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Author Topic: Moonlight Fantasies -Plots, Characters & more- (F seeking M/F)  (Read 870 times)

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Offline LunareyesTopic starter

Welcome to my desires thread, here you will find a more in depth profile of what excites me and sparks my interest. Firstly I am relatively new to the Elliquiy but certainly in no way new to role-playing, or indulging my fantasies and what experience I have had here has been endlessly enjoyable. I am open to most things (see my Ons & Offs for details) but what I prefer is the creative and the fantastical to the mundane. I enjoy fantasy worlds and those born from sci-fi believing there is much to be explored in those genres especially sexually. Looking for detailed and possibly ongoing role plays from partners with innovative minds.

~Science Fiction Plots~


A fantasy rooted deeply in cyberpunk and sci-fi; at it's core it is but a simple mind-control RP but I believe it could be so much more with the right amount of creativity.

Set in an age where the human condition has been mastered, consciousness has been digitalized, virtual realities are commonplace and bodies purely optional. Millions live in digital superstructure, facade worlds created to entertain the world's now neigh immortal population. While earth has begun to reclaim it's lands, the physical population of earth dwindling in this new age to a more manageable level - few have children, there is no need to. In this somewhat distant future a new form of cyber crime has emerged, preying on those still owning a body to exploit.

As with any computer system digital brains are susceptible to viruses, hacking and alteration. Immense safeguards are in place to prevent any form of tampering with a digital, living entity however it is not an insurmountable task - digital consciousness can be digitally violated. Given a skilled hacker penetrating a digital brain can unlock endless possibilities from rewriting entire personalities to modifying one's avatar.

This would be an ongoing and sweeping role-play covering the exploits of a genius hacker, penetrating vulnerable minds, in both physical and / or virtual environments, twisting them deeper levels of depravity and their own will. I am willing to play the hacker or the victim; both roles interest me for different reasons. We can discuss what the victim's character is like further upon query. This story has the potential to include multiple victims.


Open to M/F and F/F roles for this plot. As I am fully versatile I would be keen on playing either the victim or the hacker.

Possible Themes: (Ideas not set in stone)
Mind Control - Virtual Avatars - Body Swap - Body Modification - Gender Manipulation - Reprogrammed Personality - Group Sex - Public Sex

Ghost in the Machine

~Supernatural Plots~

The Possessed

Flight of fancy directly inspired by Peter F, Hamilton's 'Confederation Trilogy' it contains elements of the supernatural and of sci-fi (though not mandatory) If you have not read the series, and intend to, I urge you stop now for the following will contain spoilers of the contents of the first book at the very least.

-Spoiler Alert-

Heaven is a lie, Hell too, but the soul, the soul is real and it lives on after death. Purgatory might be the best word for the afterlife, an infinite nothingness a soul is committed to after death. "The Beyond" they call it, a veritable sensory deprivation tank that steals away sight, touch, smell, taste and sound. The minds of the dead are left alone with their own thoughts for an eternity, an unknowable amount of time without any knowledge of the universe that continued to ebb and flow after their deaths.

Something changed in the fabric of the universe however, an infinitesimal tear in the logic of physics that quickly burst into a gaping hole by the will of those trapped in the beyond. What started as the smallest of windows into the world outside their private realm became a door. Salvation from the beyond, a way of returning to the land of the living once more, to smell the grass, feel the warmth of a sun. Those sensations alone enough to drive the trillions of souls in the beyond mad with desire to break free.

It wasn't that simple though, a soul can not exist without a body and the universe wasn't about to just give them one; no bodies had to be taken, taken from the living. It took quite a lot of effort to break a living being's will, no one gave up control easily! A person had to give their body away willingly to the voices of the beyond, whispers and promises of salvation always trying to entice the living to hand over the prize. Whispers alone were never enough however, encouragement was key. Torture, rape and other malign acts used to bring their victim's to despair and to the decision to let go of their bodies. What started as one soul slipping through a crack turned into a cancer. Each returned soul had the burden of all those that remained in the beyond on their shoulders, always whispering for a body. The whisperings hard to ignore most obeying the calls in turn finding and forcing their own victims to submit to allow for more of their ilk to pass into the living world.

The possessed are in no way normal beings either. The reality dysfunction that allowed their passing back into the universe continues to play games with physics. Their bodies heal at an astonishing rate repairing the damaged flesh of their victims' old bodies. They are also able to manifest a searing white flame that can easily crisp an unprotected human. Finally they can warp reality to their will casting illusions that look, taste, feel and smell real. changing the decor of a house or their clothing are easy tasks. The possessed are hard to kill and difficult to detect, most would never suspect a thing...

-End Spoilers-

This would be a long term role-play exploring the mentality behind re-entering the universe after being vacant from it for what could potentially be centuries. There is room for multiple characters and with all more stories I don't tend to get specific about characters until I've spoken with a potential partner.

Possible Themes:
Noncon, Bondage, Mild Torture.

~Fantasy Plots~

Witch Queen

Set in a world boasting a semi-traditional dark fantasy theme this plot picks up at the climax of an ongoing, bitter war. Dark elf forces prepare to make their final march upon the doomed city of Alzengrad, the capital city and last bastion of hope remaining in the once peaceful kingdom of Alkadia. Home to humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and countless other species Alkadia was a hotbed of cultural diversity and prosperity, before the coming of the Witch Queen.

