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Some facts about me--
---I use dashes instead of parentheses, semicolons, and in some places, colons.
---I am nineteen.
---My main academic interests are history, linguistics, and what I guess you can call gender studies.
---I am online very often.
---I was going to write something else here, but I forgot what it was.

I have been roleplaying -- on sites like this, actually -- since I was fourteen or so.  I consider myself literate.

I don't have any specific kinks.  All I know is that there are some things I don't really like.  I don't like bodily fluids or wastes.  Just ask me if you'd like to know how I would feel about certain plot elements.

If we're going to play together, I would like it if you were literate.  That means, proper punctuation and no run-on sentences and such.  I'm not an expert grammarian myself, so I won't throw a hissy fit if you spell a word wrong.  I also would like it if you kept an eye on your PM box.  I've had people completely stop discussing a potential roleplay with me, for no reason, while still being active on the site.  I end up thinking that I said something offensive.  If you have other things to do, I understand.

Your actual sex does not matter to me.  I prefer playing males, but in an F/F plot I can play a female.  I could even play a female in an M/F plot if I find it acceptable.

I don't fuss over post length.  I feel that sometimes, a certain part of a roleplay may call for short posts, such as in dialogue or sex scenes.  Such short posts can allow a roleplay to flow better.  I don't like having to pad my posts, and I don't expect you to do so.

Don't judge me by my posting history.  The level of quality in my posts is proportional to my interest and the "seriousness" of the plot.

In a way, I'm submissive in consensual/romantic roles, but more dominant in other roles.

I like plots that are unique and thought-out.  Send me a PM, and perhaps we can come up with a plot together if you don't like any of my ideas.



The backstory for this is fairly well-developed, so if you don't like playing pre-made characters, this probably won't be your thing.  Besides the backstory and the initial scenes, I don't have any of the plot solidly thought out, so do not be afraid.  This can either be set in a contemporary setting, or within my conworld if you'd like, which it was originally made for.  There's a lot more to the plot than what I describe here.

Ann is a reckless teenage girl.  She has a tragic past, and she lives with her aunt.

The plot begins with her out one night, with her partner – boyfriend, as most would put it.  They're screwing around while incredibly high.  The police come.  He runs away, and she is arrested.  She is angry and intoxicated, so she tells the police about something illegal her partner is doing.  They arrest him.  She is given probation.

Her friends are pissed off at her.  So they convince her to violate her probation, to go with them somewhere in the middle of the night.  They rape her and/or beat her up, and leave her there.

She goes home, and contacts the last close friend she has – a guy she has known online for years, named Kelvin.  He lives in another state.  She asks if she can stay with him for a while.

She goes after each one of her former friends.  She either slashes their tires, beats them up, or spray-paints something nasty on their front door.  Then she leaves, and hitchhikes to her friend's place.

Send me a PM if your intrigued, and I'll go into greater detail.

The story would begin with her being arrested.


I don't have a specific idea, but I'd be interested in either some mother/son or aunt/nephew.  Send me your ideas, if you have any!

My New Son

Kyll is nineteen.  He is a drifter – he has no fixed home.  He travels from place to place, panhandles or works for money, and spends a day or more at a hostel or on someone's couch, before moving on to another place.  He looks nothing like a stereotypical hobo ‒ he's skinny, he wears clean clothing, and he has no facial hair.  And he has a meek personality, which often shows through his behavior.

At the beginning of the plot, Kyll is trying to hitchhike on a rural highway in Montana.  It's getting dark, and he's having no luck getting a ride.

Katherine ‒ or whatever you would like her name to be ‒ is on her way home, when she sees Kyll by the side of the road.  She is forty-five years old.  She had a son who died four years prior, who was around the same age as Kyll, so she feels compelled in some way to help out the young man.

She takes him home.  She makes him something to eat, and lets him sleep on her couch.

But that night, she begins to really miss her son.  She decides she wants to have another kid, before it's too late for her.  So the next day, she tries to seduce Kyll.  He rejects her advances, not because he doesn't want to have sex, but rather because he doesn't want to have sex with her without any sort of protection.  Even though she says she'll let him leave even if he gets her pregnant.

She feels sad and embarassed.  But then, she decides she doesn't need another kid to not be alone.  She decides to direct her maternalisticness towards Kyll.  She starts to treat him like he's her adopted son ‒ even though they have sex.  Perhaps she even starts thinking of him as her son.

That would only be the beginning of the plot.  After that, I don't have anything specific.  We can have some fun thinking of little adventures for them.  But it would not be without direction.  I have it in mind that later on in the plot, Kyll would start becoming bothered by Katherine's motherly overprotectiveness, and would want to leave, thus creating some drama.  And we can come up with other situations to create some drama, in addition to all the fun.

I can play either character.  In fact, I might like to play as Katherine.

The Call-Girl

Not as detailed as some of my other plots.

A rather odd teenager -- eighteen or nineteen -- hires a hooker through a website.  He's a virgin and is hiring her not because he has some sexual urges to satisfy, but because he's curious and perhaps wants someone to talk to.  He's planning on leaving town anyways, so why not?

It could be smutty, or it can go on to where maybe they forge a relationship, and she decides to go with him on his planned journey.

And since it's my current craving and all, I'd like her to be a bit older.  Not too much -- just in her early to mid thirties.  She can be an experienced call-girl or a bored housewife -- whatever you'd like.  She could be artistic and progressive, or more traditional -- as traditional as a hooker could be.  It's up to you.

PM me if interested.  Please note that the order the plots are in has no bearing on my interest or lack thereof.


Updated with a change to one craving, and the addition of two others.


Woo it's been over a month.   ;D

Seriously though, I've updated the thread quite a bit, with a new plot and the removal of some others.  Ah, I forget what I had before I edited already.  I am currently craving all my lovely plots -- that is, the first three -- pretty much equally, so please send me a PM if any of them interest you.


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Removed some plots.  Updated and currently craving Reckless, but I'd accept any offers for my other plot as well.


I've added a new plot, which I'm calling Surrogate for the time being.  And I am really craving it.   ;D


Updated with a new plot and a minor craving.  Also rewrote/updated one plot, which I have renamed My New Son.  As the title says, I'm currently craving any of the plots that feature an older female.