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June 21, 2018, 11:23:31 AM

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Author Topic: Female seeking creative partners. Variety of plots inside!  (Read 739 times)

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Offline kingsizedorkTopic starter

Hi!! :3
I'm Jay (Short for Jayde, my real name) =3
Now...lets get to know eachother shall we.
I am 20 years old, female and I live in the cold and rain of the UK. This does not mean I drink lots of tea, and in fact, a sip of tea has not passed my lips...ever. I sound like a pirate impersonating a farmer...And I love my xbox. <3
I love sex in rps, it gives the rp a sense of realism and I love romance and fluffiness, my weakness is a good fluffy love story. Im a very open person, and I can answer almost any question honestly.
Im engaged to a man i've been with for 4 years (Therefore Im not a horndog, and Im looking for a story not an accuse to cyber) and I've been rping since the age of 13.
I am dyslexic so you will have to forgive the odd spelling mistake.
Im a creative individual, I would like you to be too and to be able to come up with events and carry the rp with me, instead of just letting me do it. I love twists!
Im mainly looking for sex based rps as im quite busy at the moment and cant really give my full attention to story based rps. (Thats not to say I will say no if you ask though)
As for roleplaying -
* At least 2-3 per intro and 1-2 per post
* Good grasp of English and grammar. Be able to make full sentences that make sense.
* Please remember to describe the appearance of your character. Images are fine.
* Creative
* Im mainly looking for MxF but I may be swayed into a FxF and maybe even a MxM or a big cocktail of the three
* Long Term Rp
Things I simply cant tolerate-
* Oneliners
* Broken English
* Basic intros (As in - No detail of characters looks, past and present)
* Chat Speak
* Characters below the age of 17
* Anyone who has the IQ of a glass of water. Please be able to hold a descent conversation with me
Vaginal, Anal, Oral ect
Fluffy romance love story - I am a sucker to this. But I also love Love/Hate relationships and casual sex with hidden feelings relationships and even forbidden ones, they can all bit abit fluffy. I love the fluff, and if you give it to me, I will indeed love you!
Non-Human partners - Angels, Demons, elves, made up races - You name it, I'll love it. (However, not too keen on beings like Centaurs, Trolls ect)
Drama, Twists and Darkness - Love them all!
Maybe -
Pregnancy - I've not done anything that has involved this yet, I would love to try it out.
Dom and Sub - Im not a big fan of this, but the plot needs it then so be it.
Forced Sex - Now...this is different than Rape. When I say forced...that even though she is rejecting it, you are still looking after her such as, making her wet and making sure she is comfortable and not hurting.

Humiliation (Inc Cum facials. I find it degrading)
Toilet fetishes (Inc vomit)
Rape (Different to forced, since rape is 'Im gonna fuck you and I dont care if it hurts) 
Im not particularly being picky about my plots. Plot driven or sex driven...I dont mind! Just make it clear to me what you want. FYI: Most of my women characters are NOT damsel in distresses.
  I want action, adventure, drama and horror in my rps to keep it interesting!
    If you cant find anything, feel free to put forward your ideas to me, or feel free to tweek or change any of my plots.
    Character roles are lettered, meaning that either of us can play either role. Its up to you. The race you can play it next to it. I dont mind what you play.
    -  The Demon VS -
    A- Hero (Neko or Human)
    B - Villain (Anthro or Neko)
    Medieval Fantasy
    1000 years ago, a demon tore open a hole to another world, unleashing monsters unto our world. A brave man fought the demon and slain it, stopping the monsters pouring into our world. The demon cursed the warrior with a mark that would go down into his family forever. This mark appeared in his gene line every 100 years and sealed its self into B (Making B over 1000 years old)
    A was born with said mark, and right on cue, the monsters start appearing.  A takes up his birthright and sets off to bring a stop to the end of the world. A time when creatures appear and terrorise the world. You are supposed to kill them and stop this from happening.
    A meets B and agrees to go with you and stop what is happening. A finds out that it's all being caused by a demon and that it resides in a mountain on a far island. Along the way, they save towns and cities from the monsters and begin to fall in love.
    But when you reach the mountain, no one is there but A and B and B transforms into the demon. Can A really destroy B?

    - We three -
    Eva is a treasure hunter, amazed by shiny things. Shes very graceful, soft spoken and athletic. While searching for the legendary gems of power - Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta and Omega. Her friend is Randall and together they are searching for these gems. How they meet you is up to you, either finding you or already being friends with them. The plot goes on their adventure and many fights along the way of others who are searching or may even have a gem.
    Randal - His main form is a brown Anthro wolf but will shapeshift into allsorts along the way (He is Bi-sexual so this plot is perfect for Bi-sexual or Bi-curious boys out there and chance for a threesome.) However, hes not don't expect a relationship from him.
    Eva -Shes different to most character I play as she's very soft spoken and gentle, but tough.
    -Trust -
You-Human, Neko or Anthro
    My character mixed herself with the wrong crowds but her true passion lies in travelling and learns of the legendary gems of power - Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta and Omega and decided to take up treasure hunting. While looking for them, she meets your character whom had already found one. Knowing she couldnt beat you in a fight, she comes up with another solution...Team up and find them together, even though her true intentions is to take them all for herself once they had found them all. The plot goes on their adventure and many fights along the way of others who are searching or may even have a gem.

