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April 11, 2021, 04:33:32 pm

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Author Topic: The Handmaiden, the Warrior, and the Troupe -- female wanted for NC fantasy RP  (Read 1195 times)

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Offline DenivarTopic starter

The Romuli are a nomadic troupe of entertainers, scraping together enough money to make a living in the harsh land they live in. Their circus travels to all of Elincia's major cities, with stops at many towns along the way. The entertainment they offer includes everything one might expect in a medieval circus -- knife throwers, fire and sword swallower's, jugglers, death-defying acrobatics, and all manner of dangerous and exotic animals -- bears, tigers, they even kept a baby dragon at one point!

The Romuli are savvy businesspeople, willing to adjust their acts heavily based on their perception of the audience's desires. In a large city, they have a more conservative show. For a bloodthirsty audience they might feature live combat or use punishment of slaves as entertainment. For a bawdy audience they might feature risque comedy and lewd display of female slaves.

Working for the circus is not easy -- the owners are willing to stop at nothing to make money, and are determined to survive no matter the cost. Many of the workers in the circus are slaves -- much of the work involved at the circus is dangerous, and few would be freely willing to do it.

I'm looking for a woman to play a handmaiden, a young woman recently acquired by the circus -- bought during the circus's stop at a small village. Her duties ostensibly include cleaning, perhaps cooking, and setting up for performances -- yet would almost certainly soon turn to cruder things.

My character would be a warrior, a mercenary, who has recently been hired by the circus to help provide protection for the troupe -- both from beasts and bandits in the wilderness, and to ensure the circus slaves stay in-check.

The roleplay would focus on the relationship between us -- you are just a slave, me a hired sword out for himself. How would our relationship develop? Would I be cynically brutal toward you, or is there a possibility of me caring for you and becoming protective?

For me, the excitement would revolve around the number of perilous, exciting scenes there could be in this setting -- imagine being told to go and clean out the tiger's cage, even though the tiger is inside, and it has "already eaten today so the slave should be fine in there." you might beg me for protection -- would I help you, or simply laugh at you and send you on your way? What about if some obnoxious circus patron decided he wanted to have his way with you? Would I push him off you, or simply tell him it was fine for the right fee?

If anyone is interested, please let me know, either in this thread or by PM.
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Offline margossweet

So  far so good. I'm interested sounds like an interesting synario with lots of scope.  I do feel uncomfortable with anal stuff but any  thing else is okay.