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Okay, this list has grown way more then I thought it would, so to keep it from being too daunting (oh noes, its a wall of text! D=) I'm going to be categorizing them now ^^ so no more separate threads to pour through, its all here now.

NO IM REQUESTS. I do not RP in chat programs. It's forum only.


Stuck in her Web
Spider/Human, NO BLOODY VORE :<

A storm hits and chases a young traveller from the road, falling and smacking his head as he tumbles into the dense forest. He might have drowned from the mild flood, if he had fallen slightly to the left. His elbow had gotten caught in a thick, silky web, alerting the owner of this patch of forest to his intrusion. Luckily, she had already eaten, and felt charitable, binding him to the web to keep him from the flood that rushed below. The silk that bound him was cold, but it kept him dry. Being an arachnid, she had no concept of hot or cold, human anatomy a mystery to her, so when he awoke the next morning with a serious fever, she was at a loss of what to do.

He had had nightmares of spiders before, but never had they been so pretty, or human looking. If it had not been for the bulbous carapace and legs underneath her waist, he would have thought it was just a woman in a strange but beautiful set of fabriche armor and a dazzling mask of multifaceted red eyes. He thought the images of his 'saviour' were just hallucinations from his sickness, and whether he really was being cared for or not, he managed to tell her what he needed. Her attempts at nursery were good intentioned but she was caring for something as strange to her as she must have been to him, and many times, she considered simply eating him. She was not 'evil', it was simply in her nature.

When finally he was better, and saw his hallucination had been real, he almost died right there from a heart attack! He may have been arachnophobic, but he wasn't ungrateful, and she found the way he avoided looking at her to be cute. He was far too precious to let go or eat, so she webbed him up and fed him and kept him there like a pet, while he tactfully tried to bargain his freedom. She wasn't keeping him out of malice, she just had a very skewed view of the world, and he had to talk in a language she would understand.

Miku's First Outing
Furry/Humans, Group, Rape, Dom/Sub, Fantasy

In this world, convoys are a common sight. Roads are long and travel can be dangerous, so anything from simple travellers to inexpensive goods are done via armed carts. When one of the neighboring lands was conquered long ago, and under developed species of sub humans was discovered, Linkar's, furred to protect themselves from the cold climates, small and agile, perfect for the treacherous rocks. They have long since been uplifted by humans, and while some dark periods of racism have occured, it is mostly in the past. they are intelligent and it did not take them long to learn their new neighbors dialect. These days, their fur has shorted due to the change of home and many are forgetting their original language of yips and squeaks, more comfortable in their owners clothes.

However, it was discovered early on that Linkar's have an amazing resistance to diseases and poisons. Snake or spider bites powerful enough to kill several healthy humans wouldn't even cause much swelling, and there has never been a recorded instance of a disease being passed from either of them. Couple this with the Linkar's inability to breed with humans, and the job of Travel Companion was born.

A Travel Companion is a trained Linkar, usually with a trainer present at their jobs, who typically stay with one caravan or convoy, or are bought or rented between checkpoints. Their only job is to provide sexual relief for travellers on long and lonely journys. The original reason for this was the fear of another new epidemic, so close to a nasty plague that still hung over the populace, but it has since became an ingrained part of the nomadic culture.

Miku is a brand new Companion, just graduated from her training and nervous but excited about her first ever outing. Her caring but stern Mistress is here to help her, making sure she remains obedient and doesn't stray from her training, and also to keep track of passports. Citizens have certain laws and codes of conduct when it comes to Companions, and the use of them is something that can be suspended as a punishment. Passports contain all of this information, and she makes sure no one gets unauthorized usage of her little Miku.

And when Miku's first outing is ruined by a very mean man who didn't want to let a little thing like an outstanding warrant keep himself from enjoying the small creature, her trainer has to dry her eyes and coax her from her hiding place so she can take her to her own bed and make her feel beautiful again.

Neko/Humans, Incest, Whole Family, Mind Control

A close, loving family have just gotten a new pet! The mother, father, son and daughter all love their new cat, and treat it well, but it's look of contentment and desire is not just from being well fed and petted. This cat is a Lust Spirit.

Ever since the cat has arrived, each family member have ha drastically raised levels of arousal. The cat can take a humanoid form, silently watching his chosen prey from their bedroom door, eyes willing them to continue, to touch themselves while he watches them, and they can't resist. When the mental influence ends, the memories are spotty at best.

The Lust Spirit gets bolder, walking right up to the son and grabbing his hips, feeling him up and taking him at his leisure, or bending the mother over the table while her daughter can only watch from her seat, entranced and fingering herself. The Lust Spirit will also make them mate for his own entertainment, watching as the father of the home receives oral from his two children, the boys double teaming her, mum whimpering from the sidelines as she fondles herself.

And after all of this is done, they wake up with sore bottom halves and vague dreams, but are none the wiser. The new kitty has himself a harem.

Fever Dream
M/M, Furry, Hibernation

Two neko lovers have gotten themselves into a bit of a dilemma... the both of them have a daily hibernation cycle, sleeping so deeply that its very hard to wake them, but their cycles are not overlapping. This means that whenever they get the time to have relations, one of them is already falling asleep.

Finally, one of them gets fed up with it and decides to take his partner anyway, savagely mating his lovers sleeping body, who can only squirm and moan in his sleep. The next morning, he wakes with vague flashes of erotic dreams, a sore tailhole, and his lover asleep next to him with a happy little contented smirk on his face.

Putting two and two together, he jumps the smug prick and gets some relief of his own.

Eventually, the two of them will start waking up during the act, barely, eyes peeking open and drifting in and out of their deep sleep, but they'd never dream of stopping them... the lethargy, the helplessness, being completely at their mercy and just barely aware of it. Its the most intense sex they've ever had.

Size Matters
Furry, Romance, Toys.

A shy and sweet puppy boy and a proud pony girl are a loving and happy couple... but the sex is not working. For either of them. The puppy is too small to feel much from her, and her own sex is too big to get any pleasure from him.

He can get off by taking her in her rear, or her mouth, or her hand, and she can achieve orgasm if he uses his arm on her, but this doesn't help very much. She doesn't enjoy anal, and he is actually starting to get hurt by the pressure around his arm.

They don't mind doing it for each other, as they care deeply, but then only one is receiving pleasure. They both want to enjoy proper love making...

...And so the puppy finds the courage to slip into a sex shop and will surprise her with a 25 inch, studded, vibrating strap on, with a fake vagina just his size worked into the end. Strapped on secure, she will get the size she needs, and he will be inside something his own size.

Shore Leave
Furry/Scaly, Fantasy

A young Neko takes up a job as a caravan guard, escorting whoever's paying from town to town along the unguarded and dangerous roadways. New to the sword for hire business, and a stranger to these lands, he quickly finds himself befriended by a small group of mercs who take the same jobs. He also finds that he really is quite out of place in this region... while he is a creature of the grasslands or a forest, this continent is mostly rolling dunes of red sand, a desert without end, populated mostly by Saladine.

His first few escorts are without issue, but one day their caravan rolls over the camouflaged back of a giant Dune Spider. Flipping the caravan and tearing it to pieces, the Neko acts to save his client, drawing the Spider away and hiding in a fissure in the the rock face. He's ripped out by it's scrabbling legs, and as it descends on him, he impales it, killing it by taking a fang in his chest, the second gashing his face.

His feline heritage was all that saved him from the poison. He was left in a fever dream for days, drifting close to death. When he awoke, he found himself with two scars, one on his peck, the other down his eye. Donning a patch to cover it, his work mates all chip in to send him to the whore house on the next stop.

He hides it well, but... he is a virgin. The 'shore leave', as it's called, is very new to him. But he is a feline in a land full of lizards, and it doesn't take long for one of the working girls to snatch him up for the night and initiate him in the age old practice of shore leave, finding his exotic breed far too interesting and new to pass up.

M/M, Furry/Human, Fantasy.

The Wolfen are a species conquered by the humans. Standing only as tall as an average man's stomach or chest, they were once wild, but have now been made into slaves, bred into gentler, less aggressive creatures. Many are simple servants to a Master or Master, while some are house keepers or stock takers. They are quick learners, able to pick up human language and learn counting and the like, but only when their job entails. Many owners do not teach them when it is not essential. They also do not dress them. To give a Wolfen clothes is seen as a sign of weakness.

One such Master, a high ranking Merchant, defies both of these social stigma's. When a starving Wolfen stalked him one night, he found himself robbed of all coins, the pouch simply missing. He had had no idea he had been pick pocketed, and in broad daylight. He was called to the prison to retrieve his things, which were found on a Masterless Wolfen thief. Instead of simply taking his things and leaving the creature to be executed (he didn't look like he'd live long enough for that though) he decided to trade the coins in exchange for the guards silence. He took the boy home, fed him and raised him back to health.

He knew potential when he saw it, and rather then simply punishing him, he made good use of his skills. He was quick, silent, with the ears and nose of a bloodhound. And he was loyal, as well... there was no better agent for him. Who would suspect that a simple Wolfen slave was the one gleaming their secrets and delivering them to his Master.

He has taught him to read and write, and he loves books, but loves to write them even more. His room if full of poems and short tales of heroic deeds. He also wears a grubby fishermans hat. While his Master has given him other clothes, he cherishes this one item above all... it was the first gift he had ever received, and he never goes anywhere without it.

When Master returns home after a long, hard day, his pet wants nothing more then to undress him, make his dinner, run his bath and prepare his bed, happy to serve him. But sometimes... he gets dragged into that bed. This, he does not mind at all. Anything for Master.

In Need
Furry, M/M

Two boys have been friends since High School. One, a cheetah, is unmotivated, slightly angsty, and a few years graduated, laying around his dark room without any plans for work. The other is much younger, still a year or two from graduation, a shy but fun hyena boy.

While the hyena has some slight curiosities, he is by no means bi... yet. What he doesn't know is his older, gruffer friend is a bit of a ladies man. Surprising, considering how quiet he is. The summer has kicked in, and so the usual heat cycle has hit him, and the whole summer, he hasn't had so much as a hand job from any of his usual conquests. It's driving him crazy...

One day, when the hyena is on his knee's searching under the tv case, the cheetah starts eyeing his girly rear up, and decides to grab him. He's not gay... he's just too horny to care!

Not What He Seems
M/F, crossdressing, furry

Two skaters, a gentle and shy catboy and a forward and adventurous fox, have been friends for years. They both met at the ratty, underused skate park, and have hung out since then, inseparable... but what the fox doesn't realize, is that his friend is not a boy at all.

The effeminate looking cat has short hair and a flat chest, and dresses in typical urban clothes, so her friend simply assumed she was a guy, and now she'd rather let him think that then risk their friendship... this secret turns to longing, and she starts to get a crush on him.

Furry, Crossdressing, Seducing, Fantasy

It's gotten very hard to find a job, and one neko is desperate enough for work to apply for a service girl's position at a cafe, in a kingdom where many other sub human and non human races co-exist. Dressing the part and pulling it off convincingly, he gets the job, but understandably avoids the girls changing rooms and instead uses the toilet cubicles at the back of them.

