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Author Topic: Welcome to the Doll House  (Read 2254 times)

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Welcome to the Doll House
« on: April 13, 2011, 04:40:14 PM »
There is house believed to be haunted, some say it may very well be cursed. No one who has ever stepped past its arched double doors, etched with a rather perplexing gothic design pattern, has ever come out to share revelations of their visit. The curious patterns that covered nearly every surface of the front door seemed to surround and draw attention to one of the door's many key features which was a set of ornamental fittings in wrought iron. Brass metal gears of various sizes, another of the door's highlights, appeared as though they were turning in motion and filled any empty space the patterns didn't. There was no door knob, no lock, no peep hole, nothing. The only movable feature on the door was a large black enameled metal ring. The ring was pierced through the cheeks of the face that held it, its expression one of torment and its features frozen forever in a silent scream. Urban Legends tell a tale of a life sized doll living within its walls...claiming the souls of all who dare enter into her doll house...

In this RP request I need an assortment of towns folk, from the mildly curious to the crazy scared. You are free to create whatever character(s) you fancy from Old Jim who is still back in Nam to the major's wife. As of this moment there is no limit on the number of people who will be participating in this RP. All I ask is that your character enters the doll house and (may or may not) live to share their story. 

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Offline GreenEyes

Re: Welcome to the Doll House (RP'ers wanted)
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2011, 10:36:18 PM »
great idea!!!I could be Agnes anciently old woman who tends to the gardens surrounding the house. She works for no one, just spends her day toying away at the floral and fauna that covers the ground infront of my house. The garden is dense and dark, with almost a live quality to it. Sometimes out of the corner of their eye, people may see movement from the thorned vines or branches of the glorious weeping willows embracing the property. Agnes watches as one after one, curious kittens will enter the house and never return to the threshold.

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Re: Welcome to the Doll House (RP'ers wanted)
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2011, 11:25:38 PM »
FABULOUS! I wonder how long Agnes would be able to resist the pull of the house. Obviously its having some effect on her for Ms. Duboi to be tending the gardens on her own accord. Is Agnes a widow? A grandmother of eighteen? Do you have a back story for her?

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Re: Welcome to the Doll House (RP'ers wanted)
« Reply #3 on: April 13, 2011, 11:35:50 PM »
She's an old spinster with several children all over the world. She has never married just drifted from one place to another, leaving children in her wake. she eventually made her way to the house, feeling a pull to her soul she fights each day to stay out of the house while she does her self made job outside of the houses boundaries.

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Re: Welcome to the Doll House (RP'ers wanted)
« Reply #4 on: April 14, 2011, 01:54:25 AM »
Oh oh can I maybe join in please I could be the town drunk thats always drinking in the little park across the road, always telling myself I'm going to go in there but haven't gotten enough courage to yet.

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Re: Welcome to the Doll House (RP'ers wanted)
« Reply #5 on: April 15, 2011, 09:58:47 PM »
Oh oh can I maybe join in please I could be the town drunk thats always drinking in the little park across the road, always telling myself I'm going to go in there but haven't gotten enough courage to yet.

XD omg YES! whats a town without the town drunk? Could you please provide a background or more of a story for your character. How old is he? Is he homeless? Related to anyone else in the town?

Offline Martee

Re: Welcome to the Doll House (RP'ers wanted)
« Reply #6 on: April 18, 2011, 04:56:05 PM »
This sounds like it has the potential to be great fun. All afternoon I've been turning over a character in my mind:

Saoirse, age 21, has  just had her amazing vacation plans ruined. With nothing else to do for a few montjs, Saoirse decides to stay with her Aunt Meg for a while. On the whole, Aunt Meg's place is charming and comfortable, but the house down the road is really creeping Saoirse out.

I  managed to get quite a preliminary sketch of Saoirse done earlier. I can post it later if you're still looking for people. This is my first time getting involved in a story like this, so feel free to let me know if I'm doing it wrong!

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Re: Welcome to the Doll House (RP'ers wanted)
« Reply #7 on: April 18, 2011, 06:20:37 PM »
Awww Martee ^. ^ you're doing just fine. And when you get a chance feel free to post that sketch of Saoirse. Also, could you elaborate more on your character. Is she an introvert? Extrovert? Does she get along well with her Aunt Meg? Being 21, is she applying to college or already attending? The house isn't just creeping her out, its calling out to her. The same way you have
been turning over a character in my mind

is the same way Saoirse is turning over the idea in her mind of going into the house.

Offline Martee

Re: Welcome to the Doll House (RP'ers wanted)
« Reply #8 on: April 18, 2011, 06:39:31 PM »
Welllll.... it's a little more fleshed out than just a sketch.  I hope you don't mind indulging me, and if I have any details of your overall vision wrong, please do let me know.  This is just a start:


