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Author Topic: Favored Intrigues [F for M]  (Read 968 times)

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Favored Intrigues [F for M]
« on: April 13, 2011, 03:23:05 AM »
Story Ideas:

To Hold the Throne (epic twisting storyline)
Setting: Fantasy/Kingdom of Gordon (make believe world!)

My character A sweet gentle innocent princess who has spent most of her teenage years being reared in the Temple of The Lady. Though there is no chance of a princess of the realm ever becoming a priestess, she has been raised as if she will one day take the vows. Though she is past the age of 16 when she would normally take the vows, she has chosen to remain in the Temple and her doting grandfather the king has permitted it.

Your character: Her older brother the prince, probably in his mid to late twenties. A cold-blooded calculating man intent on winning the throne. He is a valued member of the Sect of Kedl, a dark demon-worshipping cult that is the exact opposite of the life-loving Lady Goddess. The Sect of Kedl is illegal, but it thrives in the catacombs under the palace under the protection of the prince. Human sacrifice and depraved sexual rituals frequently occur down in the damp stone rooms. Though a valuable protector of the Sect, the young prince has little power in the cult. However should he become King and make the Sect fully legal, he has been promised a bond with the demon god itself. Such a bond would give him unheard of power, making him utterly invincible. The cost, however, is unknown. And there is always a cost. Even though the prince is evil, he still retains affection for his sister. A twisted obscene affection, but he loves her just the same.  Will that love overcome his lust for power? Will he whisper sweet nothings in her ear as he rapes her? Does he regard her with the fondness he would a favorite dog, even as he uses her for pleasure and power? Or will her sweetness and purity triumph over the darkness in his soul?

The NPCs:

The King: Grandfather to the Prince and Princess. Old, wise, and utterly adoring of his young grand-daughter. He dislikes and distrusts his grandson, and though he is expected to make the young man his heir he discloses to one of his aids that he intends to make the princess his true heir. Word quickly spreads, and the prince would hear of it. Despite his intentions, the proclamation is never made official. The King should die early on in the story, either naturally or unnaturally.

High Priestess: (played by me)The High Priestess of the Lady Goddess is an advisor to the King. A benevolent maternal figure for the Princess when she returns to the Court after the death of her grandfather. Is she corrupted? Assassinated? Blackmailed? Or does she retain her purity and influence over the princess? Does her side win in the end?

High Priest: (played by you)The scarlet-robed high priest of the Sect of Kedl. No one knows who he really is, with his face hidden beneath the silk hood. He arrives at the rituals from various points within the endless catacombs. He prophesies, delivers orders to the cult members, and sometimes warnings. Is he the demon itself? What kind of influence does he have on the palace affairs over the catacombs?

Soo….the King dies….
While technically the throne is inherited by the oldest son unless another heir has been proclaimed, there are serious rumblings going on before the great funeral is over. There is talk among the army of supporting the pretty young princess, advisors and nobles are clustered giving the prince foul looks and bowing and smiling at the princess. No one trusts the young man, there are dark rumors of cult activity. And the old dead king clearly wanted the girl on the throne.
The prince has choices. He can have his sister assassinated, but that wouldn’t be any fun would it? And it may start a civil war in the country. Another choice is to have his sister voluntarily withdraw any claim she has to the throne. And the third choice is to marry her. If he can convince her to willingly marry him, then the throne is his. While women are permitted to rule the kingdom, married women are not. They are considered little more than the property of their husbands.
Whether he goes with option one or two, there are dangers. Because once it becomes clear that he intends to not only make the Cult of Kedl legal but encourage it, the delicate little princess will be outraged. Will she start a revolt? Work secretly to undermine him? Will he prevent her from doing anything? Corrupt her? After all, if he married her he is quite literally now her owner. If he wanted to beat her and then fuck her on the table in front of the entire court, legally no one could interfere. Legally. But since when has a little thing like the law stopped anyone?
This RP can go so many different ways, and of course I am open to discussing any changes/tweaks you want to throw in there.

