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Author Topic: Use & Abuse [M/M] *Plots*  (Read 3877 times)

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Use & Abuse [M/M] *Plots*
« on: April 25, 2011, 09:35:43 PM »
Heylo!  ;D I am currently seeking a M/M plot based storyline. I play submissive males. Very willing to work up original plays, besides what I have listed. If you think we'd be a good match, I'd love to play! Please send me a PM, I don't bite hard.  :P Thank you!  ;)


Some pairings that I have (the dominant positions will be in bold, ** craving):
Teacher/Professor x Student
Employer x Employee
Human x Neko
Scientist x Experiment
**Police Officer x Recovered Kidnap Victim
**Imaginary Friend x Teen
**'Something' from a Dream x Teen

These two could go either way, the dominant being either position (** craving):
Frequent Customer x Bus Boy/Waiter
Student x Student
Younger Friend x Older Friend
**Cowboy x Cowboy
**Zombie Apocalypse Survivor x Zombie Apocalypse Survivor
**Neko x Neko

*** DISCLAIMER, a majority of my plot ideas are Non-Con or Extreme. some may also contain romantic or bondage themes. ***

Plot Ideas:
Cook’s Choice – Adult x Young Adult
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I’ve currently got a craving for anything involving food play. This could be licking syrup off each other, or food insertions. To go with this fetish, I was thinking of a pairing with the dominant being a chef. There are a few different ways this could go:
1) The submissive is an employee caught stealing from the restaurant.
2) The submissive is a customer who cannot pay his bill.
3) The submissive is an up and coming chef.
The story can either be a one shot sex scene, or become a love affair.[/color]

Secrets In The Straw - Cowboy x Cowboy
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Out on the range, a boy's dog gets into the herd on another rancher's property. Now the boy has to repay the rancher for his broken fence. Not only does the rancher give the fatherless boy guidance, but also teaches him a thing or two about being a man and falling in love.
This story will have a western setting. It can be modern-western, or late-western. This story can be Non-Con or otherwise - a long term story between a younger and older man, hiding their love from a town that just wouldn't understand.

Pet Sitter - Teen x Teen
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I wanted to say that this is not my original idea. I got it from a Yaoi that I watched, and found really interesting. In the Yaoi, a boy is a pet sitter. He receives a call to babysit a ‘rabbit’, and when he goes to the apartment, finds another male tied up in the closet. The tied boy says that the babysitter has to have sex with him, as a freaky game that his ‘owner’ often plays. Later on, after the sex scenes, the ‘rabbit’ defies his owner and is severely beat. The rabbit finds the babysitter at his college. This is where our story would pick up, with their relationship after that. We could always start during their first meeting if you’d rather, though.
The story would follow their relationship as the babysitter teaches the submissive ‘rabbit’ what it means to really be loved and taken care of, instead of used. This would not be Non-Con, and would have lots of romance.

Serve and Protect - Police Officer x Recovered Kidnap Victim
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character X (real character name to be made/inserted later) is a victim of kidnap. He was taken at a young age, and has recently been recovered at an estranged relative’s home. Brought back to the police station, X is informed that his parents have died and he is now a ward of the state. A police officer that has been assigned to his case feels sorry for X, and decides to allow the boy to live with him.
This story can take two different turns:
1) The story would follow their relationship as the officer teaches X what it means to really be loved and taken care of, instead of used. This would not be Non-Con, and would have lots of romance.
2) The story would follow their relationship as the officer uses X as his own personal sex toy. This would be Non-Con, with maybe some romance. Mostly the story would be dark and twisted, seeing as the police officer control X’s mind by telling him that unless X does as he is told, the officer will allow X to go into an orphanage.

Stockholm Syndrome - Adult x Teen
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Kidnapped in the dead of the night, a teenage boy is thrust into a taboo world of sex and violence. His captor keeps him confined to a ‘room’, marking him as his own, and takes him to ‘show cases’. The boy is of course repulsed, and scared. He is defiant of his captor and receives many punishments.
Eventually, the story will develop the boy’s love for his captor, so even when they are out in a public place and the boy sees a member of his family, he does not try to escape but instead latches harder onto his ‘lover’.
For this story, I will need a very manipulative dominant that can easily and smoothly flex between being kind and being evil within the same character. This will be a very long term story.
I have many ideas to carry the plot along – if interested in the story or in hearing the ideas, PM me.

