Professor and his Slave Student (M/F)

Started by HybridHalf, April 19, 2011, 06:03:47 AM

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A Professor at a College has it all; a job with tenure, excellent pay, and a life that he loves. Except that something is missing. As he teaches his students, one particular female student in his classes piques his interest. She the one that dresses provocatively in those near risque schoolgirl themed outfits, almost tempting him. She is shy and timid, yet is very attentive to his words and teaching.

However, that student he admires has a dark secret. She is a slave to a Dom, and the Dom has been bankrolling her education in exchange for her servitude as a slave to him. But this Dom has had a change of fortunes recently, and has set out to sell her to another Dom. And the Professor is in a possible position to be his students new Dominant and Owner.......and maybe still her Professor?


General gist of it; open to negotiation. Looking for the Professor in this (older figure, about 20 or so years older than the girl (19-21), but can work with other age ranges). Must be willing to at least descriptive texts with meat and content.


Sounds Fun.....   let know if its filled or your still interested....tries on my tweed jacket.....