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Author Topic: Science Fiction meets Dragon Age (literate writers wanted)  (Read 1435 times)

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Science Fiction meets Dragon Age (literate writers wanted)
« on: April 20, 2011, 01:35:11 AM »
Putting this story up again to see if I can get any takers.  I added some and will like make some changes later on. 

Out of Place


This is a story that combines my two favorite genre's: science fiction and fantasy.  While I was sitting bored to tears at work, I thought of a way to combine them.  And I worked out this tale.

Story:  The Cricket, a small scouting ship from the mother ship, the Victory, is on a mission to gather plant life samples from an uncharted planet outside the border of known space.  On the planet, is a green extract from the plant life that seems to have a strange calming effect near humans.  After collecting the samples, disaster strikes.

The ship suffers system failure while leaving orbit.  Most of the crew manage to get to life pods, but others were not so fortunate.  The pods land scattered across the service of the planet and the crew enter into a cryo-genic state to await rescue from the Victory, a rescue that never came.

Many years past.  Where there was no sentient life on the planet's surface, evolution created a race that dominated the planet.  Human in shape and genetics, by the time the story begins, civilization was in its dark ages, a time of superstition and knights and kingdoms. 

Kimiko Sheridan, medical officer of the Cricket, has been in cryo in the impassable mountainous region until a hapless traveler happens upon her pod and awakens her.  Now, armed with only her medical knowledge and tools, and a device that would lead her to the surviving crew she must traverse through this world of magic with a party to find the rest of her crew mates and find a place in this harsh world of magic, prejudice and demons.

Notes:  The story is what we make it.  This is a story driven game and I will request that someone of skill pm me to to discuss the story.  The story will lean more toward plot than to sex.  I have a rough plot in mind and we can freely discuss it between each other. 

The story can be set before or after the Blight.  I thought of this story with the intention of OCs (original characters) being used, but if my partner in this venture requests it, then we can incorporate canon Dragon Age characters. 

Also, be prepared to play more than one character as I will be doing the same.  I will be portraying the Cricket crew below are the profiles for the surviving crew.  Kimiko will be the main character of them, but each one will be important. 

It is extremely important that anyone who requests to take up this game be familiar with the Dragon Age world.  And be prepared to portray more than one character.  I will create Dragon Age characters of my own to balance out the party. 

Name:  Kimiko Sheridan

Age:  26

Race:  Half Japanese/ Half American

Position:  Medical Officer

Background:  With both parents successful medical officers within the Forces, it was only natural that Kimiko Sheridan follows in their footsteps.  Being an army child has its perks, but it was her intelligence and skill that ranked her as top of her class at the university of medicine.  Despite her honors, she still made unwise decisions, one of them was having an affair with the married captain of the Cricket, Brandon Holden.  It was due to this relationship that she pulled strings to be the medical officer on board the Cricket and present for its fateful crash.

Name:  Bridget Hayes

Age:  21

Race:  Irish

Position:  Communications Officer

Background:  Bridget is in the Forces by need, but is an art student in heart.  Due to coming from a poor family, Bridget didn't have the money to enter into the art school of her choice, but the tution for Forces training was free and offered excellent pay and benefits once a tour of duty was complete.  Bridget is dedicated to the job at hand, but her treasured artbook and drawing pencils are never far from hand.

Name:  Dr. Madison Briggs

Age:  28

Race:  unknown

Position:  Science Officer

Background:  Madison is a woman of very few words.  She is very direct and has no patience for those she believes is wasting her time.  Many consider her cold or rude, not knowing that she has has a lack of social skills due to her childhood.  Abandoned as an infant, she was raised in a state foster care system until she entered first grade and had her IQ tested at 143.  She was then thrust into a special school for gifted children who supported academic endeavor, but did little to teach social etiquette.  Madison entered into the Forces for the chance to visit uncharted worlds for new knowledge for the growing database that is her brain.

This is a bit of the first post that I plan to use for the game.  It mostly introduces the sci fi characters and their situation.

First Post

Scouting missions were calm, which she enjoyed, but after two weeks they do become rather dull to the point where she almost wished someone would take a trip so she could at least treat a bad bruise or twisted ankle.  Just for something to occupy her time.  A sense of guilt crept over her and she returned her attention to writing up her weekly reports for each other crew members.  So far everyone was healthy, except for the brief rash the pilot had, though she suspected it was an allergic reaction to an lotion.  She'll file that away incase there are others suffering from the same back on the Victory.  Back on the Victory, it was much more busier treating a population of 100,000 than a small crew of ten on this vessel. 

