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Author Topic: Female for MxF & FxF. Real life and Fantasy plots  (Read 1393 times)

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Offline MissInkTopic starter

Female for MxF & FxF. Real life and Fantasy plots
« on: April 16, 2011, 10:51:22 pm »
Salutations from the King sized dork!

I welcome you fellow players of role

Please, take a seat..have a hot chocolate.                    Now if would you kindly*read the rules below. Would be ever so time saving for both of us if you did.   (*Bioshock pun intended)

 At least 3-5 paragraphs per intro and 3-4 per post.
 Good grasp of English and grammar. Be able to make full sentences that make sense.
 Please remember to describe the appearance of your character. Images are fine.
 Creative with characters, plot ideas and twists
 Long Term Rp
 Be patent. Im trying to juggle a fulltime job, education and a social life. I may not be able to post everyday, but I will try
 Orignal Characters
 Having your main character as your gender, side characters I dont mind

 Story Based
 Sex Based
 M/F Pairing
 F/F Pairing
 Fluffy romance

 Broken English
 Basic intros (As in - No detail of characters looks, past and present)
 Chat Speak
  Characters below the age of 17
 Anyone who has the IQ of a glass of water. Please be able to hold a descent conversation with me.

I also have no limits on bad language  or violence/blood/gore
Check out my ons and offs on my profile, under Roleplay Prefences

Since I have posted this on both the Non-Forum and Forum forums,  please could you PM me the following

What Plot you are interested in (if mine or your own)
Where you would like to roleplay it
What is your average post length
What is your favourate food

Thank you. Carry on reading for my plots!

Offline MissInkTopic starter

Re: Female for MxF & FxF. Real life and Fantasy plots
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2011, 10:52:05 pm »
Assassins Creed –
You (OC or Ezio)
(You don’t have to have played the game to do this plot)
5 years after the events of Brotherhood, it has come to light that a new religious cult group is said to hold the Shroud of Eden, the cloth that was taken from Jesus Christ after his death. Since then it has passed into many hands including Mario and Giovanni Auditore. It was taken from Cesare Borgia after his death and thus has spawned this cult. The Shroud has been used to heal wounds of varying severity, mending injuries ranging from stab wounds to birth defects. It speaks in an almost kind voice that constantly offers healing, and urges its users to not believe in their own frailty. However, it is also known to cause severe hallucinations, and in extreme cases, can also seem to tear a person from the inside out.
The leader of this cult has come to his knees to these hallucinations and believe the figure in them is a god called St.August. He built his own church and only the strongest of people are allowed to join, those who don’t are butchered in the name of August. Their name is quickly getting around Italy and their promises are luring people to join.

There are those who are born with supernatural powers (Like Xmen) and are not accepted by norms
1)   A boarding school has been built to give these young gifted people an education and a home.  The peace has been disturbed with the arrival of a girl. Her background, parents and home are unknown and begs for a place at the school. You uncover her secret. She is an escapee of the governments special army program which uses Gifted people. Soon, the government finds her and you are taken with her back to the HQ to become a solider.
2)   A city has been built in the middle of nowhere. Walled all the way around with homes, shops and everything a city needs inside. At the age of 18, all registered people with a gift are sent to this city to live forever inside. For a few years, it went its full of gangs who are forever at war with eachother, resulting in the destruction of the city. Its a dog eat dog world.

Horror Inc

We are a duo who are mercs for hire to sort out the worlds supernatural mishaps. From zombies to vampires and necromancers to curses.
The first mission is based on the events of  the manga – Uzumaki. Dark, gore, and violence expected. No limits on this at all.

Experiment 6063
Aliens have been watching our life for years and the result of it is numbered experiments, all created humans. Finally one has been a success and so much so, has slaughtered her masters and creators and sealed away in a pod. You have been sent into space to pick up this unidentified pod and bring it back to earth. She takes the first person who she saw once she came around from her coma is you, and you are now, is her new master.  Her memories are slowly returning and will be back to normal in a few days. She has the ability to bring earth to its knees, but she needs your command to do so. Will you hide her from the government or take earth into your own hands?

She’s my maid –

You are the son of a very wealthy business man. Someone in your college classes is also working for your father as a maid. After much talk with your old man, you are allowed a personal maid, on one condition – You do not fall in love with her.
(You can live on your own or with your parents. If you do decide to fall in love with her, her contract becomes void and she can no longer live with you)

  -On a Roar-
    It started out as small travelling business for healing the disease of death , but the power of necromancy sent him insane, resurrecting the dead for his own desires. Building horrific undead creatures to take over major cities.
    She decides to fight against him by joining a rebel group but she can't do it alone. She calls on one of the gods (you) and makes a pact with you to which she gives up her womb to bring you to earth.
Neko for my life partner-
1) You are the owner of a large company and a large house. Instead of a life long other half, you have chosen to spend your life with a genecticly modified human whom you take everywhere - To work, on business trips, holidays ect.
She loves you deeply, and will serve you beck and call. (Loving as deeply back is up to you, or you could choose to love her as a life partner way, not a deep romantic way as she does) You can order her to do almost anything - Pleasure you under your desk? Rent her out to buniess partners to secure a deal?
2) After finding a neko girl in the street, you take her home to your small house/apartment. You are a student/part time worker therefore you dont have alot of money. You can be a shy young adult, whom she will bring you out of your shell, or experienced. She will love you deeply, however you can choose to love her back, but Neko Human relationships are frowned upon.
We can role reverse! You can play the neko if you wish, but only in the second plot.
High School-
My character isnt a popular girl, but one valentines day admitted her feelings to a Popular boy through a card that she marked with a ?. He found out who it was who sent it because of the way it was written. Although he likes her too, he proposes that they be fuck buddies but to keep it from everyone in school.
Their relationship can blossom into Love, or they can keep it as it is, perhaps getting his friends to join in. Some filming and public sex.
-On a Plain-
You are a famous musician - Rock, pop - whatever. (Rock Bands prefered). After your show in London's o2 arena on your world tour, you meet the VIPs, who contains my character. After messing around with quite abit of booze/or got carried away. You end up inviting her back to your hotel room and one thing leads to another. After leaving the next morning, you dont expect to see her again but 3 weeks later when you are due to fly to your next gig...she appears at the hotel and announces she is pregnant to you. Not really wanting her to go alone with this, and not really wanting to get rid of it, you invite her on tour with you and try out a relationship.

-Room mates-
I'm looking for this to be a f/f but will do m/f
Both of our characters are either at college or just room mates or even just at high school! My character, despite having boyfriends in the past, is growing increasingly bi curious.
You, her room mate, can be any sexuality.
Looking to expand on this idea. Exploring their sexuality.
Perhaps adding others of the same or opposite sex in too as well as toys

Pokemon -
1)100 years in to the future - By lab or evolution, pokemon are starting to resemble humans but keeping their powers. Trainers are starting to train these human pokemon instead of normal pokemon. Soon, there are gyms dedicated to these human based pokemon.
They live in the wild and can go in pokeballs.
2)150 years into the future -  Pokemon has evolved once more. Pokemon have been long forgotten, and in its place is Suits. These suits are kept inside a electronic bracer. By pressing the touch screen of what suit you have purchased and uploaded into the bracer, the suit wraps its self over your body granting the skills and abilities of that pokemon. Battles are now done in this way.
Get creative with it!
Digimon -

I dont mind if you are my partner Digimon or if you are another tamer travelling with me. Would prefer it to be set in the Digitalworld either stuck there or going back and forth.
Others I do is
Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts
Tale of Symphonia