The World at War (Seeking F)

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The World At War
And other World War 2 Themed Ideas

The following ideas are organized into theatres. They are mostly plot heavy. All plots are subject for change.

Please PM me if you are interested in any of the ideas.

While some ideas are presented differently, they will all be played in 3rd-person perspective.

Basically looking for a Female Role in all of these ideas.

The West Front

Idea 1: French Occupation

France has fallen. Proud German soldiers march through Paris -  a feat they failed to do only 20 years earlier. The once proud French are in a state of shock. The Germans soon occupy the North and a Vichy France, loyal to the Nazis, is formed in the South and also takes control of the African colonies. The British are also in full retreat, narrowly avoiding annihilation in Dieppe. The British are now all alone in Europe. Will life ever be normal again?

Yes. The transition from French to German control goes smoothly and most people really don't notice a difference in their lives. The Germans, of course, are easy to spot in their dark-gray uniforms and the feared-black of the SS and Gestapo. They quietly take control of the major industries and bring in Garrison Troops. But all does not sit well. British Commandos train French Partisans, teaching them to destroy cables and blow up depots. The French Resistance is born. Viva la France!

The local German commander takes residence in a local manor house on a beautiful estate. The family living there is forced to move into the guest wing. The Commander quickly takes a liking to the couples young daughter and starts to secretly court her. At first, she is hesitant, but knows what could happen if she refuses the Commander. But when the French Resistance contact her, looking for information,  she comes in contact with her childhood beau once more. For him, and for the cause, she will do what is necessary to gather all the information they need. What she didn't account for, however, were the growing feelings she has for the German...

The East Front

Idea 1: Partisans

My name is Sergei Ovchinnikov and I am a Comrade of the 44th Kievskaya Rifle Division. I participated in the invasion of Poland with the rest of my Elite unit before we were deployed to the disaster in Finland. It is not something I care to talk about at the present time but even the destruction we faced at the hands of the Finns pales in comparison to what the Wehrmacht have done! It seems like bad destiny to have your unit wiped out twice in such a short time and, like then, I fear that I may be the only survivor once more.

I am a farmer by birth and a Hunter by trade. This is why I was given the use of the Sniper Rifle in my squad. Poland was a virtual walk in the park, but Finland...Finland took the life out of me. It was all I could do to survive that massacre, using all of my life skills to escape. And now where has it gotten me? Back in the same situation but at least this time I am still in Mother Russia and a stronger man for it all. But now it is me - me against the German Wehrmacht. What can one man do but try to survive?

I am no longer sure where exactly I am as I take cover in this barn. The last position I was familiar with was that my unit was part of the Army stationed around Kiev. But the Germans...the Germans moved so quickly, so powerfully...we barely had time to muster before they were on us. This lightning war of theirs is very, very effective. The sound of Stukas sends a chill down my spine whenever I hear them even if I am not their target.

I have to tread carefully now as hundreds upon hundreds of German troops are moving through the area. There is no chance for me to find survivors of my unit or my way back to the front lines. A man on foot can only cover so much ground - the Ukraine is big and the Germans are motorized. I can only do one thing now - carry out my duty to Mother Russia.

I renounce my service as a Soldat - I am now Partisan!

The Pacific

Idea 1: The Spotter

My name is Basil Whittaker. As a proper English Gentleman living in the glorious Pacific, I am doing my damndest best to disrupt the war effort of those Japanese Savages. Before the War I was a surveyor for radio-transmitters, installing the equipment in His Majesties bases in the region while also striking up a private business with the locals. There is quite the demand for radios amongst the...low lifes out here, wishing to avoid the authorities and the like. Of course, I don't know much about that sort of stuff - radios and transmitters is what I deal with!

And apparently I had quite the reputation amongst the local governor - shortly after those Japanese planes flew over heard on their first bombing run (the Savages hadn't even declared war yet!) one of His Majesties Officers pulled up and put me on assignment! Well, how else do you think I ended up on this deserted Island in the middle of nowhere?

My Tiki hut - which I camoflauged myself - hides my little set up rather well and I have become very adept at identifying Japanese Ships. I then radio their positions, course headings and speed, to His Majesties Armed Forces and get the occasional re-supply submarine. The war must be in full swing by now, but I know little about that sort of thing.

Hold on - whats that? A ship is floundering in the bay! It must have limped in during the night. Bloody hell - there's a Japanese ship firing on it! I better go grab my grease gun and see if there are any survivors on the shore before the Japs arrive!


Idea 1: Russian Occupation

The might of the Germany Wehrmacht crushes all that opposes it. Well trained, well prepared, and with the best equipment, the German Wehrmacht rolled into Russia and did not slow down. Their heroic victory in Stalingrad was the turning point. Even as German troops crossed the Volga, others entered Moscow for the first time. Russia melted away after that, and Stalin was forced into committing a Bitter Peace in order to save his life and his country. But by doing so, Stalin signed off on the Industrial might of Russia.
The Germans have since divided the Russian territories, granting Romania its claims on Russia before forming the following zones of control:

Reichskom Ostland
Reichskom Ukraine
Reichskom Kaukaus
Reichskom Moscowien

Russia was also forced to cede Territory in the Far east to the Japanese. Thus knocked out of the war, the Germans are able to turn their attention to the West now. Operation Sealion is being prepared. But life in Russia has taken a turn for the worst. German Occupation is by no means what it is like in France. The Russians, all Bolsheviks to the Germans, are inferior and are to be treated as such.

There are forced labor camps, brutal rapes and reprisals, scorched earth policies where ever Partisans appear. The German Army maintains a heavy presence in the area, highly mobile. Forced labor teams transition Russian Railway Gauge over to German Railway Gauge, further connecting the regions.

I am looking to explore a variety of possibilities in this sort of setting, using the above information.

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Updated with French and Russian Occupation ideas.

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