Dr. Kimiko Sheridan closed down the console after making sure that all the files were compiled onto her datapad to send to arrange into a single report for the CMO once the mission was over.  A weekly medical scan was routine for any scouting mission, especially on one which requires part of the crew to disembark on an uncharted planet.  The planet had already been scanned by a survey team the month before to see if it supported life.  And the images they took were quite lovely from what Kimiko had seen.  The planet was floral with oceans and lakes, a lot like Earth was in its early years before humanity had taken over and turned it into a planet covering metropolis.  It was almost a shame that it was being considered a candidate for colonization.  It was their mission to take plant samples and compare them to planet samples from Earth. 

She checked the time, it was almost time for second meal.  She stood and tucked the datapad under her arm as she closed and locked the door to her office.   She zipped up the front of her coveralls, the color blue marking her as of the medical field, and she walked down the long hall toward the commons.  Communications Officer Bridget Hayes was already there with a plate of stew doodling over a drawing pad.  She was quite young, fresh out of the Academy and it surprised Kimiko that such a free spirited girl would part of the strict discipline of the Forces. 

Bridget must have noticed her staring and waved a spoon at her.  "Heya, don't just watch me eat enviously.  Just grab a plate and eat yourself."

"Sure, sorry . . ."  Kimiko was quick to move to the dispenser and order up two sandwiches and a mug of herbal tea.  It took only a minute for the dispenser to serve the food and she brought it to the table across from Bridget.  She liked eating with Bridget.  The girl had her own project to keep her occupied and didn't try to draw Kimiko into conversation and distract her from her work. 

The door hissed open to admit Dr. Madison Briggs.  Both women looked up to watch the image of beauty and intelligence walk to the dispenser and order a protein drink.  What God gave Dr. Briggs in beauty and intelligence, He gave her very little in social ettiquette and tact.  It wasn't that Briggs was rude or an unpleasant person, she was very direct and had no patience for those had trouble grasping what takes her seconds to comprehend.  Having privy to the crew's background information due to her position as medical doctor on board, Kimiko understood that Madison Briggs had a low level of autism, but on top of that was that she had been raised in a school for the gifted from the age of five.  The school was praised for raising elite scientists and geniuses, but unfortunately, it lagged behind in teaching children social skills.  Briggs had been brought up in an environment of where everyone was on her level of intellect and would become frustrated when dealing with those who weren't on her level. 

Briggs sat silently at the end of the table with her drink and flicked open her handheld computer and began typing away at streaming figures across the holo screen.  Bridget and Kimiko said nothing.  Speaking to her would only irritate her because they were disturbing her silent world of facts and figures.  She wouldn't speak to them unless she wanted something from them or was told to inform them of something.  She was better left alone.

The women ate in peace, each of them dealing with their own project not speaking a word.  They each finished their meals and departed.  Bridget returned to the bridge, Briggs back to her lab, and Kimiko checked the time and smiled softly to herself.  It was time to check on her favorite patient.  She set the dishes into the dish washing unit and headed with a quick step back to her office.  She checked her schedule, she made certain that that there were no appointments for the next two hours.  The door had already been opened.  It would be, she had given him her office key earlier before the mission started.

She opened the door feeling a flush touch on her face and neck.  The Captain, Brandon Holden, was standing at the edge of her desk fingering a crystal paperweight she had bought on a whim at a festival on Earth.  Standing at over 6 feet, with skin the color of fresh coffee, and a figure that would put the staute of Daniel to shame.  She shut the door behind her and securing it with a lock as Brandon's dark eyes lifted to meet hers.  Wordlessly, he crossed the room and placed a large hand against her cheek.  She leaned into it, bringing one hand up to his chest, her fingers reaching for the zipper of his coveralls.  She allowed him to take the datapad from her hand and place it on the desk, before drawing her into an embrace that brought their mouths together into a heated exchange of desire.

