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Author Topic: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )  (Read 13047 times)

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Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
« on: April 08, 2011, 04:59:14 am »
Thought I should probably post a few ideas, since I am looking for role-play, Hope I’m doing it right , If not please tell me how I am messing up ( it won’t hurt my feeling , Honest) I rather be told than stand her ( figuratively) and look like an idiot.

So here are some of my Ideas, if you feel like playing feel free to send me a “Hi” and tell me which your interested in, also open to modify an Idea if you want to throw on your own personal twist. I also include pic of my character, always fell it add something to get the juices flowing.

Be Warned …Have a taste for playing the victim of my ideas, but I also like to make my victims people you want to see this happen to, so here we go with idea ( please excuse the name for my story but sometimes my sense of humor get away from me)

If your interested in any of my ideas Please feel free to Send me a Personal message , but please don't post here, thanks for taking a look

Victoria‘s Secret:
Deep Cover:
The American Pig:
The Plantation
Alexis Big bet
A Case of Mistaken Identity
A Simple Case of Amnesia
It's A Matter of Principal
Pressing the Flesh
Circus Erotica
The Wager:
The New Girl, What a witch ( Sissy Boy Transformation fun)

My Ideas

Victoria‘s Secret: ( Female seeking Evil Male/female to play “X“)
Looking for  : EX, NC, Domination, Bondage, Body Modification ( Piercing, Tattoos ), Forced Sex in public,
Forced Breeding, Forced haircut/head shaving, Bestiality, Transformation: weight gain
Group Sex, , Exhibitionism, Bukkake

Our Victim

Victoria Graham

Victoria Graham is the darling of the local conservative movement, She made her career as both a newspaper Journalist and both a TV and Radio show host with her savage ( and often unwarranted) attracts at anyone she feels isn’t up to her personal standards.  She gained quite a following and enemies over the few short years she been running her column, TV and radio shows all named “Victories with Victoria”.  She young and attractive, so most believe well on her way to national syndication in the near future.

That was until a few nights ago when she sat down to type out a few line for tomorrows column. She had just gotten out of the shower when the “muse” hit her on how to put the breaks on the local “gay marriage initiative” .  She sat down in only a towel and began to type, almost unaware of her multitasking , She let her towel open and began to apply her nightly rub of body lotion.  She finished her typing and went to bed. 

The Next morning at work she got an e-mail from a site called “Victoria’s Real Secret”, She hit  on the link and found herself watching a video of her rubbing lotion on herself, only her face was digitized. An Instant message popped up as she watched from someone named “X”.  The X typed “ enjoying the show bitch” . She looked on in shock, a small screen on the side showed anyone watching what looked like a chat message from “Real Victoria” to “X” .  The chat was uninhibited sexing, and worse it made it look like she was masturbating to the text.  She quickly typed “Who are you” , X reply was simple “ someone who hacked your web cam and now owns your ass”.  She reach for the phone , she would call the police.  X quickly added “ do anything but what I tell you and I drop the digital screen on the face and your career is history.” . Victoria Knew he was right “ ok What do you want X? “.  X sent a smiley of a smiling face and “ Your credit card info to start but will talk more when you get home, and it Master X from now on Slave”…

I picture this as anything a free for all, When she get home he used her credit cards to hire mover to remove all her things but her computer and fill the house with cameras, He begin to give her assignment , such as “ OK slave get two dildo from the stash in the bathroom, and put on a good show for your internet audience” or  send her out on a job “ making her work an all black gang bang as the only girl” all of it streaming live. As the story progresses she has to give up her old life as she embraces her new one, even beginning to enjoy it and having a Master/Mistress.

Deep Cover: ( Female seeking Male)
Looking for : EX, NC, Body Modification ( piercing, Tattoos,), Forced Shaving ( head and pubs),Group Sex. Bukkake, Exhibitionism , Bestiality

Our Victim
Detective Sergeant Catherine Holmes

Detective  Catherine Holmes is the queen of the local vice squad, her undercover stings have netted her multiple citations.  She sent countless felons ( and unfortunately quite a few innocent  ) to prison.  She the youngest officer to make detective sergeant and it a sure thing her lieutenants bars are only a few months away. She been making the rest of the vice squad look like a bunch of rank armatures. Sure all the hard work has cost her any kind of personal life or close friends , but as an only child and since her parents passed away, she grown used to being on her own.

