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Author Topic: The Four Corners of Civilization - looking for players  (Read 4583 times)

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The Four Corners of Civilization - looking for players
« on: April 08, 2011, 11:11:22 pm »
I'm looking for some people to play characters in a game (or two!) set in the world that Pat Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicle takes place in. You needn't be familiar with the books to play, I'll have a second post to explain some of the ins and outs of the world.

Newbies - welcome!
Dabblers in the books - come in!
Rabid fans - please join me. I could use a hand. Since the 3rd novel won't be out for some time, I could use the minds of points of view of other fans to help shape the RP. I think there is enough info that we could do something great!

Points of interest:
  • I'm equally interested in seeing cannon and OC's
  • someone like Felurian or Elodin should be restricted.
  • I think all literacy levels should be considered. However, I think players should consider their abilities when creating their characters. This may go without saying as a general rule of thumb, but being able to speak eloquently in Vintish society, for example, is of crucial importance.

Game ideas:
  • THE University Hijinks - The every day lives of students of the Arcanum.
  • Life in the Ademre - ever since meeting Tempi in book two I have had a fascination with his culture.
  • The Chandrian - Up for an evil campaign? Want to bring personality and flush out a back story for one of the 7?
  • Generic Adventuring Party - chose any class, any nationality and have our characters come together with purpose.

Please send me a message or reply here if you're interested. I'd like to see what characters everyone would like to play. If you have another game idea, please post it. :3
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General Info; People
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2011, 11:11:47 pm »
~ General Information ~
      My name is Kvothe, pronounced nearly the same as “quothe.” Names are important as they tell you a great deal about a person. I’ve had more names than anyone has a right to. The Adem call me Maedre. Which, depending on how it’s spoken, can mean The Flame, The Thunder, or The Broken Tree.
    “The Flame” is obvious if you’ve ever seen me. I have red hair, bright. If I had been born a couple of hundred years ago I would probably have been burned as a demon. I keep it short but it’s unruly. When left to its own devices, it sticks up and makes me look as if I have been set afire.
    “The Thunder” I attribute to a strong baritone and a great deal of stage training at an early age.
    I’ve never thought of “The Broken Tree” as very significant. Although in retrospect, I suppose it could be considered at least partially prophetic.
    My first mentor called me E’lir because I was clever and I knew it. My first real lover called me Dulator because she liked the sound of it. I have been called Shadicar, Lightfinger, and Six-String. I have been called Kvothe the Bloodless, Kvothe the Arcane, and Kvothe Kingkiller. I have earned those names. Bought and paid for them.
    But I was brought up as Kvothe. My father once told me it meant “to know.”
    I have, of course, been called many other things. Most of them uncouth, although very few were unearned.
    I have stolen princesses back from sleeping barrow kings. I burned down the town of Trebon. I have spent the night with Felurian and left with both my sanity and my life. I was expelled from the University at a younger age than most people are allowed in. I tread paths by moonlight that others fear to speak of during day. I have talked to Gods, loved women, and written songs that make the minstrels weep.

    You may have heard of me.

The Kingkiller Chronicle is a re-telling of the life of a young man named Kvothe. The first book in the series is the finest fantasy novel I have ever read and being that I was raised on Dungeons and Dragons I have read many. Take my opinion as you may, but I do urge everyone to read it.

Colors refer to known enemies and allies of Kvothe.

Kvothe: the main protagonist of The Kingkiller Chronicle.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Kvothe is borne to the Edema Ruh, wandering entertainers who are often despised. His father is Arliden, leader of the troupe, and his mother is Laurian who fell in love with Arliden and left her home to be with him.

Throughout his life Kvothe (which his father once told him meant "to know") accumulates a multitude of names: E'lir; Reshi; Dulator; Shadicar; Lightfinger; Six-String (named after his self-taught ability to play a lute with only six strings instead of seven), Kvothe the Bloodless (inspired by his use of painkilling pharmaceuticals during an administrative flogging side-effects of which resulted in significantly reduced bleeding); Kvothe the Arcane; and Kvothe Kingkiller. The name Maedre - which can mean The Flame, The Thunder or The Broken Tree was given, or seen in him, by Magwyn, a namer of the Ademe. He was also given a sword by the Adem called Saicere (meaning to break, to catch, and to fly) which he prefers to call Caesaura (meaning a jarring break in a line of perfect verse).

