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Author Topic: Looking for students to join our.... 'specal' club. (need characters to start)  (Read 5614 times)

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Offline Old Lady WillowTopic starter

Hello. I see you're interested in our club? Good! Sit down, relax, fill out our form....
We promise you'll be experts in no time.

This is a college based rp. Actually, it's more about the club that's in the collage. It's run by two of the teachers, twins, one male and one female. They teach sex ed in the club. In fact, they even test you on it!
It's a very 'hands on' class.
Basically, when you sign up for the class they start you out with just notes, then at the end of every week they test you on what you learned. You will be assigned a partner after your first two weeks. There are two seperate classrooms, each of them have the same gender,(females for the female teacher then the same for males with the male teacher)until the middle of the year they switch classrooms, then at the end of the year they combine the two classes. Here's the catch, if you fail your test, the teachers 'correct' you,another catch, you can't fall in love with any of the students or teachers(you can just keep it hush,hush  ::)  >:) ), and of corse just one more catch, if you fail at the exam at the end of the year, you have to repeat the club(if you want).

Only 18+
Only students need apply, the teachers are kedagraven56 and myself
Need to play on both teams, can't be one oriantaion
Have fun and be sure to be safe :-*

Please fill out this form and post it here to join.

Why you want to join:
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Offline Krayz

Name: Andrew Chambers
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Looks: Tall, slender, with dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes. He typically wears a pair of baggy jeans and black sneakers, a t-shirt underneath an unbuttoned shirt over top.
Personality: Andrew is quiet but cheerful, often smiling and encouraging those around him. He's intelligent and trusting, maybe even a little naive. Sometimes, he can be a little shy.
Dom/sub: Submissive
Why you want to join: [IC] He wants to learn more about his body, and other men and womens' bodies. [OOC: I'm more Dominant IRL, and I'm straight, but I want to try something different for once, lol]

Offline Photo

Name: Kesia Marilyn “Kessy”
Age: 19 (DoB- Sept. 3rd)
Gender: female
Personality & Looks: Kessy is the form of a crafted ancient. She holds herself highly but not without a sense of humility. This paradox defines her. She tries to be proud and dignified: in her actions, speech, and her art (described later). However, she lacks self confidence and has a terrible gauge of other peoples feelings. She is often confused in result of this; wandering, in a way through life. She is forced to make up what people around her are thinking unless they tell her directly otherwise. Her body body language reflects this social anxiety at all times. She always has something in her hand (usually clothing), and her attention is focused on seemingly nothing while she should be engaged. Kessy is known for a thousand yard stare that bores holes through rivals and friendships alike.

Physically, she's cute. Her hair is a dusted blond, naturally light brown. She maintains her dirty blond style a couple times a month, dying it darker and then bleaching in highlights. Her skin is a tanned olive. There seems to be some middle eastern or north African blood inside, she looks white but her eyes and tanned skin suggest otherwise. No doubt, she has a mysterious glare that adds to her stand offishness. Light hazel eyes that almost appear yellow in the sunlight stand out as her most defining feature.

She is only five foot six inches tall, and light, indeed she is fragile in the wind. Slim, long limbed, and double jointed; Kessy has never tapped into her flexibility even though she has practiced bikram yoga for years. She could have been an athlete in highschool but she never signed up. Something forced her away, mostly boys. She likes to appear modest and reserved but Kessy has always been a deviant in private. She scares herself when the mood tightens high enough, men have broken up with her, never omitting to the reason; her absurd libido.

Kesia has a straight shape, the only peaks and valleys on her are subtle, but well placed and tempting. Her hips hardly flare, and her ass has never filled in. She's mostly proud of her chest, and flaunts in often with low cut shirts and/or skin tight cotton.

(I worked with a picture, and i can post it.)

Dom/sub: total sub. She likes it rough.

Why you want to join: I thought I'd write this from her perspective, given the wording of the prompt.

To the club,

I hardly care what to be called, My parents call me Kesia, my friends call me Kessy. I usually prefer pet names more, from friends or otherwise, doesn't matter. I would like to say that I've only heard about your 'organization' through chance. It has been hard to get any information. So I'm walking in a little blind, but as far as I understand it's an advanced sex ed thing. You could paint me interested. I wouldn't call myself a sexual person... but everybody else I know would. I'm simply jumping at an opportunity to learn more. I've attached the requested documents.

Offline MystixLady

Just want to clarify some doubts in my mind, is this going to be a F-F and M-M RP?

Offline Old Lady WillowTopic starter

It'll be a mix. It starts out as mxm and fxf, but later in the story it will include some mxf.

Offline Oral addiction

Posting interest.  I will post my character info later tonight when I get home.

