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Author Topic: Mhina's house of extraordinary happenstances  (Read 1578 times)

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Mhina's house of extraordinary happenstances
« on: April 25, 2011, 01:11:59 am »
Well I’m on something of a bender and looking for more rps to do to fill my time. Just a few brief notes about myself before I list any plot ideas, though I don’t intend for this thread to be as epic as some of the others I’ve seen, I’m afraid I don’t have the necessary focus to write on of those up. If interested in an RP with me send me a PM please.

I’m only ever really into sci-fi and fantasy settings, although fantasy elements in a real world setting are okay if I feel like doing them and like the idea. I also occasionally will want to do a normal setting rp, but it will be bizarre in its own right. For some reason if it’s plausible for real life I’m not that interested. As far as pairings go I’m fine with anything, but I don’t typically play male characters so M/M is out by extension. I just don’t know how to play a male character sexually and I always feel clumsy and stupid when I try. M/F and F/F is fine though, so all applicants may apply. My posts tend to range from 200 to 800 words in length, depending on what is needed. One liners don’t really do anything for me. Writing these rps is a collaborative process so I need you to give me something to work with otherwise I run out of steam fast. Punctuation and grammar keep the flow so use them, other than that we’re good.

The only things I’m absolutely not a fan of are: vore, excessive gore/mutilation, bathroom play/scat, pregnancy, transformation, bestiality, and futanari. Everything else is fair play, including such grey areas as monsters, furries, and torture (I do love me some torture).

As far as the stories themselves, sex is great but it doesn’t do anything if I don’t care about the story. I like long term character and plot development where characters make decisions with long term consequences. So be prepared to bring some creativity to the table. Also, sex scenes should not all feel the same so keep that in mind and we’ll be perfect.

Here are some story ideas with pictures and some story ideas. Most of them can be either M/F or F/F since I don’t have much in the way of specifics in mind. These will be rough ideas, the actual story will have to evolve as we play it.


Clarisa has been alone for as long as she can remember. Living alone, never speaking to others, never acknowledging anyone. To fight the loneliness she creates a companion for herself, a puppet to fulfill her every wish. It is her constant companion, and nothing can separate it from her side. One day, she wakes to find that her companion is gone, and that she is no longer alone.

So this one is more or less the story of Pinnochio if both the puppet and the creator were deranged and you added sex to the story. This can be F/M or F/F, and will involve a lot of bondage and slight torture, although part of the reason I want to play this is to find out how two characters that are slightly insane interact with each other and bond. It sounds fun and challenging. Also, the setting would be sort of an exaggerated gothic.

No One Loves You like I do

It's a yandere story! For those of you who don't know, yandere is a Japanese trope, meaning a girl who is sweet and caring initially but eventually reveals herself to be violently or even homicidally insane. Psychosis in these characters is typically related to their obsessive love of another character. This one would be sort of a murder/mystery/tragedy. After the tragic and mysterious death of his girlfriend, a young man finds comfort in his childhood friend. The two soon become lovers, but he grows concerned that he is just using her to get over his dead love. Meanwhile, the mystery of her death slowly begins to surface and his new lover shows troubling signs of a love that runs perhaps too deep. Lots of angst and angry/sad sex in this one. Once again, heavy emphasis on character development. If you like to torture your characters emotionally you might enjoy this. A psychotic girl and an emotionally devastated boy. What's not to love?

Phantom Festival

The annual town festival has arrived and it is a time for people to get away from school and work for an evening and enjoy good food, games, performances and the chance to dress in traditional clothing. However, one of the patrons finds themselves being stalked by a strange girl. Thinking nothing of it, they join their friends and have a good time. However, the girl keeps showing up, appearing exactly the same, even after the festival. Wherever they go she is there.

In this one I would play the phantom. Eventually, she’ll confront your character and try to pull them into the spirit world so they can be together. This one would involve a lot of work on your part initially, though I’d be happy to play friends or family members. The girl will make appearances at various points throughout the beginning of the story before any actual contact is made. I want this one to be psychological and a potential romance later, so building up the scenario will be important. Setting is modern.

To Each Their Own

Alisa is an orphan girl who spends her time roaming the streets and getting into trouble and trying to outrun the consequences. Unable to find or maintain any steady work she lives wherever she can find space. One day, while trying to avoid a particularly angry group of guards she stumbles across a young man from a more traditional walk of life. As the two get to know each other Alisa struggles with her inability to get too close to others and her own fears while he has issues of his own.

This is another one where development is extremely important as I don’t want the main characters to be screwing each other right away, although side sexual encounters are fine. The point will be on the differences between them and their own issues coming to light as they struggle to work them out. For a simple reference, think Aladdin with gender roles reversed. This one would be set in sort of a modern feudal setting if that makes any sense.

Losing your Identity

The legend was that the forest held a terrible secret, one that no one knew for certain. All they knew was that those that strayed too far from the path were rarely heard from again, and those that did were no longer themselves. Not everyone had heard the stories though, and not everyone that had believed they were true. The stories claimed that there was a monster that lived in an enchanted grove deep within the forest and that she stole identities of those who crossed her. If one could bath in the pool within the grove and maintain their identity though, they would have limitless knowledge at their fingertips.

This one involves a monster girl so if not your thing then you won’t like it probably. I’ll play her and her character will be subject to swings in personality and mood as a result of her personality absorbing magic. What to do with this one is still pretty open as well. M/F or F/F.


These are just pictures I’d like to have plots around but don’t have any ideas for. Most are just characters I want to play, let me know if you have any thoughts!

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Re: Mhina's house of extraordinary happenstances
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2011, 03:36:05 am »
Added "No One Loves You Like I do"

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Re: Mhina's house of extraordinary happenstances
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2011, 02:16:15 am »
Added "Strings" and removed some images I didn't feel like using anymore. Returning from a break so I'm more or less open.

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Re: Mhina's house of extraordinary happenstances
« Reply #3 on: August 18, 2011, 07:38:22 pm »
Added some images, edited some stuff.