Then it happen they came to her with a special assignment to bust a major pimp in the nearby Central city.  They choose her from hundred of possible officers for her skill, experience, and the fact she never been to Central city.  They tell her that their a mole in their vice squad so they need her to come in under-cover as a street whore. They will place her finger print, picture and personal data into a criminal with a long record who was found dead in this area, one “Candy Cane”.  Candy isn’t know by sight in cventral city but has a infamous reputation as a hooker, grifter,  Identity thief  and sometimes Stripper. She assume Candy’s identity, no one but the “Special Taskforce” will know who she really is. They have gotten her an apartment and set it up so she can appear to live the life of a hooker as she collect info on the evil “Pappas Dave” and his prostitution ring. After this She make lieutenant for sure!!!

What our Victim is unaware of is there is NO SPECIAL TASKFORCE , Her fellow officer are sick of her showing them up so they came up with this plan to dump her on the street of central City as a Prostitute and bury the real Candy Cane as her , once they fabricate how she was killed in the line of duty .  Trapping her in the “Candy Kane” persona permanently. She have to adjust to her new life as she falls into one dark sexual adventure after another. Including the real Candy Specialty  Taking Two Great Dane on stage…

The American Pig: ( Female seeking Evil Male/female to play “X“)
Looking for : EX, NC, Domination, Bondage, Forced Breeding, Forced haircut/total lost of all hair, Bestiality ( pigs), Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Bukkake, Transformation Weight gain.

Captain Brittney Stevenson USAF

Evil Scientist

Brittney Stevenson is the darling of the media and the air force, She just become the United States first female fighter pilot to make ace ( 5 kills). Dubbed the “All-American girl” this Virginia native and daughter of a US senator Margret Stevenson and a dead wart her hero General Adam Stevenson. 

She was put on a publicity tour thru the Middle east to visit forward bases when her transport was shot down. She parachuted to safety but was captured by a group of Terrorist who plans for the young beauty tare their own pleasure and any generally misuse they can think of.

The terrorist have also recently acquired the skilled of a female expert in behavior modification who recently escaped her home country of North Korea . Dr  Chun Hei Nang, a former beauty contestant  is unhappy with having lost a series of pagents to Brittney years ago,  So to make herself feel better she can’t wait to turn Brittney the former beauty queen ( former Ms Teen Universe ) and army brat into an the lowest of barnyard animals. They then plan is to return the so cal “All-American girl” to her people  after they give her a mental make over so they can see what she and the rest of the women of "The great Satan" really are.

I picture this as a story where we watch a “Cover girl” who is a proud, intelligent, patriotic, and attractive young woman slowly transform into an animal, interested in only rolling around in her sty, eating, and breeding.

The Plantation (EX, NC, forced slavery, hard labor, Group Sex. Bukkake, Exhibitionism , Bestiality)

Alexis O’Hara

In the per-civil war south , Alexis O’Hara  a snobbish and wealthy heiress , Returns home after she receives a message that her mother is sick.  She returns to her family massive secluded plantation. Where her mother, who is still quite young at 42 ( but looks 30) and her 17 year old sister run a finishing school for “proper young southern women.  She arrive and is escorted to her mother, She finds Mother in the sitting room,

Her Mother is naked except for a collar , trapped between two huge black slaves, showing her sexual prowess. Our heroine is informed that The slaves have revolted and she was tricked back here to join her mother , sister and the rest of the young women as slaves on the plantation. They will be breed, and treat just as they treated the slaves,
Alexis Big bet
( Humiliation, Transformation: forced breast reduction, Exhibitionism, Bukkake, forced lesbian conversion  and whatever all those she has put down decide to do to her)

 Another Saturday night, another sleepover for the girls. A lot of Saturday nights were spent this way, especially in these last days of summer before school started again. Lindsay and Melissa were practically inseparable and had been for the last seven years, ever since they were nine years old. Alexis, on the other hand, was a recent addition to their group, one that they were both beginning to regret.