Who’s That Boy?
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Imagine seeing someone so delectable and perfect … but having no idea who they are or when you’ll see them again. This play would revolve around the idea of a mysterious submissive who shows up randomly, in random places. The dominant would become infatuated with the submissive, wanting to know more.
The story would revolve around the pair’s ‘run in’s, and eventual relationship. This story could work for teen x teen, young adult x young adult. It could also be consensual, non-con, or other. Very open to ideas with this story!

Daddy Dearest – Father/Step Father x Son/Step Son
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Trapped at home, the son of a deranged father has nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. He is sixteen years old, a time where he should be hanging out with friends and being able to drive. Instead, his father has been coming onto him. The son has no one to tell, considering his mother is no longer with them. He’s trapped at home, a slave to his father’s wishes.
The story will have a lot of drama, and can have elements of both non-con and bondage. Details are open to discussion.

Loose – Young Adult x Young Adult
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This idea is based off of the Yaoi, Sensitive Pornograph. If you have never seen the anime, it is about two manga artists who meet each other and fall ‘in love’. They have large amounts of romantic, kinky and passionate sex. One of the boys comes to find out that his lover is known for sleeping with anyone who asks. Their relationship takes a downfall.
This story will have a lot of sex, but will also have plot. I don’t want to completely copy the anime, but I do want to capture a majority of the story’s idea.

Touchin’ On My ****! – Young Adult x Young Adult
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This story is inspired by the song ‘Touchin’ On My’ by 3OH!3. The song is pretty much about a musician who sees a girl (for our purposes, it could be a cross dressing or otherwise very attractive young male) dancing at the club in which they are performing. The story will follow their colorful sex life, as well as their relationship.
The idea would be that the submissive that is dancing in the club is a well known prostitute. The story could revolve around the drama caused when the musician falls in love with the local squeeze and he has to win him over to keep him loyal.
Here’s a sample of the lyrics: “Girl I gotta go! I’m finished with the show, If you wanna *** me, I won’t say no! T-t-Touchin on my ***, While I’m t-t-touchin on your ***, You know we are gonna ***, Cause I don’t give a ***."

I Won't Tell A Soul - Teen x Teen
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There could be two different ideas for this plot.
1) Character X (real character name to be made/inserted later) has been being abused by his mother's new boyfriend, soon to be husband. X befriends and eventually falls in love with the new boy at school. Their relationship gets very serious, but X never wants to 'take it to the next level'. One day, when the new boy has finally had enough of the tease and denial game, he realizes why X is always too afraid to take off his shirt. The story then turns, the boys focusing their efforts on keeping X safe.
2) Character X (real character name to be made/inserted later) befriends the new boy at school. The new boy is very manipulative and always gets what he wants. He wants X. He begins to bully and abuse X to get whatever he wants out of the boy: essays done for him, money, or even sex. Will X ever be able to escape from this abusive relationship, or is he too scared to tell?

I'll Serve Him Well– Adult x Young Adult
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He is made to be a pet and nothing more. A complete dog: bringing the paper, eating out of a dish and laying at his master's feet. It has been this way since he can remember (or if you'd like, we could play out the training process). To his master, he is just 'man's best toy'.
This plot will go along with how the relationship between pet and master is. It will also revolve around how the pet is treated by others such as the master's friends and what happens when the master goes out. Will the pet ever become more to his master?

Teacher's Pet - Professor x Student
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ever since his first sexual experience at a young age, X (real character name to be made/inserted later) has learned to get what he wants in life through sex. His 'service' was a majority reason as to why he landed such a sweet deal on his college tuition. Now enrolled in classes, X is finding that his 'favors' are also getting him good grades. Yet, when he tries to bribe one professor with this favor and is denied ... X is left to wonder about himself. Being denied by the professor has left X lusting after him, wanting nothing more than to be loyal to the professor. But when X realizes that the first person that he may actually love is already in a relationship, how is he to cope?
This story will be mostly romance based. I have wanted to do a sexy, scandalous professor x student story for a while. I think that even though this story could be very kinky and dark, with the professor playing mind games with the loose student, that it should be mostly revolving around their romantic relationship.