Living as an inn-keeper in a small, remote town, he uses the Kote, which translates into 'disaster.' This is the "present" in which the books are written, when Kote / Kvothe is telling the true story of his life to the Chronicler. To the rest of the world, the famous Kvothe is Believed to be dead and is the subject of many stories and songs. Though he thinks and acts like a much older and wiser person, Kvothe is not yet thirty years old. He has little regard for his own life, blaming himself for the troubled state of the kingdom and believing his life spent hiding has little worth.

The first novel in the trilogy, The Name of the Wind, is a retelling by an adult Kvothe of his own life, from his earliest memories to some point after he has gained access to the University's library. Born with fiery red hair, he is the only child of a pair of gifted and loving artists who head a talented and successful traveling entertainment troupe. With this upbringing, Kvothe himself becomes a good actor and has learned to play the lute by the age of 8.

Through the course of his family's travels with the troupe, Kvothe comes into contact with an assortment of people from who he is quick to learn a variety of trades and knowledge. One of these people is Abenthy (who he nicknames Ben). Ben and Kvothe become good friends, and Ben spends much of his time training Kvothe in the ways of science and the basics of sympathy. Ben also recognizes that Kvothe is a prodigy, learning anything taught to him after seeing it only once, and claims that whatever Kvothe decides to become as an adult, he will most certainly be the best. Eventually Ben leaves the troupe, but before doing so tells Kvothe that he should make an attempt to gain entrance to the University as soon as he is of age and capable. After Ben's departure, Kvothe is orphaned when his whole troupe, along with his parents, are killed by an ancient and mysterious group known as the Chandrian. Kvothe makes his way alone to the large city of Tarbean where he survives as a street urchin and becomes a proficient thief. During this time he is still grieving the loss of his family and home with the troupe, claiming he was not functioning with his whole mind and was living just to survive without any goals or thought of the future. Finally, after three years Kvothe is "wakened" from his state of grief after listening to a storyteller recount the tale of Lanre and the origins of the Chandrian. Now with a goal, Kvothe sells his most precious belonging, a book given and inscribed to him by Abenthy, and is able to make his way to the University and gain acceptance. Once accepted, Kvothe becomes obsessed with gaining access to the University library, known as the Archives, so that he can learn more about the Chandrian. This time of his life is difficult because most of the students are children of wealthy merchants or noblemen, while Kvothe usually has to get by on pennies.

Academically Kvothe does well, but he also develops a strong sense of pride due to his self-consciousness about being poor while among so many wealthy people. This sense of pride sometimes leads him to folly in the choices he makes at the University, one of them being that he develops a dangerous rivalry with a powerful, wealthy student named Ambrose, the firstborn heir of an influential baron. During this time he also begins to have romantic feelings for an elusive local woman, Denna, who frequents a tavern not far from the University and joined Kvothe in a memorable musical performance.
The Name of the Wind Wiki on Kvothe:

A beautiful young woman from uncertain circumstances, she flits in and out of Kvothe's life at unexpected times.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Wikipedia: She and Kvothe first meet when they are traveling in the same caravan, Kvothe to the University and Denna to a city named Anilin. It is during this trip that Denna and Kvothe partake in subtle romantic actions, spurring their incessant flirting throughout the novel. For unspecified reasons, she has no family or friends to rely on, and thus is in a position to understand Kvothe's poverty, though the attention (both personal and monetary) paid to her by suitors is generally enough to get by on. She is also a talented musician and singer, helping Kvothe show his talent by joining in on a difficult song which she had heard only a few times before. Denna, like Kvothe, does not speak about her past and frequently changes her name as she takes on different personas. By her own drug-induced confession, she is just as attracted to Kvothe as Kvothe is to her. She is supported, at least in part, by a mysterious wealthy patron of whom Kvothe is both jealous and suspicious. The Name of the Wind Wiki, Denna's Article:

The Ruh Crew

The Masters of the Arcanum
  • Lorren: Master Archivist
Cool and quiet, Lorren is the keeper of the Archives.
  • Kilvin: Master Artificer
Kilven is a Cealdish "bear" of a man who encourages Kvothe's creativity.
  • Elxa Dal: Master Sympathist
Elxa is said to resemble the typical "evil sorcerer" one imagines.
  • Hemme: Master Rhetorician
He hates Kvothe for embarrassing him the first term.
  • Elodin: Master Namer
Young. Eccentric but brilliant. He is the one from whom Kvothe most desires to learn the secret of names.
  • Mandrag: Master Alchemist
  • Arwyl: Master Physicker
  • Brandeur:Master Arithmetician
  • The Chancellor; Herma: Master Linguist

Those of the Eolian
Count Threpe: A patron of the arts, he wants to help Kvothe 
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
recommends him to the service of the Maer Alveron in Vintas.