The Missionary’s Daughter

College can be brutal. Especially if you are used to living in a remote Peruvian village, coming to the States once every five years for a few months at a time. Even if it was one of the more conservative Christian colleges available, Amy felt weird. It was so busy, so loud, and so…busy! Everyone was in such a hurry, running from lunch to classes to chapel to stores to the library to work and then all over again. They all had so much stuff, books and pictures and bright linens and cute knick knacks. They talked loud and often and fast, so fast she could hardly keep up though she spoke English very well. She was, after all, an American by birth. But she had lived in Peru with her missionary parents since she was two. Life had been simple and plain, they were poor but happy.
She felt terribly alone here, amongst all the hustle and bustle. A pretty but not beautiful girl, dressed in long plain dresses, with long plain brown hair, plain brown eyes, plain muted bedding. She had one picture of her smiling parents. She had her books and supplies for her classes. That was all. Her two roommates in her dorm room were friendly but not overly so, she felt the quiet shunning. She was odd, and they knew it from the first time they set eyes on her. Oh, no one was cruel or mean to her. They were all Christians here. But their kindness was remote, never touching her. Their eyes rarely met hers, their gaze slid past her as if she did not stand there.
The dreams didn’t help. They had started the night she arrived here. Terrible dreams she was too ashamed to even seek Christian counsel about. There was never a face, only that tongue, only those fingers, cruel and biting at the same time they were tender and loving. The hard body pressing down on her sleek naked form, exuding some dark strength she could not seem to resist in her dream. There was something frighteningly real about them. She had never seen a penis, not even a picture of one. Not even in a textbook, her parents had been so very protective of her innocence. How then, did she know what one looked like? It had been so clear in her dream, every hot throbbing inch right in front of her dream-eyes. And the next day she had went to the library, and it had been real. That really was what one looked like. How could she have known? Perhaps she had seen or heard somewhere and forgotten. But it was so real. Every morning she awoke with wet panties.

To try to escape the dreams, she threw herself into her classes and her prayers. Two weeks in and she was already at the top of her classes.  She was on a missionary scholarship, she did not need to work. So she studied, and prayed, and studied and prayed. And when she could study and pray no longer, she walked. Always at night, she didn’t know why. It was like a compulsion. At eight every night she began thinking of walking, and within half an hour her feet were on the pavement. She walked the outskirts of the campus, along dark dimly lit paths. Sometimes she stopped and sat on the bleachers at the empty northernmost soccer field. She didn’t know why she walked. She tried not to think about it, it frightened her. It was almost as if she were waiting for something. Or someone. Or something.

For this RP I see your character as some sort of sex demon that loves to corrupt the innocent. A slow seduction of a frightened innocent, graduating into all sorts of yummy perverse demonic rituals. He feeds off fear, mental anguish, and sexual energy. Or perhaps some sort of magical human character, who knows? As always, everything is negotiable.

The Aftermath

Setting: Post Plague, perhaps 20% population survival.
Scientists had warned about the plague for years. Movies, books, TV shows about a great plague. But the reality was still crushing. Before people even know what was happening they were dead. It was more viral, more deadly than any predictions. Entire towns died within three days of the first cough. The stench of decaying corpses covered the land.

My Character:  Sophie wanted to be a dancer. That summer she was touring with a dance troupe, and was scheduled to start college in the fall to earn her degree in dance. Then the plague came, and she found herself alone, abandoned in Oregon in a dead town, thousands of miles from her home in South Carolina. The silence here was deafening. She wandered around the mid-size town in a daze, not knowing what to do, not knowing if she COULD do anything. She knew the plague had been terrible, everyone had gotten sick at once. It wasn’t just here, it was everywhere. She had seen the news-flashes before the television stations had stopped broadcasting. The first person she had seen when hunger forced her from her hotel room was a crazy looking man with long shaggy hair. He had shot at her. She had never been shot at before, and it terrified her so much she avoided people after that. But she hadn’t seen anyone in over two weeks now, and it was starting to wear on her nerves. Sophie had always been a social girl, loved being around people. She had lots of friends, something to do every night. This was all so disorienting. The craving to see a living person, to talk to them, was becoming overwhelming. She craved company, even a crazy person…as long as they didn’t shoot at her.

