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Author Topic: Shrouded in Mystery [Kozue & Reia]  (Read 953 times)

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Shrouded in Mystery [Kozue & Reia]
« on: April 17, 2011, 06:47:00 AM »
The single chime resonated through Moira's brain and she tore her eyes from the page to glance up at the clock.  It was old, possibly an antique.  It had come with the house, which had been renovated ten years ago, but built in the late 1800's.  Her green eyes focused on the faded gold face plate as she read the time from the grandfather clock.  6:30.  Her friends would be arriving shortly. 

Sighing reluctantly, she bookmarked the page and pushed her chair away from the desk.  The wooden floorboards creaked their objections as she walked across them and into the kitchen.  The refrigerator door swung open, the suction pop familiar to her by now as she rummaged through leftover Tupperware and half-used jars of various color and brand.  Pushing aside last night's Chinese boxes, her hand reached through the chill to a sealed platter.  Her fingers gripped the flimsy plastic and she pulled out the dish and set it on the counter.  Over the next few minutes, several other items also ended up on the counter.  A pint of strawberries, three oranges, a stalk of celery, one cucumber and two green peppers all joined the saran-wrapped platter.

She shut the fridge and moved onto the next task.  Her hand clutched a drawer handle and she opened it and pulled out a knife.  The fruits and vegetables were then washed off and placed one-at-a-time on her cutting board.  She sliced them all into bite-sized pieces and put each variety of vegetable in their own small bowls.  The fruits were mixed together with two sliced bananas and cool whip and left to rest in a large glass bowl.  She rinsed the knife when she was through with it, and carried her snacks to the table.  Dipping vegetables with ranch and bleu cheese dressing, a mixed fruit parfait, and deviled eggs on their platter (now free of saran-wrap) were arranged neatly around her round oak table.  She set out napkins, coffee plates and glasses in front of each of the six chairs.  A bowl of mini-pretzels was placed as the centerpeice and she walked back to the den to check her clock.  6:50.  Ten minutes until Eagle Eye held their bi-monthly meeting.  Ten minutes before she shared with them her latest news.  She hoped it wouldn't be a mistake.

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Re: Shrouded in Mystery [Kozue & Reia]
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2011, 09:14:05 PM »
It was a bit cool, an early fall chill settling in. The street was quiet, possibly too quiet, but Ellen ignored the odd sensation as she walked. She was going to be early, not that she thought Moira would mind, but it had been a choice of either leaving the library early to walk or staying late and waiting to be picked up by another member of the group.

The street lights flickered slightly as she neared Moira's house. It was still a bit odd to think that she was part of this group, having thought she was the only one that had noticed the strange occurrences in town; now they met every week and each time something stranger was revealed. There was no saying what it could be and having grown up in town and it freaked Ellen out a bit.

She wasn't meant for these impossible 'what ifs' - her mind was programmed to work in a strictly analytical fashion. Adding elements she had never even thought of before was throwing for her a loop. At night she barely slept, always trying to come up with a reasonable explanation for what could be going on. As of yet, she hadn't been able to come up with anything, but she kept trying.

Moira's house came into view and Ellen paused, staring at the light lit above the front door. She was exhausted, sleepless nights and busy days at the library wearing her down. Maybe she would skip out early, grab some dinner on the way home and just crash. With a sigh she walked up to the door, ringing the doorbell and then knocking lightly. A soft breeze blew, pushing her hair into her face and she shivered, it'd be nice once she was inside.

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Re: Shrouded in Mystery [Kozue & Reia]
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2011, 01:12:35 AM »
The doorbell rang almost as soon as Moira finished setting the table.  She greeted Ellen with a warm smile and ushered her inside and away from the chill of the darkening night.  Moira shot a quick glance out the door, ensuring no one else was around before he shut it.

"Ellen, I'm so glad you could make it tonight!  It's a bit chilly outside, isn't it?  Well, I've got the table all set and as soon as the others arrive, we'll get started.  But feel free to munch if you're hungry."

Moira motioned to the kitchen and left Ellen to herself for a moment.  Since Moira had the unusual incident this time, she would be the one sharing.  And she would need the book for her story.  She picked up the manuscript from the desk just as another knock came.  The peep hole revealed familiar faces and she opened the door to the rest of her friends.

"Wesley and Heather, so good to see you again!  Father Burgundy, Dr. Grace."  She nodded her head to each in turn, welcoming them into her home once more and motioning everyone to the kitchen.  She took her seat at the table with her book and waited for the others to follow suit before she began.

"I'm so glad you all could make it tonight.  I have something remarkable to share with you.  I have been doing research into these strange happenings around town and have stumbled upon this."  She held up her book.  "'Lingering Presences of the Elder Ones.'  Some of the things in here are far beyond the reaches of reality and could only have come from the most depraved mind, but some of the listed sightings and occurances are very like what we have seen today.  For instance, Father, remember the life-like moving glimmer you saw in the rectory a few weeks ago?  This book lists the very same happening, in a mirror at an old antique shop.  And Wesley, do you recall the ghastly image you saw reflected in the lake that night?  The same image, down to the color and tentacles and number of eyeballs was spotted at the old graveyard once.  The description is uncanny.  So, I have been reading through this book, looking for other similarities, and I discovered an interesting passage.  Here, I will read it to you."