Right now, she should have been on the other side of the Atlantic, staying god only knows where, with god only knows who, doing god only knows what. That was the entire point of taking the semester off. Saoirse, her best friend Jennifer, and Jen's cousin Val (also a good friend, closer than sisters really) were going to take Europe by storm for 10 wild weeks.  Of course, it had taken Jen twice that amount of time to sell Saoirse on the idea, and it had taken all of them the better part of two years to save up for the trip.  Plans were made; itineraries were discussed, discarded, and decided upon.  Saoirse's meager belongings were boxed up and put into storage - a more cost-effective plan than paying rent on a set of rooms that weren't going to be used.
Three days before they were set to leave, disaster struck.  Three days to the trip of a lifetime, she thought, and it all went straight to hell.  Saoirse wasn't there when it all went down. Otherwise she might have been able to prevent some of the events that transpired, but chances are better that she would have just gotten tangled up in the mess too.  Saoirse wasn't the most assertive person, while Jen and Val were practically forces of nature.  One was wilder than the other, and they would either wear you out or wear you down, but either way - they got what they wanted.  Saoirse was usually just along for the ride.
This time, they got more than they bargained for.  A lot of the details were sketchy, but the end result was Jen in the hospital with multiple broken bones, not the least of which included a leg and pelvis, and Val was the proud owner of a brand-spanking new police record, including the always impressive 'grand theft auto' and perennial favorite 'driving under the influence'.  Saoirse knew her friends - impulsive, impetuous, but definitely not criminals.  There had to have been a misunderstanding of some kind.  However, it made no difference.  Neither one of them was going anywhere for a while, and that meant Saoirse was stuck stateside too.  She couldn't afford to go herself, not even for two weeks.  To be honest, without Jen and Val she didn't even really want to go.  On her own she'd revert into her natural state - quiet, reserved, introverted.  It'd be a waste of a trip.
Once sure that Jen would survive (she would) and Val's parents were contacted (she might not) Saoirse tried to figure out what to do.  She had no place to stay at school and honestly, she just wanted some peace and quiet.  Going 'home' was out of the question - her parents had fled the 'burbs and moved into a tiny one bedroom in the city as soon as she left for college freshman year.  It was her mother who had finally suggested staying with her Aunt Meg until next term.  Aunt Meg was a little weird - half hippie, half hipster - and travelled around the country doing book signings and teaching knitting workshops.  She lived far enough away to feel like you were getting away without feeling like you had gone someplace strange and alien.  Saoirse had never actually visited her, but Aunt Meg insisted she stay for as long as she wanted.  There were several workshops Aunt Meg was going to be travelling to over the next few months, so Saoirse could help keep an eye on things.
These were the thoughts that whirled through Saoirse's head as she unpacked her things and made herself comfortable in one of Aunt Meg's guest rooms.  It didn't take long to get comfortable.  The room was large and airy, with bright white-painted clapboard walls and wildly colored tchotchkes scattered around. In the center of the room was the most enormous bed she'd ever seen - it was practically the size of her entire room back at school. Bright shafts of late afternoon sunlight slanted in through the open window and bathed the room in a golden glow.  Looking into the mirror, Saoirse considered her features in the flattering lighting: mousy brown hair in a ponytail (but so shiny in the sun!), completely average medium brown eyes behind trendy black-framed glasses, and the lightest smattering of pale freckles across the bridge of her nose.  Thankfully, the bright sunlight completely washed them out and gave her normally pale pink skin a healthy sun-kissed glow.
She flipped a lock of hair back behind her ear and idly considered getting gold-blonde highlights.  At the same instant, her mind began to run down the myriad reasons why that would be an enormously bad idea, when her eye caught the reflection of a house far down across the street.  Despite the warm golden light filling the room, the reflection of the house was a cold, dark thing in her mirror.  Saoirse spun around, looking at the house directly through the window.  It looked, well, normal - at least as normal as a large, gothic style home surrounded by meticulously kept gardens could look in a neighborhood like this.  Turning back to the mirror, Saoirse felt a cold ball of anxiety tighten in her belly as she once again gazed at the reflection of the house down the street.  Grabbing her jacket off the bed, Saoirse hung it by the hood from the corner of the mirror, completely blocking the reflection of the house.  Then, just for good measure, she shut the window and snapped down the blinds.
Aunt Meg had promised a vegetarian feast for dinner her first night there.  Saoirse wasn't a vegetarian, but Aunt Meg meant well and it was kind of nice having someone fussing over her.  A meal of seasoned tofu and three different varieties of wild rice seemed like a small price to pay for the accommodations she had for the next two and a half months.  It wasn't Europe, of course, but the more Saoirse thought about it, the more she liked the idea of a nice, quiet, peaceful getaway.
Tomorrow, she'd start getting familiar with the town.  She might even consider talking to someone.

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Re: Welcome to the Doll House (RP'ers wanted)
« Reply #9 on: April 18, 2011, 06:51:16 PM »
I want to join, please!!!

Here's my character sketch:

Teddy lives in the house next-door to the gloomy edifice. All his short life, he and his friends have played in the shadow of The House. It's the Urban Legend of the neighborhood, but Teddy's told no one of the strange whispers he hears at night emanating from the place. Every day, just before school, he stands on the edge of his vast yard, school books clutched to his chest, listening as it beckons him forward.

At a mere eleven years of age, Teddy feels victimized and inadequate. All his life he's been made fun of for being privileged, for attending private school, for his new clothes (picked that morning by the nanny), for his glasses and blonde hair. He often runs home from school to avoid the neighborhood bullies, sometimes cutting close to the boundaries of The House's yard. As he runs past day by day, he notices his feet carrying him closer and closer to the paved front walk. Sometimes, he wonders whether he could earn some respect if he ventured forward and knocked on the massive door. Perhaps he could avoid his next black eye.