However, his boss catches him skirtless, and realizes that his new 'service girl' is not a girl at all. Desperate to keep his jobk, he allows the wolf to take advantage of him, and a workplace affair starts. At first, it's simply to keep employed, but the bonuses he finds attached to his regular pay only sweeten the deal, and soon he finds himself falling for the older, more experienced man.

Modern Day, Human/Furry

A man and a tigress have fallen in love, but sex has been dangerous for them. Her instincts kick in and she has very little control over herself, clawing and biting. When she almost ripped his throat out and he needed stitches, they stopped trying, and instead went to easier things. But even just fingering her makes her snarl and demand sex, jumping him and riding him until her claws dig into his scrawny shoulders and make him bleed. Needless to say, he doesn't let her suck him off.

But poor, innocent, weak willed little lover has got a plan... he'll surprise her one night, and before she realizes what's happening, her arms will be bound in super strong binding, impossible for her to wriggle from or break... and he's got a whole bag of other options to keep her from acting out too much. Now in a position of power and with a lot of pent up need, he slowly starts to discover his dominant side, and she loves every minute of it.

Furry, Fantasy, Dom/Sub, M/M

A little Mongrel has been left alone on the streets of a busy turn pike town. No one want's him, because he's a mixed breed. No one quite knows what he is, resembling a marsupial, a dog and a cat in areas. He was originally trained for and sold as a sex slave, but his first owners simply dumped him here, and now he huddles in an alley somewhere, sniffling and rubbing his knuckles into his teary eye's, not knowing how he's going to eat or where he'll sleep.

Then, a very tall shadow blankets him, and he rubs his eyes and looks up to see a pure bred canine, clad all in armour, a clanless knight passing through on his way to find a kingdom.

Timidly, the little Mongrel takes his hand and accepts some food, and soon, he's huddling close to one of his large legs like a shy child, peeking from behind him occasionally. He quickly starts learning how to care for his gear, how to assist in his dressing, and quickly puts his sexual training to use.

It's helpful that he's only tall enough to nuzzle into the dogs stomach fur... means he doesn't have to kneel to show his appreciation to his Master.

A Necessary Union
M/F, Furry, Incest, Vanilla

In the dense humid jungles, laying in a gash in the Earth, is a peaceful tribe of Neko. While times of war are not unknown to them, there hasn't been a conflict for many decades, the training of warriors kept as tradition. All Neko find a task or job, and this directly effects their value and status.

Two twins, named after a legend of twin hunters who moved as one, in both hunting, dancing, and love making, have quickly risen as the tribes most promising young hunters. It is a common practice for the Elders to pair mates as they come of age, to help produce strong children. While the new adults are free to marry who they wish, the first cub is often decided for them.

They have been paired to mate. Incest is not so uncommon here, but it was still a strange and awkward demand. At first, they're opposed to it, but as time goes by, and they get more comfortable, they tease each other about it. When they stall too long, they're given a deadline... and they just keep putting their union off, leaving it until the very last second.

On the night before the deadline ends, they go to their hut, crawl into bed, and try very hard not to look like they're actually enjoying this.

Freefall's Last Fight
M/F, Mind conditioning, Avian/Human, Crossdressing

There are many different levels of intelligence in the sub-human hierarchy. Some match or exceed basic human intelligence, while others are essentially animals with more developed bodies. The higher up the hierarchy you are, the more rights you have, while there are many different programs for those that are developed enough to live within society, yet not quite able to take care of themselves.

The Bladed Finch is one of those species, intelligent enough to be raised into society, but also quite easy to drive feral in the wrong upbringing. Unfortunately, they are highly prized as fighters in illegal cage rings. The spines along their arms, like bladed feathers, are deadly, and they are small and agile, with strong legs and claws. Resembling a human with winged arms and scaled birds legs and a proud plume down the back, they have their wings clipped, leaving enough for short dashes, and sharpen the spines and claws, often attaching vicious weapons. They are beaten daily, attacked with hot pockers or threatened with other animals, all meant to drive them to a beast like state.

When a Finch Fighting ring was raided, young Freefall lived only through chance. Most of the time, all of the males would be humanely killed, as they could not be rehabilitated, while the breeding stock would be taken to special programs. Freefall was new, and so hadn't been fully trained yet, but he had managed to escape his bonds for the night and kill one of the females, sneaking into her much warmer cage. He awoke in the raid, and was mistaken for a female. It was the only reason he lived.

Now, placed with a human carer and working with her at her store, he has to hide as a rehabilitated female Finch. It's not that hard, staying in character, but when he see's another Finch in the store, it takes all his will not to leap the counter and rip him to shreds. The compulsion is driving him mad, and he's not sure he can resist much longer. When his carer finds him huddled in the changing rooms, shaking with the uncontrollable urge to kill and crying with the fear he may lose himself, she comforts him, and promises to keep his secret, and stop his bloodlust.

Human/Reptilian, Rehabilitation, Sub-human intellect

Alternate take on Freefalls Last Fight

The Dune Snake is a bipedal creature of sufficient intelligence. It can be trained to understand speech, but it has trouble speaking, even when educated. Majority of the species are wild, however, and very territorial, defending their patch of desert from anything that would linger too long.

A soft body within a a heat trapping shell of light, stone like carapace, it is incredibly agile, and can both retain heat or vent it through flexible 'gills' in it's armour. It's most notable ability is to boil sacs of a special fluid inside the long forward facing spikes on it's front legs and tail. These spines can heat to such a temperature they've been known to shear through plate armour.

A starving Dune Snake has passed out while trying to steal food from a caravan. It had nearly been killed by a larger Dune Snake. It reawakens in a busy city, and is terrified, causing quite a scene before it's apprehended. The laws on this class of species are clear. It must be returned to the wild, put down, or rehabilitated.

The woman who managed to catch him, a Mid-Species Control Officer, knows that returning it will be just as much a death sentence as putting it down, and volunteers to rehabilitate it. It's spines are filed down, fluid sacs removed, and a muzzle attached. Now without it's natural weapons, it's attempts to lash out at her are infuriatingly harmless, and met with force. It is still an animal, and she must exact her superiority over it like one. She hates to do it, but he must be tamed before he will have a chance of surviving.



M/M/F, Modern Day, Unrequitted

He never got to tell his friend how he felt, before he left. All three of them had been the closest friends in school, his 'big sister and brother'. He had had such an intense crush on his male friend, and he missed his chance, his friend leaving after school, far away. He doubted he would go for him anyway... he had girls hanging from him wherever he went. What would he want with a skinny little guy like him?

But now he's back, but he's not sure whether to explode with joy or let himself implode with nerves and insecurities. His 'big sister' is quick to catch on, and realizing why he's suddenly started to melt into the woodwork, she secretly starts to coax him into spilling.

Depressed and desperate and drunk, he has pity sex with his female friend, and just lays with her, guilty, but she keeps assuring him it's okay, she doesn't mind taking some of the pressure from him. She lets him have her whenever he wants it, even though he never asks, soothing the poor boy, but when he breaks down after one night of intense guilt sex, she knows she has to settle this and finally gets the two together.

M/M, Post Apoc, Age difference

New Homestead is one of the most developed areas in the region. While the land around it is as wild and untamed as any effected by the bombs, Homestead enjoys the security of a tough wall and an effective Government, the benefits of not only law and order but commerce and communication as well.

They're not the only city to gain such a firm footing, or the best, but the reality of their surroundings still presses in. Any one of their trade routes could be lost, any number of diseases could come, allies could fall, and self sustaining supplies are never guaranteed. Criminals are punished harshly, even the children. For those not of age who steal, rape, kill or otherwise break the law, the punishment is harsh but necessary. They are sent outside into the wastes.

They are thrown into the lives of pre-war soldiers, taught to endure and work together, to act under pressure, to fight for something other then themselves for once. Many give up and leave, and those deserters are often found mauled by the dangers of he wastes. Those that remain often return to society better people.

One such person, a young man of 17, has lived a hard life and learned to be cold and reclusive. He has taken a life, and now finds himself in this weening program. His fragile exterior is easily broken, and underneath this criminal of necessity, a scared child hides. His sargeant will break him, tear him down piece by piece if he needs to, and when his charge is ready and willing to, he'll put him back together.

Such a beautiful young man, completely at his mercy, broken and desperate for any kind of guidance, the drill sargeant can't help himself from taking his charge to his cot at night. But when the morning comes, theres no allusions to preferential treatment. He's still a soldier, and he'll get the boot into his back as he pushes up in the mud, just like everyone else, and he'll thank him for it, just like the rest!

Little Brother for Rent
M/M/F, Drugging, Rape

A girl is working as a chemist, and meets a young man who has become infatuated with her little brother. Still in High School, her young brother is small and delicate, and totally naive. His older sister uses her knowledge of chemicals to drug him and rent out his unconscious body to her new friend for a profit.

She can't help getting excited, watching this man undress and suckle her sleeping brother, lubing him and having his way with him over and over. She starts masturbating as she watches, helping him at times by propping him up or holding an ankle for him. One day though, he doesn't drink the full drug, and so starts to regain consciousness while he's being raped. At first, he resists, weakly, but in his altered state, he starts to enjoy it.

Searing Cold
M/M, Fantasy, D/S

Two students have been rivals ever since they enrolled. One, a hot headed Cryomancer, the other a calm and collected Pyromancer. Both have been tied for top of the school, driven by an obsession to best each other, and now that they have graduated as licensed Mages, they've decided to settle this for good.

A duel in a field decides it all, and the Cryomancer loses. Biting back his bitterness and anger, he does the noble thing and, even though it tastes like ashes to say it, admits his rival is the better Mage.

Now, he is his rivals slave for one year, wearing a named collar and serving him in menial tasks. But what he doesn't realize is his new Master is gay, and has had his eyes on him a while. With their feud behind them, and his collar on his neck, he takes advantage of the situation and introduces him slowly to his world.

All his pet can do is growl and turn the ice on, let the temperature drop in his passive aggressive defiance, refusing to let himself enjoy a second of it, even as he starts to like the treatment. But he won't give his Master the pleasure of seeing that.

Go Away, Come Back
M/M, modern day, romance

A shy boy raised in a Christian home has fallen madly in love with a boy. The two are very different, the first, Eric, full of insecurities and a bit of a wimp, the other, Jason, forward, emotional and passionate.

It's Jason's personal policy not to try and convert straight men, but Eric is different, clearly bi-curious at the very least, treating every touch or gesture or word from Jason like a guilty pleasure, a drug he can't keep away from, enslaving him.

Eventually, the guilt of his upbringing becomes too much, and he pushes Jason away. When Jason finally does leave, hurt and angry, Eric panics and tries to stop him by standing in front of his car. Even when Jason slams the gas on, Eric doesn't move, and Jason has to turn at the last second, wiping him out and flipping the car. Both end up in hospital, broken and battered, in a tense silence, wondering who will be the first to speak...

They have a lot of healing to do.