This was the main reason for her being on the Cricket, to be the doctor for this mission.  She had to give up leave and purchase a small vacation package for the doctor originally assigned for this mission, but it was well worth it to be able to have Brandon almost to herself for a month.  Their schedules differed greatly on the Victory and they were only able to grab snatches of time together either in her chambers or his.  Another issue, and one she didn't like to think about, was that on Earth, Brandon's wife lived.  When she fell for Brandon, she didn't know he was married, but by the time she realized that he was, it was too late; she loved him.  The thought did cross her mind to ask him to leave his wife, but the thing she loved about Brandon was his dedication and she feared that he would be too dedicated to his wife to leave her.  So she ignored the gold ring on his finger and kept her mind to the present and away from the future when his tour would end and he would return to his wife.
An hour later found them together on the examination table, limbs entangled together with the differing skin colors in stark contrasts.  Brandon stared up at the ceiling silently as Kimiko brushed her fingers up and down his arm and along his shoulder.  She felt nervous when he was silent like this.  It meant that he was feeling guilt over betraying his wife.  And it bought a fear that he may end their relationship in order to be at peace.  She tried to mentally prepare herself for when he decided to cut off their relationship, but she felt a pain in her heart with the thought of his loss.

He was staring up at the ceiling, his dark eyes full of the dark thoughts in his mind.  Medical technology was able to heal the physical scars from the war, but it could do nothing to the emotional scars.  She stroked the toned shoulder, "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing."  Brandon murmured as he moved he adjusted the arm around her.  "Just a little anxiety about the mission."

"Its a safe mission.  The surveyors say that there isn't any sentient lifeforms there nor are there any large animals that can pose a threat.  It's very much like Earth.  A perfect place for a colony."  Kimiko drew an arm across his chest and leaned her head against his shoulder. 

She felt him draw a breath.  "I read the reports."  There was a small grind in his voice.  He didn't like it when it was hinted that he wasn't doing his job efficiently.  She was quick to kiss his shoulder in an apology.  She felt his arm around her tighten a little and he continued, "I just have this anxiety gnawing at me.  Like I'm about to go into heavy combat zone." 

"It might be nerves or your diet.  I can give you a light sedative that can calm you."  Kimiko offered as he drew away from her.  He dropped his feet to the floor and stood to his full six feet.  She sat up and watched him dressed in grey uniform that marked him as captain. 

"I don't need any drugs."  He replied zipping up his coveralls.  "I have to go.  I told the bridge that I would be back soon."

"I understand. . . "  Fraternization between crewmembers was allowed due to tours lasting from 6 months to 3 years.  It wasn't uncommon for marriage contracts to be signed on the mothership, but there it was looked down upon if there is a relationship between a captain and subbordinate during a mission, especially if that said captain was currently married.  "Go ahead.  I'll. . . be here in my office."

"Yeah."  He was pulling on his boots now.

The atmosphere, which was usually electrically charged between them in the past, was subdued.  Brandon's mind was on other things throughout sex.  "Brandon, something's wrong and it's not the mission.  Tell me."

He stopped fiddling with his boots and sat down on the berth, heavily as if the weight of the problem propelled him downward.  "Margeret wants a baby.  Last month, I. .  .I sent a frozen sample home for her to inseminate herself. . . it took."

Kimiko felt numb.  It was as if there was a protective wall around her that was keeping the fear and grief away.  "It took?"

"She's three weeks pregnant by now.  I was notified before we left."  Brandon's voice was heavy.  "I already applied to leave early in about six months so I can be with her and the baby."

She knew this day was coming, but for it to rear its ugly head so soon and without warning . . .it was almost too much.  "Brandon. . . I don't want to loose you.  Will. . . will you come back to the Forces?  To the Victory?"

"Honey, no, I'm not coming back.  I've already made arrangements that I can work as a trainer at a Forces base near the city were we live. "  He turned to look at her, "Don't ask me to leave Margeret because I won't.  I'm not abandoning her or the baby, so don't even ask."

"I wasn't going to ask that."  Kimiko snapped getting off the berth.  She reached for her clothing pulling them on with jerked movements.  "When. . . when the hell were you going tell me!?"

"What do with my family is my business."  Brandon's voice was nearly scalding.  It was the sort he used with an unruly crewmember on the bridger or anyone who questioned his orders.  He rarely used it, but when he did, people flinched.

"It is too my business when it affects our relationship!"  Kimiko pulled the upper part of her coveralls onto her arms and shoulders.  "What did you think was going to happen when you sent that sample!?  You knew what you were going to do if she got pregnant.  You planned on leaving me. . ."

"Kim, what we have was good."  Brandon said slowly with an apologetic tone.  "But you knew and I knew that it wasn't going to go anywhere beyond where it is now.  Just two people having a good time."

She was silent for several heartbeats again feeling that protective wall of numbness around her.  "That's all it was to you?"