She was the kind of girl every girl in the collage hated. She was rich, popular, and and curves to die for. She was build tike a playmate with long legs and huge breast.  She had used her “assets” to get whatever she wanted , “ boys, grades, full scholarship from the dean and the position as. head cheerleader. She wasn’t afraid to lord her superiority over ever girl she passed, even her friends. She also loved to argue with them, Whenever they said yes, she said no. If they said up, she said down. If wouldn’t have bothered them so much if she hadn’t been so damned superior about it. Like now.

Text I got the idea from
“Oh look at this!” Kelly laughed as she pointed to her laptop. One of their many pastimes was browsing the web for oddball things they could all have a laugh at. The other two looked to her screen.

“From the makers of Breast-O-Rama!” Melissa read in her best TV advertisement voice, “Are your breasts too large? Is running uncomfortable? Fed up with the hordes of staring men? Sick of Trimming those pubs ? Are your Hips just hanging around ?... Is puberty a pain? Well we have the perfect fix—DePub12 ! Ladies, you are one injection away from a lighter, more comfortable life, free of men just looking for sex and only wanting you for your body or your money back!”

“That’s ridiculous,” Lindsay laughed. “Who would want smaller boobs?”

“Well certainly not you, Lindsay,” Alexis giggled.  “Not that that herbal crap works anyway.” Lindsay hated the subtle ways Kelly would dig at her. A B cup was not small, dammit! So what if she didn’t have monsters hiding in her shirt?

Very funny, Alexis,” said Melissa, “It does so work. I saw a show on TV about it.”

Alexis rolled her eyes, “Yeah, right.”

Melissa corrected her, “I did, one of those late night infomercials.”

Alexis almost ready to laugh in their face “Uh huh.”

“I’ll bet you wouldn’t take it even if I gave you my parking spot out in front of the sorority ,” Lindsay said.

Alexis her interest perked “your serious ..your legacy parking spot ? Hell yeah I would!” it was the one thing she hadn’t been able to use her assets to get.

Lindsay smiled, “Fine, let’s order some, shall we?”

Alexis in her normal arrogant tone “Fine!”

So the next 15 minutes was spent working out how to pay for it without her parents noticing. Fortunately it was billed to a discrete company and Melissa’s parents didn’t look too hard at her credit card as long as she didn’t overdo it.

“ ok Stats please” Melissa anounced as she typed.

 Alexis in her arrogant tone  “36-23- 36. Height: 5' 4" weight 122 lbs”

“Enter your current bra cup size,” Melissa read.

“EE,” Alexis said, smiling at Lindsay.

“We all knew that,” Melissa mumbled.

Alexis shot back, “What?”

Lindsay “It says to enter the desired bra size.”

“Oh, how about 34C?” Alexis said.

Now it was Lindsay’s turn to chime in. “C? For that parking spot, I think you ought to at least do it right. Double-A.”

Alexis laughed, “since it not going to work …Fine, double-A all the way.”

The Package arrived the next day. Melissa opened up the package and laughed. She pulled out a single syringe, pre-filled with fluid, and a yellow poke-a-dot  AA-cup bra. She handed the syringe to Lindsay and then look at their sorority sister with evil smiled, “

Melissa said “Shall we begin”

What I had in Mind
THis is a RP I've wanted to play for a while, were a woman with it all loose it and find herself at the bottom of the heap. And I remeber women like this and it seem like fun to laugh as they squirm, even if your playing them.

A Case of Mistaken Identity: ( Female Male or female)
Looking for : EX, NC, Domination, Bondage, Breeding, Grooming ( as in pet grooming) Humiliation

Captain Eve Marshal

Eve Marshal is the new darling of NASA, When she is selected to be one of the possible pilot the earths first Faster than light space probe, “the Icarus”. She  use every dirty trick to make sure she is the one selected.  Finally she is selected.  She dream of the celebrity the flight will make her.