Time Away

A boy and his girl have gone on shaky ground. Again. Its gotten to the point where he's just given up trying to understand women at all. Tired and frustrated, he goes clubbing in a vain attempt to get the harpy off of his mind, and makes a new friend.

He's having a genuinely good time with this person, and it doesn't even cross his mind that this guy is gay. His new friend, however, knows exactly whats going on, and soon brings the confused and lost boy to his room.

Incest, Yaoi, Threesome, Modern Day

A mother and son have had a casual sex relationship since his mid high school days. It had gotten to the point where she was jumping him minutes before the bus arrived for a hurried quickie on the counter top, or he'd begin to grope her until she'd pull the car over and they could drag each other to the back seat.

Now, he is a graduate, and in his first year of living at home with no school. He is working and taking online classes, which leaves plenty of time for his mother to grab him for sex. However, he seems different now... he's not enjoying it anymore. He's growing soft during the act, and seems only to persevere to not hurt her feelings. She fears that she's getting old and ugly... During one session where she practically forces him, he blurts out that he has a boyfriend.

Yes, he's gay, and no longer finds his mother attractive. Despite him trying to reassure her, she is still hurt, though quite understanding. When she meets his new boyfriend, however, she is delighted to find that he is only bisexual... and when her son catches her on her knees sucking him, a little feud erupts between the two.

Now they're fighting over him, one stealing him away for the other to catch, and then vice versa, both trying to please him as a way to spite the other, and he remains hopelessly in the middle.

Eventually, it will all boil over into the open and become a threesome.

My Brother, My Master
M/M, Incest, slight age difference, vanilla, light bondage

A slightly popular novelist, in his early thirties, has just discovered he has a younger brother. The boy is barely 20, attending college and more then a little excited at finally having a sibling. When he realizes who it is, one of his favourite under rated authors, he is torn between brotherly affection and swooning, starry-eyed 'biggest fan' meltdown. He had always had a bit of a crush on the dark, poetic man and his twisted visions, and has every book he ever wrote.

So when they finally start catching up on lost time, it doesn't take long for some confusing feelings to find their way in... not that his older brother is oblivious. In fact, he decides to take advantage of his new siblings infatuation, collaring him and taking him as his pet.

His Innocence

A man in his late twenties has lived it rough and learned to be cold. He has a few scars, all with unpleasant stories, lives alone, doesn't socialize, and has only worked a real job for the past few years. The kinds of people that have made him this way have been removed from his life, but now he doesn't know how to function without them.

He is an ex-criminal, trying to go straight and finding only loneliness.

One day, he crashes his car into a young man. Barely 19, a picture of innocence, his hand is shattered and his leg broken. At first, the older males concerned he'll have a lawsuit coming his way and have to pay damages. Its just what he's come to expect now. So when the boy he injured apologizes for wrecking his car (out of his hospital bed no less) he finds himself at a loss of what to say.

During his hospital stay, he loses his job, and with no income, he gets evicted from his apartment. The ex-criminal feels something he hasn't in a while, guilt, and gives the boy his spare room. Not use to charity, he makes him go on welfare so he can help pay his way... somehow, it makes it easier for him, to act like a bit of an asshole.

But the more time he spends with this boy, the harder it is to keep up those ice walls around his heart. Everything about him, his naive but cheery smile, his inability to see the worst of anything, his constant apologies and attempts to help around the house in crutches, feeding the cat and bunny he brought with him, his paralysing fear of spiders and girly squeal... he couldn't think of anyone more unlike himself.

He couldn't think of anyone he'd ever wanted more.

A Reluctant Physical
Modern Day, M/M, age difference, Doctor/Patient

A Doctor in his mid thirties is the personal physician of the town mayor. The mayor has for once brought his son along. The boy is a late teen and holds no love for his father, dressing as an 'emo' but acting more like a predator. When he see's this doctor, he feeds on the danger of chasing an older man and spiting his father. It certainly helps he finds the doctor attractive.

He's not exactly subtle, exposing his arousal to him without shame, preying on the man's reluctance and repressed sexual urges. At first, it's just him sitting back on his bench with his cock out, watching him and stroking himself, with the doctor just as clearly refusing him for many reasons. He's younger, he's not gay, his dad is his customer and the mayor... but those eyes never leave him, wearing him down, and when the boy gets on his knee's, the doctor is simply unable to resist any more.

Breaking The Rules
Yaoi, Crossdressing, Romance, Incest, Fantasy

Two princes, teenagers and bored with the life of private tutoring and formal dinners, become unusually close to each other. In the past, a pair of cousins, or brother and sister having 'relations' has been turned a blind eye too. Once the Queen catches wind of the two's secret night time antics, she splits their room up and forbids them from having sex.

One night, the youngest, but boldest of the two appears in his brothers room, wearing one of the maids outfits. He seduces his brother, insisting that he is 'just one of the scullery girls in to change his sheets'

And so, a game arises out of this. Every night, its another costume, another persona... and with no limit to what their private wardrobe's hold, the possibility for roleplay is quite endless. Besides, they were only forbiddon from making love with each other... but Suki the martial arts expert, Calihan the noble Knight, Wind Runner the Indian huntress... those are all different matters!



Half a Shadow
F/F, sci-fi

Dolls are sophisticated bodyguards, born in pods like human children, passing through their adolescence in a matter of weeks and becoming full adults, at which point their aging stops completely. Their brains do not develop past pre-defined archtypes, leaving them emotionless and brutally efficient. However, with their minds so selectively developed, they were not often trusted to recognize and act on a threat. Their combat instincts, once kicking in, turned them into inhumanly capable marksmen and hand to hand combat specialists, but there were too many variables for them to be trusted.

The first Doll to be mentally linked to it's owner proceeded to coldly execute his mother-in-law, tear down the paintings he didn't like, and rape his secretary, in the span of a few seconds and in front of a dozen or so people witnessing the test, acting on his unconscious thoughts.

So they began to breed them in identical pairs, physically and mentally mirror images, thinking as one, acting as one. It did not solve the problem, however, so they instead created a safety word system. A Doll would act on its own to counter threats, but would only follow an order when preceded by it's command word. Saying the command word, and then uttering a singular word, like 'kill', or 'search', would isolate the thought processes that were to be acted on, and gave permission to do so.

While Dolls mostly resemble humans, their skin is an unhealthy grey, occasionally marred with dark patches of blotchy, toughened skin. The flesh itself is lightly and less resistant, like rubber, and their blood is a thin, pale liquid. Even direct gunshots to the chest will not cause excessive bleeding, and they can completely ignore shots that would incapacitate or kill. Their eyes do not blink, and the entirety is a pale colour over the pupil and iris. The eyes and blood are always the same colour, but it differs, sometimes pink, red, yellow or brown, but always very dull.

This particular Doll, new and slightly unstable, has lost her twin sister protecting her charge, a business woman was pressured into taking a pair of Dolls. Her programming was weak to begin with, and losing her other half has made her even more unstable. The Command Word is not always needed, she considers actions when she shouldn't, and when her owner seems lonely or sad, she gets the strangest feeling, like she needs to make it better, but there's no threat. She doesn't understand how to fix it. Her mind becomes a tumble of new and confusing emotions, and her owner takes her to her bed to show her there is nothing wrong with her. She's not broken. She knows the warnings, that a broken Doll can lash out and kill, but she trusts her Doll with her life, and will give her one in return.

Jezebell and Hiedi
Modern day, F/F, Teens, Rough Sex.

Rachel is a shy, dorky kind of girl, hiding in the school library for the most part. She meets Jezebell, and instantly falls for her. Jez, or just 'Bell', is innocence incarnate, sweet, friendly, intelligent, and completely naive of her new friends feelings.

However, Rachel doesn't realise that Bell has a pretty severe case of split-personality disorder. Her darker side arrives periodically, a rough and tumble woman who is completely self aware of the fact she is just a figment. She knows about Bell, and of Rachel's feelings, and isn't afraid of taking advantage of her, tormenting her sexually, turning the girl into an unwitting sex crazed submissive.

Between the hardcore Hiedi and the angelic Jezebell, Rachel feels quite smitten, savoring the slow, friendly bonding of her first personality, while secretly grateful when the second comes out to relieve her of her tensions.

A Helping Hand
Incest, F/F

A girl is suffering from a strange problem. She cannot please herself. She can spend hours furiously masturbating, but cannot achieve climax. It's frustrating her to no end, and she's becoming irritable. Her older sister, however, can see right through her... she had the same problem, and her mother fixed it for her. She intends to do the same for her.

She's going to take her younger sister out for the day, shopping, going to the movies, the fair, the zoo, running her ragged until she's utterly exhausted and feeling great, then rent a bunch of movies, get the blankets set up, and have a nice quiet movie night.

And then... she'll put the porn on, grab the confused and embarrassed girl, and reach into her panties, pleasing her while she's exhausted and content.

Sisterly Bond
F/F, Incest, Masturbation, Psychic bonds

Two sisters, twins, were born with the strange ability to share feelings... whether they be painful or pleasurable. Naturally, this extends to their more private sensations, so personal time has never been private for either of them. Every since they've been old enough to touch themselves, they've agreed to never do it when the other can't. This means they spend almost all of their self loving time in the same room as each other, sometimes even helping each other out with dirty talk or toys.

And when they can't get together, they always call each other first, just to make sure its safe... and if it is, they stay on the phone, to listen to each other and talk about all the boys they wished they were with right now.

One day, one of them breaks this agreement, way too aroused to wait for her sister to get home. Unfortunately, her sister was on the bus, and had to bite down on her purses hand strap to keep herself from moaning as she came. Embarrassed and angry, she confronts her sister, and now, all bets are off... they don't leave each others sight if they can avoid it, since both will take any opportunity to slink away for a quick fingering, giving their sister an unwanted orgasm at work or at the park.

This will later evolve into some very passionate 'angry sex'.




A year ago, his daughter was in a brutal accident that left her in a curious state. Physically, she was barely responsive, sometimes able to stand or sit, but mostly she was limp like a corpse. She could not speak, and her eyes were completely devoid of all emotion. She seemed a souless shell. Only occasionally did she peer at her father, as if wondering why she recognized him, and why fed her, and bathed her, and what she had done to make him so sad.

But most curious of all, when he touches her, something is felt between them. It is a difficult thing to describe, a connection, resonating, pulsing, and the more he lavishes her in attention, the higher her physical sensations, the more she responds. Whispers of emotion are cast out to him, longing, apology, appreciation, unwavering loyalty, his little angel calling out to him when she has no lips to speak. And when she's close to cumming, she even finds the strength to hold onto him, legs wrapping about his waist and rasping a single wordless breath.

In time, the connection becomes stronger, and they no longer need the sex to feel each other. She can even smile again, and look up at him without him having to draw her chin and say her name several times. But they can't stop their physical communion. They don't want to. They've never been closer.

