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December 11, 2018, 09:35:24 AM

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Author Topic: "Beginnings" an unfinished imagining so please bare with it's rough style.  (Read 1198 times)

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Offline Raine39Topic starter

I find I need to let go of these thoughts a bit at a time. I appreciate the opportunity for others to read them and any thoughts are welcome. Reading over this again I am pretty sure it meets PG-13.

You stand waiting at the foot of the bed. A soft glow from the two lamps on the nightstands positioned on either side of the bed; bathe your silhouette in a wash of pale yellow. The glossy black 5" high stilettos arch your heels to the heavens as their straps press tightly into the flesh of your ankles. A none to gentle reminder of things to come. Your legs are slightly spread in nervous anticipation, weight shifting from one foot to another. The supple slick feel of the soft black leather g-string sends tingles through your nether region with every shift of your body. This feeling of release is so new and exciting to you. The constant internal push of the matching black leather bustier crushes your tummy in pulsing knots in time to your heartbeat. The laces running all the way up the back, pulled oh so snug, and tied with care at the middle of your shoulder blades by my very hands. Your breasts are pushed up and cupped into firm round mounds inside the leather. Your nipples slide a fraction to and fro with your movements making them rub to taunt hardness in their supple prisons. Your wrists are wrapped with 2' matching leather straps drawn tight and secure around them and buckled snuggly. A shinny 1" silver ring attached to each strap also speaks volumes to my intentions tonight. A collar of similar design adorns your long graceful neck as well. Secured non to gently and buckled on the right side. Matching stainless steel rings shine brightly from the front and back of your collar also. Your hair has been drawn back taunt along your scalp and secured at the upper crest of your skull in a severe ponytail. It tugs the skin around your cheeks and eyes up and back along your gorgeous face, adding a strained tension to your features. Dark heavy black eyeliner and severe bronze eye shadow make your eyes pop out smoldering from your face. Your cheeks are flushed lightly adding to the display. Your lips have been outlined in the darkest rich red to be found, almost black if truth be told and the shiny auburn lipstick glows along your nervous smile only a touch of shades lighter. Everything about your sensual dark appearance speaks of restraint and control. The very thing you seek so desperately for tonight, and you know I will gladly bring to you. I stand before you in the doorway. The soft golden glow of the lamps cascades over my body and draws your gaze first to the high cut black leather shorts which are my only adornment. Your eyes roam upward catching my naughty yet knowing grin before settling on my smoldering hazel eyes, which shine bright with forbidden knowledge of what’s to come.
 "Your outfit is perfect my pet" I say, "I don’t believe how sexy you look standing there. I could just eat you up".
"So it pleases you love?"You ask timidly.
The butterflies fluttering inside your stomach with nervous glee fly a small circuit round and around your restrained tummy.
My right arm slowly comes up and I point to the bed. "Please turn around my sweet pet. Let’s have a look at our choices shall we."  I say warmly.
You slowly turn around over your right shoulder and begin to take in the bed and the items on it, your back to me now. Stretched length ways across the center of the bed from head to foot are 4 black silk bands roughly 6' long each. On either side of these are 2 half inch wide soft black leather straps at least 2' long each for a total of four as well. At each corner foot post of the super king size bed are two coils of, pinky finger width, black nylon rope for a total of four as well. You can only guess they each are 25' lengths. "Are you nervous my pet?" I ask from right behind you. I must have stepped up close like that while you were taking in all the items laid before you. My warm breath brushes along your neck as I lean in and ask "Would you like to begin?" You shiver just a bit, and the nerves wash over you sending endorphin's pulsing through your body building more excitement like an avalanche.
 "Yes, I want this so badly. Where do you want me to be to start baby?"
    "Right about there is perfect to start my lovely pet." I say softly. My lips bring a tingle that lingers against the curving outside of your right ear. My arms slowly reach around the front of you in between your hanging arms and your mid-section to pull your tense body into mine and tuck you into me. Each hand begins to explore the feel of you, tucked snuggling into the leather as they rub up and over each mound of your breasts and swirl over your nipples pressed inside the cups then travel along your frame enjoying the shape the bustier has pushed you into. I begin to nibble and flick my tongue over your ear then take the lobe into my mouth and hold it with my front teeth and draw my head back from you eliciting a sharp squeal for my efforts. I let the lobe drop from my teeth and slide my tongue from the nape of your neck up to your hairline and back down on your right side. My saliva leaves a slick trail before I bite into your neck and suck a mouthful of flesh into me.
    I continue the bite for just a second then suck deeply on the tormented flesh before pulling and popping your tortured skin from between my lips. I bring my head around to your left side and flick my tongue along the lobe of your left ear. I quickly pull my lips over the skin and begin sucking it as hard as I can, then I bite down just hard enough to bring a harsh intake of breath past your perfectly painted lips. My hands, not to be still, come up over your breasts on each side and I massage and kneed them roughly. Working your breasts between my fingers, palm, and thumb while I buck into your creamy ass cheeks and listen to the leather shorts slap and rub against the soft round mounds. As I hold you I begin to force you to the edge of the bed bodily, still giving all the attention I can to my other actions. My mouth slurps loudly in your ear as I let your lobe go and then I lick with the thick fleshy part of my tongue all the way down to the nape of your neck on that side and draw as much of the soft flesh as I can pull into my mouth at once. Pushing and pulling with my lips I then give you a harsh bite to match the one on your right.
    I suddenly let go of you completely and back a step away. "Please do not move my pet. Not one inch. I need to set things up for us to go further. Ok?" I say in a rough lust filled voice.
"Yes, I will stay right here" You reply softly, ”I will not move until you want me to baby."
 Your breath is coming in quick sexually charged gasps. Your lips quiver a touch as I walk around to the right side of the bed and pick up the silk straps, then the leather ones, and finally the coils of rope. I reach behind me and set down all of the items in neat piles except for one silk strap and one coil of rope. I come back around the bed to the side of you and swat your right ass cheek firmly with the rope and watch you give a shudder as it begins to redden little lines over the entire beautiful mound of that cheek. "Does that hurt my pet? Would you like me to continue?" I say directly into your right ear as I lean into you.
Your body is rigid with effort as you respond to my questions just above a whisper “I will let you know if you hurt me baby. I didn't say stop, did I?"
I set the rope on the bed once again and reach around you and grab you by both shoulders and slowly turn you to face me. The silk slithering over you uncovered skin gives you static charged tickles where it touches. I take a moment to look at you standing magnificent before me and then slowly lean into you and allow our lips to barely meet before drawing back. Your sensual gloss not marred in the least I lick my lips and enjoy the slightly tacky feel of it. Taking the silk strap I reach up and slide it through the ring on the front of your collar until I have equal lengths grasped in my right hand. Holding the lead I walk back around the right side of the bed and up on to it until I am standing in the middle of the mattress facing you. "I need you to bend at the waste for me and put your arms out in a T shape to your sides. Now please! Let your tits rest on the mattress but keep your ass high in the air for me."
You spread your legs slightly and reach forward as you lean over the bed, bending at the waist until you rest your upper body on the mattress. Then you stretch your arms to either side of you and can almost touch them to an edge from both sides. You turn your face to the right side and crane your neck a bit to continue to be able to look at me now kneeling in front of you on the mattress. I smile warmly and give you a wink but you can see the dark thoughts just beneath the surface and that makes you smile even more in return as you realize it is beginning in earnest.