Too attractive for her own good

Started by Servant Girl, July 09, 2007, 03:06:13 PM

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Servant Girl

Anyone interested in a 1:1 game featuring abuse, non-con, pain play etc.
Mf or MMf or even M+f would be great.

I'd like to play a young lady who is so attractive that members of the opposite sex obsess about having her, hurting her and using her.
They can't help themselves and at the first opportunity they take advantage of her.
Once they are satisfied they cast her aside and she then stumbles into the clutches of the next character.
I'm hoping that someone would like to play the series of men who use and abuse this pretty lady.

The setting is modern day
Characters and situations could be anything plausible
individuals such as University lecturers, doctor, taxi driver, step-father, elder step-brother etc
groups of men would also work: builders, policemen, fellow students etc

What turns me on is not just dominant men who wont take no for an answer but who inflict pain as well.
I'd like the poor victim to be roughed up and hurt as part of her ongoing ordeal.
Photographs and videos of her abuse would also be good.

One key part of the fantasy is that when she goes for help those she turns to take advantage of her as well.

We could run this as a 1:1 or as a small group

Any takers?

Giant Moth

Giant mother cuter than you!


Count me in. I excel at non-con! ...... Wait. That's not exactly a good thing. But hell, it is on this site!


I could lend a few hands...  ;D

I actually tried to drum up something of the like, but as a guy who was woke up suddenly a chick magnet... but that was for naught...

Servant Girl

So, what's the general consensus?  A small group of players contributing to one thread or, would any of you prefer 1:1?

Also, what situations do you think would work the best?

As for character, I was thinking of something along the lines of

Claire, an eighteen year old student.
Her mother had recently passed away but she was still living with her step father and older step brothers.
She'd started going to college, travelling by underground railway.
Her hobbies are going to the gym, clubbing and hiking.

However, on her eighteenth birthday, something happened to her.  She became too attractive for her own good.
Men could no longer control themselves.  They would find any way they could to use and abuse her body.
They didn't pounce on her unless they could get away with it though.
One strange thing was that if she rejected the advances of the men, they would always turn nasty, deliberately hurting and humiliating her.

Any thoughts?


Claire sounds delightfully ready for fun...  ;D

I'm down with either a one on one, one on one relay, or whatever you decide.


I think, considering the premise of the plot, that it'd certainly be more effective to have more than one male. Perhaps having it in 'shifts' where one person plays one man, that scene occurs and finishes, then another person steps in to play the next man that she runs into. It could also evolve into a small 2 or 3 on 1 if that's the fate of the poor girl.

As for Claire, Claire sounds like a hot and fun character to mess with.

Servant Girl

Ok, I'll set up a thread for Claire and her abusers.  Then any male characters who want to can join in the fun!

Any ideas for a starting location/scenario?


Hmm..... visiting a gynecologist on her 18th birthday? I'll gladly pick up that role.

Servant Girl

Ok, the doctors it is.
Feel free for other 'professionals' to join in the 'examination'
as appropriate to the story!