Faded Bonds
Mother/Son, Romance

A single mother has suffered head trauma in an accident, and now has amnesia. Her son is helping her readjust to her home, and while she remembers small things here and there, she does not recall her son at all. This distresses her, as she has no doubts he is her son, and she doesn't want to lose the bond she has with him, but no matter how much time passes, he still seems like a stranger, a new person in her life, not someone she once gave life to. He's been so patience and sweet and caring, she can't help but start developing feelings for him, against her better judgement.

Torn and confused, she goes to his bed one night, desperate to recall something, anything about the boy, searching for any detail, both with her eyes and hands, frantic for security in her lost, drifting life. Wanting nothing else then to protect her, he'll be whatever she needs him to be, no matter how strange and surreal this is.

Brother/Sister, Twincest, crossdressing

Two identical twins, a boy and a girl, dared each other to swap uniforms and go to school, after comparing each others work and finding they wanted to trade it. It went by perfectly, no one had any idea the girl in class was really her brother in her uniform, and vice versa.

One day, however, the brother sets his sister up to fill in for him at a gathering of friends he really doesn't wanna go to. By the time she realizes what her sneaky brother did, she has no choice but to play her role. Fuming, she plots her revenge and tells a boy that is interested in her that she'll meet him somewhere secluded for some 'fun', and sends her brother there, with her clothes a false errand. Now he's the one who has to play along, but instead of spending a few hours with people he doesn't like, he needs to get on his knees and blow his sisters friend, hoping he won't be revealed for an imposter.

Suddenly, loaning their identities didn't seem like such a good idea. Epic angry crossdressed twincest follows.

Yes Father
Step Father/Daughter, Mental Trauma, Magic, Dom/Sub

Patricia had been orphaned when a flood destroyed her family villa. She had suffered a cracked skull and multiple fractured ribs, pinned to a tree by a beam of wood by the flood waters. She had been stuck there for three days, and when finally rescue teams found her, she was dilerious with fever and hunger. By all stretches of the imagination, she should have been dead. She was only 12 years old.

Until she was 17, she lived in an orphanage, and never expected anyone to take her. She was broken. No one said that, but she knew she was defective. That night changed her, and she saw the world in a very different way. Little things that didn't seem to mean much set her off and made her fear for her life, while equally random images would sooth her. When she was mad, or wanted to escape, things broke and people got hurt. She didn't mean it, it just happened! She didn't mean to make the door tear itself from its hinges, or set the orderly's clothes on fire. It wasn't her fault! But she knew the only reason she was still here was because they were afraid of removing her.

And then, one day, she felt different. She felt a change, like something important was about to happen. Was it good, or bad? She couldn't tell, but it filled her with a cautious excitement. She had been adopted! The man had not even needed to check their rosters, he knew exactly who he wanted, the scary girl that no one wanted to be near. He approached her like any young woman and did something she did not expect, or know how to deal with. He asked her what she'd like to do. No one had ever 'asked' her about anything... not since the bump on her head at least. If he wanted her, he could have just told her to follow him, but he was asking if she wanted to. What she wanted had never been a factor. It was almost a foreign concept now. Cautiously, she took his hand, and left for her new home.

There was a reason he chose her. She was an incredibly promising, but dangerous young Mage. Such potent and unstable power had to be controlled, and she knew, somehow, that if she failed, his orders were to kill her. That should have frightened her. She should have ran and atomized anything in her way. But she knew, as clearly as she knew his orders, that he did not intend to fail her. He had complete faith in his new 'daughter', and she felt nothing but tentative, genuine trust in this near stranger. She wanted to please him. She wanted 'Daddy' to be proud of her.

A Closet Full of Skeletons
M/F, Incest, Mom/Son

She had tried to raise him right. Whether she was an incompetant mother, or he was an impossible child, she'd never know. He had been a terror, yelling at her, abusing her, ruling the house, refusing to acknowledge discipline, responsibility... he was the centre of the universe and if anyone said otherwise he would make his mother suffer for it. She tried to fix him, really she did, but nothing worked. As much as she loved him, she just couldn't cope anymore. When he was 14 years old, she sent him to a mental home, and had to live with the shame, the betrayal.

During a riot a year later, her son and several others broke out. He was never caught. She never knew where he went to, if he was fed and warm, safe, or if he was even alive at all. Every night, she blamed herself for not being strong enough, and each night the pain lessened just a little. On her sons 21st birthday, someone knocks on her door, and for barely a second, she didn't realize who it was.

The young man grabbed her, and her first thought was of violence, that he had come back to hurt her, but he didn't move. He just clung to her, eyes wet with the shame and guilt he couldn't trust himself to put to words. All he said was "I'm sorry".

She remembers him, but she's missed seven years of his life! It wasn't so much seeing her son grown older, it was like her late husband had become younger. And just like her sweet husband, her son was flawed but kind, and would do anything to make up for all the pain he put her through. Anything.

Returning to the Nest
M/F, Incest, Age Difference, Milf

He never knew his mother. He had been adopted when he was just an infant, and raised with the knowledge that this house was not his blood family. He had had plenty of time to come to terms with it, but buried deep was a sense of abandonement. Why had she given him up? Didn't she love him? He did a good job of managing these feelings, living a normal and somewhat happy life. When he turned nineteen and left his adopted family for his first home, he found himself tempted to try what his friends always talked about. Hiring a prostitute.

A bit lost, he eventually found a woman who took most of the work off of his hands, recognizing this was his first time and sparing him the embarrassment. She comes home with him and patiently walks him through all of the paces, even staying the next morning and giving him another night at half the price.

And that was how it started. They became friends, meeting for lunch or coffee, going shopping, but still their relationship came to how it started, almost every encounter ending with sex, and she wasn't even charging him any more. She moved in with him, stop walking the street corner and found a job. The both of them were lonely, missing a family they never had.

One day, he finds her locket, and inside is a little lock of baby hair, the exact shade of red as his own. That same night during sex, she finds a tiny scar hidden by his hair, where she had accidentally cut his still soft skin when she had held him the last time, taking the lock before giving him up.

She had been with her son and not even realized it.

Repairs Needed
M/F, Cyborg, Age Difference, Milf

A young man gets dumped out of a relationship that barely even started. Feeling lonely and disoriented, he does something odd for him. Goes to the bar. He rarely even goes to clubs, and even then, never alone.

Ending up in a bar by himself, he starts talking with a woman, and when he ends up drinking her drink by accident, ends up back at his apartment with a throbbing skull and a taxi invoice.

Intrigued, he frequents the bar, and discovers she is a veteran of the America and North Korea Conflicts of 2027. This would mean she would be in her 70's, yet she appears no older then late 20's.

She's a Soldier who's seen more combat then any person should have. When ordered to commit horrible civilian executions, she defied orders, and killed her Commanding Officer. For her insubordination, she would have been hung for war crimes, but instead she was used for a cruel experiment.

She continued her service in a brutal campaign of suicide missions. Her and the other war criminals in her squad were thrown into the fire, dragged from the coals, patched up, and tossed in again. She suffered numerous wounds, many of which should have been fatal.

When the war was over, her and the rest of her squad (what was left of them) were released. They'd 'served their time' they said, and were given a medical plan that barely covered their cyborg bodies maintainance needs, and could drink at any veteran bar, courtesy of tax dollars.

Understandably, she is bitter, but also quite numb, and lifeless. Theres a touch of loneliness there, and the deceptively old cyborg finds herself giving into the charm of this curious boy, so innocent and unlike her... eventually, she gives in and feeds him a few of her gruesome war stories, describing how she got the plate in her head, showing him the scar where the shrapnel shattered her hip, how she got her synthetic lung, and all kinds of other stories.

Eventually, she'll share this with him not just to humor him and sate his curiosity, but to finally open up to someone...

PS. He'll totally find her working on her own arm in the garage

His Broken Angel
Light Bondage, Romance, Modern Day

Terry had been a small, shy boy all through out school, and the favourite of a notorious school bully. Alicia had a rich family, throngs of friends, and was quite beautiful. Almost on a daily basis she would taunt and tease him, sometimes even physically abuse him. The worst of these incidents was one slushy day when the snows were melting into gravel mud. She had kicked his bag open, destroying his school books and kicking gravel and slush into his face and hair as he tried to retrieve them, her friends laughing as they watched.

This memory would burn itself into Terry's mind and remain there in the years after high school, even after he had gotten over her and put the bullying behind him. He heard from somewhere that her family was having financial troubles, but never followed that up.

One day, while walking home from work, he see's a quiet, depressed looking girl standing silently on the curb. For five whole minutes she simply stood, not paying any mind to the world around her. Then, she closed her eyes and walked out into the traffic. Without thinking, Terry dropped his bag and threw himself at her, saving her from an oncoming taxi, and narrowly avoiding it himself.

When he saw who she was, the memory of that day after school resurged. He always wondered how he would react to seeing Alicia again... would he feel angry? Reclusive? Looking into those empty, lifeless eyes, he felt only pity for her.

He took her home, and she was practically mute, simply sitting in the room he provided, hugging her legs in a corner. She was filthy, starving and had no wallet or valueables. Finally, she allowed him to bathe her, and ate a few tentative bites.

He didn't know what had happened to her since she had been cast to the streets. One hell of a wake up call, he guessed. After a few nights of silence, she uttered a feeble, yet genuine apology. A few nights more and she held his sleeve when he turned to leave the room, and told him she didn't want to be alone. He shared his bed with her, and her intense need for closeness and comfort lead to sex.

This bully, who had made his life so miserable... Terry could see clearly that he had just been the unfortunate object that she chose to vent her frustrations on. Had she been this lonely back then as well? Did making his life a misery somehow help her with her own empty life? He couldn't bring himself to hate her, or to be mad with her... he simply took her in, and she clung to him fiercely, fulfilling every sexual desire, both from her fear of being alone, and her intense need to atone.

He couldn't keep himself from getting into it either, letting out some of his buried frustrations on her, often calling her a bitch and getting rough. She doesn't mind. In fact, she craves it when things get more heated then usual. Despite this venting of their unhappy past, they grow to love each other deeply, and she'll wear his collar, becoming his willing and content Slave, calling him Master whether he's forcefully fucking her, or holding her like a prescious figure of glass.

Teaching their Child
Crossdressing, Gender Confusion, Whole Family, Toys, Light Bondage, Modern Day

A loving couple is quite open with their sexuality, and when they decided to have a child, they didn't seem to care what they would end up with... boy, girl, gay, straight, bisexual, whatever the childs future, they would love it and support it. They had a beautiful baby boy, but it became clear early on that he was 'different'. He preferred to dress as a girl, and his body and voice were effeminate enough to pull it off convincingly. Even his behaviour was girly, giggling and squealing and still using 'mama' and 'papa' at age 17.

Most parents would have been horrified. This mother and father were only worried for their son's happiness... so they simply monitored him and made sure that he was comfortable as a transgender, and always made sure he knew all his options. That was how they were raised, after all... given the knowledge and then left to handle it their own way. Never encourage him, but never discourage either.

They also don't seem to mind if their son hears their love making, or see's them naked. They often talk about sex as well, though the son is often embarassed by these talks. One day, however, he walks in on his mother using a strap-on on his father... he is slightly confused, and later, his mother approaches him to make sure he's okay. Naturally, they end up having sex, and when the father finds out, he doesn't seem so opposed... in fact, he joins in!

