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Author Topic: Tricky's Safari Disco Club  (Read 609 times)

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Tricky's Safari Disco Club
« on: April 12, 2011, 10:54:49 PM »

Just PM me if you're interested in any of these.  [[LOOK DOWN AT THE LATEST POST FOR NEWEST IDEAS!]]
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Yelle - Safari Disco Club

Original Plots:

The Pursuit of Happiness
It's October 31st, 2759.
It's a steam-punk simulation game.  But once you go in, you can't come out unless you find an escape point, die, or the time limit runs out.  Games can have unlimited players.  Most games include three days of peace where players meet each other, party, raise money and make alliances, and then two weeks of competitions.  Each player gets to keep any money raised during the game if they can stay alive.  It's a very political atmosphere.  Many women prostitute themselves within the game for money and never compete in the Colosseum type competitions.  There are parties every night and most competitors take hard drugs and drink every night within the game.  Anything is legal in the game.  It's a lot like a Mad Max type of situation.  Kilo is a 21 year old strawberry blonde student and she's out of money.  She volunteers for the game.  Something breaks and the time limit goes to infinite.  One of the game programmers is able to contact Kilo by becoming her Guardian Angel.  He can stop time to talk to her, and sometimes takes the form of an orange snake tattoo that Kilo has on her back.  Sometimes the programmer is able to talk to her in his human form.   

Bonfires on the Beach
Jordie's new college friends in SoCal lead her astray.  The daughter of a government scientist, living in Roswell, New Mexico, she was ignorant and unexposed to drugs, sex, alcohol, or crime in high school.  Recruited into the party-girl's group, she parties every night at Santa Barbara, and has slept with the most influential and important seniors on campus.  Desperate for cash and companionship, Jordie accepts a frat house's offer to host her as one of their House Girls.  All she has to do is show up with the rest of the House Girls to all their parties.  Her friends from home come to visit as a surprise on her birthday and it turns out their lives are in shambles too.  Her best friend from kindergarten is pregnant, one's Dad just died and he won't talk about it, and her other friend (a guy who has only ever come out of the closet as gay to her) is having some money troubles.  They give her tickets to a concert in Las Vegas for her birthday and steal her away for the weekend. 

Wisconsin Girl
Levi is a long wavy blonde-haired, brown and blue eyed sweet athletic tan college girl.  She runs plays volleyball and runs track back at University of Chicago.  She was so excited to be living in a little house with her best friend, Olivia, over the summer in Wisconsin just a few blocks away from UW Madison---the only thing her friend didn't tell her about was the four varsity soccer players also living there.  They're loud, rude, and drink and smoke every night.  They hit on her, harass her, and steal her underwear.  She responds by beating them up and crying alone in her room where they can't see.  ---despite their stupidity, they're sometimes really great guys---but only when they're not around their friends.  They get her a job at the gym where they train and take her and Olivia out for guy's nights.  They all go running together on the beach on campus.  One day the guys have a huge party. Their girlfriends are all there and tons of jocks.  Olivia is busy flirting with some football players, while her housemates are sexually harassing Levi.  She tries to leave, but they won't let her.  She ends up drinking against a jock in a game.  She wins, but then passes out.  One of her housemates takes her upstairs to her room.

Supermassive Black Hole
He's a banished alien forced to live like a human to protect himself.  She dances for money at a truckstop strip club.  He goes there often---just to get smashed and pass out.  The aliens looking for him find him, killing everyone in the club except for him and the girl.  He kills the two bounty hunters and for once shows some compassion, comforting the girl and taking her with him when he realizes that she's hurt. 

House of the Rising Sun---The Doors Version.
New Orleans, Lousiana
Gamblin'+VoodooMagic+Crocodiles+Gumbo+Street Fighting.
Martha Lee is 17.  She works as a maid in the big white house on the edge of town.  It's sinking into the swamp, has horrible rumors and magic surrounding it.  The old woman and man that live there are said to be Voodoo Magic users.  Martha Lee refuses to believe in that crap.  She's from Baton Rouge.  Good girls go to church on Sunday and don't believe in that swamp gas. 

Smoke a Little Smoke by Eric Church
Sydney, Australia
Zooey, 24, male, plays rugby for the Sydney Roosters.  Frankie is a stupid young thing studying abroad at Sydney Uni.  Zooey is a shy big guy, really good at what he does.  Frankie didn't know what she was getting into, partying with his team, but he "claims" her, saving her from a "team building activity".  She keeps in touch with him---partying with him and his friends and exploring Australia with him.   

Rock of Love
MTV+Bret Michaels royally fucks up.  MTV lies to the girls invited onto the show, telling them that Bret is single.  In reality, he is married, lives in Arizona, and has a married daughter with three little kids, a son in the military, and another younger son who's still trying to find himself. 
Sasha was forced onto the show.  She has a five year contract with MTV she would do anything to get out of.  They redo her look every reality show they put her on and give her a different name.  This show, they turned her into scene chick and is called Bunny H.  She sneaks out of taping whenever she can and usually ends up smoking with one of the cameramen.  They become friends and is someone she can vent at when she keeps getting placed into ridiculous situations for the sake of reality television.

