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Author Topic: Saint Catherines School for S.L.U.T’s - 2 Students needed - Closed  (Read 621 times)

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Offline lovelygirlTopic starter

Hello there, it looks as if our little school is growing by leaps and bounds! We are looking for two more students and possibly one more professor. Please PM Jarod1 or myself with your bio, do not post here please. The link for the game is in my signature, and here is a brief description of the play itself :

Saint Catherines School for S.L.U.T’s  (Sexually Liberated Universal Temptress)

This will be the third attempt of this game, the first one never got off the ground, and then the second one went up in flames, so Lovelygirl and I are going to give this game another try.  Lovelygirl and I will be playing two roles in the game.  The headmaster, and deputy headmistress, as well and as students as students at the school.

Saint Catherines College for Girls, appears to be a traditional all- girl school.  It has one of the highest rating in the country for turning out the best and brightest in society.  The Student body is small and very exclusive.  The Administrators are very particular about who they choose to admit. 

Those that graduate from this prestigious campus often go on to prominent positions.  Ceo’s, lawyers, doctors, politician.  That doesn’t include the legion of women, that marry into wealth and power.  From the outside looking in the school seems to be a school groomed for success, and you can hardly argue with the results...

Underneath this quaint conservative, and prim demeanor lies a very dirty secret. 

Since its founding, the school has also been grooming women to be the perfect wife, and lover for their husband, to use the talents of sex, and seduction, to attain what they want.  They’ve taken the role of obeying your husband to its most extreme edge.  Every year, a small group of students from the freshmen class (ages 18 +) are inducted into a special program where they are taught the various arts, from making love, to dancing, and foreplay, these students will learn it all.

Those involved in the special program sign non-disclosure agreement, so their parents may never be informed of their daughters activities, not to mention the schools clout amongst its graduates and sponsors that no one speak out against it.

Girls can come from all walks of life, from the very rich, to those without much money, as the school often send out scouts to find the proper deserving girls.  Scholarship are always availible

part of the curriculum includes;

Oral pleasure
Multiple partners
Exotic Dancing
The art of making love
and this is just for starters

Rules for Applicants (Please Read)

Because of problems we’ve had in the past, lovelygirl and I will be screening applications, so please send them to us via PM.

Requirement for all participants.  I have no problem, with people playing the role of a character with the opposite gender as long as they do them well.  So keep that in mind if you are going to apply.  If you have a problem with actors being of the opposite gender than the are in real life, then this game might not be for you.

Requirements for teachers.  Subtlety is an absolute must.  Not every student in the school will know about the special programs that runs during the night, so we don’t want teachers to be running around, screwing every student on sight.  Do what it takes to become the students friend, make them feel loved especially in the early going before they are fully aware of what is going on.

Also for teacher, you will be teaching regular subjects like, literature, history, sciences, business, and things of that nature.  One of the things that really killed the last attempt and made it so it wasn’t fun, was that it was one massive sex scene after another.   There will be sex, and a fair amount of it, but we don’t want this game to be just about sex.  Remember, this is a school, you will be teaching.

There will be no branding or ownership of any kind.  The dorms, and public area’s like the cafeteria, library, and grounds are off limits to sexual encounters between students and teachers.  Any teacher caught having sex or doing anything outside the grounds of a normal teacher will face discipline by the headmaster and deputy headmistress.  The classrooms are the only place where the teacher is free to teach the students in the special program about the arts.  I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  This is a school, first and foremost.

Requirement for students:  In the beginning you will not be aware of what is going on.  The Headmaster and Deputy headmistress, will have an orientation with the group of students, and they will be welcomed to the school, and then sent off their dorms to get settled in and to interact with each other.  Like with the teachers, remember this is a school, and there will be a lots of things going on from classes to weekends in the local town, dances, and other events.

Avery Stone, Headmistress - Lovely
Dunnin McQuade, Headmaster - The Fifth Master
Keith Bainstadt, Literature (Anal, and Multiple Partners) - Xantham
Brian Malloy -Mathematics & Science (Foreplay and Massage Therapy) - Xantham
Amanda Fitzgerald- History (Oral Pleasure, Submission, Toy Usage, Multiple Partners)- Swordsman
Peter Mercer- Physics  (fellatio)- RedEve
Alexandria Rodriguez- Art ( Seduction/ Exotic Dancing) -Zarazel
Akiko Mizuchi -  Computer Graphic art/music design  ( the art of bondage) - El Maligno
Jeremy 'Jez' Hillier - Music - (Submission)- Kaz

Penny Wilson - P.A. To Headmaster and Headmistress- Kaz
Tommy Westside - Doctor- El Maligno
Gordon Solis- Nurse - Kirinis
Ben Donovan - Custodian - Xantham

Wayne and Vincent - Heads of Security - NPC's

Melody Winters - Lovely
Khloe Kingsley- Gaga
Brooke Meadows - Brok3nAng3l
Sakura ?- Zarazel (returning)
Jennifer Watson - Jarod1
Christina "Chrissy" Michaels - Swords
Kate Haudela- RedEve
Diana Lyzbeth - Acid Lips
Olivia Fellows- Kaz
Jenalyn Lopez - Eliza
Aurora Wayland - Aurora Wayland

Teacher Application
I have read the rules above and understand them: y or n
Appearance: picture
Class: (both regular, and extra class)
On’s / off’s: things you want done to your character, and things you don’t want done to your character
Brief history: 2 paragraphs minimum

Student Application
I have read the rules above and understand them: y or n
On’s /Off’s: things you want done to your character, and things you don’t want done to your character
Brief history: 2 paragraphs minimum
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Offline lovelygirlTopic starter

Re: Saint Catherines School for S.L.U.T’s - 2 Students needed
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2011, 08:22:18 AM »
Still looking for two more students, Please PM me if interested