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Author Topic: Spoiled Rotten (PhoenixRisen & Kozue)  (Read 902 times)

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Spoiled Rotten (PhoenixRisen & Kozue)
« on: April 19, 2011, 08:34:00 AM »
Lenore rolled her eyes at the urgent news from the palace.  Apparently, Her Royal Pain-in-the-Hiney had once again gone missing, and once again His Majesty Dotes-on-His-Daughter was enlisting a search party.  though it was odd that this time there had been no temper tantrum, and no talk of running away.  Her room was even left disheveled and one of the servants had been pushed down the stairs by the supposed kidnapper.  It did indeed seem like she'd really been snatched this time, though Lenore wouldn't put it past the Princess to stage the whole affair.

As captain of the city guard, she was chosen to lead the search and she quickly assembled a competent group: Lance, one of the best guards under her command; Darius, a skilled bowman; Marcus, a mage unsurpassed in skill; and Medea, the Princess's personal handmaid.  She had worked with all of them, except Medea, and was certain that if the Princess were truly captured, they would be able to safely return her.  Lenore had the other men get everything ready while she sought out Medea.  There were matters to discuss.

Finding the maid, Lenore greeted her pleasantly and laid her concerns out.  "Good afternoon, miss.  I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting.  I'm Lenore, Captain of the Guard."  She surveyed the maid's appearance.  It was possible that they had met before, but she couldn't recall.  Medea was relatively average.  Lenore, on the other hand, was not.  Her red hair was wild and kinked, with bits of fly aways that drifted in the breeze even though her long hair was pulled back and braided.  Her skin was darker than others, from working in the sun most days.  She was tall, and not just for a woman.  Lenore stood just shy of six feet tall, at 5' 11.75"  She was stockily built, but her body was fairly lean.  She had curves simply by the virtue of her years, but they were unremarkable.  She was also strong and was the reigning arm-wrestling champion in town.  She had a lot of things going for her, but femininity wasn't exactly one of them.  But she was still pretty, in that wild-woman way.

Lenore continued.  "I have to ask, why are you coming along?  Do you know how to brandish a weapon or cast a spell?  Can you treat the sick and injured?  Can you at least cook?  I don't mean to hamper your intentions, but I need to know what you can contribute to the group."  It was an earnest question, and it occurred to Lenore that it might have been the nicest way of asking this maid something.  Lenore knew all too well just how angry the Princess could get.

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Re: Spoiled Rotten (PhoenixRisen & Kozue)
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2011, 08:02:22 PM »
Well, this was shaping up to be a perfectly horrible day. First she nearly got her neck broken getting knocked down the stairs. Then she had to tell the King that his daughter had gone missing, again. All the while every part of her body ached, and she knew she was developing some serious bruises in rather sensitive areas. Maybe I shouldn't have turned down that pain potion... She mused, but the minstations of a healer were something that she doubted she would ever become accustomed to.

A particularly bright beam of light hit her eyes as she headed towards the gates, and she winced. Her head hurt something fierce, but she had to go home and pack. It had been decreed that she was to accompany the search party. After all, she had seen the "kidnapper" and she had also been hired on to knock a little sense into the princess' fool head. Even if no one was supposed to know about that. Imagine the horror, and the political upheaval it would cause for others to know that the king couldn't even make his own child obey. Better to be thought over indulgent really. Not that Medea cared at all. It could throw the whole world into chaos, and the important thing for her was that her family be looked after. Her parents be taken care of in their old age. So she would find Her Royal Bratness, and drag her home by her ear if she had to. Otherwise, her family would feel the wound gravely.

"Good afternoon miss," Medea jerked to a halt at the unfamiliar voice. She wasn't at all accustomed to strangers speaking to her. It was one of the benefits of obviously being a servant, and not being pretty enough to think to tumble. So it was that she eyed the woman in front of her. She was large, but not in chubby way like Medea herself was. A chub she was rather fond of really as it meant that she finally had food enough to eat to cause it. Captain of the guard? Well that explained it.

"A good day to you as well," She returned. There was no reason to be rude, even if she had intended to hunt this woman down after her packing was done. What harm was there in meeting beforehand? She was soon to find out. Her complexion was pale, from a great deal of time spent indoors, and did nothing to hide the flush of outrage that stole its way up her face at the continued interrogation. Guard Captain of no, who did this woman think she was to speak to her this way?

"Cook?" She demanded, glaring the other woman down. Perhaps such rude behavior was unwise, but right now she really didn't care. She'd had a horrible day, and was going to go traveling and leave behind all the comforts she'd become quite accustomed to, thank you very much. All to find the thorn in her side that she simply couldn't let her family live without, and this woman was trying to call her kitchen help? The Princess own Handmaiden? "Do I appear to be a chef to you? Are there grease stains on my clothing? Do I speak with some foreign tone to my tongue, or a lack of elegance? I don't see how it really matters what I'm here for, beyond that your king has declared it so!" Her voice reached a volume it had only ever matched when her youngest siblings were in full out brawl and she had tried everything else to calm them down. She tilted her head back just so, and glared all the more, she'd been told it made her look as if she was looking down her nose at someone, even when they were taller. She hoped it did.

"I'm not your maid. Do not treat me as such, or I'll just find her myself, and you can explain to the King, how it was that you lost the both of us. Good day, I have packing to do!" Medea brushed past the other woman, and again started towards the gate.

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Re: Spoiled Rotten (PhoenixRisen & Kozue)
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2011, 07:18:12 AM »
Lenore hadn't meant to offend, but she hadn't been overly pleasant either.  Regardless, she was a bit shocked at this servant's uncouth manner and untamed tongue.  Perhaps it was borne of being right hand to the Princess, but even servants had a place.  Lenore meant to put Medea in hers.  She began to interject, but the maid bid her good day and stormed off.  Shocked at the outright snubbing she'd just received, Lenore lingered in place a moment, her eyes staring after the plump woman.  Until one of the guard happened by and remarked in a teasing tone, "way to show the maid who's in charge, Lenore.  I think the boys and I will follow her lead from now on."

Uproarious laughter burst out from the group, but a glare from Lenore silenced them.  "Get it ready.  We leave upon my return.  You there, boy.  My horse."  She snapped her fingers at the lad and he fetched her horse swiftly.  The dapple grey mare had been rubbed down and cleaned, and she looked stunning.  But Lenore only noticed that her saddle hadn't been properly latched.  A few harsh words were left with the boy when he returned with her horse and she mounted up, trotting after Medea.

The maid wasn't far, and even if she had been, Lenore was on horseback.  She could have found the woman, no matter where she'd gone in the city.  The guard captain called out in her firm voice, "you there, maidservant.  Halt a moment.  I mean you!  Listen here, when the captain of the guard asks you something, you answer properly, whether you're the Princess' personal servant or the Duke of Burling."  Her horse followed Medea, her voice calling out to the woman.  "If you are as utterly useless as I suspect you are,  then simply keep your head down and don't get in the way.  It's for your own safety.  I'd hate to return only to tell the king how the Princess' maid was accidentally slain in battle.  If, on the other hand, you have some manner of talent or virtue, the sort that would we would need on the long trip ahead, then we welcome your services."  Her words hung in the air between them, uncertain in hearing and understanding.  So far, this trip was not getting off to a good start.  Then again, when did anything involving the Princess ever get off to a good start?