The day of the big launch she smiles and waves at the cameras as the ship is made ready. A few minutes and she smiles as she is launched into the history book. She waits and shift the ship into FTL and disappears. She make the quick jump to Alpha Centauri. As she exit the tunnel of light caused by the star drive. She finds herself face to face with another ship ..a giant one.

She is brought on board with a glowing beam of light and they seem very interested in her. She try to communicate but they seem unable to understand her. They offer her food and a take her to a “waiting room”. They return after a time and suddenly she find them stripping away her clothes. What going on ?

What our heroine is unaware of is that the alien have misidentified her as a test animal, since their scans show her brain is so under-developed ( she doesn’t even have telepathy). They have taken pity on this simple primate and have adopted her as a pet.  They can’t understand how the creatures of earth could be so cruel as to still use poor simple minded creature as test pilots. She of course will live her life as a pet, so no un-need clothes or access to technology and they even know a place where there are wild humanoid very clothes to her genetically , they might just get her a mate….

Felt this could be fun if told from both perspective ..with me writing the Eve view ( she see it as a horror come to life) as she become a pet. and the Aliens ( who think they are helping this poor creature)

A Simple Case of Amnesia
looking for :EX, NC, Domination, Extreme Humiliation,

Here the Idea, Alexis Sinclair your rich, arrogant and abusive boss, has once again called you into her office to bitch at you for something , that is really her fault. You being her personal assistant you’ve grown used to these tirades. Over the years your suffered her abuse because you need the job, even if you are under paid. It cost you both in your social life and personal dignity. This time She insist you need to stay after work  without over-time to correct the problem, she‘s reasonable for. She can’t stay because she is leaving for a month long trip to a exclusive SPA, which she insist she already late for. You bit back your objection and do it, because you have no choice.

After you finish the work and begin the long drive to your apartment from the Office. As you make long curve that pass off the company ground you notice the bushes at the tree line are out of sorts near where they are filling in a ravine. The area will soon be an access road to the new company warehouse.

You stop to see what’s going on . Any distraction to forget what a terrible day you’ve had. You walk the half dozen yards from the road and look thru the high foliage and tree to see your bosses car down a ravine smashed the area where the ravine is being filled. You rush down to check it and find it’s door open and empty. You tell yourself “She probably on her way to a exclusive stay at a high end hospital” . You walk back to your car once more begin the drive home, deciding to skip the interstate and drive the back road. That when you see Her, your boss walking in her torn and dirty suit, missing a shoe. She are tempted to drive past but realize she knows your car. You pull over as she runs up, She looks thru the driver side window and you notice the large swelling bump on her head, She look right at you saying “ I not sure what’s happen, I don’t see to know where I am or even who I am…”

You help her into the car and drive to one of the small local hospital , They clean her up and examine her. The Doctor tell you that your “wife “ is fine but that she has total amnesia. You ask when her memory might return, he tell you maybe tomorrow, or  maybe never. They tell you they need to keep her over night for “observation”.  You suddenly have an idea , you collect her clothes and drive back to her car. You still remember how to drive a dozer from the summer working with your uncle. A few hours of work and all the evidence of the crash is gone.  You buy her some less “executive” clothes and return the next day for your “wife”.

After her release as you drive her to your apartment she ask “I’m your wife?” ,you can hear the familiar arrogance and skepticism in her tone. You laugh “ no not really".  She seems releaved as you tell her. then add "Thats just what I told the doctors that, you’re my slave, my sex slave.”.  She reply her voice in shock and her ego somewhat deflated, “Slave? I'm a slave ? your sex slave? What do I do” . You smile as you look her body over, “ that easy make me happy?”

Alexis Sinclair

It's A Matter of Principal

Possible Elements: Mind Control, Extreme Humiliation, Forced Nudity, Tattooing, Branding, head shaving, Bestiality( dogs and larger animals), interracial, Gang bang.

