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Author Topic: scenarios I'd like to try -- updated with a new experiment, RP topic is flexible  (Read 1395 times)

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Offline rick957Topic starter

Below are some one-on-one scenarios I'd like to try.  I usually focus on group games, but right now I'm interested in trying one-on-ones again.  I plan to bump the thread with more scenarios eventually.  Please read through my ons and offs if you're interested in RPing with me.  Then PM me (don't reply here pleez).  Thanks for having a look.  :)

Recently taken.  More scenarios to come soon ...

It was the perfect test, and Miss Merriweather scored a twelve out of twelve, without so much as a sniffle.  The last "question" was timed to end fifteen minutes before the period was over, so that Cal Thompson had time for his tentative erection to subside before he had to stand up again.

He felt a little guilty about the fact that it started during a meal at General Wong's with Kara.  They'd been dating for almost a month, since the first week of their senior year of high school, and she was great, he really liked her and thought she was hot and everything, but ... Jennifer Merriweather was in a whole different league, the kind of woman Cal wouldn't dare approach for a date, even if they were the same age.  Kara Cliburn was an 8, which was more than good enough for Cal, hell, he figured himself for about a 6 or 7, but Jennif -- Miss Merriweather was an 11, right off the fucking scale, and out of reach for a mere 6 ... if it hadn't been for General Wong's, that is.

Wong's was the best Chinese restaurant in Everdale and the site of a weekly dinner date with Kara.  This past week, Cal's fortune cookie had contained the following promise:

The capability you have always longed for is now within your grasp.

Not exactly elegantly phrased, and probably meaningless to most diners, but Cal felt it was meant for him, or at least he hoped so ... In his case, it could only mean one thing.  There was only one "capability" he most longed for, a particular power that he gave himself in all his masturbation sessions, the focus of his recurring sex fantasies:  the power to control a girl, or a woman, even.  To make her do anything he wanted, with nothing more than a thought, a silent, irresistible telepathic command, from his brain right into hers.

The crumpled fortune had ended up in his coat pocket after the meal last night, and he was wearing the same jacket today.  He'd forgotten all about it until he happened upon it while digging around for a pencil during his Algebra II test.  After un-crumpling it and realizing what it was, he returned the scrap to his pocket hurriedly, so that no one would think he was using a cheat-sheet or something.  As he sat in his desk trying to work out the factored form of a polynomial, this particular, personal interpretation of the text occurred to him.  'Kind of cryptic, even for a fortune cookie, but ... what if -- what if it were real?  An actual message, meant just for me?  Like some kinda magic, some occult thing ... What if ...?'

That's when the test occurred to him -- not the Algebra one, that is, but the fortune-cookie-magic one.  It had to be subtle, not something that would cause a scene, not something that would alarm his subject either or draw attention to himself, something totally boring and ordinary, like, like ... wiping your nose.

Cal's mind wandered and his eyes migrated from the math problem on the paper in front of him to the front of the classroom and the 11-out-of-10 stunner behind the big desk up there, grading papers or filling out her planner or doing whatever teachers do when they aren't teaching.  The smitten 17-year-old focused on the object of his pubescent lust, squinted his eyes a little, and thought as hard as he could in her direction, sending the delectable Miss Merriweather a directive so simple that no one but Cal would even notice it.

Nose-wipe number one happened so suddenly, so quickly and nonchalantly, that he almost assumed he imagined it, even though he was looking right at her when she did it.  She didn't even look up, just slipped a finger up to her face and discreetly swiped it under her nostrils, right above her upper lip. 

Wishful thinking or not, he squinted again and thought twice as hard the second time, and sure enough ...

There was no mistaking what had happened this time, but to make absolutely sure, Cal requested wipes 3 through 8 in quick succession, so that the poor woman was practically rubbing it back and forth like some snot-nosed kid, instead of just sneaking in a demure brush.  When she was through, she finally looked up, and her brow wrinkled with interest, as if her own behavior startled her or seemed a bit confusing.  Whatever was bothering her, she didn't (or couldn't) guess the source of her impulses, nor did she seem to guess that they came from someone besides her -- after all, anyone who suddenly sensed they were physically under the control of someone else would visibly freak out, at least a little.  Miss Merriweather scanned the room left to right, right to left, and then returned to her paperwork, without even noticing she was being closely watched by one student in particular.

And how she was being watched.  Cal was rapt and trying not to freak out himself.  The algebra test had lost all interest for him.  His natural skepticism was working overtime, however:  eight little nose-wipes wasn't enough to convince him he wasn't just imagining things, really ... but then again, her nose wasn't running or anything, and she hadn't sneezed, or reached for the tissue box on her desktop ...

The last few experimental wipes were spaced out carefully and closely scrutinized to make sure there were no extraneous wiping motions in between his commands.  By number 12, Cal was starting to believe there was really something weird going on, but it was still too fucking ridiculous to take seriously ... 'Right?  Right, of course ... Geez, you fucking lunatic,' he mentally upbraided himself, noticing the clock on the wall and immediately returning his attention to the math problems.  His stupid daydream had eaten up valuable test time, and he would have to race to catch up by the end of the period -- it was a good thing the material wasn't all that difficult for him.