It's Forbidden - Neko x Neko
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The general idea of the storyline is for a wolf ‘neko’ and a sheep ‘neko’ to meet. It might be fun to see the sheep be defiant of the wolf instead of scared, but those details can be worked out individually.
The world they are in could view the nekos two separate ways:
1) animals as we know it now have been replaced with nekos, and there still are full blood humans (such as you go to the zoo to see neko bears and neko tigers). If we go with number 1, it would be interesting to see a ‘wild’ wolf try to steal and eat the domestic farm sheep, but instead of eating him he falls in love with the sheep. The story would follow the wolf’s ridicule from his ‘pack’ for protecting the sheep.
2) Nekos are humans and there are no other animals or beings. If we go with number 2, there would be an array of possibilities so long as the tension between the wolf and sheep remain.

Three’s Company - Young Adult x Young Adult
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In a central location, be it a grocery store or a café, two males meet. Character X (real character name to be made/inserted later) is a feminine male who has a flirty tendency. The two men hook up, meeting each other often. Little does he know, X has a boyfriend.
The entire play will revolve around the conflict of X and the boy he met keeping their romantic relationship from X’s abusive boyfriend.
The general idea of the plot is that we would be playing two characters that are hiding their relationship from a boyfriend (be it X’s, or the other boys). This idea is pretty simple, so there could be a lot of details added.

'Gang' Bang – Young Adult x Young Adult
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He never knew that his father was caught up in the mob! But after his father mysteriously died of a heart attack, Character X (real character name to be made/inserted later) finds himself being stalked. The mob is still looking for their pay back, and they'll take it one way or another. X is trapped, and kidnapped by the mob boss' son, who has been assigned to the case. The boss' son has to get the money by a certain date, or else his head is then on the plate. He'll get the money by any means. But when he realizes that X knows nothing about his father's debt, and has no money except his bus boy tips, the boss' son decides to find other ways to get the mob's 'money's worth' out of X.[/color]

They Call It Puppy Love – Teen x Teen
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This would be a strict love story between two teen boys. The boys would begin straight, or Bi, then slowly begin to realize their attraction to one another. The boys could begin to have sex, which leaves room for bondage play.We could have a lot of room for drama in this play: crazy ex girlfriend, bullies, blackmail.

War is Heck – Adult x Teen
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There could be two different ideas for this picture.
1) When his country went to war, Character X (real character name to be made/inserted later) never figured that he would be engaged in it. He was too young to go to war as a soldier, but the enemy did not see prisoners for age. His small farming community burnt up, leaving only a plume of black smoke as he was carted away in the back of a green army truck - a prisoner of war. What they planned to do with him remains a mystery, until he comes face to face with the ring leader of the enemy's deadly circus.
2) Character X (real character name to be made/inserted later) is not a good army man. He never wanted to join the army, but was forced into it due to his age. It was law in his country to serve once a boy reaches eighteen. X is unskilled with firearms and knives. He's too lithe to withstand the weight of back packing or loading weapons. Instead he is stationed as the lowest rank, filing papers and doing busy work for the head hancho of the army, the commanding dictator. At first their relationship is meerly alpha and omega, the dictator not giving X a second glance. Eventually, the dictator comes to find other uses for his pawn.

Nurses' Aid – Adult x Young Adult
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Finally! This is the day that he has been waiting for! Character X (real character name to be made/inserted later) has always wanted to be a doctor. With his mother battling cancer during his childhood, X has always looked up to doctors and nurses. Graduating and starting his career as a nurse, X recieves a job in a local doctor's office. The doctor is tall, dark, and handsome! But, X doesn't let his closeted desires curb his desire to do his job well. That is, until the doctor asks X to stay after hours to see a 'special patient'. Would their relationship ever be the same afterwards?
I'm assuming this doctor would be closeted, but very kinky. Perhaps he's even been sneaking pictures of X in the employee bathroom, and odd stuff like that. The doctor would force X into an exciting world of pain and pleasure.