Offline Xanthaine

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Posting under the assumption that you;re still recruiting, if not ignore me. :-)

Name: Alexandra 'Red' Redding

Age: 20

Gender: Female


Personality: Alex is blunt and considers herself a tough girl, she puts on a front of rage and psychosis to hide her personality, afraid of being judged or disliked, so she ensures that she is feared. She has put on a front of being a troublemaker for so long she has actually become one. She is a hard person to get to know but can be incredibly loyal to the few people she trusts, her tattoo on her back is her motto: 'Live fast, die free'.

Dom/sub: Dom

Why you want to join: [IC on her form] Why the f*** not?

Offline Oral addiction

One quick question... Do you want us to post characters directly into this thread, or PM them to you for approval first?

Offline Old Lady WillowTopic starter

Just go a head and post them directly here. This is open to anyone. And, yes, we're still recruting, the rp hasn't even started yet. *smiles* Hoping to get it started sometime soon. However, if we don't get more male characters, we might have to start with combined classes. Though, I havn't discussed that option with kedagraven yet....
But we'll see. In any case, we're still trying to get as many people as possable in here.

Offline Oral addiction

Well my character will be male, and I have a concept which is somewhat fleshed out but it needs a little work.  Unfortunately I have been very busy in RL this week, so I have not gotten a chance to post it.  I should get time tomorrow.

Offline Odin

It'll be a mix. It starts out as mxm and fxf, but later in the story it will include some mxf.


Ah well. Let me know if you run something similar. I'm very interested in this idea, minus the Same sex stuff.

Offline Gentleman

Age: 19½

Gender: Male

Looks: Tall, 5 ft 7 in.  Black eyes. He generally wears a trouser and white shirt

Personality: Intelligent, Shy in nature

Dom/sub: Submissive

Why you want to join: [IC] He is very shy talking to girls and feel nervous when he is around girls He wants to be bold and have many girl friends like his other friends have.

Offline Old Lady WillowTopic starter

Good, it apears we have enough players. ^^ I will post the thread once oral adiction gets his form up.
And yes, odin, I will be sure to let you know. *smiles*

Offline Smaug

I see we are almost ready, no? I look forward to teaching you students, and I will see you sis in the classrooms. I hope you will have much fun. C:)

Name: Vincent Valentino

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Personality: He is a bad boy who likes to wear glasses to look innocent. He smokes accationally, but not a lot. He can talk a lot when given the chance. He used to be attached a lot to his older sister, but isn't as much now. Vincent is usually alone in his office with the lights off. He likes peoples bodies and which is why he started this with his sister. (A little backround) Vincent was a kid who was always on top with fights and running a drug buiseness in high school. Loved to ride motorcycles and owns three now. He went to Harvard to be a lawyer, but he thought he'd be too, flamboyant for it. He was abussed by his father because of his actions, but soon left their house at a young age.
He finally got his life togeather and now teaches at the school, runs half of the club with his sister, and owns a host club.

Dom/Sub: He is mostly dominant when it comes to relationships. He's had many one night stands and all his relationships ended bad. Loves robes and useing bondage material. (Is that okay with anyone?)

Why you want to join: [IC] I have to be here my little lovelys, I'm hear to teach you and corrupt you. >:) 'Till the time you leave, obey me.
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Offline Oral addiction

Name: Timothy (Timmy) McNeil   

Age:  20

Gender: Male

Looks: At 5’ 10” and 162 pounds Tim looks relatively average.  He is not overly large, or small for that matter.  He looks athletic while he is dressed, especially given his propensity to over sized clothing, but once his shirt comes off people start to see just how above average he is.  Tim has been boxing since he was 8 years old and has spent the past 2 years trying to make his way up through the amateur MMA ranks.  His muscled physique is chiseled and defined and is emblazoned with a tattoo of Chinese characters on his left pectoral.  He has recently attempted to reinvent himself with his style since arriving at college.  In High school he wore his auburn hair long and parted to both sides framing his face and bright green eyes.  Always dressed in jeans, t shirts or tank tops and a leather jacket he finished his “bad boy” image with black motorcycle boots.  Since moving out of Brockton and away from those that know him Tim has shaved his head (mostly to avoid any grabbing during his MMA bouts) and switched out his leather jacket for over sized hoodies.  The jeans and tanks remain an ever present part of his wardrobe however. 
Tim picture in High School

Tim's recent photo for his MMA profile

Personality: Running with some bad influences in high school Tim has learned to rebuff authority unless it is well earned.  He has a definite cocky swagger that is displayed with the confidence that Tim can back it up.  Less full of trouble and bravado recently Tim is trying to leave behind the bad boy image, but has a tendency to revert when pressured.  He has attempted to focus that energy more into wise cracking one liners and using wit to disarm people that he meets.

Dom/sub: Switch, it really depends on the situation and partners

Why you want to join (Background):  Tim grew up hard and fast in Brockton, Ma; a city known for two things; shoe manufacturing and being the birthplace of Rocky Marciano.  The manufacturing industry dried up a long time ago as the jobs went over seas to where it could be done cheaper and faster, but boxing is still the heart and soul of Brockton. 