The Catacombs of Paris
Annie is wimpy.  She never finishes anything, never has the guts to take what she needs.  Her sister Allison is the opposite.  Allison is living in Paris just fucking around after college and invites Annie to visit her.  Annie hates planes and traveling alone, but she does it anyways.  It turns out that Allison has gotten really into drugs and raving in the Catacombs underneath the city.  There's a monster in the catacombs.  It has killed seven people in the last month, but the ravers don't care, they're still going to party this weekend.  Without telling Annie about the monster, Allison takes her along and introduces her to the rave-master Biz.  Biz messes with Annie and convinces her to take some ex, seducing her easily.  Biz takes her to his private room in the catacombs and fucks her up against a wall.  Screaming comes from the party.  Allison's been killed by the monster.  Biz takes a gun and goes after the monster---he doesn't come back.  Annie's left alone, tripping on ex, confused, sobbing.  She wanders through the catacombs trying to get out.  She ends up climbing a scaffold and passing out underneath a grate.  The sunlight shines through a grate onto her face waking her up.  A hot French stranger hears her calling for help and he lifts her up through the grate.   

Blood Gulch Blues by Trocadero---Red vs. Blue Taken.
Agent Cali's hurt bad.  She's been in that hospital bay for a week, in nothing but a sports bra and underwear being healed by the controlled atmosphere.  Agent Washington wanders in.
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Re: Tricky's Safari Disco Club
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2011, 11:05:07 PM »
Ideas Based on Other Things Or Ideas I Need to Expand On Or Fix Totally:

Continued off the movie.  I didn't like the movie, but it's kinda sexy.

Eat Pray Love
Artemis is 23, traveling alone through Europe, trying to find herself inspired by the book Eat Pray Love.  She's a shy girl who keeps to herself usually.  She's innocent, just trying to stay healthy and get her work done, she never worried about how she looked and never had a boyfriend---but she's just one of those girls that manages to look stunning no matter what she wears or how does her hair.  She finds herself spending a lot of time on beaches, staying in hostels and meeting tons of people.  She feels like she's coming out of her shell a little.  One day in Zaragoza, Spain, she meets a girl named Ginny from the UK.  Ginny is a platinum blonde, a professional traveler and classy party-attendee.  Ginny takes Artemis under her wing, taking her shopping, to the best topless beach, and then that night to the best club.  Ginny helps Artemis get ready.  It's a classy place, made-up to look like a smoking lounge.  Ginny is just good at getting into classy clubs, but the doormen can tell that Artemis is shy and one steals a kiss before she goes inside.  The coat-checker takes one look at the girls and a host comes over, showing the girls around and introducing them to what looks like a very rich group of guys.  Ginny's other friends instantly find guys to flirt with and buy them drinks and even Ginny dissapears almost instantly.  As they're ushered to the table, Artemis looks over at the bar.  A gorgeous scruffy young man is sitting there talking to his friends, who also look pretty hot.  He makes eye contact with her for a second before she looks away, but she glances up again and sees his friends obviously commenting on the group of girls.  The gorgeous guy seems kind of quiet all of a sudden.  She hangs around with the girls for a while.  Ginny seems to be busy with a guy in a really expensive suit.  Soon, she escapes to the bar, trying to avoid the guy who was sitting next to her.  She ends up sitting at the bar, watching the people on the dance floor.  It seems like the club is full of rich people and plastic girls that can't dance.  As shy as she is, Artemis knows she could be sexier than those girls... if she tried.  She is super bored, but can't leave without Ginny's card-key to get back into the hostel. 
All of a sudden two guys from the VIP table come up around her, touching her and being stupid.  Within thirty seconds the gorgeous guy is next to her, jokingly telling the guys off in a beautifully smooth Spanish voice.  They guys seem to know him and laugh, joking that he deserves the babe after the plays he pulled off today.  Artemis realizes they're talking about her and is embarrassed, but suddenly the gorgeous guy and her are alone.  He's talking to her so calmly and she's answering back so cooly.  He's complimenting her, buying her drinks.  His name is Gerard and she just feels so comfortable and safe. 
....but then she gets drunk.  And stupid.  She suggest that they should go dance, which they do.  She's so happy and shows him how real American girls dance.  The Spanish ladies are all shocked by her moves.  Gerard is laughing and dancing beside her.  It's her favorite song, apparently.  She suddenly is dancing near him and they're grinding against each other and their lips are so close and suddenly she's kissing him.  Gerard leads her off the floor, still making out as they go.  They're in a back hallway and he's touching her now.  He suggests they go to his hotel room.  She breathlessly and stupidly agrees, but then passes out in his arms.  ...Yeah, she's not very good at staying up late or drinking. 
She wakes up the next morning alone in a huge comfy bed in a baggy sports shirt and her underwear and bra, her fancy dress laid across a chair.  Artemis puts on the baggy sports shirt that's laid out on the edge of the bed.
It turns out that his room is a suite with multiple bedrooms.  She goes out into the kitchen area and runs into another woman.  The other woman laughs about how Gerard is such a player and gives Artemis some eggs.  Gerard walks in on both women and doesn't seem very responsive.  He touches Artemis' shoulder and smiles.   The other woman leaves soon and Gerard is cleaning up the dishes.  Artemis sits on the counter and asks Gerard if they had sex last night.  Gerard says no. 