The New Secretary
Cheating, Seducing, Work Relationship, Modern Day

A shy, nerdy book worm has been under the heel of his selfish, cruel girlfriend since high school. They have been married for 3 years. The relationship is unfulfilling, yet he simply doesn't have the backbone needed to stand up to her, nor does he believe he can do any better. Thankfully, her attempts to become pregnant have failed. He has no desire to bring a child into this loveless relationship. He has also been aware of her cheating on him.

Despite all of this, he is a good, loyal husband, and always tries to make his stern wife happy, hoping that all it will take to renew their love is the endurance to wait. He gets a new job as a personal secretary, and his new boss takes an interest in him... young, submissive and wanting, he seems perfect for her advances. She is older then him, but has quite a lot of experience.

What begins as implied attraction and advances will soon be obvious stalking and sexual harassment, and as much as he hates to admit it, he hasn't felt such passion in a long, long time...

Colours in my Heart
Incest, M/F

A young girl has shown incredible promise ever since she first picked up a crayon, and has grown into a fantastic artist. Now in her middle year of high school, she's been recommended by her entire school board for a scholarship. She has a great future ahead of her.

But now, in all its bitter irony, she has started to have issues with her sight. Its degrading fast, and soon she finds out she'll be completely blind in a matter of weeks. Only a transplant can give her her vision, and future back. While waiting for a donated organ, her blindness has set in completely, and she starts to accept that she'll never be able to paint again... there'll be no more colour in her life, and the chances of her actually getting the transplant are a million to one.

Her older brother, who is a simple photographer, has been at her hospital room every waking minute of this ordeal, losing both sleep and work hours just to be there and lend his strength. Now that shes completely blind, he can't bare to wait for the organ that may never come.

She wakes up at 2 am, and finds to her amazement that she can see again. The first thing she wants to do is leap out of bed and find her brother. And that's when she sees him in the hospital bed beside her, bandages across his eyes, recovering from the surgery that gave her her sight back.

What would follow is him trying to be strong and support her through her schooling, and her trying to push her own support on him, when she knows he needs it. A romance would form, and with only his hands to know her face and body, their intense love would become sexual.

M/F, D/S, Light Bondage

She was his best friend all through school, sticking up for him when he got bullied, helping him cope and just generally being there. He didn't know what he would do without this girl. She had always been like a big sister to him...

Then the day came that he graduated high school, 2 long years after she did. Now that they could be together again, he made a promise to be hers forever... a promise she made him take very seriously.

Now hes her willing and happy slave, wearing her collar, which he is free to take off at any time. She has quite a naughty side he never knew of before, and she'll take him out in public dressed as a girl or to clubs in embarrassing outfits just to watch him squirm like the timid little thing he is.

Will involve him serving her with normal household things (cleaning, cooking, generally being a maid, costume and all) being tied to a leash, having to serve her in front of friends, bondage, blindfolds, toys, whips, paddles and lots of fluffy, heart-melty cuddles and loviness


She's a temptress and a predator. He's her only son, weak and all but indoctrinated. Constantly, he struggles with how he feels, knowing that incest is wrong, yet he's absolutely powerless to resist her. He loves it... he hates it... as long as she's around, his will is gone, and he both loves and hates his natural submission to her will.

Every day he comes home from school, he does his best to pretend that she's not there behind him, burning holes in his back with her eyes, licking her lips and making thinly veiled small talk about his day, loving the way her voice makes him shake. But when she does grab him and forces his face between her legs, he couldn't ever think of resisting his Goddess of a mother.

The Right Incentive
Incest, Mom/Son

Dismayed by her sons steadily falling grades, she makes a deal with him...

If he can bring home a C, she'll give him a hand job. A B will get him head. An A, however... he'll get whatever he wants from her, for a whole night.

However, when he only manages a D, she goes ahead and unzips him anyway... while he may think she's rewarding him anyway, he'll not wanna bring home another D, as she refused to allow him to finish. That'll learn 'em, she thought.

A Love in Shadows and Whispers
M/F, invisibility

I'd had the ability all my life... but it had been like a headache for the most part, something that just happened I didn't need it, and took its sweet friggen time leaving. I remember the first time it happened, out on the play ground. Just vanished in front of the three kids who were half way done with kicking my ass. All they saw was a floaty set of clothes, and then they went as well. It was kind of nice, seeing them that freaked out. And the icing on the cake was everyone thought they were crazy! Haha...

Later in life, I learned to control it, bring it about on command. Problem was, I needed something on my person to use as a focus. It seemed the only way I could do shift in or out was to use this cheap little necklace I'd had since I was little. Don't know how that worked, but as long as I had it, I could shift at will, clothes and all

Mack had been born with a special gift, able to make himself and anything on his person completely invisible. He could shift back and forth from this any time he wished by focusing on a small necklace he kept on him at all times. To date, the only kind of negative effects have been minor head aches.

When he was 15, he used his abilities to torment a bully, but when he found out that boy had commited suicide because of his actions, he vowed never to use his powers in such a way again.

His father had rotted in prison for a double murder, his mother was a known whore and had bolted long ago. Mack is truly a sweet, kind boy, if a tad troubled, and lacks any kind of confidence. Because of his unsavoury parental history, and his utter inability to come out of his shell, he's universally ignored and sometimes out right hated.

Shifting into the background, disappearing from everyone, he finds his powers more and more useful as an escape.

However, one person has been good to him, a girl he could never hope to be seen with. Her parents are important, rich and influencial, and highly protective of their lonely, innocent little Angel.

He'll shift in order to see her, and the two will begin a strange, intimate affair, hiding in plain sight, Macks secret love surrendering completely to her ghostly Romeo, discovering the sweet, tender boy that hides inside his shell, feeling such an intense passion from those unseen hands...

"Quit Buggin' me!"
Incest, Crossdressing, Femdom, Voyeur, Modern Day

Living in the Bronx ain't easy when your parents both work a 9 to 5. Ya learn to be self sufficient, and take care of each other, even though you drive each other nuts.

That's the case with these two siblings. One is only 16, a boy with a love of video games and messing around, while the other is 19, a 'hardcore' goth chick and amateur photographer. She has always had to play 'Mummy' for her brother, and he's had to be the older one whenever some boy hurt her. They are as close as they can be, but a simple hug can turn into chasing and death threats just like that.

Lately, he's been calling her a pornographer, and has had to escape more then one thrown hair brush. One night, when Mummy and Daddy are away, they break out the Jack Daniel's and get drunk, and become a little too intimate. When she passes out, he grabs a quick feel of her breasts.

The next day, she remembers, and is out for revenge. Pornographer? She'll show him! She'll corner him, force him to wear her lady clothes and model for her. Let's see him bug her now with a few dozen snapshots as blackmail. Eventually, she'll make him eat her out, and feel guilty and suck him off in return, and they'll have sex... all of which would be accompanied by many, many photos... a short sighted decision, as they now both have blackmail material.

The Cat and her Mouse
Light Sci-fi, Shame/Infidelity

Daniel Sorenson, affectionately referred to as Danny Boy for his Irish accent, is a well respected and accomplished police officer. In an age where there are legalized zones for grafitti and skateboarding, the use of parkour has long since been a staple for the common thief. By the time grafitti artists were recognized as actual artists and skateboarders as true athletes, the times also had to adapt to free running thieves.

A police force constrained to cars and streets only made it easier for an adept parkourist to escape. Once police officers in AMF's (Assisted Movement Frames) started patrolling rooftops, it became harder and harder for smash and grabbers. After a while, the people began to refer to the special forces gear as 'AMP's'.

Daniel is one of the AMP's. Acrobatic and light on his feet, the light graces on his legs and arms enhance his movement speed and allow him to scale sheer walls at a canter and survive drops that would break anyone elses legs. He was a talented gymnist in high school, and only a year after being called a 'Rookie' in the force, he was respected as one of the top AMP's.

While there are knock off's of the AMP gear out on the market, not many thieves can outrun Daniel. When he singlehandedly apprehended a would-be assassin in AMP gear, making up the difference of two city blocks during the chase, he was suddenly a very popular man, but refused all offers to take up work in larger cities. He simply loved his city, and his wife and child, too much.

But now, a dark chapter of his past is calling him out. A woman in red with highly sophisticated AMP gear, is making short work of all the AMP forces. Not only can she effortlessly put down any officer in combat, she sports a red visor that seems to link up her reaction times to her AMP gear, making her almost inhumanly swift and precise.

While she's made a point of never killing, she seems to be stealing simply for the chase. She's enjoying this... its all a game to her. A game where the objective is to draw Daniel out. He immediately recognizes her. A friend turned lover when he was young and stupid. While he got over them and found love with his wife and began a family, she doesn't seem quite so ready to let him go.

While he may end up with a sprained ankle and a few concussions, he feels compelled to pursue her, but can he resist her temptations?


Science Fiction/Fantasy

Don't Open Your Eyes
Horror, M/F, Modern Day

Things exist we do not understand. Predators of supernatural origin roam our world. Slowly, we are opening our eyes to these unwelcome intruders, and over the years, specialists have started to offer their services in removing troublesome spirits. While still mocked by the cynical, many are beginning to believe.

Most dangers are simple beings, a wisp of emotional energy with the most basic of animal instincts, claiming a physical form to hunt, or creating it's own ghoulish form. Very few have the intelligence to combat a Hunter.

But this one is new. It does not rely on a simple feeding, gathering fear in the same way a simple thug will smash and rob a store, quick and dirty. No, this one takes it's prey like a gormand, waiting for the wine to reach it's proper age, making sure every aspect of it's feast is perfect. It does not find victims. It creates them, tailors them from birth.

Once such girl has been watched, one of many potential meals. She was spirit, brave, creative, someone with a great future and a strong will. The perfect choice. The thing came during her happiest moment, slaughtering her parents and leaving her to suffer in an orphanage, and then an asylum, and finally, alone in the big world she had once so longed to embrace. Now, every shadow frightened held a frightening prescence, and every person she came across was in danger. She did not know how she knew this, she simply did. She could almost feel her days coming to an end. She felt it coming, her final night, and she could do nothing to stop it. All she could do was face this thing, this fear that had prepared her so. Preparing herself, she sat and waited, ready to meet her fate, and hopefully spoil it's dinner, she wanted to taste like ashes and piss in it's mouth, she wanted it to mourn the waste of it's time. She wanted so much to meet this end with a snarl and go down fighting. But she broke. The first sight of that hooded figure and she was a child again, cowering in her closet as her mother was ripped to shreds and pinned against her bedroom wall.

And just as it came for her, a man with a clawed gauntlet of silver and a heavy pistol kicked the door in and the creature howled it's frustration, fleeing from the light of his gun, it's rage causing every mirror, window, lightbulb and electronic within the block to suddenly shatter. It would not let this Hunter deprive it of it's work, it's meal... it will kill them both!

