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Started by CriminalMinds, April 06, 2011, 01:10:39 PM

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So, I've got plenty of ideas for the roles guy A's best friend/ guy A's younger sister - the best friend and the younger sister falling for each other, not brother and sister.

1. Beach Party Flings.

Jenna and her brother James always spend the summer with their parents at the beach house they own a couple of hours away. James always invites his best friend X and normally Jenna invites her best friend Darcy. This year is different though. James is turning 21 this summer and Jenna is turning 18 shortly after so their parents are letting them have the beach cabin for a couple of weeks. James is allowed to take four of his friends and Jenna is allowed four of hers for a party. They've promised their parents not to get up to too much trouble and to not have much alcohol. James has different plans though, and a lot of alcohol has been purchased.

This is where Jenna and James' best friend really start to talk. She's known her brother's best friend all her life, but James is so protective and adamant that Jenna is too young to date that he's banned people from seeing her. And at their party everyone is allowed to drink but her. So what happens when they get talking and they soon realise that they both have feelings for each other? How will they get past James? Or should it just be their little secret?

2. Secret Lovers

Kayleigh is seeing her brother's best friend behind his back. It all started at a party when he approached her and let it known that he liked her despite her brother's ban on dating her. They finally decide to keep it a secret fling and have done so for the last couple of weeks. Now her brother Greg is having a house party. Kayleigh is there but is supposed to stay in her room and the party is beach themed. Around 10pm she comes down dressed in a short skirt, flip flops and bikini top, driving her brother into a frenzied state of anger, though his best friend is looking at her completely different. How long can they keep it a secret.

3. Betrayed

Hayleigh made one big mistake. She slept with her brother's best friend as a stupid dare... and he found out. He felt betrayed and horrified at the thought of been used when he actually cared about her. Hayleigh cared about him too, though it wasn't believed once her friends gave evidence of the dare. She was kicked out of his life, and her families. Out of anger he'd told everyone and she'd been labeled as a whore and a slut. The only thing she could do was leave...

...while pregnant.

Hayleigh had no idea, but when she did, she didn't return or let him know. 5 years later she deems it safe to return to her home town, thinking that her brother and his ex-best friend would have now left. Her 4 year old son in tow. And the first thing she does in town is bump into her son's father. They look almost alike. And her son's father is just as mad as he was all those years ago when she betrayed him.

How can she tell him she has his son? And what will happen when he finds out. Can the relationship be solved for their son?

That's all I have currently but I will update. Post here or PM me if interested in any. 


All ideas are still open. Adding more here soon!