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Started by Le RandomBloke, April 24, 2011, 06:55:00 AM

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Le RandomBloke

What? The title makes no sense? Well bugger, I was trying to lure you in with a mysterious touch, guess that back-fired. Ah well, now that you're here, you might as well read on eh? ... What? You feel cheated? Betrayed even? Ok, I admit it was a trap, but surely you can look beyond this and continue to read the potential greatness (or absolute failures) I have to share? .. Fine, I'll stop babbling nonsense and get on with it, geesh, no need to get all feisty with me. Wait, no, I like feisty.

Hm, this is normally where I start explaining both myself and my intentions, but quite frankly I don't feel like it. It's hot outside, it's hot inside and my motives are obscure at best. No, that's not true, but let's pretend it is anyway. Bah, alright, sod it. Off and on is what I'm all about, not intentionally, but it just kind of happens. Now I'm back with an idea which I'm going to focus on. What will this story be about in a nutshell? Well, let me put the words by themselves so they stand out more and people who skim this will be pleased by such easy access.

Romance, development, romance, a bit of drama, more romance, cappuccino.

I lied about the last one, I'm not into caffeine. That's pretty much me and my tastes in a nutshell though. Considering I only will be taking on one <<maybe>> two stories, it will be safe to say no matter what life throws at me I cannot be swayed from my path! TO VICTORY! Eh? The story? Gah, you're no fun..

EDIT: Alright, first story got snatched away rather fast. I am pleased by this! I give to thee two more stories, although I will only do one out of the two, it would make an easy pickings and I do not know which one I prefer. So if there are any takers, feel free to let me know. YARRRRRRRR. (Short descriptions for real this time, discussions in PM's and such.)

1) A man and his girlfriend, happy for quite a few years ever since high school. She's off to college and he quit school to work. Though, the girlfriend is not the focus of this story at all, instead, it is her little sister, who is very ill. (Feel free to pick a disease or whatnot.) She spent most of her life in the hospital, and when she is allowed to go home her parents are too worried that anything might happen to her. Needless to say, there is a lot about life she wants to experience. Throughout the years, the guy has taking a special liking to this little sister, at first due pity, but later because of her personality.

During this time they develop a special bond of their own, to him she is like a little sister he never had, to her it goes beyond that. Since the man always hit it off quite well with her parents, they trust him complete and know his heart is in the right place. So when the girl finally is allowed to home yet again, this time for a prolonged period, she asks him if he could take a week off to introduce her to the many things life has to offer. The reason why was because her sister was off for college but the true reason being is that she just really likes being near him.

The idea in this one is just the rather awkward scenario of him being pretty much together with the older sister for so many years. The little sister not wanting to steal the boyfriend away, but unable to ignore her own feelings and the guy himself not sure what to do once his on feelings for her start to get blurry.

2) In this story it'd mainly revolve about something that happened into the past of the two main characters, (I can give more details about this in PM's if you're interested.) the main idea is. When they were young, the both of them were pretty good friends. Only, he was rather small for his age at the time, a bit of a late bloomer. Because of that he wrestled with some insecurities. Although she might not intended to do so, she subconsciously took advantage of his good nature all the time, despite knowing deep inside he had a crush on her.

Then, one day, she does something to infuriate him and a few days after this event, he vanishes out of her life. Apparently his family moved out and he never said a thing. Why he got so angry at her that day is beyond her knowledge, but once he was gone, she really started missing him. (A lot of this is open for interpretation, I'm just giving a general idea here) Many years later they meet again, she now fully grown up and matured, and he himself grown up to become a handsome man. However, while she is extremely happy to see him again, he still bears a deep hatred for her for that day.

It'd be a journey for her to try and find out what exactly she had done wrong and him finding it within himself to get over it/forgiven her. All the while growing closer and closer together again.

"Give me all your true hate and I’ll translate it in our bed into never seen passion."


This?  Would This be #1 and 2 above?  O.K.  I can ignore just about anything if I try. 

Le RandomBloke

Quote from: MistressofPen on April 24, 2011, 08:49:47 PM
This?  Would This be #1 and 2 above?  O.K.  I can ignore just about anything if I try.

Hah, apologies. Rather than editing the post I was trying to point out to ignore, I removed it and created a new one. Whilst I have no clue why, I was half asleep at the time so I'll just blame it on that. I probably should remove that as well, actually.

"Give me all your true hate and I’ll translate it in our bed into never seen passion."


I'm liking #2, simply there is so much that one can improvise. I'll be happy to do #2 if you're still looking for takers.