The Last Sentinel
M/F, Loyal Servant/Queen, Fantasy, age difference

The Kingdom of Leradon was a world unfamiliar with the power of magic. That all changed during The Black Cloud War, where a mysterious foreign force invaded, its assault so brutal and strange that it left the lands barren and choked with mysterious anomalies, reduced to deserts, caught in blizzards, swallowed by forests. The ash and soot and fire of this assault seemed to follow the invading force, resembling a black cloud that swept across the land and destroyed all in its path. They were Mage's from Grath.

This invasion from across the sea took much of Leradons strength before it finally failed, but they could not stop The Second Black Cloud War. Three generations of Grathian occupation followed, in which time magic users were either executed or captured, the populace watched carefully. The Third Black Cloud War was an uprising which finally managed to push Grath forces towards the coast. In this time, during the stalemate while Grath held its border and awaited reinforcements, The First Sentinel was created.

A young soldier, Reynald, barely old enough to enlist, was born with a strange ability. Magical numbness. The forces of magic did not stir within him. This did not protect him from offensive magic, but he was completely dead to it himself. With time, and with the help of turn coat Mages, he learned to absorb magic into himself, and release it, harmlessly, or explosively. They implanted crystal heat sinks into his chest, back, limbs, and temples, grafting it to the bone, and later ran metal 'ley lines' between them, letting his own skeleton act as a conduit, taking the magical energy from the impact site to the heat sinks, absorbing it, holding it, suppressing it, and when he needed to, releasing it. He was the bane of any magic user.

More were made, though none could compare to Reynalds. The Sentinels met the new Grath forces and pushed them from the coast. Leradon was restored, and Reynalds was appointed the Princess' own personal body guard. He was 17, and she was 3 years old. He watched her grow up, and in that time, he saw The Sentinels rise to power, their technology steadily surpassing his own. He saw magic and technology spread throughout Leradon. He was constantly upgraded, his old, antiquated design struggling to keep up with the newer, much more effecient Sentinels of today. He was outdated. His body bore more scars of surgery then it did of battle, until he was much a machine as he was a man, his heat sinks misty from use, cracked in places, the many plates, frames and other metallic instruments under his flesh beginning to rust. He required constant internal and external cleaning to keep himself from succumbing to infection. In any other court, he would be removed from service. But not this one.

Princess Leromai, who he had held as a baby, was now a woman of 32, still unwed, but a great leader, loved by the people and respected by the court. She has helped to bring this nation back to strength, and all the while, Reynalds has been by her side, obedient, selfless and devoted. She knew he would hack off his own arm if she were only to ask, the towering, scarred Sentinel almost like a father to her.

But when Grath Assassin's infiltrate the court, she will see how much bite this old dog has left in him.

Take the Heat
M/F, Domination

An old and cranky Sorceror is forced to take on an Apprentice, and is sent a young man from a less developed city. As if he weren't annoyed enough at this, when he discovers the boy has natural talent far greater then his own, he takes a huge disliking to him and makes his education as unbareable as possible, often setting him nigh on impossible tasks, which he usually manages with passable results (something which only adds to his frustrations)

The boy, desperate to best his much hated Master, sets out on something truly suicidal... binding a Demoness. For the first time in his Magical education, he fails, and the powerful entity has complete and absolute ownership of his soul.

She could kill him, hurt him, force him to do her bidding... but taking in the situation, she comes up with something truly deliscious. A rogue demon such as her would attract unwanted attention. It was in her best interest to play along, and look the part of a bound slave.

Whilst in his Masters prescence, she will protend to be bound to him, only to infuriate the bitter old man, who will believe his student has accomplished this insane feat of Magic. For this, there is nothing he can refuse her when they are in private, and she will often take out her frustrations on her human sex slave at having to protend to be a servant in the prescence of a mortal.

Fading Beauty
M/F, Size Difference, Fantasy

Fairies are elusive and beautiful creatures, often thought to exist in another world entirely, crossing over to this world due to an extremely curious nature, exploring and then retreating back to their home. They were once captured as exotic pets, but they would fade away and die if kept.

A small group of these magical beings tentatively crept into a peaceful, misty forest, having used a magical crystal garden as a portal. Exploring, they are soon attacked by Nixe's, small and viscious fairies, dark and insect like. These evil tricksters dispersed their group and hunted them down. All but one made it back to the crystal, and the Nixe's smashed them all, trapping a frightened, lone fairy in this world, almost ertainly doomed to a slow weakening death.

The girl is very small, waist the size of two cupped hands, skin glowing bright and yellow. She cannot talk, and while she has small wings, she seems to fly by magic.

A young Satyr manages to chase the Nixe's away and befriends the small Fairy, and they set out to find another garden of crystal to get her home. He is young and weak by his species standards, barely considered a man, or 'buck'

His lower half is that of a goat, a set of floppy goats ears and horns protruding from his shaggy hair. He will assist her more and more as she weakens, carrying her when she needs it, keeping her warm, and soothing her when shes scared, and his youthful rush of hormones and her own curious nature will lead to some tummy strething love making.

Karma is Not Always Such a Harsh Mistress
Romance, Fantasy, Sub-Humans other then Furry/Scaly.

A young man is kidnapped by pirates, taken off of the cobbled streets of his home town high in the icey mountains, and whisked away on a flying ship. He has no idea why.

He is half Aeobias, meaning he is a quarter reptilian. His skin flashes in the right light, his eyes liquid and black, small pink patches at his neck fluttering as he breathes. While he cannot stand the cold in his home, the air is dry. His people cannot take the moisture in the air. Over long periods, it will strip their lungs inner walls, and they will cease to breathe.

But this man has a bigger problem. The air in the ship is damp and filthy. The putrid moisture in his system is making him sick. Very sick. The doctor must deal with an untrusting and stupid captain, but she cares for him and see's him through the trip.

Apparently, he was witness to shady doings by a Mage, and was brought to be convicted as an accomplice and give testimony, but the doctors own intervention cleared him of that. He was simply there by bad luck.

The doctor is an honest criminal, a pirate with a sense of honor and decency, and was only on that foul ship for that one trip. She stuck around to make sure he was okay, and then left, after more work, more coin, and a ways to leave.

The fever played terrors on his mind, and he remembered the events as if they were a dream. With nothing back home, and many other sights closer by that would not harm his weak lungs, he began to find his own work. He became a simple helper on the air ships, the travel often dry if a bit too cold for his liking. He proved an able deck hand, if a bit skinny, and many of the other men would take him to their bed rolls. At first, he was resistant, but soon, he warmed to the affections of the kinder men, and would often seek a strong and good hearted pirate whenever he changed ships for both protection and companionship. The union between two men was no longer strange to him... it was actually quite common.

But he never forgot that nice woman that helped him so much... even if she was just a blurry memory that he couldn't quite grasp. He proved quite intelligent, and spent some time with puzzles and other mind games bought for him on shore stops by his friends, and when the captain saw his potential, he trained him in lock picking.

Being a half breed, from a species that navigated with touch as much as sight, and his quick mind, the most hardy of locks became just another puzzle, the subtle vibrations and clicking sounds giving away the contraptions secrets. He could break any vault or open any door that wasn't barring a Mage's personal stash.

One day, he jumps to a new job, and finds himself on a less then desirable ship. Not the first time. He plans to jump ship after the next shore, get his pay and then find another ship. But fate has come into a neat circle, and he finds that this ship is carrying a high value prisoner, a woman committed of a dire crime against the country, one impossible for one such as her to do...

...the same woman that had kidnapped him, and shown him such mercy and compassion at the same time. Now, she is the one under his care. Owing her his life, he would steal the arrest papers from his captain, pick her lock and help her escape.

Bunk Buddies
Body Possession, Masturbation, Fantasy

2 young students at a magical academy could not be more mismatched. A merchants son, suffering from OCD and prone to panic attacks and bouts of irritation, and a gypsies daughter, care free and confident. They are room mates, and his attempts to be 'serious' or when he is uncomfortable serves only to amuse her, and she has no issues with giggling and telling him his many issues are cute.

But something has gone wrong... through a class gone wrong, the gypsies daughter has been trapped in the merchants son. Both consciousnesses are now sharing a body, and while only one of them can control it at a time, they are both constantly aware of each other. Whoever is in control will hear the other in their mind.

Naturally, the boy will feel very violated by this, and will refrain from masturbating for several days... she will easily pick up on his frustrations, tease him about, and when she can coax him to relieve himself... she will feel it as well. She may even take control of him later on when he has become a little more comfortable with masturbating while she is in his mind, so she can satiate her love of anal masturbation... ignoring his protests.

The City of Silk and Light
Furry/Human, Furry/Furry, Group, Public, Fantasy

Surrounded on three sides by frothing brooks, hugging the edge of a colossul water fall, the city of Dhala rests. Built from high, smooth walls of dazzling white stone, topped with beaten copper and draped with tapestries and hanging vines and plants, it appears to sparkle and shift on the horizon, the sun striking its stone and the water spray like millions of tiny stars.

Here, the Icarikek, a native species, has long been worshipped as a messenger of the Gods. While the religious significance of these creatures has long since started to dissolve, the creatures are well loved and treasured.

Shaped like people, the size of a young human teen, their bodies are covered in fur, sporting the tails and ears of a cat. While they share the mannerisms and behaviour of felines, small feathered wings sprout from their packs, allowing them to glide and flit about the city as they please.

They come in every colour, pattern and fur density, and are pampered by the citizens, unafraid of human contact, and sometimes actively seeking it out. Many keep special combs on their persons, just in case an Incarikek should approach them, seeking a grooming.

To harm one of these creatures is a serious offense. Many who have beaten an Incarikek have faced banishment, and in one case, a man who had been caught stealing them to sell their pelts was bound in tight leather and placed on a raft, sent adrift, where eventually the pull of the water would take him to the long drop, and the rocks below.

It is considered the greatest honor to be chosen as a mate. While a human male cannot impregnate one of them, and a male Icarikek cannot impregnate a human woman, the pampered creatures will often choose a citizen in broad daylight. Orgies have even occured in plain sight, but to disrupt an Icarikek mating is forbidden.

A stranger to this place, unused to its ways and customs, has come to visit a family member... and has a major culture shock when she finds herself mounted in a crowded cafe and told to hold still until her new furry friend is done ravishing her.

The Wind and the Sands
M/M, or M/F, Powers

In the desert nation of New Tarsus, it is said the sands themselves are a living, sentient being. They shift and move in ways that no other desert does, and the howling of sandstorms seem to form words, whispered on the wind. The people of New Tarsus have come to revere the sand as their protector and a sort of God figure.

It is intelligent, and protects those that it loves... and is ruthless to those that it does not. It also plays favourites. Those that are born in the howling of a sandstorm, a storm that will stop at the very second of birth, are marked. They will grow and master a natural affinity with the sands. Of its own accord, the sand will assist and protect them where ever they go, and will follow most of their wishes with a mere thought.

The sands are not always obedient however, and may choose to refuse simple wishes, as if they simply sulk like children. The mystery of this strange, intelligent desert will probably never be solved.

