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Author Topic: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)  (Read 2542 times)

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jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« on: April 20, 2011, 09:59:03 PM »
Lydia Cassidy strides into the office on her high heels, her brunette curls bouncing as she walks. It's only the second day of her "new" job and she couldn't be less satisfied. Her boss, Adam, eyes her through his thick glasses as she drops her purse and tan trench coat in the hall closet. She ignores him aside from a mellow "good morning" and walks to her desk with a smile fixed to her full red lips.

She begins the tedium of the day, taking the first of several calls to the administrative office.

"Good morning, Jackson and Jackson Industries, please hold..."

Sighing, Lydia settles in for a long day of secretarial work, missing the girls from the factory and the sensible daily accomplishments she once made.

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2011, 11:59:29 PM »
From a door facing her desk there was laughter emitting spastically and rustling followed by an immediate  "Shhhh" and more laughter.

The door began to open after a few moments of silence.  A young, tanned face snaked its way around the frame not noticing the woman sitting in the once recently empty chair.  He stepped out attempting to hide the young lady that seemed to be the source of the laughter as she still emitted squeaks of laughter as she finally buttoned her blouse and they began to go their separate ways. 

The tall, lean young man stopped to brush himself off as he carefully inspected his "Sanitation Engineer" (janitorial) uniform for more dust.  This is when he first noticed the woman.  It was admittedly the red of her lips that caught his gaze initially but then it was her gaze that caught his.  He smirked knowing he had been caught and decided against any further introductions.  Tipping his cap he took long strides past her and into Adam's office, closing the door.

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2011, 12:10:15 AM »
Lydia stares after the tall, roguish figure with a disbelieving smile etched on her face. She shakes her head and sighs, returning to taking messages and directing incoming calls.

"...Hello?! Miss Cassidy, get me on the line with Adam Harkiss, Now!"

The voice on the other line causes the color to bleed from my face. I jump to my feet and run to the office door, knocking twice before entering, my cheeks flushed.

"Mr. Harkiss, Mr. Jackson's on the line," I glance at you before continuing, blushing darker. "He sounds upset, sir."

Adam Harkiss blanches, wiping a handkerchief under his receding hairline and nervously picking up the phone. A loud buzz, indicating shouting, emanates from the receiver. Harkiss winces and leans away from it, stuttering excuses every few moments. He gives me an impatient gesture, mouthing lunch to me and glancing at you.

Understanding, I open the door wide and gesture for you to precede me, glad to have been dismissed early.

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2011, 12:18:56 AM »
Slipping smoothly through the door smirking a little at first in hopes that by chance his antic in the closet could go unnoticed. He waited for her outside the door way.  His eyes taking in all of her and his hand, as he was taught from childhood, removed his cap.  Gripping the hat between his hands behind his back, he smiled.

His lined face showed evidence of too much whiskey and cigarettes.  Why was it he was always stuck in the most unflattering clothes around the most deserving of women.  Not that he owned anything much nicer, yet the creases and the weight of the material of his Military uniform seemed like a far cry from his industrial onesy.

He managed a "Hi" though. 

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #4 on: April 21, 2011, 12:34:30 AM »
Closing the door behind her with a snap, she smiles up at the man, pulling her lower lip between her teeth slightly, warmth running down her spine in response to the handsome smile. Lydia hesitated a moment, thinking somewhat bitterly about her husband, working three floors below in the assembly shop, before extending her delicate, manicured hand.

"It's Lydia Cassidy. He'll be in there getting his behind chewed for a while," she says with an entrancing smile, her eyes glowing beneath full, dark lashes. "You are..?"

A little curiosity runs through her mind as she takes in the stranger's mischievous eyes. Her own roves over the abused skin, noting the scar. He actually looks like he was in the war... So different from- She cuts the thought off brutally, admonishing herself from comparing her kind, and gentle, though utterly impotent husband to the man before her.

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #5 on: April 21, 2011, 12:45:46 AM »
"Wayne, Wayne Martin.  Pleasure is mine ma'am.  I was supposed to be shown around."

He takes her delicate hand in his own calloused and much larger hand.  Giving it a gentle squeeze and nod.

He was much taller than her but she didn't have to stand too far to look him in the face.  His hair was freshly cut, that was one thing he felt okay about, and he had new boots, but he was a fish out of water.  Still, no escaping it.  He spoke calmly and evenly following his statements with a cool smile as he released her hand.