The Cleaning 'Lady'– Young Adult x Young Adult
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Out of work and looking for a job, he was desperate. He needed to find a way to pay for college! Luckily, he heard through the grapevine that the owner of a large home was looking for a maid. The only stipulation being that they were looking for a maid, not a butler. Coming up with a rather rediculous plan, he dresses up as a woman and attends the interview. He gets the job, but realizes he now must act and dress as a woman each time he goes to work.
As he works, he begins to get hit on by the owner's son. He comes on strong, and even begins to sexually assult the maid. He has no one to run to, and no one to tell. But when his employeer's son goes too far one day, he finds out that his sexy maid is actually a feminine boy! In order to keep his job, he must become the son's plaything.

Let Me Nurse You – Young Adult x Young Adult
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
They were college roommates and they were the best of friends. However, when one of them came down with what seemed to be an incurable illness, the other was distraught. Was he going to lose his friend? The love of his life? He hadn't even told him yet. Slowly, he has to find a way to break his feelings to his friend, before it's too late.

Alpha Theta Omega!, Initiation Now. – Young Adult x Young Adult
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He'd never been the jock type, had never exactly been apart of a 'brotherly' group. Now in college, he was determined to 'get himself out there' and make new friends. This wasn't what he was expecting.
By day, he resides in the fraternity as a human book worm, their personal tutor. And by night, their personal slave. And the worst part? He has no where to run.
This story has a lot of open ends. Could remain bondage, or go extreme, or turn into a romance if one of the boys decides to save him. Lots of opportunity!

We are Young – Young Adult x Young Adult
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young couple has fallen madly in love. They really believe they are the ones for each other, forever. And one night, as they tenderly kiss one another, the dominant of the two convinces his partner that they should go all the way. Slightly hesitant, but 'not wanting it to be anyone but him', the submissive loses his virginity.
As their relationship develops, the dominant becomes more and more aggressive and sex-driven, demanding and guilt tripping the submissive. Will he ever end the relationship, or is he fated to be completely owned by his 'first love'?

I Never Wanted This– Young Adult x Young Adult
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
For as long as he could remember, Character X (real character name to be made/inserted later) has had a crush on a boy who he goes to school with. When X finds out that they will be attending the same college, he is very excited to be able to spend more time with him. They had not been great friends in high school, so perhaps they will be better friends in college, X thinks.
Their first night at the college, the two go out to a local bar to celebrate. Drinking together until early hours of the morning, the two walk back to their dorms. X ends up crashing in his crush's dorm, where they share a passionate kiss. X is scared of their future, but his crush is more than happy to be in a relationship with X.
As their relationship continues, X realizes that his crush is not who he thought he was. The man is abusive, rude, and takes what he wants when he wants it. X begins to regret his relationship, but he cannot deny how oddly aroused he gets when treated this way by his crush. The plot will follow their sexual experiences and relationship.

Sexual Harrassment - Adult x Young Adult[/url]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
They told him that the only way to get high in the marketing business was to get on your knees. Oh, but not to pray. Character X (real character name to be made/inserted later) is a submissive, naive (but hard working) new employee. He finds out the rumors are true when his boss catches him working late one night, and nearly forces himself on the young man. X finds that he actually may have enjoyed it ... But where will their relationship go when his boss begins to ask him to complete 'favors' for other men in the business?[/color]

The Prince's Pet– Adult x Young Adult
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character X (real character name to be made/inserted later) was born into a royal family, but not in the way of a traditional prince. His mother's family had long since before him been the maids and housekeepers for the royal family. Upon his birth, he was kept housed in the family's servant's quarters, just as his mother. He grew into a fine young boy, who was skilled as the grounds keeper. He still lives in the main royal's house, keeping the grounds and gardens upkept to perfection. Due to his profession, X spends long days outside ... so it was odd when the prince of the family, about ten years older than him, continued to call him into the house to help him with paperwork and other odd tasks. Eventually, the prince would 'ask' (more like demand) him for sexual favors.
The prince is a brat, always getting what he wants and never having to work for anything. X wants to deny the prince's advances, but he doesn't want to threaten his mother's success with the royal family. He also doesn't want his family tossed out into the streets on their ass, so he reluctantly goes along with it. Eventually, X may come to love the promiscuous prince.

