Army Girl [F dom looking for M/F sub]

Started by elfguy, April 05, 2011, 03:00:54 PM

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Janie is an Army Lieutenant in the infantry forces, deployed to the jungles of a remote country. At 21, she's still young, but she loves the action. As her unit was on patrol, they came under enemy fire and she got separated. Now, she's roaming the jungle looking for a nearby road. Since the day is extremely hot, she was initially wearing her army shorts, a tank top and her army boots. However, as she negotiates a shortcut between two trees, her top gets shredded, leaving her completely topless. Cursing, she has no choice but to keep going, and is relieved to finally spot a wooden house in the distance.

Meanwhile, a civilian living in the house happens to look out the window and spot the incoming soldier. She's young, exposed and beautiful. She seems to be armed only with her assault rifle, but if he were to ambush her, he could disarm her and take her as his own. In the middle of the jungle, no one would ever come for her. As the young army girl comes in, he successfully pins her down and disarms her, leaving her vulnerable to his assault. However, he underestimated her skills. She is a solider, and knows how to defend herself. Janie quickly repeals the assault, proving both stronger and more agile than the attacker, and takes control of the situation. Furious, she decides to vent some of her built up rage on him instead.

For this, I will play Janie, the army girl, and I need a M or F civilian to be in the house and spring the trap, before being overpowered by Janie, and suffer her abuses. Let me know what your on/offs are for that, she can be ruthless or gentle depending on your preferences.


Bloody Rose


Name: Jonathan Breisner

Bio: Jonathan is a decent looking nerd-type who upon losing his job in England, decided to move to a remote African jungle, and live alone. He has made his way of life hunting with bows and arrows, and eating off the land. He has always dreamed of having a lover but never left his house to look for one. He is a very passive guy and was always picked on in school. He used to be beaten by all the girls in his school and eventually it started to turn him on a bit.

Any form of hitting whipping....Is fine just not to the extent that said person is bleeding of course.
Bondage is always a nice thing....Hell tie me up to the bed all day, so long as I get some food at one point or another I am good.
Like to give out a little Anal....So long as the lady will take it.
You want me to eat you out like a dirty man-whore, Fine I will drink the cum as well.
I have to hold back until you say so....I can try but I want to cum eventually and I will even if it means another whipping.
See that candle over there...Yeah the one dripping wax...Bring it over here and let it slowly drip on me...just not anywhere too sensitive.

Hey why do you have that big knife? I don't like being cut.
If you want to play with excrement fine by me leave me over here...ten miles away.
Now that I have your attention please don't stick male parts, or anything resembling them into me period.


I'd definately be up for this. My On/Off Page is located in my signature. ^^


I'd love to play a female civilian. If it's still open, let me know


Sorry for the late reply guys, I had someone who was going to do this one with me but I haven't heard back in a while now. If any of you are still interested post a quick char sheet and we can do it.


Artos Ramierez

Local worked for the cocoa fields.  Lived in this remote shack after his house in the nearby city was destroyed by the constant back and forth drug wars.  Doesn't like soldiers and has a tendency to be a bit of a pig to women.

Ons:  To be honest in the realm of bondage and submission I'm willing to try almost anything. 
Offs: Only a few of the more "hardcore" items are on my off list, just ask or take a look at my O/O's. 


Sounds good order, we can start just before Janie gets to the house. You'll need to ambush her and disarm her, then you can have her for a bit, get her completely naked if you want, before she turns the situation and makes you submit to her.

I'll start the thread in the NC section if you're ready.


Sure I'm ready, just let me know where.