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Author Topic: Doctor Who needs F or M to play female companion for 12th Doctor (CLOSED)  (Read 1169 times)

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Offline MathimTopic starter

Hello all! I know not too many people are familiar with the Whoniverse stateside, but it is a glorious and magical place where a man called the Doctor travels around in his blue box that's bigger on the inside. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it. For those of you who have fallen in love with that mad little man, I invite you to come along with him on a life-changing journey through history and into the unknown future.

As I have been having a devil of a time maintaining a long-term partner who doesn't vanish without warning never to be seen again, I am forced to open up my recruitment thread yet again and find another candidate to share my travels with. Come one, come all! Don't be afraid of the big BAD WOLF! (Inside joke; if you haven't seen the show you won't get it.)

Just in case you're unsure about what you'll be getting into here, I have a sample of an indefinitely suspended attempt with a promising partner (I feel like the Doctor after losing Rose, believe me) that you can look at and get a feel for how it would get started before the Doctor's new awakening, as well as a picture of his new incarnation towards the bottom (it's Chris Pine, AKA Captain Kirk from the new Star Trek film). Here's the link:

I actually re-booted it and changed the first post to fit a little better and so if you wish to apply, be prepared to provide a response to this sample RP post so I can gauge our writing compatibility.

It's a lot to read so here's the gist: The Doctor's recklessness has cost the life of a companion and mortally wounded himself. After regenerating he decides to spare the rest of the universe from his bad luck and uses a device (from Season 3) to become human where he intends to spend a normal, quiet life instead. Of course, he can't count on not falling in love again, nor can he avoid bringing trouble with him as a new threat that arises requiring his favorite student (and secret lover) to help him rediscover himself and save the day.

Please at least watch one full episode of the new series (I recommend 'Rose' from the first season since you'll kind of feel like her, just getting to know him for the very first time). You can download them for free on, if you don't know where to find them. You might need VLC media player to watch them. It'll help give you much needed exposure to how he works and how he relates to his companions.

Since this is a brand-new Doctor with a brand-new attitude, I think it would be best to have a new partner archetype rather than one of the others. I hope nobody is offended by this exclusion but I really would prefer my partner to avoid being any of the following:
Blondes (i.e. Rose Tyler, Jenny the Doctor's Daughter)
African-descent (i.e. Martha Jones)
Redheads (i.e. Donna Noble, Amy Pond)
Make no mistake, there's still quite a bit of variety left; this leaves it open for Caucasian brunettes, Asians, American Indians/Eastern Indians/Middle Eastern women, and Latinas; I hope that does not upset anyone, I tried to suggest as much alternatives as possible.

My Doctor will continue the tradition of being Caucasian since I don't see that pattern ever breaking in the actual show, so that part is also non-negotiable. And no, he's not ginger.

If you're still reading, please put as the subject of your PM 'Am I Ginger?' to prove you've read the entire post so we can avoid having anyone ask questions that could have been answered by reading the thread in its entirety. I won't turn you away if that's not the title of the subject, but I will insist you go back and read all of this post before we discuss anything in detail.

Hopefully all that sounds reasonable to you; I'm a pretty easygoing guy when things are copacetic, so don't be frightened. If you're still unclear about something after having read everything and you really insist on clarification, shoot me a PM and we'll see what we can do. And as my favorite incarnation of the Doctor says, "Allons-y!"
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Offline MathimTopic starter

Re: Doctor Who needs a female companion (Applicants Inquire Within)
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2011, 02:18:45 PM »
A few additional notes:

*If you have any ideas for a scenario/'episode'/arc, then please don't be afraid to share it, I love discussing potential ideas for that kind of thing. I have half a dozen or so of my own involving new things that don't revolve around existing enemies like the Daleks and things like that, so there's no need to be afraid of running out of trouble for the Doctor and her to get into. Past, Present and Future periods are included in those, so it's pretty wide-open as well, and if you have a favorite we can talk about that and you can choose what order we do them in. Of course, that will require that we keep a constant OOC dialogue going via PMs while we RP via thread.

*Some of the story ideas, just a teaser, include a bit of Greek Mythology twists or actually involve Ancient Greece itself. Here is a brief description of each idea I have beyond the place where the Doctor meets his new companion and takes her into the TARDIS to start their adventures:
-Trojan War
-Solar flare threatens surface civilization that tries to burrow underground (like a reverse-Icarus story)
-Mermaid planet
-Two nearly-immortal races fighting a war
-A planet splitting in two

Offline MathimTopic starter

Re: Doctor Who needs a female companion (Applicants Inquire Within)
« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2011, 04:34:02 PM »
I'm suddenly more interested in starting my search back up and I'd like to include a few more options this time around. Unlike my other suggestions, these are things that would need to be hashed out prior to starting an RP since they'll have to manifest fairly quickly.

-The Doctor, being a professor at a university, is going to have a slightly more conservative attitude, just like he did when he first used the device to become human (in Human Nature/The Family of Blood). As such, I would suggest your character be the one to come onto him rather than waiting for or expecting him to with her; even after awakening as the Doctor he's going to be slightly more apprehensive about taking a companion with him due to what led him to being there. If she has a more forceful attitude (just a touch moreso than Amy Pond when she forced a kiss on him), it would help things, so for her to establish that kind of strong personality beforehand would be best. This is not required but strongly suggested.

