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Author Topic: I'm back with new roles!  (Read 818 times)

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I'm back with new roles!
« on: April 16, 2011, 02:42:54 am »
Most of these I dug out of the graveyard from months ago so to speak. A few are brand new. Some scenes involve ordinary, romantic, straight sex, some can involve non-con, incest, fantasy creatures, lesbian/gay. I usually prefer to write comedic scenes but also appreciate drama, romance, violence. In the case of the first scene listed here, horror.

Who Dunnit? Murder Mystery
Guys and gals of any orientation are welcomed. Being an avid lover of the Scream movies, and having just seen the fourth, I've been in the mood for a murder mystery. You need not have seen any of the Scream movies to apply (although it would be a HUGE plus). We can create an original story line. For this scene, beyond that I unfortunately have not thought very far, aside from let's create a town and several residents (the more the merrier, and the higher body count). Also, we'd need to come up with a system for who dies and pick who the killer(s) would be, in a way that minimal players would know, as well as a motive for the killings. Who want's to play a game?!?!

Possible roles could include:

Married couples

High school students (16 and above of course)

College students

Single creepy guys who seem like obvious killers but are in reality not.

California Trail

Two brothers raising families along the Missouri river in St. Louis in the middle of 1847 hear a rumor of gold found near the coast in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California and decide to uproot their wives and one daughter, join a wagon train in search of fortune. Along the way they travel through towns located in contemporary Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and Nevada, encountering dangerous wildlife, raging rivers, murderous outlaws, and strange natives. Includes Bon, Con and NonCon.

Older Husband:
Older Wife:
Younger Husband: Greg MD
Younger Wife:

Other roles in addition to the above are welcomed if you'd like to play other members of the wagon train or an Indian or outlaw. I will be writing for some breif extra roles and wouldn't mind if you'd like to take those off my hands as well.

Victorian Values
Dominant female(s) needed for this one.
Possible incest, or not. I recently stumbled on a random bit of history info that women around the 1840's would straightjacket their sons so they were unable to masturbate as it was believed that the male's 'life force' would be drained each time they did so. This scene is built around the sexual frustration of a near adult male being raised in a family of primarily women. He is tormented by his mother, (because she believes it's moral) and by his sister(s) and cousin(s) (because they believe it's funny), constantly teased, never getting so much as a glance of female flesh while his female family members are very sexually active with both males and females, if you wish with eachother as well. Preferably this will involve lots of forced nudity and both public and private humiliation of the male character, as well as heavy teasing.

The Day After Tomorrow-type pre apocalypse scene

Pockets of people through out the world battle strange natural disasters to stay alive.

Nuclear warfare:

Three stages to this one. The first centers around civilization preparing to move underground. The second would be about a century later, dealing with life after society has adjusted to living underground. The third, revolves around the human race returning to the surface when the radiation has worn off.

Halloween Town

It wouldn't be based off of anything like Nightmare Before Christmas, but rather is an alternate demension where fears are manifested and everything horrifying exists. If someone in the 'real' world is afraid of it, it lives in Halloween Town. The inhabitants of Halloween Town may not be too threatening themselves, but carrying on just like any other society, coexisting with eachother. There could be a class system, for instance Wizards are in control of all the ghouls (also known as genies, if I remember correctly), Vampires could have human blood-donors so they don't need to hunt in the 'real' world too often. Werewolves could be allies with police who pass off death row inmates for them to eat.

Available races would include but are not limited to: Ghoul/Genie, Skeleton/Zombie/Mummy, Ghost, Vampire, Goblin, Werewolf, Witch/Warlock, Demon/Serpent/Dragon/Incubus/, Gargoyle, Jack-o-Lantern, Scarecrow, Banshee/Siren, Grimlen, Merfolk, Troll, Drow (Dark Elf) Troll, Nymph, Treefolk, Leprechaun, Sorcerer, Alien races, Ogre, Giant, Faun, Poltergiest, Wraith, Minotaur, Centaur, Manticore, Sphinx, Valkyrie, Fairies (the old Gaelic version), Golem, Dragon or any variation of all the above.