Classmates at the University:
  • Ambrose
The firstborn son of a powerful and wealthy baron. 
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ambrose and Kvothe take an immediate dislike to each other. They have repeated verbal confrontations, most of which Kvothe gets the best of, but Ambrose uses his wealth and connections to attack Kvothe in other ways.
  • Basil
  • Fela
A beautiful friend of Kvothe's
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
who had romantic interest in Kvothe and eventually pairs up with Simmon.
  • Manet
A student who has remained at the University for thirty years.
  • Mola
  • Simmon
  • Wilem

Auri A young woman and former student of the University who has gone a bit nutty and lives in hiding in passages beneath the university. She is reclusive but is befriended by Kvothe.
Devi A money lender who makes loans to Kvothe so that he can pay his tuition.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A former student of the University, she is skilled in many of the arcane arts.
Maershon Lerand Alveron: Also the Maer. Ruler of a major portion of Vintas, and descendant of the King of Vintas.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He employs the services of Kvothe as a woo Meluan Lackless and to rid the kingdom of a group of bandits.
Meluan Lackless: Heiress of the Lacklass family,
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
which is an ancient family, older than empires, which once ruled vast areas of Vintas, Modek and the small kingdoms. In prior generations and branches it is also known as the Lockless, Loklos, Loeloes and the Lack-key family. In the oldest part of their estates is rumored to be a secret door without a handle or hinges. Before discovering that Kvothe is an Edema Ruh, Meluan reveals to him, under strictest promise of secrecy, that she possesses a ancient box without handle, lid, or hinges which contains some unknown threat and or treasure in the hopes that he can help her and the Maer find a way to open it without damaging the contents. Kvothe is able to discern there is some faint engraving on one side but has no recommendations. Shortly thereafter she discovers he is borne of the Edema Ruh, the race of traveling troupers. Her hatred of the Ruh is boundless because her sister ran off with a Ruh man many years ago. To satisfy the revulsion of his wife, the Maer dismisses Kvothe from his services.
Stapes: The Maer's manservant and most trusted friend since childhood.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Initially hostile to Kvothe, Stapes is so grateful to Kvothe for saving the Maer's life that he gives Kvothe a ring of bone signifying a deep family bond.
Bredon: A Vintas noble who lives at the Maer's court and befriends Kvothe by teaching him the game of tac
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
and teaches him court customs, especially regarding the giving and receiving of iron, silver, and gold rings which are used in Vintas in an elaborate system of etiquette to display and respect class and rank. Bredon is rumored to be involved in pagan frolics.
Felurian: One of the magical Fae, she is a most beautiful and insatiable woman in either the world of men or fairies.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She crosses over into the world of men to seduces men and brings them into her own world. There she proves her power over them by driving them to madness and/or death through excess of yearning and sexual debauchery. Kvothe escapes her only by singing a beautiful song praising her beauty that, being not yet "finished" describes his sexual experience with her as "nice." In response to her rage, he explains that since he was a virgin before being with her, he has no comparison point against which he can compare her skills. If allowed to return to the world of men, he will then be able to both compare her talents to the lesser talents of other women and will be able to finish the song in a more glorious way . . . and spread the song among the world of men so that all will know of her beauty. Desirous of such added fame, she agrees, and he is allowed to eventually leave, still sane but much more skilled in the art of love making, on the condition that he will eventually return to her. Before he leaves, she gives him a magical cloak called a shaed which she makes from shadows and moonbeams.
Tempi: an Adem mercenary
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
who first teaches Kvothe the Ketan fighting style and about the Lethani. He does so without permission of his own teachers, and so faces rebuke and possible expulsion.