Our Story Focuses around Ms. Grace Blackwell the Principal of "John Walker High School" (played by me) . She is a heavy handed and Egotistical educator who rules the school with a heavy hand. She the kind of person who enjoy lording over her students, especially those that show any sign of defiance. She is well educated and wealthy. She in general the worst kind of person to be working in education, but she has all the social and financial pull to keep her job. That is until she received a strange E-mail with a attachment called "Control". She clicks the attachment, and wakes up in her office hours later. She soon confronted by one of the schools biggest Miscreants. She find herself "programmed" to obey her new Master and his friends every command. Grace try to hide her condition as she work to find a way to "undo" the program. That's soon impossible as her condition is made public and she finds her condition being openly displayed of the school. She is forced to humiliate herself and obey their slightest order or sexual desire.

Grace is still young and attractive but has little need for companionship. She is totally full of herself, an elitist and a closet racist.

Ms. Grace Blackwell

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I see this as her starting out fighting fiercely, if pointlessly. She is used as a tool to get revenge on other women, the student body president, the head cheerleader, or anyone else her Masters want. eventually she gives into the act. After they begin to change her appearance she realizes she can never go back. later find herself changing into a animal interested only in humiliation and sex.

Pressing the Flesh

Take one arrogant racist politician Renee Black (played by me). She’s kept any proof of her racist feeling out of the media, knowing it would torpedo her career.  but still now to the local ethnic groups. Her constituency is mostly white, so she feels safe. She rich and married to a handsome husband ( the chief detective in a gang taskforce ) with 2 kids. She might as well be wearing a sash marked “Ms. Perfect”. She finally on the verge of greatness as the next state congress women.  She sure nothing can stop her, until she heading out to a photo op at a local park dedication. She finishes the turning of a shovel of dirt and a lot of pictures. She heads into the rest room to wash up.
A little too much soap and water and her wedding rings slips off and roll thru a janitor door into the men’s side. She tries to get it , only to find two huge black men waiting, one of them has her ring. She asked for it. He smiled and drops it down his shorts, telling her “if you want it go get it”. She is forced to plunges her hand into his short where she feels her first Massive black cock. He slowly blackmail, at first she is only touching his cock, then to sucking it, to a full fucking.This begin Renee dark decent into sexual domination and interracial sex. She soon finds she is an addict to black cock. After a while she is so stretched she can’t even enjoy sex with her husband.

Renee Black

What do they two black men have planned? I see them..but open to new ideas....

Ruin her political Career
Ruin her financially
Make her a prostitute
Ruin her marriage
Make her Slips Drug to her feminize Husband ( who she still loves), make him loose his Confidence, rock hard muscles and his once impressive 10 inch cock. He shrink to a wimp with a 3 inches cock (a cuckold transformation)
Make her a Breeder

Circus Erotica

This idea is a bit odd. I play a powerful and wealthy middle aged woman. Still youthful looking and active. I have all I could want from money to beauty, but have become bored.

One day I receive a strange latter in my e-mail offering me an "exciting and life changing Adventure. They e-mail invites me to come visit the show. I feeling jaded and bored follow the directions and end up at a  "Sexual Circus". I sit thru a show of the "Circus Erotica" and though I would never admit it become turned on by the expressive and open showing of sex. I watch as naked woman fling themselves thru the air in an erotic high wire act, others are put thru paces like trained dogs, still others are fucked by audience members while the crowd cheers. I find myself attending show after show. Then find myself at home and try to focus on my normal life. Then another e-mail arrives and ask if I would like to join the show as one of it's slaves/performers.

It's of course preposterous, after all I'm one of the city's most influential and wealthy matrons. I ignore it until I receive another e-mail with the header "Welcome to the Circus" . inside the e-mail cheerfully announce they are accepting me into the ""Circus Erotica" as a clown!! I try to ignore it but one night I am abducted off the street and knocked out.

 I  Imagine wakening naked and confused in a strange industrial building. I am chained to the floor and I soon find they weren't joking at all and I am to become a "sexual clown" As I am altered ( including whole body make-up tattooed on, and training for my new role )

My Character

We just need to decide..