Also, characters that there could either be one of, or an entire race: Sandman, Boogeyman, Grim Reaper, Rumplestiltskin, Creature from the Black Lagoon,  Jersey Devil, Headless Horsemen, Chupacabra, the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot.

Animal type creatures that could also speak and play a huge role would be: ratmen, aracnid, Black Dog/Hellhound, unicorn, cat, birds of prey including: owl, crows or ravens, as well as any other creature you could imagine in a terrifying state.

As far as a plot I'd be willing to collaborate of course, but was thinking a wizard or two could be overthrown by their ghoul, or Titans and Greek gods who normally don't inhabit Halloween Town could become upset due to some political events taking place in the town. Or perhaps a young citizen of Halloween Town ventures to the real world and captures the attention of a human or two, and they are unintentionally brought back and need to figure out how to survive amongst their new neighbors.

Symbiote Wars

Would take place within the Marvel Comics Universe. Every marvel character imaginable would be up for grabs (the X-Men, Daredevil, Avengers, Punisher, Fantastic Four, Hulk, etc. and all their foes). If you're unfamiliar with symbiotes, they are formless creatures of black goo that take over hosts, covering their bodies, making them stronger and more violent. The prime example of this is Venom from Spiderman.

The game would involve many symbiotes being unleashed upon the planet, taking host bodies in every country, including Marvel characters both heroes and villains. Some villains take advantage of the mass chaos to further their purposes by joining the Symbiotes, while other usual villains realize the need to defend themselves so they stand along side the heroes in a massive war. I had written up a plot and beginning to this story a couple of years ago and had originally combined Gotham city and Batman characters with this story (but not the rest of DC comics, to avoid god-like characters such as Superman and the Green Lantern). That possibility is open as well and would mean that people such as the Riddler, Robin, Mr. Freeze, Alfred, Batgirl and Nightwing were also up for grabs.

Art Class
A dorm room/pod full of female college art students has just received an assignment to draw nude male figures. Each of them decides to recruit a male friend for the job. The men can be invited individually to the dorm to pose, or in a group. The 'lead' girl who would draw my character, has known him since childhood, and known of his massive crush on her, as well as his willingness to do anything to please her. She playfully teases him into posing since he is extremely modest. This particular female must be able to cutely deliver light insults, and be able to have fun at the expense of my male character's humiliation. As for other male or female roles in this one, I'm leaving it pretty open wide.

The following two are incest roles.

Sister's Dedication
Twins graduating high school. Each is seeing someone. The brother loses his girlfriend to a car accident and becomes a recluse. At the risk of losing her boyfriend and closest friends, his sister attempts any way she can, to bring her brother back to normal.

Brother's Gone Crazy!
This would involve characters including a brother and sister, their parents, and a few friends. They are twins, he is shy, nerdy, reserved, she is spunky, athletic, sarcastic. Despite their differences, they've been inseperable their entire lives til this summer when she went away to a sports camp. While she was gone he decided to break out of his shell and become a nudist around the house. The scene would begin when she arrives home to discover his new lifestyle. Going for awkward and humorous here.

Three Is Company
This scene is in it's earliest stage of an idea right now. Three people living in a relationship together. Would prefer 2 female characters for the second and third persons, but I'm willing to stretch my limits and settle for one female and one other male character. I've never done that before, so be warned.


A sixteen year old boy is caught with stolen money from a fellow female student's purse. The mothers of both the boy and girl decidechil to carry out a shameful punishment. This scene involves the boy's nudity being displayed while he apologizes in front of his mother, the female student, and her mother , but likely no sexual activity will occur (possibly later it could get sexual once the punishment is complete).

Cheating Heart

Childhood best friends begin dating in highschool, the boyfriend is paralyzed from the waist down. His girlfriend grows tired of him not having working parts and begins cheating with another guy. Her boyfriend catches them in the act after months of not knowing. His cheating girlfriend, upset at being caught belittles him for not being able to please her, blaming her unfaithfulness on him. The scene continues with her humiliating her boyfriend while she continues to make love with the new guy right infront of the shocked boyfriend. Preferably this would include a second female who is the sister of the paralyzed guy. She participates in a threesome with the other guy and girl, all the while the three of them verbally (maybe even pysically) torment the boyfriend.
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