Why I don't like Sundays

Started by Athos, April 09, 2011, 09:55:20 PM

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I feel a little bit like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes when I say that Sunday has never been my favourite day of the week. Though I can’t say with complete positivity that I hate Sundays, I have yet to think of one in which anything particularly good has happened to me.  For me, Sunday is a day that I usually find myself so preoccupied with the upcoming week that I really have no inclination to enjoy the day. More than that, there is a certain level of hostility that seems to befall me on Sundays. Though I can’t say I’ve ever been the cuddliest of personalities (there are a few exceptions), I seem to get extra grumpy. Things and people just seem to bug the ever-loving shit out of me on Sunday. Part of it, I suppose, comes from my upbringing. I was raised in a Christian household, and though my mother wasn’t fanatical, Church on Sundays was the norm for us as kids. I have to say that while there are some people from that part of my life that I respected and enjoyed being around; I found the whole thing to be a sham. Again, that’s not to say that I’m anti-God or anything like that. To this day I practice my own faith, in my own way. I just have a problem with the concept of dressing up in clothes that you’d never wear anywhere else, putting on smiles regardless of how you felt, and listening to things you really disagreed with all the while nodding your head like a good little boy should and calling that the “real you.” I realize that not all Churches are like this, but mine was and I hated it with a passion. Needless to say, I was never one for hanging around after services to chat with the other parishioners. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I may have set one or two world records with how fast I got myself out of there.  Yet no matter how fast I fled, the cloud of irritation stemming from the entire experience would settle over my head for the rest of the day and sometimes even into the night causing me to reacquaint myself with my old friend insomnia. The only reason I mention any of this is that it’s Sunday night (actually Monday morning now as I’m writing this) and once again I’ve spent the entire night lying in my bed looking up at my ceiling, grumpy as all hell and begging for sleep to come and wondering why this always seems to happen to me on a Sunday.

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I am beginning to agree with you on this viewpoint, Athos.  I am replying to this message early on a Sunday morning, with the day stretched out before me and I take no pleasure in that at all.

I grew up in a Christian household as well and have found most churches to be this way, unfortunately.  I know that is not what God wants for us, but we humans aren't getting the message!

I hope, someday, you can find a reason to enjoy every day - including the dreaded Sundays!



I have to compliment you for the way you wrote your message. It was a pleasure reading every line of it. And I as well have to agree with the fact that Sunday is by far not the best day of the week. I was not the kind of kid that goes to church every Sunday but as you mentioned Sunday is the day where you stop and say... Tomorrow is going to start all over again.

It's sad... I am going to do my best to improve the quality of my Sundays and stop looking forward to the next week.


Thanks Zelot, you're very kind. I think you're right in that the key is to stop constantly looking toward things that haven't happened yet and take each moment as it comes.

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"Weep," said Athos, "Weep, heart full of love, youth and life! Alas, I would I could weep like you!"


Your story very much mirrors mine. Like you I was raised in a religious home and though I knew some very nice people from that background, the experience scarred me in many ways. I didn't get over my dislike of Sundays for some time after. Eventually I did and a large part of it came from having a weekend job where I worked that day and so it wasn't anything special, it was just another day to me.

Like you I don't feel anti-god, I have some belief in spirituality myself, but I don't believe that a god/creator spirit/whatever divinity I might believe in would practice intolerance and non-inclusion against people for being different. So I just believe what I believe and don't let the organized religion touch my life any more than possible.

Thanks for sharing your story, It was good to read someone who had experiences similar.
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Glad to hear that I'm not the only person who has these feelings. Thanks for your reply Tentacle. :D

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"Weep," said Athos, "Weep, heart full of love, youth and life! Alas, I would I could weep like you!"