“Timmy” McNeil was always on the out skirts of High School society and never quite fit into any one clique.  While an athlete he was not a jock, and while a tough kid who boxed he did not really fit in with the trouble makers because of his grades.  On the outside he did not look like he would put in much for grades, but Tim was smart.  He wasn’t overly well spoken and some subjects gave him a lot more trouble than others, but math and science were his thing.  He graduated HS while winning several coveted HS science awards and then headed off to college to study particle physics and the likes.  His real love was in working with cutting edge sorts of stuff; new applications for lasers, particle bonding through atomic collisions… stuff like that.  But what he had been working on recently was cutting edge, even for him, thus he had not shared it with anyone, not even his teachers.  Spending much of his time in the lab did not afford Tim much in the way of a social life and he went through a series of bad, short term relationships and one night stands that helped blow off some steam, but never satisfied more than that.  When he heard about a special social club that seemed to cater to his interests, while not taking up time trying to fit into the dating scene, he was intrigued.  Once he looked into it even further, he was hooked.

Offline anne sophie

would a possible new  player be considered, I might apply are still accepting players.

Offline Old Lady WillowTopic starter

Go ahead. *smiles* All are welcome.

Offline Smaug

[IC] Good, darling, but what do you have in mind?  ;)

Offline anne sophie

Name:  Anne-Sophie Lemieux
Age:     Just turned 18
Gender: Female
Looks: Anne-Sophie is a 5'7" brunette, with big brown eyes, her shoulder long     
           straight hair suits her pretty well, her athletic body shows the fact the
           she takes pride and time in training, she usually were a light makeup. She
           usually wears some dark framed glasses.  As she is up from north, She is
           not  overly tanned, but a not totally absent one, she weight around 134
           pounds.  Usually she is seen either wearing jeans or cargo pants, and,
           often wearing either a tshirt or a long sleeve shirt.

Personality: Anne-Sophie is a shy student, a little on the nerdish side. She is not
                    a very social type of person, even if she tried things never worked...
                    she is more comfortable in her books or at the library. She runs every
                    morning even on raining . She will speak to people, but quickly
                    leads to her having nothing to say..or not knowing what to do.

Dom/sub: Anne-Sophie is definitely a sub, but never went down this path, altough
                she has been fantasysing about it, never admitting it openly.

Why you want to join: Anne-Sophie is sick of being the nerd in the group, she wants more...she wants to become more like what she saw, read, heard...but she does not know how to get it, nor how to get to those  guys, not the ordinary guy who made sex...boring. She did have sex with her running mate a few times, and kind of like it allot. but, she dropped out of college, and since them...nothing.

Offline Old Lady WillowTopic starter

Name: Alissa Valentino
Age: 26
Gender: female
Personality: She is useually calm, a little bossy, but she has a softer side she likes to hide. She loves being in control, and hates other people leading her. She almost never gets angry. She used to be very close to her brother, but it changed after he left. Without him around, she became the center of her fathers abuice, and has suffered because of it. Basically, if she's alone, she goes nuts. It's the silence she can't stand, and if she's forced to be alone, she sings to herself to keep calm. She took this job to try and cope with her past, and she teaches the club to avoid being alone, and to help her brother. Even so, she still isn't as close to Vincent as she was.
Dom/sub: dom (is sometimes sub)
Why you want to join: [ic] To have fun, teach you all....and keep the silence away.

Offline Sarah Morgan

Hopefully you're still accepting applications for this, otherwise just ignore me!  I found this thread by accident really, and thought it sounded like an interesting game.

Name: Robin Andrews
Age: 18
Gender: Female.
Looks: Robin stands at 5'6, with bright blue eyes and honey-blonde hair that falls in slight waves to the small of her back, and weighs around 125 pounds.
Personality: Robin is friendly and outgoing, with a warm smile for anyone new she happens to meet, although that doesn't include many people outside of what others would call the geek circle.  Still, she's loyal to those who are her friends, and will do anything to help someone who needs it.
Dom/sub: Definitely submissive.
Why you want to join:  Robin has always been considered part of the unpopular crowd in school, both because of her high grades and because of her music.  She started learning piano when she was a kid, and wants to study it in college, but all of her studying and practice time has left her without time for a social life.  She heard about the club when she came to the school, and thinks it could be an interesting way to meet people, and learn about herself too.  She's never been with anyone, and so doesn't object to experimenting and learning things from someone of the same sex.

Offline Smaug

[IC] We are more than happy to have you join. >:)

Offline Ophelia Jaxon

Could I join please? I'll have a sheet up hopefully tonight, but might be tomorrow so I'd like to reserve if at all possible

Offline Smaug

A guy or a girl? ^-^