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April 26, 2018, 10:10:33 PM

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Author Topic: Of heroes and villains: looking for superheroine/supervillainess (F wanted)  (Read 721 times)

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Offline Darthvegeta800Topic starter

Anyway, i'm looking for a fun longterm superhero rp. Wether it be in the settings of: Marvel, DC, Champions/Champions Online, City of Heroes or completely original. I'm open to suggestions in that regard.
I have a character bio for the male lead. I'm now looking for a female villainess/heroine. To team up and/or oppose my char. I'm open to extensive brainstorming and suggestions

NOTE: check my do's and don'ts in advance to avoid dissapointments. Thanks!

As for the biography of my superhero of the power armor style:

Real Name: Ulrich von Schliefen
Codename: Battleborg
Nicknames: N/A
Former Aliases: N/A
Other Current Aliases: N/A


Occupation: Head of Phalanx Industries, scientist 
Education: University level. Several phd’s. Some of them are in A.I., robotics, engineering, programming, physics…
Nationality: German
Marital Status: Single but looking
Group Affiliation: PHALANX Industries, PHALANXS SEC.OPS, PHALANX Vanguard
Base of Operations: Germany
Favoured attires: A variety of business suits, usually white.


Place of Birth: Bonn, Germany
Known Relatives: Laura (sister), Anastasia (sister), Konrad (father – murdered), Ingrid (mother)


Ulrich von Schliefen is the son of wealthy parents. At an early age his great genius became apparent and throughout his life he made drastic academic advancements. While as a scholar he progressed quickly and received fame as a true prodigy, his social talents progressed slowly. A man of common sense, hard science and abstract thought, he did not handle emotion well nor the unforeseen. He grew up to become a successful scientist and used his family’s money to set up PHALANX Industries. This business would grow to become an extremely powerful conglomeration. Using his inventions in the fields of military hardware and software, he began to supply everything from conventional firearms to tanks and jets to the civilized world. Though not the dominant power in the field of arms, he is a quickly growing contender who has taken up roughly second rank behind the massive powerhouse that is Stark Industries, the eternal rival and goal.
PHALANX Industries also has two militant wings. PHALANX Security Operations and PHALANX Vanguard. Sec Ops secures the many projects, factories and locations of PHALANX as they are frequently targeted by varying threats. His technology, weaponry and the likes are after all highly sought.
The Vanguard is a team Ulrich at times assembles for large-scale ‘heroic’ operations. At times dissolved or dormant, Vanguard usually has at least a few highly competent members ready to be used at short notice. Vanguard has been composed out of both military specialists and a variety of superheroes depending on the situation. They have also frequently merged into superhero groups or military organizations to perform a specific but necessary campaign.
On a sidenote, PHALANX has a slightly dubious reputation in regards to some third world countries or nations of dubious morals as the conglomeration is frequently forced to sell their slightly outdated models and weapons to them to maintain large profits. PHALANX technology is also known as arguably the best price-quality and not the inherently best out there. PHALANX Industries also tends to produce at varying levels of quality ensuring that depending on the funding available, clients will always be able to fulfill their needs to a degree.

Ulrich is a well-read, educated and disciplined man who upholds etiquette and proper form. A bit chauvinistic and elitary, he is somewhat out of touch with the common man. He views the traditional family values as the norm and has some trouble accepting the changing world. Whereas he is a quick thinker and brilliant mind, he lacks the charisma some of his enemies and rivals have.

His father was killed by a supervillain that has grown to become his nemesis. Still at large, the dangerous archvillain is the prime target of Battleborg, Ulrich’s high-powered alter ego.
Nationalistic and a firm believer in law and order, Ulrich has worked solo but also in cooperation with other teams and governments he approves of to deal with dire threats be they criminal, terrorist, natural, alien, supervillain or even more exotic in nature.

As Battleborg, Ulrich fights aggressively using massive firepower and an unexpected blitzkrieg assault to gain the upper hand. His armor tends to be somewhat clunky but more heavily armored than quite a lot of armored superheroes out there. Preferring firepower and endurance over acrobatic elegance, Ulrich must use his superior intellect and tactics to adapt to fast foes.

As befits his calm and balanced nature, his armor tends to have cold colors. Usually he opts for grayish metals and varying blues.


Height: 1m85
Weight: 90kg
Eyes:  light blue
Hair: blonde
Age: 29
Unusual Features: n/a


Known Powers: N/A
Special Limitations: N/A
Known Abilities: N/A
Special Skills: Advanced Tactics, engineering, varied technical skills.
Strength Level: N/A


Equipment: Battleborg exosuit. This massive battle armor gives a high degree of protection and comes with a variety of weapons.
The suit comes standard with advanced lifesupport and a wide-range of sensors and means of communication. The internal A.I. assists in analyzing the situation.Fully customizable, the Battleborg armor has known many variants over the years. Constantly upgraded and modified, Ulrich is clearly intent on always having at least some trump card to play when facing his enemies.

Transportation: The Battleborg exosuit comes with thrusters allowing fast travel. If necessary and at a high cost in energy, the Battleborg armor is capable of short-range teleportation. Dissapearing in a burst of blue light, he then reappears elsewhere.

Weapons: The Battleborg armor almost always comes with a variety of energyweapons. Going  from stunbeams to powerful destructive arrays. He always brings at least one or two integrated conventional weapons usually armorpiercing. His most used conventional weapons tend to be small internally mounted rockets and wristguns that unleash heavy armorpiercing slugs upon the enemy. He’s also been known to use one or two heavy shouldermounted cannons or other heavier weaponry but these seldom come standard in the armor.