He too was silent for several heartbeats, his eyes on her.  "That's all it could be."
* * *

Two weeks later, they landed on the planet.  It was a flourishing planet with trees, fertile land, and clean water.  The tests showed that it was perfect for a new colony world and Dr. Briggs will report this to the colony council back on Earth.  Only the surveyor crew landed planetside by shuttle.  It was quite uneventful actually.  No one was hurt, attacked or mauled by native animals, or caught some disease.  The survey team spent three days with the Cricket orbiting over head and then returned with soil, plant, and water samples.  Briggs spent the whole day in her lab processing the data to compile into a report for the board.

During this surveying, Kimiko kept herself consign to her office.  She kept herself busy with reviewing reports, cleaning her tools, and when the survey team came, she examined them from head to toe and again.  When they complained, she became short with them asking them if they wanted to be responsible for infecting the entire Victory with some dire epidemic because they couldn't stand to be poked and prodded some.  She avoided Brandon, staying well away from the bridge.  He hasn't attempted to contact her since their last tryst which was just as well.  Better to have a clean break than to drag it out longer than necessary.

The day the Cricket was to return to the Victory, Kimiko was in her office, having an off duty drink.  She held the wine glass close to lips as she brooded over her broken relationship.  Her heart ached and she understood that it wasn't something that could be healed in a few days.  She finished the last of it and set it aside.  She wanted more, but she daren't.  A good way to end a medical officer's career in disgrace was to be drunk when an emergency arose.  She doubted that it could arise so late into the mission, but one could never be too sure.  A fight between crewmembers could break out or an accident in engineering could happen.  She could wait to get good and drunk back on the Victory when she had some off duty time.  She will curse Brandon's name and find some willing lad to take back to her apartment to screw her brains senseless and help her forget.

Then the klaxon in the center of her office blared to life and with it a siren so loud it made her teeth ache.  Bridget's voice came loud and clear through the siren.  "This is not a drill.  This is an actual emergency.  All crewmembers please report to escape pods in a calm manner."

Kimiko stared up at the klaxon, not able to absorb what was happening.  Then she broke into action; grabbing a medical kit and shoving handfuls of ampules and her hypo-gun.  She snagged her medical scanner from the wall behind her.  She thought of something that could happen to a person and she grabbed the handheld device for that.  She stopped only when there was no more room in her kit and she was forced to run out.  She nearly collided with a fleeing surveyor.  She grasped his shoulders halting him.  He was pale, and was apparently frightened.  "What happened?  Were we attacked?"

"System failure.  A malfunction. . . I don't know the details. . . let go we have to get to the pods!"  He tore himself away and ran down the hall.  Kimiko watched him run torn between following him to the pods or going to the bridge to see if she was needed. . . and to see Brandon.  Dammit!

She turned on her heel and headed toward the bridge.  Damn this mission, damn Brandon, and damn her own foolish attachment to him.  Her wrist-comm buzzed and she lifted it to her mouth and tapped a key.  "Dr. Sheridan here."

"Kim, go to the pods."  Brandon's voice was a strained.  "Don't come to the bridge, everyone is to go to the pods now."

"Wait, what if I'm needed. . . "

"You're not needed.  Go to the pod.  Everyone on the bridge is going."

"Brandon, I. . . "

"I know."  He ended communication.

* * *

Several escape pods landed on the planet below.  Some were caught in the exploding craft, others didn't break it through atmosphere entry, and others broke apart in impact.  Some fell to the bottom of the ocean to be crushed by the over powering weight of the water, and one even landed in a volcano.  Some survived, one broke through into a cavern, another landed in a thick wooden forest, and another was buried in a valley.  The pods remained silent, keeping their sleeping occupants safe and protected for when they would be activated by a human voice.
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Re: Science Fiction clashes with Fantasy (literate writers)
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Added much more information.

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Re: Science Fiction meets Dragon Age (literate writers wanted)
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added more information.

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Re: Science Fiction meets Dragon Age (literate writers wanted)
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added more info

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Re: Science Fiction meets Dragon Age (literate writers wanted)
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I'm reopening this.  The person I was doing the game is unable to continue.  I am very interested in this game, so please, if you are interested PM me. 

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Re: Science Fiction meets Dragon Age (literate writers wanted)
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This time's the charm.

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Re: Science Fiction meets Dragon Age (literate writers wanted)
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Putting this idea forward again and will be rewritten.