Moira cleared her throat and lifted the book up, before finding and reading the selected paragraphs.  "It is theorized that a rift in the fifth dimension is what causes these unusual occurrences.  Some even go so far as to speculate that a large enough rift through multiple dimensions could very well create a temporary gateway, or portal, allowing other-worldly creatures to pass through.  Such portals would also allow human kinds to enter into these other worlds and explore them at will.  Until solid proof is made that these portals exist and something other dwells on the far side, no conclusions will be drawn at this time.  Be forewarned that madness will follow all who seek out the Elder Ones."

Moira put the book down and surveyed her group.  Dr. Grace was their newest member.  She was a psychologist at the local hospital and had only come by once before, after a patient's ramblings led her to Father Burgundy for advice.  The Priest was Moira's first member and confidant in town, since she had gone to see him the first time she saw something unusual.  Heather worked at the museum and had spoken with Ellen a few times previously.  Moira wasn't' sure if Ellen convinced Heater or if Heather convinced Ellen, but either way, they were both here.  Wesley was the public grounds-keeper and he kept up all the public land in town, including the graveyard.  They had all seen the unsee-able and were imagining the unimaginable.  Only now, their nightmares had a name.  The Elder Ones.

Moira's eyes settled on Ellen, the librarian of the group.  "Ellen, have you heard of The Elder Ones before?  Know of any books on them, fiction or otherwise?  I'd like to know what's out there about them."

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Re: Shrouded in Mystery [Kozue & Reia]
« Reply #3 on: April 25, 2011, 08:27:45 PM »
Ellen smile back at Moira, breathing a soft sigh of relief as the warmth of the house enveloped her. "Thanks, glad I could make it too. And yeah, it's definitely chilly."

She followed Moira's indication and made her way to the kitchen, quickly setting up a plate of food to munch on and settling down at the table. She heard a knock on the door and Moira greeting the other members of the group. It seemed that she wasn't too early, then.

Heather sat down next to her after grabbing her own plate and Ellen gave her a silly wave. They were friends of a sort, hanging out on occasion to go to a movie or dinner, but only really seeing each other at the meetings now. Before Ellen got a chance to talk to her, however, Moira came in and started the meeting.

When she told them the name of her book, Ellen got chills down her back. Something about it was just plain creepy. Well, the whole situation was, but the book just seemed to make things worse.

And alternate dimensions? Ellen had to shake her head at one point, checking to see if she really was awake. It seemed as if she was in one of those cheesy sci-fi movies her ex had liked to watch.

There was a moment of quiet as Moira let the information seep in. Then she turned to Ellen. "Ellen, have you heard of The Elder Ones before?  Know of any books on them, fiction or otherwise?  I'd like to know what's out there about them."

Ellen shook her head. "No, I haven't heard of them before. But, if this is something that's either happened before or has been happening, I'm sure there will be something about it in the library." She shifted, blushing slightly as she felt everyone's eyes on her. "I can look it up tomorrow and bring what I find to the next meeting. Will that work?"

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Re: Shrouded in Mystery [Kozue & Reia]
« Reply #4 on: May 05, 2011, 09:12:16 AM »
Moira nodded.  "Yes, that would be delightful!  Now, does anyone have anything to bring up today?" 

Heads turned to glance at one another, grave expressions all around.  Moira got the feeling that something had happened, and she didn't have to wait long to find out.

"Moira.. that book, where did you find it?" Dr. Grace had spoken up.  There was a fearful concern reflected in the doctor's eyes that made Moira very aware of her swallowing.

"At the thrift store, a few days ago.  I was searching for a teapot since mine broke a few weeks ago.  Why?"  Moira asked, curious.

Dr. Grace cleared her throat and began, shakily.  I had a patient some months ago who rambled on about these Elder Ones that you mentioned.  I took them for mere babblings of an unstable and severely warped mind, but there were.. other signs as well.  I figured he was searching for attention, so I didn't think on them at the time but.. well.. when he passed, we did a thorough examination and found his body covered in unusual signs.  Signs he'd carved into himself.  In his cell we found various make-shift items that looked like ritual items.  It was why I sought out the Father to begin with.  To ask about cults in the area.  But.. I am getting away from the point.  When I asked about the origin of these visions my patient claimed to have, he said he sought them after finding a book.  No doubt, he'd seen unusual things in this town before, much like us, but he swears it was the book that drove him to madness.  I just think you should be careful, Moira.  And you too Ellen.  We should all be careful."

Father Burgundy nodded with Dr. Grace's last statement.  Moira's eyes drifted back to the centerpiece on the table and she nodded.  Be careful.  Those two words were the single most helpful and most aggravating words she'd ever heard in her life.  She knew that caution was important, but she ached to piece together this mystery and solve the puzzle.  She would simply try to hold in her madness until there was nowhere else left to turn, if it ever even got that far.

After some further discussion, the meeting was adjourned with the promise of meeting again, same time and place next week.  Moira said her goodbyes to Wesley and Dr. Grace, the first ones to leave, and lingered with the other three.