning out articles and editorials, and lifting the occasional wallet or pocketbook.

It was during his ninth year at the orphanage that he discovered his ability to shapeshift. Some of the older, crueler girls were picking on him, and before long he had shifted into his morph-form and frightened them away. The ferocity of his form terrified them so much that one's hair turned almost solid white, and another refused to speak for nearly a year. Afterward, the nuns who ran the orphanage kept him under watchful eyes, leaving him little opportunity to master his abilities until he escaped their custody. He hasn't heard anything about others like him gathering in the city, but with his fingers on the city's pulse he knows something is coming...

Other: Val has an affinity for underdone meat, and his senses are exceptionally sharp. He is capable of full flight in both his morph- and animal-forms. His thick, leathery wings offer minor protection from violence in his morph-form, and his physical appearance is often enough to send many attackers away screaming in terror.

Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP (Recruitment/OOC) - REDONE!!!
« Reply #10 on: April 26, 2011, 11:51:52 PM »
Accepted. :)

Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP (Recruitment/OOC) - REDONE!!!
« Reply #11 on: April 27, 2011, 06:30:38 PM »
Anyone else like to join? We still need a bunch more people.

Offline Kevben Battleheart

Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP (Recruitment/OOC) - REDONE!!!
« Reply #12 on: April 30, 2011, 05:56:18 AM »
I shall have a CS up later today if all goes well and I'm not distracted >.>

Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

Looking forward to it.

Come on guys, we need more players, preferably rather active members!

Offline dready

Username: dready
Character Name: Corgel Albreck (Core-gel Al-Brick)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 145 lb
Accursed Creature: Komodo Dragon
Occupation: Chef Assistant
Appearance: (will be drawing them~)

Personality: Apathetic towards ordeals that do not consider him that he does not want to involve himself with, intelligent and perceptive but only when focused, paranoid towards coincidental circumstances, likely to punch a robber than give them his money, loyal to those he has befriended, amusement seeking (aka easily bored) and simple minded in his goals.

History: Born ocean side but raised in the backwater bar-towns of Wisconsin, Corgel grew up with minimal knowledge to his latent abilities or even species. His parents divorced early in his childhood, and had moved earlier than such to the central-northern state, where he grew to be a healthy young adult. He is the youngest of his family, and during his last years in high school he was on the verge of being the second out of four in his immediate family who would graduate by more than the skin of their teeth, or at all. Immediately after graduation, he enrolled in a culinary school in the heart of New York City, with his proud parents backing him on the loans. Taking the three year cram-courses, he graduated on schedule with a Bachelor's degree in the Culinary Arts, and now works as a chef in a restaurant bordering Central Park.

- His only 'powers' that he knows of are his higher than average sense of taste, and that he's only been sick a total of twice in his life.
- Lives in an apartment downtown, and will either get a ride from a friend or walk instead of taking the subway or a bus.
- He has been keeping up to date with the seemingly random killings ever since his grandparents were involved as victims.
- Highly dislikes people who waste food, and complain about being hungry later.
- Will openly cook for a friend or coworker, and will often take a date home and make them dinner from scratch.
- Has a fascination with reptiles, and tends to behave similarly in cases of sun bathing, sticking the tip of his tongue out, and general sense of apathy.
- He was once mugged during college, and took classes for self defense, mixing tai kickboxing and wooden monkey together. One was instructed, the other was copied from martial arts films. (Bet you can't guess which)
- He does not own a car, but is currently saving up for one.
- Keeps his place and belongings clean, almost to an OCD mannerism.

Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

Very nice. :) Welcome to The Accursed Bloods.

Offline Trost

Username: Trost
Character Name: Aras
Age: 22
Gender:   Female
Height:  5'6
Weight:   43lbs (due to her accursed creature)
Accursed Creature: Philippine Eagle
Occupation: Whatever she feels like doing
Appearance: Picture being drawn
Personality:  Being a bird, Aras needs her freedom. She is constantly seen in her eagle form, flying around and bides by her own rules. Strong-willed, determined, and stubborn she is very prideful. She rarely builds friendships or loyalties to others because she feels like the weight of responsibility will only drag her down. Though when she does bind a loyalty to others, she is loyal  to a fault and protective. Because she is often alone, she has learn to be independent and street smart. She has a sharp, ferocious personality but never disrespectful to others (unless disrespected first).
History:   I actually build the history as I go along. Is that ok?
Other: Aras is a master with projectile weapons: mainly daggers and a fancy shuriken weapon that looks like talons (got to draw it). Hand her a tossable pointy thing and it turns into the ultimate killing contraption.

Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

Accepted! Welcome to The Accursed Bloods. :)

Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

Hey Trost, it appears that you didn't read the full first post. I just recently added a few things, but I know for a fact that you missed these things:

"Before posting where you're coming in, please discuss it here."
"Please read other people's profiles so we don't have more than one of the same exact animal and/or career/job."

I would ask you to talk about how our characters will meet and then edit your post accordingly. Thank you.

Offline Starlequin

Speaking of which, I believe Val will be making an entrance tonight. Just a quick headsup, in case you've got something of your own in mind, Sxy. Will be posting later with deets.

Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

Should talk about your post before actually doing so.
I'm sorry but what killed the last thread was the lack of unity between all members. I only want one person introduced into the story at a time. It's difficult enough to convince ONE person to join a cause, it's worse trying to convince MANY at one time.

Offline Starlequin

Ah, right. I'm with you. Then would you rather I continue to hold off?

Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

Yes please. And I wish there was a way to contact Trost.....I really need to talk to them about their post................

Offline dready

I'm not really planning on Corgel meeting up with the others yet, but he'll start experiencing some 'coincidences' that will put him on edge. As for now, just treat him like a npc within the parameters of his personality.

Offline SxyCowgirlTopic starter

If that's what you want, you can make a branch thread. I'm sorry, but I don't want to have to try to keep up with too many people or events in the main rp. I would like each person to start by somehow meeting my character or Grimm's character. Not only is Grimm's character second in command, but he is as well for this rp. I'm sorry if this is an inconvenience, but I do NOT want this rp to die prematurely. With too many stories going on at once, things just get too complicated and out of hand because I'll be trying to round everyone up at once.

If you don't want to make a branch thread, you can just add your own character's stories/chapters to your character's profile under the "hidden" thing (I'll put an example or two in my own profile soon).