  -On a Roar-
    It started out as small travelling business for healing the disease of death , but the power of necromancy sent him insane, resurrecting the dead for his own desires. Building horrific undead creatures to take over major cities.
    She decides to fight against him by joining a rebel group but she can't do it alone. She calls on one of the gods (you) and makes a pact with you to which she gives up her womb to bring you to earth.
Neko for my life partner-
1) You are the owner of a large company and a large house. Instead of a life long other half, you have chosen to spend your life with a genecticly modified human whom you take everywhere - To work, on business trips, holidays ect.
She loves you deeply, and will serve you beck and call. (Loving as deeply back is up to you, or you could choose to love her as a life partner way, not a deep romantic way as she does) You can order her to do almost anything - Pleasure you under your desk? Rent her out to buniess partners to secure a deal?
2) After finding a neko girl in the street, you take her home to your small house/apartment. You are a student/part time worker therefore you dont have alot of money. You can be a shy young adult, whom she will bring you out of your shell, or experienced. She will love you deeply, however you can choose to love her back, but Neko Human relationships are frowned upon.
We can role reverse! You can play the neko if you wish, but only in the second plot.
High School-
My character isnt a popular girl, but one valentines day admitted her feelings to a Popular boy through a card that she marked with a ?. He found out who it was who sent it because of the way it was written. Although he likes her too, he proposes that they be fuck buddies but to keep it from everyone in school.
Their relationship can blossom into Love, or they can keep it as it is, perhaps getting his friends to join in. Some filming and public sex.
-On a Plain-
You are a famous musician - Rock, pop - whatever. (Rock Bands prefered). After your show in London's o2 arena on your world tour, you meet the VIPs, who contains my character. After messing around with quite abit of booze/or got carried away. You end up inviting her back to your hotel room and one thing leads to another. After leaving the next morning, you dont expect to see her again but 3 weeks later when you are due to fly to your next gig...she appears at the hotel and announces she is pregnant to you. Not really wanting her to go alone with this, and not really wanting to get rid of it, you invite her on tour with you and try out a relationship.
You are a boy from quite a well off family but requested to go to a public school. All the girls love you and get presents left in your locker. One of the girls in your class is also one of your fathers maids that work I'm your home.
You recently got her transferred ad your personal maid. She's also your childhood friend but she doesn't remember because of an accident that cause you to be split apart.
Still feeling guilty over the incident, you find it hard to show your real feelings towards her and you end up forcing yourself on her most times you are alone. At school, you hardly talk to her and often do things to make her jealous. You have good days where you take her to romantic places and tell her you love her, other times you try to undress her without her consent.
After she remembers the accident, she starts to fall in love with him. But it's not ment to be as her mother is marrying your father! You're not blood related, but your relationship is still frowned upon by everyone.
-Battle Royale-
I'd love to try out a Battle Royale plot. For those of you who are not familiar with the plot it goes as follows (Although I have tweaked it for the plot I want)-
In the not to distant future, government all over the world has collapsed. Unemployment rates have soared and the youth are rebelling. A law was passed called the Educational Reform Act. In order to 'test' students over the age of 17, a lottery was formed with every school over the globe in a hat. Once a school  was picked, a class was picked. The 45 students of that class is then taken to an island and forced to kill eachother until one remains. They have 3 days for one to be left standing. Each student is issued with a pack which contains 3 buns of bread, 2 bottles of water, a compass and map, torch and last of all...a random weapon (Which could be from a Shotgun, to a kitchen knife, to a hand gun, and even a fork.) You may get lucky, you may not.
Each Student is tagged with a collar which is permanent for the 3 days they will be on the island. It records their pulse and tracks each student. If they try to take it off, or flee the explodes. Can you really kill the people you've spent half your life with?
Room for Non-con in this one. We'll discuss how it will work if you are interested.
Anime/Video Games/Tv Series

Pokemon -
1)100 years in to the future - By lab or evolution, pokemon are starting to resemble humans but keeping their powers. Trainers are starting to train these human pokemon instead of normal pokemon. Soon, there are gyms dedicated to these human based pokemon.
They live in the wild and can go in pokeballs.
2)150 years into the future -  Pokemon has evolved once more. Pokemon have been long forgotten, and in its place is Suits. These suits are kept inside a electronic bracer. By pressing the touch screen of what suit you have purchased and uploaded into the bracer, the suit wraps its self over your body granting the skills and abilities of that pokemon. Battles are now done in this way.
Get creative with it!
Digimon -

I dont mind if you are my partner Digimon or if you are another tamer travelling with me. Would prefer it to be set in the Digitalworld either stuck there or going back and forth.
Others I do is
Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts
Tale of Symphonia