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Author Topic: Be as Evil and Manipulative as You Like (m 4 F - take a look)  (Read 746 times)

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Offline NiceTexasGuyTopic starter

I just found out that picture prompts alone are not in keeping with E's policy for how to go about requesting roleplay and I have to have an actual idea to suggest.  No problemo.  So here we go.  While different people have different ideas of what's involved in dom/sub roleplay, please note that I'm open to all sorts of ideas.  It doesn't have to involve black leather and a riding crop and handcuffs.  The idea is simply that the woman is evil and manipulative (and sexy, of course).


The Amazon raids across the border have increased to intolerable levels, and my character (a king, prince, lord, etc) is leading a large army to the borderlands to put a stop to it.  As leader of the Amazon army, what do you do about it?

Lead the male army into a trap?  Send word you want to negotiate?


The American west in the 1880's.  Yes, it had it's share of bad men, but there were also those like mine, men trying to bring civilization, law, and order.  It was a time when gentlemen were expected to defer to ladies.  As sheriff, my character might have a difficult time getting behind the idea of a woman outlaw, nor would he suspect the minister's daughter turned school teacher capable of such things.

Does she simply romance my character for information of use to her?  Or, does she get caught and now has to figure a way out of my jail before the US Marshall arrives to take her to Ft Elliquiy for trial?


Apocalyptic wasteland.  No government except for what each village or town comes up with on its own.  One thing common to every settlement, though.  They exist because they have the means to survive.  Food, water, fuel, etc.  Maybe they're self sufficient, or maybe they have to trade with a neighboring town.  One thing they all have in common, they are prepared to defend what's theirs against the marauding bands who only want to take from others.

Your character, on the other hand, doesn't need a band.  She doesn't like to share.


Let's keep this one simple, shall we?  My guy is a nerd.  Yours is a hot girl. 

Need help with your homework?  (Maybe she doesn't need help, maybe she just don't want to do it.)


Of course these are just a few ideas floating around in my mind.  I'll play this in the forum, either solo or in groups, or off forum via IM's.  If you're the least bit interested in working something out, please let me know.

Thank you,


Offline NiceTexasGuyTopic starter

Re: Be as Evil and Manipulative as You Like (m 4 F - take a look)
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2011, 12:33:33 PM »
Updating with a couple more ideas:


The Obsidian Empire has been spreading hate and discontent throughout the galaxy, oppressing one planet after the other.  But all that changed when our confederation of freedom loving peoples banded together to stop your empire's expansion.  My capture, however, could be just the thing the Evil Empire needs to gain the advantage again.  As (hot shot fighter jock / bigwig in an intelligence agency / diplomat / confessor to the Prime Minister / etc etc etc ) I know things that could benefit you.  Moreover, if I could be "persuaded" to help you infiltrate my organization, you could squash the resistance altogether.



I am ( pastor / pastor's teenage son / politician or lawyer who is member of this church, etc etc etc ) and the church has generously donated office space for a campaign to stop some ungodly thing from happening in our city or state ( same sex marriage / gambling casino / rock concert / etc etc etc ).  Your job (or maybe it's just a hobby) is to stop us from stopping you and your friends from doing this terrible thing.