The Chandrian A mysterious group,
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
also known as the Seven, whose presence shows signs that are enumerated by Kvothe's father Arliden shortly before being killed. Some signs that are revealed to the reader include: metal rusts and wood decays in their presence, and fire turning blue. Both times that the Chandrian strike in the story are attempts to eliminate people who know true details about them: the first is to kill Kvothe's father, along with the rest of the troupe to ensure that no one who heard Alriden's song survived, and the second is at a wedding in Trebon where the groom's family found an urn depicting the Chandrian and their signs. Only two Chandrian have been identified by name: one, the leader, is "Lord Haliax", and one of his subordinates is called "Cinder". It is believed that "Lord Haliax" is indeed the fallen (and corrupt) hero of legend, "Lanre" as coined by Kvothe from stories told by Skarpi in Tarbean.
Lord Haliax
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« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2011, 11:12:08 pm »

* Spoiler texts are more info quoted from The Name of the Wind Wiki.
Ademre A harsh, barren, rocky and windy land inhabited by the Adem people.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ademre is famous for it's reputation of producing the powerful, capable and talented fighters known as Adem mercenaries. It has many schools which teach different "paths" or styles of fighting
The people of Ademre practice a philosophy known as the Lethani.
Language spoken:
The Aturan Empire
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  • Language spoken: Aturan
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  • Language spoken: Siaru
  • Language spoken:
  • Known Locales:
    • Imre
      • The Eolian is a well known bar in Imre.
        Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
        It is widely considered a great center of music. The Eolian hosts performances of great musicians hoping to earn their "talent pipes". The talent pipes are so called because if one wishes to try for ones pipes, one must pay a whole silver talent for the privilege of doing so. It is incredibly difficult to earn ones pipes, but it is well worth it. For one, a pipe holder may play on the Eolian's stage whenever he or she wishes. However, if called upon to play, they must accept. Talent pipes are a badge of quality, and any innkeeper will pay much more for a Talented musician then for one lacking their pipes. The Eolian also pays host to a number of wealthy nobles, which partially accounts for the large quantity of musicians. A good portion of these musicians are hoping to earn a patron, who will provide them with money that they may continue their personal projects. One such noble and patron is Count Threpe. The Eolian is jointly owned by Deoch and Stanchion. Stanchion runs the music portion, and Deoch runs the rest. 
         Known drinks served at the Eolian include:
        -Cinnamon Mead

    • Tarbean is a massive coastal city, home to both the rich and the poor.
      Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
      It is said that you couldn't walk from one end of Tarbean to the other in a single day, and while not the most accurate of measurements, this gives some approximation of the immensity of this city. Not only is it huge, but it is also almost labyrinthine in its build. Side streets and alleys twist among the stone buildings, tempting shortcuts for those who are willing to risk getting lost, or mugged. It is organized into innumerable sections; Downings, Drover Court, the Wash, Middletown, Tallows, Tunning, Dockside, the Tarway, Seamline Lane, etc. But for all intents and purposes it has two main parts: Waterside and Hillside. Waterside is closest to the sea, and as such is comprised of the docks, most lowly taverns, cheap shops, and some low wealth residential. It is filled with beggars, thieves, criminals, and most other imaginable types who one would dread coming upon in a dark ally. This is were Kvothe spends his three years after his family is killed. Hillside is far away from the crude types that make their living from the sea, and is filled with banks, expensive shops, and immense manor houses. Noblemen and women live in Hillside, and patrolling guards make sure that it stays that way. Beggars are not tolerated, thieves are nigh on nonexistent, and shop owners fear to barter with their customers, lest they are important.
    • The University Situated across a river from the town of Imre, the University is a place of higher learning dealing in many different fields.
      Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
      People from all over the world come to study there. While the technological and cultural level of society in the Four Corners of Civilization seems to be about that of the late Middle Ages to early Renaissance, the University stands out from that by the use of magic as a form of science, substituting technological development by Sympathy, Artificery, Alchemy and Naming.
        Known subjects:
      • History
      • Algebra and Geometry
      • Sympathy
      • Artificery
      • Naming
      • Medicine
      • Rhetoric/Logic
      • Languages
      • Chemistry/Alchemy

The Small Kingdoms

The Fae
The world of fairies and other creatures that do not originate in the world of men.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In the Fae, the sun and moon do not move across the sky. Instead, one can walk from lighter areas to darker areas, moving from morning to evening to night then back toward morning, or vice versa.

