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Started by daemongirl, April 13, 2011, 12:57:37 AM

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Looking to do a rp where characters are part of an underground erotic wrestling league, where victory comes with great cash prizes and fame. I would like to have matches ranging from stripping your opponent down to first to orgasm loses and even sexual endurance matches. Everything from more competitive wrestling bouts to more sexual encounters. Wrestlers dress in skimpy clothes and are filmed for release on the internet. Theres lots of ways to do the matches and I would like to experiment with several types and wrestlers.

Some Match Ideas:
Oil/Mud/Jello/etc Wrestling- a classic with two bikini clad women wrestling to pin the other, and who cares if clothes go flying.
First to Orgasm- a match where the goal is to make the opponent orgasm before you, showing them who's boss.
Endurance Match- a longer match where the idea is to drain every drop of cum from the opponent until they can't go on.
Bondage Match- with tons of toys to play with, the goal is to tie the other up to the bedposts using any means possible.

Please post here, pm me, or send me a message on yahoo!

Also feel free to post ideas for matches on here, I always like to try out new things.


Were you ever interested in a Mortal KOmbat kind of RP?