Cal finished the work just in time.  As he shuffled out of the room behind a line of muttering classmates, he mused over the bizarre coincidence of the fortune cookie and his little mid-test fantasy.  He was far too rational and sensible a person to believe that what he imagined and what he thought he'd seen had really happened.  But, he was also inquisitive enough, and lustful enough, to at least consider the possibility that something unusual had occurred ... and just maybe it hadn't all been only in his mind, another silly daydream or an odd coincidence.

This time there was no squinting or straining.  In fact, he didn't even look at the ravishing instructor behind him.  He was facing the door and the hallway he was about to step into, when he tossed off a half-serious wish, a throwaway sort of command.  He was so sure nothing would actually happen that he started talking to a friend beside him, asking him what answer he got on a particularly hard test question, when he heard a sudden noise behind him. 

Cal turned immediately and gaped in astonishment, as did several of the others present.  It was an odd thing to see.  Miss Jennifer Merriweather herself was staring too, with an expression of amazement, or shock even. 

She was looking down at the floor, at the pile of test papers she had finished collecting and neatly stacking together.  For some reason -- some random reflex, perhaps, or maybe a muscle spasm -- for one reason or another, Miss Merriweather had just flung the entire pile of papers right onto the floor.  The Algebra II tests landed in a single heap and then splattered out in every direction.  A couple of the departing students turned aside and started helping to pick them up. 

Miss Merriweather didn't join in, not at first.  With her mouth hung slightly open and her jaw slack, she stood frozen, glaring at the mess she'd made, with a look of bewildered consternation.  Cal recovered from this last surprise quickly and hurried out the door, privately rummaging around in his coat pocket for a certain scrap of paper within.

The scenario above sets up the mind-control gimmick, which will turn into sexual hijinks of various kinds, but frankly, I want to focus much more on developing interesting characters; the kinky stuff would happen only now and then, in between the real meat of the story.  Sex wouldn't happen for a long time and wouldn't be the focus even down the road.  Depending on your tastes, the story could go in very different directions ... For example, I could see it as a dark comedy, maybe a bit satirical or campy, but I could also see it as something very disturbing and psychologically twisted.

The quality of the writing is important to me, in general, but I reeeally want to work on fussing over my prose a lot less.  So be warned, I'll be shooting for some quickly-dashed-off posts and shorter posts (maybe as little as four sentences), along with the longer and more polished-looking posts that I usually attempt.
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Offline rick957Topic starter

Re: scenarios I'd like to try
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2011, 07:49:36 pm »
Currently looking for one or more people to participate in a "speed posting" session.  This would take place in a forum on Elliquiy or by PMs if privacy is desired.  (Sorry, no IMs -- I don't know how and don't feel like learning.)  The concept is stolen from other Elliquiy folks, with appreciation.  My goal is to practice doing less fussing over my posts.  Also it's supposed to be fun, of course.  :)

Format: Minimum of two sentences per post (or one long one with multiple clauses).  The maximum would be as much as you can write in five minutes of real time (or some other time limit).  We would figure out a time when we were both online and could do this for at least 20 minutes, longer if possible. 

Topic/Subject of RP:  Absolutely anything.  Seriously, what the hell.  Lots of sex or none at all?  Either way, or in between.  Pick the genre and I'll make scene suggestions.

You should be able to write material that resembles the stuff in my other RPs in terms of writing complexity.  (The posts in this game can be short, of course, and should be less polished than my regular RPs.)  I've RPed with players with a wide range of writing styles, IMO; your style should resemble mine or that of any of my previous RP partners.  I promise to send you a very polite refusal if I decide we're not a good match; please don't take it personally -- I'm nothing special as a writer, and besides, it's no big deal either way, I hope. 

So PM me if you're interested.  Thanks!
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Offline rick957Topic starter

Looking for a guinea pig partner to do a writing experiment with me.  :)

My goal with the experiment is to push myself to fuss less over my prose.  (I tried a similar experiment recently and have tweaked the rules since then.)  The important rules of the experiment are these three:

1. I will take no longer than 15 minutes, total, to read your latest post and compose my reply.  (Later on, I may adjust that time limit up or down a little, but not by much.)

2. Each post will be at least two sentences long, or one sentence with multiple clauses; usually longer though.  The maximum size will be as much as can be written within the time constraints.

3. Barring unusual circumstances, I will attempt to post to the game at least once a day, and more often whenever possible.

You'll be expected to follow those same rules; you'll be on your honor, of course, and running over the time limit by one minute or less is no big deal.  Taken together, those rules should force both of us to post often and limit the amount of fussing we do over our posts. 

The topic of the RP will be extremely flexible and will be decided between us; sex can be a major focus or can be entirely absent, or something in between.  I can make multiple story suggestions based on your choice of any genre or any other specific preferences you want to mention.

My criteria for choosing a partner will be whether or not your writing style excites me.  You should be able to write material that resembles my own writing or that of any of my previous RP partners in terms of complexity.  I've RPed with players with a variety of writing styles, so looking at any of my past RPs should tell you whether you fit the bill or not.  If you contact me and I decide we aren't a good match, I'll decline your offer to RP in a very polite way; please don't take it personally -- hopefully it's no big deal to you either way.  :)

PM me if you're interested.  Thanks!
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Offline rahatngt

Rick man .. you can't seem to anything by half can you :)

Offline rick957Topic starter

You bet, Raha my friend.  :)