Kesha-themed Model.
She's been on tour with Brittany Spears and Lady Gaga.  She's modeled in Europe and is living in a house of models in New York City.  The douche bags living with her make her life interesting.

The Riddle of the Sphinx
Based on the point and click mystery game.

Dave at Night
Dave is a jazz musician in New Orleans.  He sells his soul to the devil for a new violin, but thinks it was all just a dream.  Liza is a waitress at a cafe on Main Street.  It's Mardi-Gras.

The Count's Son
Based on the Mardi-Gras scene in the Richard Harris version of the Count of Monte Cristo.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Based on the book.

Tamlin's Song
Marco Polo in the Court of the Great Khan. 
Just a crazy awesome wild-country explorer kind of story.  Marco meets and seduces many girls, including a princess, a peasant, a prostitute, and a warrior jungle woman. 

A Girl Named Tex

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Re: Tricky's Safari Disco Club
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2011, 11:53:08 PM »
New Smutty Ideas:
DIII: Sluts Gone Wild
You're Dean Bogard.
I'm Alice Nadeau.

I'm a sophmore physics major.  I'm famous around our 1500 person college for being the "smart slut".  I know almost everyone---or at least have the reputation of knowing everyone.  Anyone I don't know knows my name.  But all I do during the week is study.  I never hang out with any certain group of friends on the weekends.  I jump from group to group, party to party basically alone, but I'm never without friends.  I've hooked up with all the hottest guys on campus and never seem interested in relationship.  I have a reputation.  And I'm smart.  I do the homework that takes my brilliant classmates three days of all-nighters in an hour.  I don't know pi to 87 decimals, but I don't give a damn.  I only need three more classes to complete the major and I picked my advisor because he was the hottest.  I haven't fucked a teacher---yet.   But that makes me a classy slut in the eyes of the school.  If people hate me, it's a secret to me.  I just do my own thing, get super drunk, fuck guys, and then go home and take long showers.  I play soccer and run track.  I don't really party with athletes.  I like to think they take care of their bodies during the season.  But they obviously don't.
I'm kind of a quiet person when I'm not drunk.  I keep to myself and seem shy.  I secretly am super self-conscious because no guy has ever obviously been after me.  The group of girls I live with used to be my best friends.  But they were such pretenders.  They liked to pretend they had hard lives and were alcocholics and badass pot heads, but they're all rich homely snotty white girls who don't drink or smoke much, all bought vibrators one day and declared they're all bisexual together, had a party that I wasn't invited to and then get too drunk, threw up and then moan about it the next day.  They're embarrassing---they're good people, but just not people I want to hang around with for more than five minutes.  But I can't stand most people for very long. 
Anyways, it's Friday night.  I'm out at a bar with some German exchange students.  You, Dean, walk in.  I look up and see you, but just continue talking to my friends.  They see the guys and get excited.  The guys we're with roll their eyes and try to ignore how silly the girls are getting.  I offer to introduce a girl to one of the guys.  I don't know him, but I had a class with him once.  She gets shy and refuses.  I roll my eyes at her now, saying how silly she is and get up and walk up to the football player you're with and introduce myself.  The guy is surprised and we go up to the bar together, leaving you and your other friend at the table.  You two talk about the upcoming annual Slut Olympics.  The Slut Olympics is a competition between schools in your college's Conference.  After the football season ends, all the teams pick a girl from their school, get together at one of the schools, and have their girl compete in the Slut Olympics. 

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Re: Tricky's Safari Disco Club
« Reply #3 on: June 09, 2011, 12:20:18 AM »
Ugh, the post reply form's being weird so I'll continue it in another post:

So each school sends a team: Three guys and a girl.
Your college is sending the football seniors: Dean (you), Fletch, Connelly, and Rob.  Connelly doesn't go to your college anymore, he got kicked out freshman year, but you guys love him.  He's kinda a big shy loaf. 

Your girl was supposed to be a girl named Kelsey Montgomery.

....But then you (Dean) ends up going home from the bar with me.  We end up talking and running around together and having an amazing time, and we start talking about the dirtiest stuff we've done and our fantasies.  We sleep together and it's amazing.  But I'm thinking of some European futbol player the entire time.  We snuggle after and I fall asleep, something I never do at a guy's place.  There's a party going on downstairs still.  You run down when you're sure I'm asleep and grab the guys, telling them that we have better girl.  You show them me and Rob is like "DO YOU REALIZE WHO THAT IS?!"

And I'd start my first post there as Rob and me asleep.

I'll tell you about the different competitions I have in mind for the Slut Olympics, but they also test the guys on the team too.  And my character would have to be drunk out of her mind to participate.  But she's a cute slutty courageous drunk with a sense of humor.  ...
So yeah, interested?