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Author Topic: Aeryial's RP ideas! F seeking M  (Read 1338 times)

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Offline AeryialTopic starter

Aeryial's RP ideas! F seeking M
« on: April 17, 2011, 01:35:54 PM »
A little bit about me: generally, I can post a few times a day during the morning/afternoon (EST), with a lot less availability at night and on weekends.  I do try to be descriptive in my posts, and make them count, but I tend to use about 2-3 paragraphs, sometimes more or less depending on what I'm responding to.  I don't need someone to write out a novel to every one of my posts, nor should I have to to theirs.  Give me enough to keep working with and everything will work out well. :)

Plots/Ideas (specifics and tweaks to be worked out with potential writing partners):

#1) Incest and/or Older-Younger: Samantha (played by me) should be happy.  She has a good job, delightful friends, a nice house, and a wonderful son.  Everything you'd think a woman could ask for.  Except for one issue...Samantha has no man in her life.  In her early-to-mid 40's, she's far too old for the clubbing and bar scenes, and while she looks good for her age, there's no doubt that she's no 20-something out for a night of fun.  So where does a woman turn to when she needs an itch to be scratched?  The internet.  On a (dating site, chatroom, something else to be worked out), Samantha stumbles across an eager, horny young man who would just love to help scratch all of a worked-up Cougar's itches.  And while meeting a strange young man sight unseen might seem risky, Samantha's in the mood for a little risk.  The only question is: who will show up to meet her?

#2) Beast/Extreme: A single woman living out in the country (played by me) finds herself in a situation where she becomes a "breeder" for a farm near her home.  Maybe she's working for an animal porn site and needs the money, maybe she's been blackmailed into it, maybe she just has a kinky fetish, maybe something else entirely.  In any case, she slowly sinks into the depravity of being a plaything for the farm (and the farmer), and isn't sure if she can (or wants to) stop.

3) Fantasy: The princess of a kingdom has been kidnapped by a demon, and some brave adventurer must rescue her.  Enter a young and eager female Halfling rogue (me again).  She must find where the princess is being held surely some sort of horrible dungeon full of deadly creatures) and then rescue the princess using any means at her disposal to get the job done.  This is obviously the more typical D&D-style fantasy world, full of surprisingly lusty creatures in every dungeon.

I'm always open to ideas from others, but those are just a few plots/ideas brewing in my head right now.  If anyone's interested in any of the above, or wants to toss out a suggestion to me, please PM me. :)

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Re: Aeryial's RP ideas! F seeking M (UPDATED!)
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2012, 11:51:07 AM »
After a rather lengthy bout of Real Life-itis, I find myself with not only a little bit of free time again, but also a few new ideas to toss out into the wind!  Just a couple of quick notes, then on to the stories.

First, here's my F-list.  Not a be-all-and-end-all, but it has the basics.  If you're into something not on my list, ask! :)

Second, although I've got some free time again, I will be a little restricted in posting times.  So expect maybe 1-2 posts a day on weekdays, give or take a day or 2.

On to the ideas!

1) Sci-fi (F/Herm or Futa, possibly NC/Extreme): In the far future, mankind's taken over the spaceways, in hopes of seeking out new worlds and new species...because mankind has screwed the pooch, and humanity is a dying species.  Kyla is an explorer, tasked with searching for new habitable worlds, and for possible species capable of breeding with mankind.  She stumbles across a world that seems to be populated by only women.  Intrigued by the idea that they've discovered some sort of technology that could help with breeding, she finds herself shocked when she learns the real reason the population can reproduce...and she'll learn all about it whether she likes it or not!

2) Modern fantasy (m/f or f/f): Laura wasn't bad-looking.  just average and a good student...a death sentence for a 17 year old girl.  Unpopular and overlooked by most of her school, especially the boys, Laura is frustrated.  One day, while at the mall alone, tired of watching all the prettier, more popular girls, she throws a quarter in the mall's wishing well, murmuring "I wish i was more popular than all of them..."  When she wakes up in the morning, she's found that she's changed into a walking wet dream!  While no one finds it unusual except her, she's suddenly getting a lot of attention from all the guys (or girls) around her.  And while her mind is still her own, her body's suddenly experiencing...urges that are getting harder to resist...

3) Modern: Theresa MacAuley was better known as the Terrier.  One of the most successful detectives in the city's sex crimes unit, once she sinks her teeth into a case, she doesn't let up[ until it's solved, and someone's behind bars.  Her latest case is a brutal serial rapist who's been kidnapping women and using and abusing them for days before dumping them off somewhere.  Theresa has publicly challenged the rapist, promising that she'll find him and stop him for good, and nothing will satand in her way.  Of course, what no one could possibly know is that Theresa's a very "interesting" girl, and nothing in this world gets her off like a hard, brutal rape, and while she's determined to put away her new foe, she secretly wants to be captured and used first...