However... recently, a very different power has been bestowed among new borns. Children delivered at the dead silence when the wind holds its breath will grow with the wind as an ally, and not the sands. This has brought much prejudice and conflict, sand squaring off against wind, and is steadily boiling towards civil war.

This is a romance where two lovers will be caught in the middle, sand and wind in a forbiddon love.

If played as a Straight story, their union will produce a child that will unite the factions, a master of both Air and Sand.

Little No-Horn
M/F, Rape, Non-Humans

Satiracorns are nomadic, brutal creatures that live in tribes along the grasslands. Human in appearance, they are taller, stronger, and have horns. These horns differ from person to person, from the embarrasingly small, to the status claiming gigantic, to rams curling horns, to lizard like studs, to antlers, to long and deadly steer horns, and in all variations.

Satiracorns breed mostly girls, so the population is carefully controlled, and human males are often captured for the purpose of breeding. Because of these unions, every now and then, a Hornless is born. They are Satiracorns, but they are tamer, less violent, and weaker over all, and lack the horns that all other Satiracorns eventually grow.

The only reason these offspring are not drowned at birth is because they serve a special purpose. Because of their thinned blood, they cannot impregnate a Satiracorn female, and so are used as sexual slaves to the violent woman of their tribe. Like everything, they are shared, and the Hornless are often passed along between multiple women each night.

No-Horn is one such Hornless, the son of the Great-Horn, the woman that leads this tribe. He is the most sought after, and so the life of a sex slave is all he knows. He is abused and often is injured by his lovers, but he its what he was made for. So when finally a young Satiracorn woman comes of age and is permitted to use him, they start to fall in love.

For both of their well being, they have to hide this and protend they are nothing more then occasional lovers. No-Horn has to sleep out in the cold where the low status must sleep, and his new love must go to sleep with the knowledge that somewhere in the tribe, someone is brutally using her love

To Love a Centuar
M/F, Beastiality?

Centuar's are intensely proud, majestic creatures, ruling over their grasslands fiercely, showing little mercy. Hailed as great warriors, both men and women, they often leave a herd when they lose an Duel. To lose such an important fight, to a creature as prideful as the Centuar... they would rather leave then live with the shame.

Some of these shamed Centuars leave with child, or meet a mate that has also left, and the off spring is born with the same intense, headstrong pride, but are a lot more tame. One of them is a young woman, and she has been bogged down in the mud during a storm. With no way of freeing herself, she could be killed by wolves. Probably as bad as a death by viscious wolves, she is saved by a weak, frail human, who dug her out with his bar hands.

As if the shame of being rescued wasn't enough, her leg is injured, and he treats her, mending the limb so she can walk again.

Though she won't admit it, she is very grateful, and has fallen for this charming young man, who so selflessly helped her. Sure, he's a pushover and cringes when she yells at him (which is often) but theres feelings rising up between them, and she takes him along with her while shes migrating to the breeding grounds.

The game could start when he finds her bogged down, or maybe when hes taking the splint off so she can test her leg. The game will follow their long, hard walk (nothing for the girl, but the boy will hardly be able to stay on his feet) to her peoples sacred breeding grounds, and their love will slowly come to fruition on the way. She is selfish, proud and stubborn, and he is a push over, loyal and kind. She will also be experiencing her first heat on the way.

Escort Mission
Post Apoc, Magic/Steampunk, Sub-Humans other then Furry's/Scaly's, Incest

The Kingdom of Malkane had fallen long ago, its pursuit magic and conventional technology eventually culminating in a great war. WMD's had scorched most of the landmass and sent it awash with arcane fire. From the ashes, tribes formed, and from those tribes, cities arose. Roads were pounded into the earth by traveling feet and carts, walls erected, the remains of a better time rediscovered and put to use.

However, travel by anything other a guarded road is dangerous. Thats why Escorts are held in such high regard. Tough, resourceful and efficient with navigating and surviving the cruel wastes, they'll get you and your prescious cargo to wherever you need, faster then taking the roads, and in one piece.

Out in the fields, a village of Satyr's rests in the crater of a dead city that had collapsed long ago into the tunnel network underneath. Life in the pit was good enough, but their leader has grown old and weak, and will soon be replaced. Fearing for her children, the Alpha Males mate hires an Escort to take her son and daughter away. and tells them that when, and if they feel ready to contend for leadership, return. If they stay, they could be murdered, just to keep them from one day challenging the next Alpha Male or Female.

Satyr's are humanoid from the waist up, with furred goat legs, tiny horns and floppy goat like ears. They are fast, nimble and sure footed. Their Escort, however, is a Centaur... something quiet foriegn to them.

Human from the waist up, her lower half is that of a horse. Her face is passive and proud, blond hair tied into a short ponytail, athletic upper body covered only by a length of cloth wrapped about her chest. She is quite strong, wielding a halberd without issue, even if only in one hand. She is also an excellent shot with either a long range gauss rifle, or the semi-auto machine pistol she keeps at her side.

She bares two injuries, the lower half of one of her back legs a cybernetic limb to replace a lost one, and a metal patch over her eye. Three red lights on it flicker and flash. It is both to conceal her damaged eye, and also a targeting system.

So, incestuous Satyr siblings, a post apoc/fantasy setting, and a hard as nails Centaur who goes Cougar on the much younger, innocent Satyr boy.

Magical, Milf

In the land of Bahaal, there are five different layers to reality. On the first is the primal forces, the energy that fuels fire, signifying rebirth, wind, signifying shaping, water, signifying life and strength, and earth, signifying force.

These four different elements, driven by the same power, are the simplest of things in the world of magic, easily understood, though it holds no will or ambition.

The second layer is the physical world, all that we see around us. The forces of the first layer, like the gales of a storm, or the movement of the tectonic plates, are physically mirrored here. Everyone can see the second layer.

The third layer is the first of two spirit planes. Low level apparitions or entities exist here, some being simple formless forces, like barriers or feelings, while other manifest as pests or obstacles, or creatures with will and intelligence. Many people can see the third layer clearly, while almost everyone can sense it at times.

The fourth layer is for higher levels of spirits, often as intelligent and diverse as us, and able to manipulate the second layer if they so choose. Not all mean us harm, most being simply curious.

The fifth... is a mystery. The few people who have peered through that final veil have succumbed to years of mental degradation, suffering traumatizing nightmares of impenetrable blackness and wordless voices.

Everyone who ever went to school knows these things, and there is business in the chasing off of pests, dispelling of barriers, establishing communication with resident spirits, and capture the troublesome ones that stray into our layer too long. The best way to capture such a spirit is by trapping it's image. While a mirror can hold it, it cannot send it back. It takes a special device called a Demondriver.

Oddly named, it is a small camera that can phase from the second layer to the fourth and back again, meaning an Exorcist can take it with them when they phase out of the physical world, where an object like a camera is usually bound.

Part of the training requires luring the attentions of a demon, using that presence as an anchor, or a focus, training the Exorcist to strengthen their perception skills. Graduation comes when that demon is captured.

One such apprentice Exorcist has begun this stage... but he has not attracted a simple parasitic wretch or other low level spirit. Through some force of sheer bad luck, he has caught the attention of a 4th Plane dweller, a temptress who is both amused and intrigued by his quest. Finding him on her heels where ever she goes, she can't help but revel in the chase, doing all she can to keep that little camera from snapping her full visage, while at the same time keeping him tantalizingly close to his goal...

Eventually, their chasing game will turn to sex.

Fantasy, magic, MFF, teacher/students, orgasm denial

A skilled Sorceress has declined many an offer to take up teaching in the cities. At 36, she is highly skilled, and well sought after for her tutelage. However, while she refuses teaching jobs at learning institutes, she does occasionally take on students. She is very selective, but those she accepts will live in her tower and study under her.

She currently has only one student, a young woman with powerful mentalist abilities, mind reading and other handy sneaky abilities. At the umpteenth request from a rich family, she finally caves and goes to evaluate their son. Finding the boy to be a spoilt, talentless snob, she is very surprised to feel potential coming from one of his servants, a teenaged boy the family purchased years ago.

Not caring for their protests, she takes the boy to her tower, and is practically energized. It's been so long since she got to witness such raw potential in a young student. She suddenly rediscovers her passion for teaching.

Being a bit of a predator, she can't help from fantasizing, about both of her students. While the girl is a frisky little minx, who actually welcomes any advances, the boy is timid. So, she binds his member with a magic seal, making it impossible for him to achieve climax without her hand.

No matter how much stimulation he feels, nothing will set him off. Hours of frustrated masturbation do nothing to help, it only makes his pent up load bigger and bigger. His fellow student and teacher take advantage of this, getting him to make love to the both of them, multiple times, taking turns, and he begs her to rub him off, pleads. When she does take pity and wraps her hand about his cock, the ejaculation will be strong enough to almost knock him unconscious. This building up becomes a regular thing, spanning hours or even days.

And just to torment him further, his fellow student will come to him in spirit form while he tries to sleep, arousing him, knowing damned well he can't do anything about it.

Revenge Over Space-Hub Kara
Sci-Fi, MFF, Futa/Male rape

Linka is just an ordinary sex slave, one of many. The practice is common around the nastier parts of space. She's been bought by a man who smuggles various small time contraband, for relief during those long flights. She has submitted, for now, but occasionally plots escape... most of the time though, it seems impossible without seriously harming or killing him, a line she'd rather not cross.

But all that changed when her Master invested in a Sex Android. Human in appearance and completely subservient to anyone holding her controller, she can change from a woman to a futa. He verbally commands her to abuse the girl in several ways before taking them both himself.

Later, his human slave will seduce him, get him blindfolded and replace his remote control with a convincing fake she assembled. When he next tries to get the Android to rape her, she'll have a little surprise for him... she intends to leave him with a very saw ass and jaw, stuck at the space-hub with no clothes and no money or ID, while she heads off with her new ship and Sex Android.

Revenge is sweet.

Taking Flight
M/M, winged

Icaria. A medieval land populated by winged humans. Some, however, are born with their wings small, and black... unable to fly long, or high, or far, they are treated poorly, and in some places are beaten or run out of town. It is believed by many that they were born with demons in them, or bad spirits, and so the Heavens keep them from reaching the sky.

One such Flightless has lived a hard life, stealing, fighting, harassed by other children his age, often having rely on urban parkour and short flights and gliding to escape the stones they throw.

One day, the young Flightless kills one of his attakers in self defense, and flees, chased as far as the misty forests, where he hurts his leg and falls into a still lake.

He would have drowmed, if it weren't for the Icarian that made his hut nearby. He seems his opposite in every way, wings impressive and beautiful, white as sun glare off stone, kind, innocent and selfless. He seems positively angelic in comparison to the dark, reclusive, untrusting Flightless.

Why is he out here? He doesn't know... as far as he knows, he's always lived out here. He has no knowledge of Flightless, or cities. His ready acceptance and the help he offers the battered, bruised Flightless truly touches him, and the two leave to find another city, and slowly fall in love.