Your Character: Up to you! He can come along and save her. Perhaps he has plans of his own and doesn’t mind if she tags along. Perhaps he enslaves her, or just rapes her and leaves her where he found her. As long as there is a good D/S feel too it I will be happy.

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Re: Favored Intrigues [F for M]
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2011, 01:12:51 PM »
Thank you to Rahatngt for inspiring this little scene with one of his pictures.

John (for lack of a better name – you can name your character what you want) is the CEO of an investment group, a very successful one. He keeps a sharp eye on the reins, he knows each of his employees by name right down to the janitors. He often invites them to dinners, with their families. And while he is a very intelligent, very ambitious man he has one weakness – pussy. He loves to get some pussy, and quite frankly any woman he sees is just that…pussy. Desirable or not, intelligent or not, they are just pussy. He has managed to fuck more than one of his employee’s pretty young wives, and some of his female employees.

The sixteen or seventeen year old daughter (up to you!) of one of his newest employees is a trial for him every-time he sees her. She comes by the office often to see her father and get a few twenties from him (the office has a very family friendly policy) and each time he just grits his teeth at the teasing way she walks, wiggling her hips and that sweet little round ass. He has been over to her father’s house once for dinner, and had the family over at his house twice. Each time the girl was dressed like so many teen girls are these days, like a damn slut begging for cock. She was definitely ready for a good hard fucking, but he didn’t dare make any advances though. It could cause too much trouble.

So when his accountants came to him one bright June day with the proof that her father had been embezzling funds from his employer, John was overjoyed. The man had been relatively stupid about it, only a few thousand had been taken before it was caught. He hushed it up among the accountants, taking possession of the proof. The next day he called the man into his office, showed him the proof, and threatened the man with police. After he let the man beg for mercy (and enjoying the power rush that came with it), he offered a deal.

He wouldn’t call the law, if he got his hands on the sweet little ass off the embezzler’s daughter. The father would have to help convince the girl to permit it (from the way the slut acted she was likely to enjoy it). She would get a summer job here with the firm as the CEO’s personal little assistant/intern so she would be available whenever he wanted her during the day. When she resumed school the next year, the deal would be considered completed. She would wear what he told her too in the office, he would provide the clothing. If the girl was a virgin, he offered a twenty thousand dollar bonus to both her father and herself, payable when the summer was over. If she wasn’t a virgin, it would just be ten thousand apiece. That should sweeten the deal and make it easier for her father to convince her.

There are a lot of things we can do with this. Maybe her father gets demanding with her, or perhaps he tries the pity tactic (you don’t want poor daddy to go to jail, do you?). She IS a sweet girl even if she is a bit self-centered, rebellious, and a huge cocktease.  And of course she is a virgin at the start of the story. Maybe after she starts getting her pussy pounded Daddy is lying awake at night thinking of it. Thinking of his pretty daughter spreading her legs and getting a fat cock stuffed up her. And now he wants in on the action. There can be public humiliation which is fun, maybe Daddy gets called in a time or two to watch his boss fuck his daughter. Maybe at a meeting or two she is under the desk slurping on his dick. And while he would never take her home (he is probably married to a nearly sexless, boring wife who politely looks the other way from his fun) maybe he comes to HER home at times when her mother isn’t home (or maybe her mother isn’t in the picture, maybe her father is a single parent) and fucks her on her bed…or her father’s bed…or the couch….or the dining room table. Perhaps she falls in love with him, or maybe she decides to blackmail him for more money at the end of the summer.
 Really, there is a lot that can be done with this. I see lots of rough, sweaty, hair pulling, ass slapping sex no matter which way we go.

