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Author Topic: Looking for Males or females for furry/anthro rps. Plots and pictures inside.  (Read 2040 times)

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Offline MissInkTopic starter

Salutations from the King sized dork!
I welcome you fellow players of role

Please, take a seat..have a hot chocolate.

Now if would you kindly*read the rules below. Would be ever so time saving for both of us if you did.   (*Bioshock pun intended)

At least 3-5 paragraphs per intro and 3-4 per post with descriptive writing
Good grasp of English and grammar. Be able to make full sentences that make sense.
Please remember to describe the appearance of your character. Images are fine.
Creative with characters, plot ideas and twists
Long Term Rp
Be patent. Im trying to juggle a fulltime job, education and a social life. I may not be able to post everyday, but I will try
Original Characters
Having your main character as your gender, side characters I dont mind
(May be able to tone these rules down if you show me an example of your post size)

Story Based
Sex Based
M/F Pairing
F/F Pairing
Fluffy romance

Broken English
Basic intros (As in - No detail of characters looks, past and present)
Chat Speak
  Characters below the age of 17
Anyone who has the IQ of a glass of water. Please be able to hold a descent conversation with me.

I also have no limits on bad language or violence/blood/gore
Thank you. Carry on reading for my plots, after these short messages -

I am hot for furries/anthros at the moment!
Here is a selection of plots, plus I am accepting your plots for consideration, just as long as they contain some if not all of the following -
Anthros/Furries, action, twists, plot/story, drama and imagination
As long as the main pairing is MxF or FxF, and I am happy to indulge in MxM and group sessions. Kinks you'll have to consult with me, but im most likely to say yes!
I would like my male partners to have a non human cock that corresponds to the chosen species (But human ones are fine too) - Canines to have knotted and Dragons to have ribbed ect (No Barbs) or have an made up design of your own! For ideas and inspiration, check out
Under the spoiler sections is explicit images. This does not mean I want you to play these characters. They are there for ideas, inspiration and decoration, unless you want to play as that character.
You can choose to be any speices you wish, however Wolves and Dragons are <3. Made up creatures welcome!
Do not hesitate to ask me anything! =3

~My Furry Guest~
You have been thrown out by your former master and found by a young woman living on her own, after sleeping rough for a few days. You can still be wary or fully settled in as it will be set 4 days after you being found. She can be alittle more dominant than you or it can involve no dom or sub at all. She works part-time while you stay at home, but shes very much falling in love with you, but these kind of romances are frowned upon greatly. She uses this to her advantage by gaining extra money for letting people watch their sessions either on the internet or during public shows. Up for discussion.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

~Rich Mans Slave~
You are have inherited your fathers life savings and hugely successful business. You bought a Furry/Anthro on an impulse buy. You decide to use her to gain business partners and strike deals by exploiting her to your potential business partners as well as using her for yourself. She loves the bones of you since you took her away from the labs and will do anything to make you happy so take that to your advantage. You take her everywhere with you - To the offices, on business travels, to meetings - to sit obediently next to you or exploit or use as you see fit.
Contains dom and sub, humillation, group, bondage, public sex.
The following are characters I plan to use. If you do not like them, I can make up a character to suit your tastes in appearence
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

~On a Roar~
It started out as small travelling business for healing the disease of death , but the power of necromancy sent him insane, resurrecting the dead for his own desires. Building horrific undead creatures to take over major cities.
She decides to fight against him but she can't do it alone. She calls on one of the gods(you) and makes a pact with him to which she gives up her womb to bring you to earth to fight along side her.
Expect - Horror, action and adventure. Mainly for Medieval Fantasy but can switch to Modern on request.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

~We Three~
(You can be human or an anthro/furry)
  Eva is a treasure hunter, amazed by shiny things. Shes very graceful, soft spoken and athletic. While searching for the legendary gems of power - Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta and Omega. Her friend is Randall and together they are searching for these gems. How they meet you is up to you, either finding you or already being friends with them. The plot goes on their adventure and many fights along the way of others who are searching or may even have a gem.
Randal - He is a side character so sex with him isnt mandatory. He is Bi-sexual so this plot is perfect for Bi-sexual or Bi-curious boys out there and chance for a threesome.) However, hes not don't expect a relationship from him.
Expect - Action
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

All Pokemon will be furries/Anthros.
You are a pokemon explorer/breeder or artist with  me as your only pokemon (And I will be female.). We go on an adventure through the many terrains of the pokemon world and fucking your way through each one.
This would require us to have two mains and playing the rest as temps TOGETHER and not just leaving it up to me.
F/F, MxF and MxM in this one as well as groups and I dont mind role reversing for being the trainer.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

We can double up as having 2 characters, 1 being the tamer and 1 being eachothers Digimon. Or just you as the digimon and me the tamer
The digital world is in need of heroes once more, and have locked us inside the Digital world. The evil black gears have returned which are turning bad to good. Who is behind it this time?
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

It was always something Sai thought was wrong, but as the great gray wolf held her to his chest, rubbing his tongue across her own, all sense of thought was lost. The feel of his warm fur against her naked body was like nothing she had ever felt and nothing she would want to change...ever again. 
The wolf’s hard pink flesh, poked against the soft, wet flesh of her own and suddenly found herself intoxicated by the wolfs touch and deep purs that vibrated in his throat. His soft pink tongue trailed around her neck as he slowly lowered her further down on his pulsating member, enjoying the laboured whimpers of his female. The wolf pleasured her in a way no man had pleasured her before and knew she could never go back and have anything but this magnificent creature.
Only the trees and fireflies bore witness to their candid and savage mating, thrusting in her with reckless abandon, growling with pleasure.
Sai had found herself crying out louder than the animal, losing count of her own drenching orgasms that continued to explode around the wolfs flesh. The wolf’s own pleasure was growing to that inevitable peak of ecstasy, till it exploded inside of her, making the sodden flesh between their loins grow.
He embraced her for several minutes, locking them together in the nature that his own body demanded.
Being with anyone but this animal seemed senseless, for she had connected with him in a way that she had not with any man.
This was certainly going to be an interesting adventure.
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