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January 15, 2021, 05:44:32 PM

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Author Topic: Open concept, M seeking any gender, vampire, magic, mystery etc. brainstorming!  (Read 1188 times)

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Offline TheKnifeWonTopic starter

Alright, so, I'm a one-character-at-a-time sort. With this in mind, my character's a vampire with a basis in the Sookie Stackhouse series. I take a good number of liberties, though, so that what endures the most is the concept, more so than specific characteristics of the supernatural. In my reckoning, vampires are naturally magical creatures, in a manner similar to fairies, but a great deal of them have 'forgotten', sometimes due to not having the proper mindset, though bloodlines come into it as well--some are more magically potent than others.

My character, Maxwell, is among those who knows how to perform a great deal of magic--most of interest is his ability to cast wards and perform telekinesis, since this allows vampires to keep their daytime resting places secure. For most of his existence, he did not spend time with his fellow vampires save for his maker (who taught him what he knows), partially due to various grudges she held against the vampire 'powers that be'. As he's recently loosed himself completely from her, though, he's decided to involve himself with them, on a trial basis.

Trying to get to the point, he has a job under the sheriff of the area where he lives involving his skills with magic. It's not something he does as his chief function, just yet--he's mainstreaming intensely enough where he has a job teaching human students discipline in creative writing--but he accepts these tasks because his obligations in that human job aren't very much, and he does like a bit of adventure.

Basically. . .if a vampire wants help learning how to awaken and use his magic and gets in contact with the right people, they send Maxwell. If a vampire is a magical dud but finds out about him and wants wards cast without having to deal with witches, they send Maxwell. If--and I think this gives the most opportunity for RP--a vampire's use of magic goes awry, meaning that something's being hurt or risking exposure (vampires prefer to keep the bulk of their magical powers a secret from humans), they send Maxwell.

I think this could make for some fun! Unfortunately, I'm not too stellar at plotting ahead of time. Normally, when I just take things as they come, the plot comes out nicely enough. Writing action/adventure-oriented stuff is also very new territory for me, but since I've been consuming more entertainment stuff lately--watching more TV, playing more games, reading more books, etc., rather than just RPing and listening to music--it's occurred to me that most of the time, my usual approach to RP is, well, boring.

I have a few little sparks of ideas, though. . .

A vampire makes a golem or a homunculus, but something turns out wrong, it's not faithful to its master. It starts to run amok around town, and Maxwell's one of the people sent to collect it--either to tame it or just kill it, and then find out all the humans who'd seen it and make them forget. Where does the general "you" come in? This is where the 'brainstorming' part is important. I can think of a few possibilities. . .perhaps you play one of the more local vampires who's helping out. Maybe the poor, guilty vampire who caused the problem in the first place. Maybe a witch that they grudgingly tried to hire, but they wound up calling Maxwell too (or he was in the area). Maybe you just play a human who witnesses a key part of the process, or was getting harassed by the thing and is "saved", and maybe manages to convince him not to make them forget. Plenty of possibilities, really. Maybe it's not just Maxwell, maybe he's part of a team. . .(or maybe I've been watching too much Torchwood...)

A much less innocent vampire was playing with harmful forces, magical powers without visible form that are used to maim and kill. They lose control of the magic that's too advanced for them to have a handle on, and it starts killing humans in gruesome ways. The possibilities of what someone could play are similar to the above, with maybe the addition of a family member of a victim or something like that.

Something's making vampires grow ill and die, and they suspect it's magical in root. Innnnvestigation!

I feel like I had more ideas, but I can't remember them now. Point is, that's the general kind of thing that would be done. We could figure out something completely different together, if none of those appeal to you.

I don't intend any of these concepts to be a "sexual story", but Maxwell's a pretty, uh. . .let's not mince words, the guy likes to fuck. Knowing him, even if I didn't start out intending for it to happen, a topic just wouldn't be safe in the non-sexual section. I don't do the whole fade to black thing. People wanting sex to be a possibility should probably play mortals, though, as I don't think he's at all attracted to his fellow vampire.

I like posts that have an emotional sense to them (of which thought is a part), as well as physical description and stuff like that. Hmm, that should be enough. Hopefully someone's interested! Contact me however it pleases you.