Your only chance (Fantasy) [F dom looking for M/F sub]

Started by elfguy, April 24, 2011, 08:01:04 PM

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The day he got lost in the Great Forest, after taking a wrong path to Freeport, ended up being the worse day of his life. Not only did he not make it to the city in time to take the boat to go back home, but as he walked blindly through the thick array of trees, in unknown territory, it turned out he entered the realm of a strange species of creatures living deep in the woods.

Now, the poor human was a prisoner, a slave, forced to work in an open mine, on a small cliff, along with a few dozens other slaves, mining Obsedian ore under the watchful eyes of the Qunari. Only a half dozen guards could be seen, but they're incredibly tall and strong looking, and they're the ones with the swords and crossbows, while all the slaves have are rags on their backs, and a wooden stick to prod the rock with.

But amongst the guards, one female could be seen. Tattooed, with a very revealing leather armor, her pierced breasts fully exposed, she looked strong and confident. But perhaps there is another way for this poor prisoner to get out. Perhaps she would be more willing to listen to him, maybe she could be seduced, or convinced to help him out in return for some services. She could be his only change to gain back his freedom

For this RP I will play Nevara, a Qunari guard in a fantasy world, and I need someone to play a M or F prisoner who wants to get out, and will try to seduce her, or offer her sex in exchange for a lesser pain, perhaps agreeing to be her pet if she lets him not work in the mine anymore. If that sounds good to you, apply within!



I'd be interested in this for sure. I'd prefer to play F sub if that works for you.


Sure that's fine. Just go ahead and post a quick bio, image pref.