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #6 on: April 21, 2011, 12:55:23 AM »
She smiles at his gestures and leads the way through the main office and down a floor to the cantine, her knee-length skirt swaying back and forth with each of her sauntering steps, her high heels clicking along. 

"It's a little early, but I was about to have lunch if you'd care to join me. I will also be happy to give you a tour after we're finished," she says with a smile thrown over her shoulder. She cannot help but give him that look. What was the harm in flirting a little? It was not as if there were any other methods of entertainment available to her anymore.

Lydia nods to several suit and uniform-wearing individuals on the way to the canteen, introducing Wayne to a few superiors. Finally, they reach the lunch room and Lydia leads the way to sandwiches, salads, and pop, offering them to Wayne with a gesture.

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #7 on: April 21, 2011, 01:05:51 AM »
Wayne grabs his fill placing it all on a tray and turns to his hostess.  His eyes finally getting a break from the exercise of following her swaying body.  She was built to tease and yet he couldn't help but miss the ring on her finger every time.  A woman like this get married.  Maybe it was the poor lighting inside or maybe she was just hiding it.

He placed his hat lazily on his head reflecting careless demeanor accidentally.  he was getting too comfortable.

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #8 on: April 21, 2011, 01:12:16 AM »
"So, is today your first officially on the job, Wayne?" she bites into a strawberry, her eyes meeting his over their meal. "If you weren't able to properly make his acquaintance before I interrupted, the man sweating bullets was Adam Harkiss."

I make a small frown of distaste, enjoying my salad and fruit. "He was the only one from my current office that remained here throughout the war. Were you drafted..?"

I smile up at you, keeping my left hand in my lap in a conscious effort to keep my ring out of view, otherwise relaxing into your company.

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #9 on: April 21, 2011, 01:24:12 AM »
He listened to her fire off questions, and smiling he sensed some nerves but he answered one at a time.

"No, today isn't my first but today will be my first on my own.  I was following a gentleman around --i could hardly understand him.  Something about the tall brooms go here and the small ones go there...."

He decided to leave the question of the war off in hopes that she would forget.  We will see if she picks up on it, some don't.  It didn't bother him either way, he could handle the conversation.  His eyes followed the strawberry in anticipation.  Hopefully it didn't show too much, but he did stare a little too long.

His nerves getting the better of him, his hat remained on at the table and his forearms rested on the table as he leaned forward into his meal as if it were the mess hall.  He did manage to spot the young lass his lips introduced him to in the closet earlier and could hardly resist a smile as his eyes hovered over his companies' shoulder.

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #10 on: April 21, 2011, 01:35:10 AM »
Lydia notes his guarded expression at the mention of War - confirmation of her earlier assessment: Wayne Martin was nothing like her husband. She watches as Cathy and Wayne's eyes meet and frowned just slightly. Without thinking, she crosses her slim legs beneath the table, her patent leather-encased shoe brushing his calf slightly. She smiles by way of apology and lifts another piece of fruit to her red lips.

"Sorry... It's not so bad once you get used to the place. It was more fun when all you boys were over there, though." A note of resentment slips into her honeyed voice. "I took over my husband's assembly job while he was in the Navy. So many of us ladies treated it like our patriotic duty, but I think it was more than that at the end. It was just so incredibly liberating to be able to do something aside from cooking or washing or Lady's bridge."

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #11 on: April 21, 2011, 02:29:30 AM »
Wayne was simple but not dumb.  He knew she had no idea what the war had put him through.  The aches and pains were constant reminders of every drop of blood or sweat shed in the moment.  Yet, he smiled.  He smiled back at the pretty girl reflecting his understanding of what she had said.  His eyes darted over her shoulder again remember the pert ass of the young lady he recently took. 

"You're kind, lady.  I'm sure your boy appreciates it."  His condescending tone let her know that it didn't matter to him what she did.  "He's lucky."

His eyes finally wrenched from the young lass.  As he wiped his damp palms on his uniform he met her eyes as the last words rolled off his lips, "Yall in love?"  His eyes stay glued to hers studying her every move in hopes to know what she's really about.

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #12 on: April 21, 2011, 02:42:56 AM »
"S-Sorry..?" Her smile falters and her surprise slides into an expression of rueful acknowledgement.

"Sorry... I'm treating you like you're some teenaged boy. I apologize. And no, we aren't..."Lydia bites her lip, realizing how insensitive she must have sounded, glancing at Cathy and back at Wayde.