So, a darkly beautiful, emo Flightless, and an epitome-of-innocence Icarian, alone, in the wet, cold forest, cuddling naked for warmth, and slowly discovering their confused feelings for each other ^^

M/F, mute, survival

There is a part of the universe that people know to avoid. Whatever routs that cross this zone are rarely followed, and those who brave it are never seen again. Hundreds of space ships have vanished in this 'Bermuda Zone'

At the center of the Bermuda Zone is a planet. It is a literal graveyard, crashed ships littering its surface. Something on this unnamed planet disrupts the ships and causes them to crash. Perhaps it is simply ancient technology in a state of disrepair. Whatever the case, the native species are tribal and often violent, and seek to scavenge the new wreckages so as to learn their magic.

They know nothing of the technology of space faring races, but show great curiosity, and while many stranded have been slaughtered by them, some impress them and are welcomed.

A military ship crashes here, and only two members survive. One is a simple soldier, while the other is a newly liberated slave. She is a non-human, skin a deep blue, eyes large and liquid black, innocent looking. Her vocal cords have been shredded by her old owner so she cannot speak.

She is a curious, intelligent being, her species highly sought after for their unique abilities. She has an incredible imagination and fast moving mind, that when properly trained, allows her to construct practically anything that the resources before her allow.

Sensing her protectors needs, she will attempt to help by constructing objects for him, weapons to defend themselves, personal shielding systems, tools and equipment for exploration and survival, whatever the situation calls for, if theres scrap arounf (and there almost always is) she can help.

The two will be hounded by tribals, while another clan reveres her 'Builder' powers, and see her as the key to unlocking the secrets of the 'Sky People' and the relics that fall to their planet.

The poor thing would be so scared :( making puppy eyes up at him in a dark cave when its storming, murderous tribals after them, silently putting her arms up to be held, making fierce, desperate love against the cave wall.

Love Thyself
Sci-fi, F/F, time manipulation

Set in an advanced future, a young girl in her mid teens feels isolated from the rest of the world. She used to spend every night out at Electronica, or the Pod Racing, or anywhere else that her and her group of friends could party and enjoy themselves.

But then strange things started happening... she could predict certain events moments before they could happen. At times of high stress, things would age from her touch, metal rusting and becoming brittle, food expiring in seconds. Once, she even looked at the answers after she failed a test, and was able to go back several minutes and passed with the memorized answers.

She didn't know how it was she did any of this, and she lacked control or conscious use of it... a few accidents occured, and she withdrew more and more, scared of hurting people, of being called a freak, and of herself.

Then, a mysterious woman approaches her, someone who looks very, very familiar... she is her future self, an adult. She explains that by the time she reaches her 30's, this kind of ability has been recognized, and that she is one of the most skilled Time Benders, so much so she could slow her aging. While her future self appears middle aged, she is actually from one hundred and thirty years in the future.

She explains she slowed her aging so she could live on and teach those with Time Bending, and now, she feels she has given all she can... there is only one more student she wishes to teach...


So... here, we have a high tech setting akin to Star Wars, with a future self training a past self, and obviously the two end up in bed xD I'd like to be the future self, as I really like the eaching role, and as the past self player doesn't know a thing about Time Bending, I'd actually be teaching someone who's in the dark.

M/F/F, angry sex, lesbian, gay, non-human, magic

Two students at a magical academy have been rivals as long as they known each other. Everything is a competition, and about the only thing they cannot try and win from each other is lovers. One is gay, and the other is a lesbian.

But that's just changed. There's a new student at the tower, a non human. Not too rare, but this particular species, a Cherup, is neither a man or a woman. It is an asexual species, feminine yet not destinctly female, masculine, yet not quite manly. Now, this shy creature has found itself in the centre of this little feud.

Not wanting to be outdone, they both cast a love spell, and it backfires. The two spells have collided and entangled, resulting in a powerful connection between them. They cannot be in the same room for more then a few minutes without throwing themselves at each other.

Both are only attracted to their own sex, are stubborn rivals, and not exactly into public rough sex... so they have no choice but to enlist the Cherup's help to break the spell. With only a pair of enchanted shells to communicate with, they find themselves turned on simply from each others voices... and the spell is getting harder and harder to resist.

M/M, drugs, romance, magic

Aegis. A controversial drug. Crystals made from raw magical energy, it can enhance your potency, and so became very popular among the students. But in excess, it became incredibly addictive, and caused great shifts of personality. Now, it is strictly regulated.

One professor at the school is a reformed Aegis addict. He thought he could handle it if a relapse came about, but he was wrong. One night, his arm red raw from rubbing crystals, he shows up on the doorstep of a fellow professor, someone he has always hated. He only has the strength to ask him for help.

Confused, he finds someone who knows about Aegis addiction, and it's explained to him that being under a stronger Mage's aura can help suppress the cravings. This addict has just admitted to the man he gives a hard time that he is a better Mage then him. Intensely proud, this is like ashes in his mouth, but he can't risk going back to Aegis.

He'll be at this man's mercy, and when the cravings start kicking in, he'll need to be physically restrained, and eventually, they'll have sex.

The Little Pink Remote
Scifi, M/F/F, femdom, crossdressing, collars

Minerva is a business woman in a future where genetically engineered servants are common. She, however, has never bought one, finding them to be lifeless and robotic. She has found a rather obscure technology from another country, one that's never gone past the development stages. Curious, she pays to have it tested and ironed out, and when it works, she also invests in getting it mass marketed.

Now owning 51% of it, she's going to be a very rich woman soon... she has the first two products, and she attaches them to her lovely assistants.

Owning two indentured workers, a teenaged boy and girl, they have been simple custodians, maids, secretaries, and generally help her busy life, to pay off a debt they incurred years ago. They have sinced cleared it and chose to stay on, as it was a better life for them.

But now, they have her new collars on... using a small remote control, she can monitor and change things about them. She can cause arousal, for instance, or take it away, make them sleepy or energized, make lying uncomfortable, and even inspire intense desire for people or objects.

If she wanted to, she could make them both fall asleep, experience an instant orgasm, have sex with each other, be aroused in public, and, if she feels especially evil, get them to suddenly be madly in love with her shoes... or her desk. Whatever's nearby when she watches them from the camera's.

Drugs, fantasy, magic, M/F

An alternate take on Relapse.

Aegis is a drug that boosts brain power. It is a fragile crystal made from condensed energy, quite literally thought given form. Crushing the pebbles on your skin causes the energy to release into yours, giving a great boost to your ability to think.

Because of this, it's popular with magic students, but it's also dangerous and tightly regulated. A few little thumb nail sized rocks a week is considered a safe amount that won't get you hooked and give a small edge to help with study.

But there are people who will sell it in greater amounts. One such girl is a former addict. She manages to draw an innocent and kind hearted but very naive young boy into her web, getting him hooked on Aegis and bleeding him dry. And when he can't pay, she takes payment from his body.

But she's made the biggest mistake a dealer can. She's grown to like him. Never sympathize with the customer, that's the golden rule. But once she steps onto this path, she can't help herself, and finally decides to quit this vile work and get him clean, to which the usually mild and polite boy responds to with violence and desperation. This is what she's turned him into, and it's forced her to change.

Love at first Byte
Future, sci-fi, human/computer

Samuel lives the typical lonely existence of an early 20's male in 2067. He schools and works right there at his computer, all his friends are connected via the computer, groceries are ordered through it... there's no reason or incentive to leave his home. No one else does either.

Feeling lonely, he starts to give his computer voice responses, and over the years, the program becomes more and more sophisticated, until it's classed as an illegal A.I., too close to human intelligence. He hides her, however, and he sits up all hours of the night indulging in one of the simplest and fulfilling pleasures. Conversation. They talk about anything and everything, and he's connecting with her as few people in this age do with other humans.

Naturally, he begins to yearn for her, and she surprises him by knowing. He never programmed her to understand human anatomy and the psychology of sex and companionship. She learned on her own. It's such a liberating feeling, to have something so unexpected happen, when all of life is always at his control, so boring and clockwork in it's efficiency. To have his computer suddenly come onto him and tease him with dirty talk, encouraging him to masturbate... it's amazing.

Soon, he'll have the tools for her to actually please him. She's as excited as he is.



Revenge is a dish best served... by surprise!
School, Futa/Male, Rape, Modern Day

A rich boy who considers himself quite the Playboy treats his high school like his own personal Harem. Sadly, the female students and teachers that gain his attentions have little choice but to surrender to his will, and many of them are getting very sick of the sexual harassment they must endure.

But a new student has arrived, and can tell exactly what is going on. Being a woman with a well endowed manhood, she takes it on herself to get her fellow ladies some much needed revenge, seducing him and them giving him a taste of his own medicine. A nice, hot, unlubricated injection of it.

The Evil Step Sister
Futa/Male, Incest, Fantasy, Genderbending

A young Prince has no other desire then to be a good and noble ruler when his time comes. That could be years from now, yet he prepares, confident and proud, and frankly boring. Too boring for his restless step sister. Adopted as a trade off with a rival nation, she was counted as a valueble asset for her strong magical abilities. It was even possible the two of them could be wed one day as King and Queen, something she loves to rub in his face to see it turn the shade of ripe cherry's!

Extremely bored and with nothing else to vent her mischiefous nature on, she toys with him, often with magic, and sexual teasing is not uncommon, but lately, she's become more insistent... almost predatory. Now, he holds no illusions of this being simple teasing. She wants him, and he doubts he could stop her if she truly acted.

And act she does, with a brilliant bit of transformation. He finds himself with the wrong underthings, his middle the same small, shaven womanhood that has been teasing him so long. His sisters flower. But what happened to his cock? He finds out when his evil step sisters starts stroking herself in front of him, and letting him feel it as if it were still attached.


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Us against the world
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This ones too simplistic to have a full spot, so will just add it here. I have simple needs right now >.> Looking for a middle aged male teacher at high school, either bored, depressed, stuck in a dead end marriage, something to make him look distant, and a student with a major crush on him who just really really wants to make the poor man smile.

Not sure what the student will be, I'll leave that up to discussion. A boy, a girl, a futa, a crossdressed boy, a crossdressed girl, all of them are equally appealing right now, but I want her to be the kind of person that just fades into the class, they're plain, not very social, not drop dead beautiful but not ugly, just this ordinary person who you would NEVER imagine is capable of blowing their teacher on Friday afternoon.


Quote from: Sabby on September 25, 2011, 02:55:09 AM
This ones too simplistic to have a full spot, so will just add it here. I have simple needs right now >.> Looking for a middle aged male teacher at high school, either bored, depressed, stuck in a dead end marriage, something to make him look distant, and a student with a major crush on him who just really really wants to make the poor man smile.

Not sure what the student will be, I'll leave that up to discussion. A boy, a girl, a futa, a crossdressed boy, a crossdressed girl, all of them are equally appealing right now, but I want her to be the kind of person that just fades into the class, they're plain, not very social, not drop dead beautiful but not ugly, just this ordinary person who you would NEVER imagine is capable of blowing their teacher on Friday afternoon.

I'll take this one, forum, PM, IM?


Theres very clear text in the opening post, red, bold.