The story does require you to play two characters, John and the father. I see both men as having a perverted streak though John would be far more open about his. And while technically the girl is a virgin, she certainly isn’t one mentally. She knows how to tease a man, and loves to do it.
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Re: Favored Intrigues [F for M]
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2011, 03:18:22 AM »
From Innocence to Nightmare

Isabella adored living in the abbey. She loved the gentle nuns, she loved the gardens, she loved the blessed chapel where the sisters sang to God in sweet clear voices that raised the hair on her arms. It was no wonder she loved her life here, she knew no other. In all the sixteen (or 17!) years God had seen fit to bless her with life, Isabella had never been outside the nunnery walls. She had even been born here, the woman who first touched the baby was a nun. No man had ever touched her, and only one had ever seen her.

He had come one year when she was a precocious child of ten, had come with the woman the nuns told her was her mother. Of course Isabella was unfailingly polite to the woman, and the man whom she was told was her father. She was familiar with her mother, saw her twice a year for an hour each time, with a nun hovering anxiously in the background. The visits were formal ones, the woman inquiring in a strained voice about her education, and Isabella obediently repeating back the prayers she had learned, singing the songs, and displaying her needlework. The man never said a word to her, never even came near her but stayed by the garden gate watching. Isabella never saw him again.

The nuns loved her, but they loved the money her parents paid for her to stay there even more. Isabella’s family was quite wealthy indeed, and every year they paid L300. The nuns were quite proud of the product they produced for the excessive amount. Isabella was a lovely girl in spirit as well as in body. She was cheerfully obedient, always eager to help the sisters whenever she saw they needed something. She adored the animals kept in the  abbey, whenever one of the chickens or goats were butchered she would be in hysterical tears. Her compassion was endless for the ancient nuns that needed attentive care, she often brought them flowers or would spend hours reading to them.

She had faults of course, what child doesn’t? She was entirely too curious, forever getting into things she had no business getting into. She was entirely too forgetful and absentminded, many was the times a nun had to go fetch the child from the garden long after she was supposed to be at her lessons. She was singularly unimpressed with her looks, which would be a virtue except for the fact she was constantly having to be admonished for running about with her hair uncombed, sitting in the dirt, and other unladylike activities. And she was horribly impatient.

Despite her faults, everyone expected Isabella to take the holy vows on her eighteenth birthday, including herself. It was, after all, why she was here. Her mother and father were devoted Catholics, and had promised their first born to the church. Her father, Lord Dunvers of Dunvers Castle, had been much relieved that it was a daughter and not a son. But life sometimes does not follow our plans, and such was the case for Isabella.

Three days after her sixteenth (or seventeenth if you prefer!) birthday the Dunvers priest brought the news of the unexpected deaths of both Lord and Lady Dunvers. As no son existed, the estate went to Lord Dunvers younger brother, the new Lord Dunvers. And the new Lord Dunvers had no interest in having his young niece “rot away in a nunnery” as he put it. Preparations were immediately undertaken to return the bewildered girl to her home and the welcoming arms of her uncle.

That’s the story, now here is what I want from it! Your character would, of course, play the new Lord Danvers, who can be anywhere from late twenties to his fifties. I prefer 30s to 40s. He is NOT a loveable rake. He is a cruel vicious bastard who loves to hurt women, to break them until they would do anything, debase themselves in any way, to get at his cock. And his young niece comes with the property, in this time women ARE property, and no one will stand in the way of his intentions with the girl. Oh some may moan and bitch, but they can easily be put in their place.

DO NOT make this guy a nice guy. Please. I am tired of that, I have enough nice bad boy RPs going on atm. I want this one to be an utter complete asshole. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a good mindfuck of course, he doesn’t have to go slapping her around right off. He can enjoy manipulating her, that doesn’t make him a good guy.

As for story twists, I am open to any you like to toss out. But quite frankly with this scene I am looking for a good hard brutal breaking of an innocent into an eager little fuck toy.

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