The moon sways between the world of the Fae and the world of men, tethered tight to both. The Creation Wars were prompted by one of the shaper of the Fae who pulled the moon into the world of the Fae. When the moon is full, the two worlds are close; it is then an easy matter for one of the Fae to enter into men through one of thousands of "doorways" between the worlds. Conversely, when there is a new moon, men can accidentally enter the Fae (at their peril). This is why wise men fear a moonless night.
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« Reply #3 on: April 08, 2011, 11:12:32 pm »

Magic - One of the things I really loved about these books was the believability of how arcane things worked.
  • Simpathy - a type of magic that can be done by focusing one's will. Sympathy requires a user to create a "sympathetic link" between two objects, and using this link, transfer energy from one to the other.
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    For example, by creating a link between two coins, a sympathist can actually move both objects by moving one of them, though this would take as much effort as actually picking up two coins. Also, by creating a doll of a person, a sympathist can affect a person by performing actions on the doll, such as lighting a match under the doll's foot. However, this will have the same effect as lighting a match under the person's foot (itself not very hot) and because a doll is not inherently similar to a person, only a small percentage of the match's energy will reach the person.

    The energy for these actions can either be taken from the sympathist's body or from a nearby energy source (usually fire). The sympathetic link between two objects can either be strong or weak, depending on the similarity between the two objects. The weaker the link, the more energy goes to waste in performing any action. The strength of the sympathetic link depends upon similarities on shape, size and material, as well as the skill of the sympathist. For living objects, strength can be increased by using a portion of the body (e.g., hair, blood).

    Sympathy is viewed with extreme superstition by the populace and is associated with demons and dark powers.
  • Naming

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Re: The Four Corners of Civilization - looking for players
« Reply #4 on: April 09, 2011, 06:54:13 pm »
*GASPS!* A Wise Mans Fear is out?! OMG!!! I can't get in for another 2 weeks! *Dies!*

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Re: The Four Corners of Civilization - looking for players
« Reply #5 on: April 16, 2011, 02:50:57 pm »
Dabbler here minorly interested. I've only read the first one (lost interest because Kvothe just sounded TOO badass at everything, I mean every situation he got into he aced it. Same reason I never liked Superman. But don't want to start a debate on the books, which are no doubt masterclasses in fantasy, protagonist's invincibility notwithstanding, the "magic" system, as Chaz points out is superbly well-thought through and the entire physics surrounding it are fantastic, not to mention Rothfuss writes like a dream) so skipped some of those spoilers in case I return to Wise Man's Fear after Dance with Dragons (George RR Martin ftw) comes out.

I'd be interested in this've put an impressive amount of effort into this GI thread.

I'd be interested I don't have the book to hand, so excuse me for paraphrasing, but the mixed race (literally) chap who Kvothe originally runs his inn with. His race, type...they interest me. Do you reckon there's room for one in your game? I couldn't see any information about him you may have posted.

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Re: The Four Corners of Civilization - looking for players
« Reply #6 on: April 16, 2011, 03:27:04 pm »
I am a Rabid Fan (Does that make me an Ass with rabies?).

I forget how I stumbled on The Name of the Wind when it first came out (perhaps boredom) but I was hooked as soon as I started reading. Then I started reading Pat's blog, which is very awesome! Waiting for A Wise Mans Fears was torturous, but waiting for the 3rd book will be even more so!

I too was quite fascinated by Tempi's culture (nudity, sex with anyone, martial art experts, 'sign language') and think it would make an interesting setting. The Arcanum might be a bit tricky (in regards to plot) and noble-centric. A generic adventuring party could take place in any of the lands Kvothe visits or are mentioned in the book, which would allow a setting in the World of Kvothe yet still be new.

Of course, a fast posting game of any sort is beyond my further interest would depend on posting requirements.

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Re: The Four Corners of Civilization - looking for players
« Reply #7 on: April 16, 2011, 03:38:09 pm »
*Plugs her eyes cuz she hasn't been able to read Fear yet dammit!*

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Re: The Four Corners of Civilization - looking for players
« Reply #8 on: April 16, 2011, 03:56:20 pm »
Oh, and Ramael - Kvothe isn't as bad ass as he seems - he gets his ass handed to him a few times in A Wise Mans Fear.

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Re: The Four Corners of Civilization - looking for players
« Reply #9 on: April 16, 2011, 06:39:30 pm »
*Glares at Eeyore*

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Re: The Four Corners of Civilization - looking for players
« Reply #10 on: April 16, 2011, 06:43:50 pm »
And gets raped by a rabbit...  >.>

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Re: The Four Corners of Civilization - looking for players
« Reply #11 on: April 18, 2011, 07:57:05 am »
Am I a Pat Rothfuss's fan ? Ohhh yes. I can't relate to any who like fantasy books that can't love Pat's efforts. Other than being light on with his buddies in the University - perfect plot and well .. everything.