Now, the Dark Elves march anew having stormed over all previous opposition, a dark tide leaving nothing but utter devastation in it's wake. None of their kin have proved worthy matches when it comes to the arts of war; Elves, ogres and half-breeds alike culled before their blade. A country previously unprepared for war cannot match the dire viciousness of the dark elven war-machine. the Alkadian army has been decimated, the outlying areas burnt and pillaged. Those not killed taken as slaves; doomed to endure their cold-hearted captor's endless, perverse whims.

With Alzengrad under siege the final assault begins with the Witch Queen herself at the head leading the attack. Hungry for the swell of battle and her ultimate victory the Witch Queen looks forward to breaking in a new pet; Alzengrad's grand general.


Open to M/F and F/F roles for this plot. This would be a female dominate role-play

Possible Themes: (Ideas not set in stone)
Noncon, Bondage, Mild Torture, Hero to Slave.

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Offline LunareyesTopic starter

Re: Moonlight Fantasies -Plots, Characters & more- (F seeking M/F)
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2011, 08:46:49 pm »

The following are favorite characters of mine; many of which having made appearances in multiple role-plays. Although I always enjoy the thrill of a designing a new character I never tire of these select few.

Laly Lelwitz

My first, and favorite character of the furry realm. This squirrel girl has seen many adventures and I never tire of putting her to good use. She is one of those characters that develop through extensive writing; the kind where as a writer you immediately know how the character would respond to any situation.

This boisterous and fun-loving Red Squirrel girl approaches everything in life with abundant enthusiasm. She is ever the joker and optimist able to extract a laugh and find the positive in any situation. At times she can seem somewhat naive but nothing could be farther from the truth Laly is both intelligent and experienced holding on to her childish ways by choice. The whole package making her difficult to dislike; the squirreless brings mischief with her where ever she goes.

Laly's endless enthusiasm overflows into her sex drive making her, for lack of a better word, a complete nymphomaniac. Boasting strong, healthy womanly features her body exudes an aura of sexual promiscuousness that makes this fact hard to hide. Hide it Laly does not however reveling in the concept of free sexuality and exploration of one's desires actively seeking the attention of multiple partners. She is fully bisexual and attracted to members of every species be them human, canine, avian, reptilian, etc.

Potential roles: Due to Laly's personality and attitude towards sexual nature she is a very versatile character, one that could potentially fit into countless genres. I have played Laly in fantasy, sci-fi and modern day settings and am always up to expand this squirrel's horizons. Any suggestions regarding this character are welcome,.. in fact encouraged.

Riza Yuggle

A young anthro Corgi girl just coming of age. She is an innocent character that is kind generous and full of spunk. A bit of a geek she enjoys being an oddball caring little for any negative vibes people may send her way for her awkward behavior. Always free-spirited she can jump from one interest to another but always obsessing over whatever particular flight of fancy catches her eye at that particular moment in time.

Potential roles: Riza would never be suited to a dominant role.


Confident, strong and domineering Nai'ra is a member of a proud race of Faerei Dragons.  She is virile, sultry and voluptuous a prime specimen of dragon kind. The pride of her species can be found burning bright in this dragoness' heart; a woman that gives no ground and possesses a will of fire. Nai'ra is both entirely blunt and mildly aggressive in everything she does.

These bellicose tendencies leech into her sex drive all too often making for a truly fearsome dragon lover. Nai'ra will always, always get what she wants no matter the cost. When she sees something she likes she latches on refusing to let go. Rejection will usually only serve to bolster her resolve

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Offline LunareyesTopic starter

Re: Moonlight Fantasies -Plots, Characters & more- (F seeking M/F)
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2011, 08:47:24 pm »
~Other Interests~


Huge anime fan having watched countless series over the years. Many of these I've often had fantasies about making sexual in nature, offshoot narratives that can either lead to an erotic encounter or just an interesting happenstance.

Favorites include Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Toradora, Machademi Wassoi and so on. If you have an Anime based fantasy I might just be your woman.


As an avid gamer girl certain games or aspects of games can be rather enticing. My interest would be piqued by almost any game related plot so long as it is story driven and not just religiously tied to a video game. I find interest in these sorts of plots rather rare so if you have a fantasy please feel free to share and I'll be more than happy to indulge.

Pen & Paper

Experienced P&P role-player loving Unknown Armies, Eclipse Phase and even Dark Heresy; as examples. I could always be convinced to take part in erotic or nonerotic games of any quality RP, provided a quality GM.


Huge fan of the Xanth series and anything by Peter F Hamillton. I almost always have a sci-fi or fantasy book in the works and love both the cyberpunk and steam punk sub-genres. Anything mystical, supernatural or futuristic fuel the fire of my libido. Non-human role-plays hold their own special place in my heart be it angels & demons, orcs & elves or alien life-forms. My mind loves to explore the possibilities rather than the realities sometimes.

Ol' Switcher-o

I have no qualms about real life males playing female roles in any of the stories I take part in. In fact I am occasionally struck by the desire to play male roles myself. With that said I encourage any female role-players out that like one of my plots but would prefer to take the female role in it to go ahead and ask. I'll either adapt it to make room for F/F action or I may be happy to play the male.

Other Kinks

Further to the aforementioned I thoroughly enjoy group sex, I am bisexual, if you hadn't caught on to that fact yet, and have few limits. Additionally I enjoy , incest, gangbangs, public sex, humiliation (to an extent) , bondage, age-play and can be as happy in a submissive position as a dominant one.
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