Wheels On The Bus– Teen x Teen
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The school is taking a weekend trip. My character arrives late, and is forced to sit by your character on the bus ride to the place they are spending the weekend. The ride is about three hours long. Your character, which has had a closeted crush on mine for some time, takes this as his chance to express his feelings. When my character is not too keen on the idea, force is used.
The story revolves around the character's trials as their passionate but rocky romance builds. There will be scenes of Non-Con, force, and kinky situations such as being tied up with belts and the like.
(By the way ... the picture is a crude drawing of the scene. I'd rather find a more tasteful picture ... but ... you take what you can get!)

Daddie’s Boys – Adult x Teen x Teen
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He always assumed that he was straight, that he loved his wife. He found, as the years grew on, that was false. He didn’t love his wife … he was in love with his son. Their relationship is truly romantic, and begins to turn sexual as his son grows older. He wants to be the first to expose his son to extreme kinks. This story could go two ways:
1) Daddie could have two sons that fight for his attention (both by blood or one by blood and one step son).
2) Daddie’s son has a friend who is like a brother, and the three are generally always together.
I could play both of daddie's boys, or if you'd like, I could play one and you could play both the other son/friend, and the father.

Drink Your Milk– Adult x Young Adult
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Unwanted. That's all that Character X (real character name to be made/inserted later) has ever been. X was born to a teen mother and father. They decided that his life would be better if they gave him up for adoption. Moving from home to home, X has never settled. He's never known a true mother or a real father. That is until he is finally adopted.
But things aren't normal. He lives in a room in the basement (or under the stairs). He's made to clean, and isn't allowed to go to school. Basically, his 'mother' is never home, and his father has been coming onto him. A modern day slave, X knows no other love than the praise he recieves for 'jobs' well done.
Seeking a 'father' figure. We could also play this as he is allowed to go to school, and that he is being black mailed and abused by his teacher.

Lab Rat, His Test Subject – Adult x Young Adult
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Where exactly do the world's most effective aphrodisiacs come from? 
This story revolves around the dominant character using the submissive as a test subject for different aphrodisiacs which he has created. This story has room for many different plot twists and kinks. For example, one of the pills which the submissive is forced to take may make him extra sensitive or make him cum excessively. This will be an extreme storyline, with the use of a lot of imagination.

Cyberbully – Teen x Teen
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
His father was the school's janitor ... of course he was going to get picked on! No one really knew how his life at home was, as he did not have a true friend he could count on. He was terrorfied of high school, with good reason. He got threats and was pushed around during the school day. He was the usual subject to all practical jokes and rude pranks. He ignored it to the best of the ability, until he began getting rude messages from an unknown source. 'I'm watching you', 'You'll be mine.' The scared little sophmore knows he is being targeted, that he will be attacked, but he does not know yet by who or when.
This story will start out by us playing out the messages sent between the two. We could then play out some scenes of your character watching mine, before he finally rapes him. This would be a mostly horror/mystery type of story.

My Tutor, My Love – Teen x Teen
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
All he wanted to do was help others. Highly ranked in his class and a student that generally was well liked, he offers to tutor younger students in his High School. Little does he know, this sweet offer of his time becomes and unwanted offer of his body.
Another student, desperate for contact with this boy, takes the opportunity for scheduled alone time with his crush. And when he is denied by his tutor, how far will this student go to make sure he is his tutor's one and only love?

Live Picture Show – Young Adult x Young Adult
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Tricked. Character X (real character name to be made/inserted later) was voted most gulliable in his graduating class but he never thought that it would get him into this kind of trouble. Meeting who he thought was a nice guy, X never thought that he would be used by his new boyfriend to make multi-million dollar pornographies, but that is exactly what has been happening. Eventually ... his boyfriend wants to try doing live webcasts. When will X realize what is going on, and what will he do (if anything) to stop it?
This play has a lot of room for dark, brooding plot!

Minimize Me
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I have been pretty fascinated with the idea of a ‘small’ submissive. The idea would be that the submissive would either be a fairy, a ‘borrower’, a toy/action figure come to life or perhaps an experiment gone wrong. Either way, the dominant would obviously become sexually excited over the smaller submissive, the two then would have an unusual sexual relationship together.
The story could go many different directions, or be short term. The characters could both be teens, young adults, or a mixture. It could also have elements of non-con and bondage as well.