1. How will She escape? or will I?
2. Will She grow to embrace my new role?
3. What kinds of tricks will She be Taught?
4. Will She be forced to preform for people from my old life?

The Wager:

Looking for : EX, NC, Domination, Bondage, Group Sex, Forced Exhibitionism, Bukkake.

Mistress Rose Briarwood

I would play Mistress Rose a strong willed and  successful Dom. I’m well educated, wealthy ( old money) and have looks and curves ( I am especially proud of my breast) to match. I’ve spend year making myself the undisputed “Queen of Mean” in the area. You ( role opened to Males or Females ) are a professional rival, and fellow Dom. You’ve always pretended to be on good terms with me, but have always dreamed of breaking me and presenting me as you new pet/sex toy. Perhaps the result of a past slight I have long ago forgot, but you never will. You will not be satisfied till I am at your feet naked humiliated and broken for all our mutual acquaintances to see and enjoy.

Recently I allow my ego to get the best of me and lost a “foolish” bet and now must be your  slave for 2 months. My ego won’t allow me to welsh on the bet. You opportunity has arrived. What will you do, for starter…everything is up to you.

what will you do?
1. Bestiality
2. Breast Reduction
3. Weight gain
4. Forced haircut/head shaving
5. Body Modification ( branding, Piercing, Tattoos )
6. Forced Lactation ( caused by other than pregnancy)
7. Bimbo training
8. Pony girl
9. Puppy girl

but one thing for sure my days as a Dom are over!!!!!!!

The New Girl, What a witch ( Sissy Boy Transformation fun)

Here the Idea: haven’t done much of this but have a taste of it right now

Will include: Forced feminization, Humiliation, Male on Female sex, Male on male sex, rape, toy play, extreme body modification , Bondage, BDSM, Pee Play

Kimiko “Kim” Takanawa

Kimiko “Kim” Takanawa is a top notch secretary. She work for a nationwide temporary service. Which makes no sense.  She professional, attractive, and smart, she would be an asset to any company. You see Kim likes to move around, because she has a secret, she a powerful witch. She like to move from place to place and deal with problems that might pop up.

Today’s Problem is Richard Johnson, CEO and owner of “Johnson Sporting goods”. One of the largest wholesalers of sports equipment is the nation. He’s a former college quarterback. He seems to have it all, blonde hair, blue eyes, young, handsome, and well-endowed (a 10 inch cock). He works out and has maintained very muscular physique. He wealthy and well connected. He has a loving wife, who worships him. Having all of this, he has the ability to seduce nearly any woman he wants, too bad he’s an asshole. He sexually harasses his female employee. He gropes, caresses, pinches, and fondles them whenever he pleases. He cheats on his loving wife with a mistress (his personal secretary) .

Well Kim has decide to change all of that. She going to transform this muscle bound god into a sperm slurping Sissy boy. She going to take it all away from his money to his huge cock. Then make Richard into “Rita” a she-male slut. It could be quick or slow, but she wants to see him suffer the way he’s made the woman in his life suffer. She arranged for his regular secretary to be on maternity leave.
Starting in the morning, as She come in as his “New” Secretary

I will play Kim and I'm looking for someone to play Richard/Rita.
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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Hi there - sent you a pm

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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Love the Victoria Secret idea!

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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2011, 03:22:52 pm »
Love this story idea!

Online Doomsday

Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
« Reply #4 on: May 16, 2011, 04:09:48 pm »
Interested in Balance of Nature. Actually most of your ideas are very intriguing. PM me, I'll take any of them.

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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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been away for a while with a "dead" computer just "bumping" to see if I can get started again

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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Just a Bump

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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Sent a PM. Hooray!

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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Sent a PM. Very interested in the "Unbalance of Nature" idea.

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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Just Added

The New Girl, What a witch ( Sissy Boy Transformation fun)

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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Bumping after some Major changes ( stories added stories deleted)

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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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Re: Barbara4play request/Ideas EX NC (F seeking M and F )
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