"I must sound like an awful person. You boys went through a lot, I know... And I know I haven't the slightest idea how awful it's been for you-" she meets your gaze, remorse obvious in her bright eyes. "I'm afraid everything I talk about these days is colored by my pathetic marriage."

She lets out a sigh. "I don't hate him. And I wanted him to come back... I just hoped he might find a pretty girl in France or Italy and leave once he did. I guess I got used to... happiness, I suppose. I understand if you would rather sit with Cathy."

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #13 on: April 21, 2011, 03:09:03 AM »
His eyes never moved while she.... spilled.  They were glued to her lips first as they moved and back to her eyes to judge her sincerity.

"Shhhh" The familiar shushing from before.  He smirks letting her know that he was being gentle.  "It's okay sweetheart, I fought and killed so that yours and Cathy's 'Rear-end' can stay beautiful.  My advice is stay out of the factories."  His tone firm.  His eyes never shifting.  The emphasis was on 'rear-end' mocking her "goodygoody" tone from before.  The factories were dirty, there was no doubt about it.  He knew fit the wrap for the stereo-typical janitor.  Janitors don't care.  He cared.   Janitors are dirty.  He fought through dirty.  Let's be real, the only thing he was looking forward to was laying his eyes on beautiful girls, like her, when he got home.

"Don't you worry about Cathy, sweetheart.  You have your boy, I have... welll.... Cathy...."  He smiles seeming content.

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #14 on: April 21, 2011, 03:29:19 AM »
She rolls her eyes, pursing her lips and somehow managing to keep most of the bitterness out of her voice.

"I'm afraid Wayne that you have the better deal. John Cassidy is a kind man, but that's all. I thought he ignored me before the war, but it was nothing compared to how he is now."

Lydia sighs again, glad to be forgiven, smiling admiringly up at him.

"Cathy's lucky to have your attention. God knows..." Well. Shall we get on with your tour?

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #15 on: April 21, 2011, 03:33:57 AM »
He doesn't hesitate to stuff the last of his meal into his mouth and speak over it. 

"Lead the way"  He said, it sounded more like jibberish.  He stood tray in hand ready to move, almost militaristically.

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #16 on: April 21, 2011, 03:54:02 AM »
Lydia cannot help but smile at his apparent eagerness, wondering whether it's a response from his military training or just him. Everything about Wayne screamed "action."

She began the tour on the bottom floor as the assembly line let off for lunch. Suddenly, the smile slides from her face and she pauses. A sandy blonde man of medium build and negligible stature shuffles past, mildly talking to some of his coworkers before filing past. He hardly glances Lydia's way as he passes, merely giving a bland smile and continuing onward.

"Anyway," Lydia continues, attempting to shrug off the awkward moment. "This is where you'll start every day at five. This is where the big messes happen and where the most help is needed."

Smiling once more up at Wayde, trying not to think about it, imagining a world without her husband.

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #17 on: April 21, 2011, 10:04:09 PM »
He saunters around with his cap tilted lazily backwards on his head.  He smiles and nods with the occasional proper "yes ma'am".

Noticing the awkward exchange, Wayne straightens up eyeing the man as he passed.  He understood a little more than he let on, for her benefit of course.  No one wants to explain the gritty details to someone they just met. 

Nervously he continued following her thinking about the awkward exchange.  was he smirking at me?  did think I wanted his wife?  He looked his hostess.  maybe he was right.

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Re: jtspace88 & ForensicaX (1X1)
« Reply #18 on: April 21, 2011, 10:47:53 PM »
The unfairness of it all infuriated her. She could stand it no longer. Day in, day out, she went to work only to return to John Cassidy.

John, the first boy she had kissed in school. Captain of the baseball team. Coach's son. John, who worked a cushy office job during the war while her friends' husbands died. John, who wanted children and had not touched her once since she told him she refused. John, who suggested separate bedrooms. She had agreed, of course. The nights spent lying on her side, facing away from the only man she had ever known, had not endeared her to their marriage of five years.

How stupid she had been! How gullible! She had let her mother, father, brothers, and sister talk her into the fairytale - the "American Dream!" Ha! She looked up at the tall veteran with another ruby-lipped smile. What harm could there be in befriending him? What harm was there in falling in love again - perhaps for the first time?

After all, John had found himself someone to amuse him. He must have. No man went nearly a year without.

She was determined. It would not be an affair, but it would be something.

"So, if you're clear on everything... Do you have any questions? And have they given you the keys?"