Cum Bucket – Adult/Young Adult/Teen x Teen
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It was just supposed to be a one time thing. All he wanted to do was to fit in and so when the most popular boy at their school invited him to a party, of course he had to attend. A few drinks and a black out later, and he woke up next to that same boy, no longer a virgin.
As much as he wanted to deny it, he couldn't. He became addicted to cock, craved it. He wanted to master the skill and was ready to 'practice' with anyone - Teachers, classmates, the fathers of friends.
There could be a few different twists for this story:
1) The cum bucket falls in love with one of his 'customers'.
2) One of his 'customers' takes ownership of him, using him to make money.[/s]

His Perfect Creation - Scientist x Experiment?
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A scientist has been working on an experiment for years. He is trying to make the perfect weapon for the military – soldiers that mimic the powers of vampires. When he mixes leach DNA with the body of a wrongly imprisoned inmate, and his experiment is successful, will he be able to give his experiment over so easily?
This story will follow the bond between a scientist and his experiment. Obviously, this is a sci-fi type of story, and will involve a lot of description, action, and romance. While the scientist is mad, it will be fun to see the tension between the two as the experiment comes to rely on the scientist as much as the scientist relies on the experiment.
This story is subject to change. I'd like the main idea of the story to stay, but we can fiddle around with exactly what kind of experiment that the scientist is working on. Maybe it's making the 'perfect pet', where in he could make a Neko, or the perfect guard dog, where he could make a wolf like person? I'm open to suggestions.

*** DISCLAIMER, the names of plot ideas and ideas within plots are subject to change. ***
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! Current Games !
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*** !Current Games!***
*** UPDATED 7-25-11 ***

Active Stories:
Lykaon Had A Little Lamb with Observing Trifles
Dude Ranch Deployment with Delamere
The Twin's Stepfather with funguy81
His Prisoner with MomoPeach

On Hold Stories:
Three's Company with octopusdreams
His Prisoner with MomoPeach
I Never Wanted This with Kissin Kate
No One Would Ever Believe You with roninc30
Sugarland with Bron
The Cupboard with flassche
Double Trouble with tissuesan
The Finder Points The Way with shii
Never Say Neverland with Lady Avacyn
Live Picture Show with Kira Deanta
Blood Tribute with Sparrowhawke
The Cleaning 'Lady' with Angel Eros
The Homecoming with GrapeTootsiePop
Dreams Really Do Come True with Chou chou rheastar
I've Always Said God Is An Astronaut with Kismet
Just Your Imagination with Faust
The Arrangement with icecradle
The Waiter and the Sugar Daddy with traci80
Cum Bucket with Funguy81 [???]
Teacher's Pet with Lupus of Inritus [???]
Pup Boy with dakabn [???]
The Pet-Sitter with Acid Lips [???]
Daddy's Boys with andylion [???]
The Warden's Boy with BrokenCollar [???]
The Fine Line Between Possession and Passion with Zhu Que [???]
St. Ritter School for Boys with ElijahRhodes [???]
To Be Owned with Verse [???]
I will teach you to play! with NekoBoy89 [???]
Zombie Fever with Haipeabyss [???]
Vive Fantastique! with freakside nation [???]
Sweet Treats, Rough Nights with Syanyte [temporary hiatus of partner]
One Hell of a Butler with Altheras [temporary hiatus of partner]
Clean It Good with makizushi [temporary hiatus of partner]
Love of the Occult with BrilliantDays [temporary hiatus of story]
Country Blues with Supernova [temporary hiatus of story]
'It' Came In A Dream with Far eyes [temporary hiatus of story]
His Perfect Creation; 8993X with BrilliantDays [temporary hiatus of story]
I Just Can't Love You Easy with Angel Eros [temporary hiatus of story]

Dead Stories:
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch with Starlequin [loss of partner interest]
Fake Love with Junkyo [loss of own interest]
(They Say) It's Just A Phase with Haru329 [loss of partner interest]
Brotherly 'Love' with Nevaeh [loss of own interest]
Reckless with ultimategeek [loss of partner interest]
My Friend Michael with Tom [loss of partner interest]

Finished Stories:
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Re: Use & Abuse [M/M] *Plots*
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*** UPDATED 1-7-15 ***
+ Revamped the welcoming remark.