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May 26, 2018, 03:01:59 PM

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Author Topic: Roleplayers needed to create world of deception, political unrest, and intrigue.  (Read 2192 times)

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Offline ForensicaXTopic starter

London 1857. It is the height of the Industrial Revolution. The British Empire, ruled by Her Majesty Queen Victoria, reigns as the most powerful nation in the world. At Parliament, the construction of a great clock tower has begun. The architects lovingly call it “Big Ben.” In Hyde Park, the Crystal Palace undergoes its last preparations for the Great Exhibition of the Works Industry of All Nations. It is this great show of wealth, power, and industrial and scientific advancement that excites the city today.

It is a time of expansion, growth, and tradition. While the growing gentry attempts to breach the sacred walls constructed by the elite, the Lords and Ladies of Society fight ever harder to bar their rise.  Marriages are made for the purpose of political and social advancement. Fathers send their daughters to finishing school and spend thousands of pounds per anum in dowries, allowances, and tutelage. They do this in the hope that their daughter will be the key to their Social maintenance or advancement – After all, it is a proper lady that makes or breaks a politician, merchant, or family name.

The nobility and the wealthy gentry gather in London as the political and Social season begins. The Lords sit in Parliament while on the Society pages of the Times, their wives and sons fight to maintain their social dominance in a cutthroat world of subtle upheavals and politics…

Five families battle for dominance in Victorian Society. Three of these families already hold stakes in the House of Lords. One other holds a place in the House of Commons. The last family fights to rise from the Gentry and join the elite.
Who shall you play in this world of political and social intrigue?

. . . . . .

Synopsis: Five families fight for social dominance. They have just moved from their country houses to London in order to enjoy the social and political season. They bring daughters, sons and servants necessary to create an opulent lifestyle visible to the Times.
There needs to be at least one character per family, though I would prefer if there are multiple characters per family. Also, if someone would like to play a person on the outskirts of society or a servant, feel free to post.

I will be taking the post of daughter to one of the families. We need SEVERAL bachelors.

As one could imagine in a world such as this, there are plenty of vices, to include: opium addiction, alcoholism, promiscuity*, and gambling. It was not uncommon for a gentleman or Lord to gamble away his entire fortune and then rely on his daughter or son’s marriage to save his family.

Other than those basic character requirements, the world is subject to character action. Plot will develop because of what the players do, much like an MMORPG.


That said, I await your posts!  I plan to set the first scene in which all of our characters may meet and interact for the first time. Between these large social events and visiting between the heirs and heiresses, action may take place purely in one’s home. This is why I suggest servants, outside characters, perhaps secret romances between scullery maid and master.


ALSO, if you need help with Britishisms I’ve found a fairly good site. I’m also well-versed in etiquette and customs of the time, so ask any questions you need of me.

I will post my own character sketch after I've received a good number of replies.

Offline Aporia

I'm currently in the process of reading Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace, and I'm quite interested in this type setting. I'd be willing to play a Bachelor from one of the families.

I'd very much like to see the site you mentioned with British mannerisms, so I can brush up on them. And if you don't mind, I'll need some more time to come up with a full depiction of my character.

I really hope this attracts some attention! The idea is wonderful and deserving of attention.  :-)

Offline ForensicaXTopic starter

Sure thing! Thanks!

Helpful sites:
Servants (because you'll probably have their behaviors played within your posts as well):

Umm... anything else, just ask me!

Offline Raine39


I would enjoy the opportunity to RP one of the Lords. I want to stay connected to Elliquiy as much as possible while I am on hold. Having the chance to RP in any form would do me a lot of good. Let me know.



Offline ForensicaXTopic starter

Of course, Raine! Whenever you have a character in mind, please post your sketch. Let me know if you need any help with era-centric particulars. Also, I'm sorry you're on hold... I'm in the same boat.

Offline Raine39

Sorry for not getting back here sooner Ren. Easter weekend was hectic. Around what age range are you looking for and are we generalizing backgrounds and upbringing? I was thinking of military service as a young commissioned officer befitting my station of course. Just not sure what direction to begin flushing out and detailing?

Offline ForensicaXTopic starter

No problem at all, Raine. A commissioned officer would be in his early to mid twenties, and would be part of the gentry as far as station goes. In order to get a commission an officer would need the sponsorship of important connections, or the money to purchase it for himself.

As far as details go, you should come up with a physical description of your character, background information, personality traits/quirks... Parents' background will be important to your station in society, but can be a little mysterious if you wish. You may want to provide a little information on how you rose to your current station as well. Were you born into the gentry (landowners with higher than average income and a couple of servants, no lordship), or did you earn your place?

I hope that gives you a good starting point. :) Let me know if you need anything else.

For everyone's reference, our opening scene will be a well publicized society event, to allow all the characters to meet each other and interact. Once everyone has a character sketch posted we can go ahead and start, introducing other characters as people become interested or as we se fit. I will be posting my own character sketch sometime between now and the weekend.

Offline rick957

Just dropping by to say that it's a great game concept and write-up, I hope you guys make something fun out of this.  My plate's too full at the moment to join myself, but I plan to keep an eye on the game as an occasional reader.  Best of luck to you on it.  :)

Offline ForensicaXTopic starter

Thanks Rick! I hope you find it entertaining!

Offline Raine39

Thanks for the direction Ren. I will put together a character sketch by Saturday evening. I have some ideas for Clayton but he needs some historical research to get fleshed out. I need to sift through possible holdings and colonial estate possibilities. My main source, until now, for England anywhere near this time frame was Horatio Hornblower novels and Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzen with a smattering of Sherlock Holmes thrown in ages ago. It has been awhile since I did any serious research but I will have plenty of time to have a sketch by Saturday.


Offline ForensicaXTopic starter

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Offline boegiboe

Hiya, any space for an outsider to come in?

I'm thinking along the lines of a young man from one of the poorer parts of london, who has picked up a number of skills from surviving on the streets, and wants to get out of his old life and gain a bit of status or notoriety within the higher societyies of london.

Let me know what you think.

Offline ForensicaXTopic starter

That sounds wonderful! If you could please flesh out your character a bit more - provide history, physical and personality description, how he's accessing the elites, etc, and post it here, you'll be all set! Still working on my own character and her family. I'm still waiting on a few more responses before we get this baby up and moving. We really need more people to live in our virtual world.

Offline PrincessRyleigh

Still looking for players? I'm unapproved, too. This one sounds like great fun! Maybe I could be a daughter of another of the five families? I'll work out a character if everyone's still interested.

Offline ForensicaXTopic starter

Yay! As far as I can tell everyone's still interested. Go ahead and post your character sketch when you're ready. Mine is on its way. Make sure to include details of your family's socioeconomic status.