-It has been suggested that the companion be from a troubled or broken family. This then opens up the possibility for her parents to have surprising secrets, perhaps even being not entirely human. Not by any means required nor strongly suggested, merely food for thought.

-This is by no means a sexual-emphasis RP if anyone was unclear about this, but this Doctor should at least have some romantic interest in his companion, unlike previous incarnations. Yes, this will include physical relations as well as the L-word, but if you wish to omit the old in-and-out, we can fade to black. If you are comfortable with playing out a rough shag with the good Doctor, however, that is also fine by me. If you wish to continue the affair after he has rediscovered his identity, we will then have to explore his personal feelings for her since he'll be partially 'getting to know her all over again' at that point. This does not mean she should ever act like a horny schoolgirl (unless of course she's attempting to get him into bed for the first time; afterwards, of course, that sort of thing will be unnecessary!) We can talk about it if we need to figure out a good balance.

-Obviously this is a British series and everyone of any significance speaks with an accent, and I intend to do the best I can to use British style speech as often and naturally as possible. I would like for you to reciprocate if possible (I find that challenging writing is more fun) but I completely understand if that is not your cup of tea, love. Please just let me know ahead of time if you are uncomfortable trying, and I won't mention it again. Likewise if you have a problem with me trying to imitate a foreign dialect, I shall do my best to make the Doctor sound natural without being too American.

-Please let me know which types of scenarios you prefer; I am perfectly comfortable with virtually anything, from present-day earth (i.e. The Lazarus Experiment) to ancient historical events (i.e. the Fires of Pompeii) to futuristic environments (i.e. New Earth) and even alien planets (i.e. Midnight; that's actually my all-time favorite episode). The one thing I'm kind of iffy about is episodes where they're stuck on a space station in peril (i.e. The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit, 42). Sometimes they're okay, but usually not. I don't like feeling claustrophobic so that's sort of a turn-off for me, just to let you know. As such, I haven't got any scenarios in that environment in mind, but if you do, I don't mind hearing you out but I will probably want to change some things if I feel 'trapped'. Just a heads up.

-If you are a dude in real life (typically I feel uncomfortable playing sexual RPs with male partners even if their characters are female) then this is your lucky day: Since this is not the normal sexual-emphasis RP I usually go for, I don't mind if you are interested in playing a female character, so step right up if you're interested. I just hope you can play a good female outside of the bedroom, since I would think that is much more complex.
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Offline MathimTopic starter

Re: Doctor Who needs F or M to play female companion for 12th Doctor
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2011, 05:37:08 PM »
Upon further observation I would also like to make the following suggestions:

-I am getting a lot of replies to the sample RP post that suggest the students have a certain unspecified level of familiarity with Professor John Smith; I hadn't anticipated this so I will be changing the post in the RP very soon, possibly even removing the link and simply pasting the post into this thread somewhere. I will have it follow the typical pattern of him either tricking or bribing a teacher to leave their position so he can fill it last-minute. That way they can't know him ahead of time and their relation can grow more organically. So for those who apply after reading this, please await instructions regarding this change before providing a sample reply.

-As a consequence of that change, his abrupt appearance and replacing of your character's teacher can actually be looked upon as a bad thing; if she had been fond of her previous professor, she can get a negative first impression of him initially and warm up to him more gradually if you like. I can't imagine that being hard or taking long with his magnetic personality! Just some food for thought, you don't have to play it that way but it's something to consider.

-I know this hasn't happened in quite a while (I'm so horribly disappointed in the 5th and 6th seasons) but I would like to suggest that your companion character has a mother who will at some point slap the doctor. I always found those situations so hilarious! I know Rose Tyler and Martha Jones both had mothers who slapped him, but I can't remember if Donna Noble's mother did too...

-In spite of how much I hated the 5th and 6th seasons' tip-toeing around the Doctor's past relationships with companions like Rose, Martha, Donna, Captain Jack and Torchwood and whatnot, I do think that for the purposes of our RP, we should 'start fresh' and have him keep those previous relations buried. I know the latter half of season 6 started bringing them back in references but that always pissed me off since that was mere lip-service; I always considered them more important than that so that seemed terribly disrespectful.

-Please don't feel obligated to be a 'good' or 'model' student. She can be struggling, she can be a bit of a slacker, or she can be unfocused on her goals, or all of the above or deficient in some other way. I think that would actually be a good formula for a companion since I think that fits closest to the model that Rose Tyler filled. Besides, unless she's a super-genius, it's going to be very difficult for her to impress him with her smarts since he's seriously intelligent even as a human.

-He's going to those sporadic memories like he experienced last time he became human, so there may be times when he's acting 'spacey'. You can either choose to ignore those or be concerned, however you feel most comfortable playing it. It didn't seem to bother Nurse Joan when she was trying to bag him! Also feel free to 'trigger' them by mentioning words that just happen to be or sound very close to things from his past (i.e. Time Lord, Tardis, etc.)

-I also should mention I intend to play him as something of a skeptic; he's so desperate to hide from his space adventures that despite all the evidence to the contrary, he doesn't believe in the vast number of alien encounters that have taken place on Earth in the past. You can react to that however you like, since most of his companions started off pretty skeptical themselves (particularly Martha).

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