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June 22, 2021, 05:54:14 am

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Author Topic: Nothing is true, Everything is permitted. Assassins Creed Rp Literate+Long Term  (Read 839 times)

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Im looking for someone to play either Ezio or an OC or both for this plot, as well as temps and other canons that will be shared with me. I consider myself a more literate person, so would like my partner to be the same – Which means 3-5 paragraphs a post with grammar, spellings and descriptive writing. (However I am dyslexic so Im not a grammar nazi)
Venice Rooftops + Ezio's Family Mix <<< Helps you get into the spirit! Epic tune...

You will need two characters for this – A 2014 character and a 1500s character so yes...we will be using the animus.
It will start off with my character infultrating Abstergo to bust you out. You can have been there Long Term or Short Term. Anyway, my character frees you, killing security as we go. Our small team transports us to Italy to hide out inside a Theives Guild building, where we set up shop.
We will each take turns using the Animus and flirt and whatever else happens ^-^
The bleeding effect will happen here! So, they will take on their ansessors skills to join your fellow assassins against Abstergo!
(If you choose to be Desmond, this would be reversed to Desmond breaking my character out of Ubstergo)

Our 1500s characters would have been around during Brotherhood, so you can take some of events from the game and claim you were apart of it or working behind the scenes.
5 years after the events of Brotherhood, it has come to light that a new religious cult group is said to hold the Shroud of Eden, the cloth that has been in many hands including Mario and Giovanni Auditore, Jason(and the Argonauts) and even Jesus Christ.  It was taken from Cesare Borgia after his death and thus has spawned this cult. The Shroud has been used to heal wounds of varying severity, mending injuries ranging from stab wounds to birth defects. It speaks in an almost kind voice that constantly offers healing, and urges its users to not believe in their own frailty. However, it is also known to cause severe hallucinations, and in extreme cases, can also seem to tear a person from the inside out.
The leader of this cult has come to his knees to these hallucinations and believe the figure in them is a god called St.August. He built his own church and only the strongest of people are allowed to join, those who don’t are butchered in the name of August. Their name is quickly getting around Italy and their promises are luring people to join.
Missions and events are up to us to make up along the way
The years will work much like Assassins Creed 2 worked, jumping into random years that the events occured. So as the two Assassins relationship blossoms, they could very well get married, have children or own a home...anything, between the years that nothing happens, so that is a possibilty for some character development.

Abstergo Security Dossier
Re: Subject 19
Name: Lain McKenzie
Age: 23
Nationailty: White - British
Occupation: Zoo Keeper
Known Location: Unknown

Subject was detained and exposed to prolonged Animus sessions from months May-Aug 2012. Subject escaped by the help of persons unknown, but beileved to have, in their possession, an Animus. Currently searching for her whereabouts to detain her under maximum security as she is vital for our achevement of our long term goal as her ansesstor came in contact with the Shroud of Eden. 
Her known ansesstor is Luisa D'Luca, an assassin who owns 'La Rosa Orchidea' in Venice. A brothal that serves as a Assassins 'HQ' behind the scenes.
Bring back the subject alive.

Any interest? Please PM me so we can disguss more about this.