This is what I have always IMAGINED Devi to truely be .. LURVE to play her as this ...
but your call hon.


Race: Devilkin (Apparent Race - Human)
Gender: Special
Sexuality: Bi
Age: Unknown (Ageless form)
Height: 5'5
Weight: 80 lbs
Hair color/style: Dark / natural waves
Eye color: Grey
Clothing: Varies
Jewelry: None

Personality Traits:

Eloquent, Courteous, Manipulative, Sexually Deviant


Exceptional use of concurrent Sympathy  (A virtue due to her race)
No ability to use "true names" (A racial impediment)

Can heal perfectly without scaring.

Has instinctively learned to sustain the appearance of a human by repressing her horns, tail and wings (see below), a form unfortunately which has its own social stimatism.


Although all know her to be a mage in her own regard, Devi is the product of a raping of her mother by one of the Chandrian, a situation which almost brings out what others call devilkin, a type of creatures scholars wrongly associate as a myth. Unfortunately this is something that must stay a secret for any association or even talk of the Chandrian can be more than enough to be disposed of by those near her, or worse by the Chandrian themselves.

Most know Devi as an expelled student of the Arcanum, she was a promising student however her impatience with secrets having to be earned through the trust of those more senior finally got the better of the girl. It was just matter of time before her hunger for power was obvious to those she had tried to convince otherwise, expulsion came soon afterwards.

Even compared to other mages, her craving for arcane secrets knows few limits, but although a devilkin mind controls her abmitions, a human heart beats in her chest. As such, the desire to have true friends or to be part of a group is something which tempers many of her actions.

The quick quips of Ambrose has publically humilated her in the past, adding insult to injury after being expelled. Although she often acts otherwise, she has never accepted growing rumors about her which are for most part, infuriatingly untrue. Those who are brave enough to deal the arragant Ambrose any unease are ones she finds hard not to like, an ambition she would find hard not to help.

True form

Only Gypsies, the fae and a peppering of exceptions believe in devilkin existing at all.

Devi's true form physically resembles what most know with the presence of bony horns protrusions, a thin tail and large thin semi-transparent set of bat like wings.

Although her form could support true flight, she does not have the bones to lock her wings to glide without effort for long periods of time, and flapping his three times as exhausting as sprinting.

Her tail is useful for balance while in flight only and can not be used to grasp objects, and although her horns resemble those of a goat, they are a set of ears specifically shaped to listen to echo's of her own wing beats, they act as a crude form of sonar which enables her to make out vague shapes at 100 feet away in pitch blackness.  Her horns are highly sensitive to touch, blowing on them is as distracting as a flick, and a finger flick could possibly make her faint from pain.

While conscious, only under drugging, extreme emotional duress, or if completely relaxed or by an act of her own will would Devi be in a state her wings tail and horns are revealed.

Although spells do exist to force the change, they a balked at by most scholars which deem no sense could come from mages foolish enough to beleive in devilkins in the first place.

Although repressing is painful, only a minimal amount of focus is needed to sustain the alternate physical form most know.  This constant focus is the reason for her exceptional abilty at concurrent Sympathy, something even the great Kvothe couldn't match.

Although Devi does resume her true form while asleeping, the only hint that she herself could be anything other than human while awake is her lack of aging. Although this would be noticed sooner or later from any highly familiar with her, others have their own reasons to have little to do with this strange moneylender for even being seen with her is close to social suicide.

Repressing or extending these protrusions is far from instant, something that would take roughly ten minutes normally, five if rushed.
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Re: The Four Corners of Civilization - looking for players
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I'd really like to revive this collection of game ideas.

Kate, your character is pretty interesting. What sort of game in this world would you like to put her in, if you're still interested?

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Re: The Four Corners of Civilization - looking for players
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I would adore to play her or one like in any fantasy game,

Ideally one where most characters have substantial influence, ie we can effect nations, some of us know kings
or royalty or are powerful merchants. Us funding a village or town being built is not uncommon, some having a small army not out of the question.

I'e something beyond "just starting / crawling through sewers etc"