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Author Topic: Mastermind Ideas, M/F looking for  (Read 523 times)

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Offline The Emperor ZelosTopic starter

Mastermind Ideas, M/F looking for
« on: March 29, 2011, 04:27:10 PM »
First thing first, or maybe last? Hmmm tough choice.

Everything I always request for RPs are negotionable, ideas or suggestions for changes and whatnot will ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS be listened to and I am quite open to alot of ideas, the only criteria is usually the story interests me and dont go into my off list. And even if a RP is taken you can ask nad if im in the mood I'll gladly do another =3

I dont mind RPing with guys or girls, Either playing both or either gender and sex ISNT neccisery in any RP though it IS prefered it isnt neccisery. Sex in a RP is like desert, a good thing to add to finish of a good meal but it doesnt make the meal :3

I will divide this up into random bunch of ideas and then another set for steampunk

  • Bimbo ideas
    • A business woman is sick and tired of being lonely while being successful and seeks to find a partner, she sees an add where they promise success with men and goes on it not checking or knowing what the process involves. (I can play either transformer and her boyfriend to be or the female herself. This may also be changed to be a male made into female bimbo)
    • A girl/Guy is a real asshole (at school/college/university) and is transformed into a bimbo (method is open) and then sold onto a guy to be a perfect partner
  • GenderBending
    • A prince is looking for a princess to become his wife to be but all real ones have been a great disappointment, He gets a mage to get a guy to become that woman which is then trained into a proper lady, this may be willing or unwilling.
  • Transformation. I am a hgue fan of this, any request of this to me will be listened to strongely :3
    • Person is bit/get injected by something that turns them into a furry and gotta deal with life as it in a human world

This is a little universe of my own I have made up =3 I got quite alot of setting it and I am willing to discuss things always here too. This is meant to be furry but I am ready to do soley human if wanted and or mix :3

The world is a gas giant with a ring system and exacly 12 moons around it. The gas giant has various cloud layers of gas/clouds on it where only the "outer" one, where people live, is the explored one and its not all explored. There is no solid surface on the planet but continents of solid mass floats in the air with the help of magic. On these continents, where there are hundreds in this layer alone, people live, civilizations grows, forests exists, animals evolve and lots more. Naturally witht his people use ships floating in the air to travel between continents. There exists alot of odd weather phenomenas but a well known one is the "Skyrift" which is basicly a wall of downgoign air and clouds that prohibits people from leaving their area (atleast with their technology) and see whats beyond limiting their view of the world.

On this world there exists also 12 Magic Poles, what are those? They are poles where a kind of magic, there are 12 of them naturally, Fire, Ice, Life, Metal, Darkness, Radiation, Time, Air, Water, Lightning, Celestial and earth, are very high and pours out from the pole heavily affecting the nearby sourrunding, the darkness pole forexample have constant twilight even when the sun stands high, life pole got tons of rainforests, lightning got thunder constantly going etc.

Magic, Technolgy and Alchemy are all mixed here and coexist while being tied to each other.

Civilizations tend to grow more prosperous closer to the pools because they can use the specific mana near those but this is not an absolute trend. The technological level of people are that of late victorian era along with alot more due to magic. There are no TV though, nuclear weapons. But Various forms of cars exists (though highly priced) and walkers, machines that walk on legs, exists aswell some which can be bigger than villages. Steampower and magic power powers all of this in vairous ways, larger constructions tends to take steam power to supply a large source of energy.

Using Ice/Fire mana they can create fridges and more where you wouldnt expect it and alot more.

  • Umbrean Confederacy:
    A confederacy composed of 13 continents, freedom is highly valued there along with progress, peace and exploration of the world. They have several colonies on a few continents near the life pole, which is a bit like africa where the greater nations tries grabbing for land, and near the fire pole it also has a colony similar to how India was. They reside at the darkness pole
  • Formican Empire:
    These beings are quite the opposite, they are dominating looks down on anyone that isnt them (they are a caste species) and frown upon looking at others. What they can take they'll take and if youre not strong enough to defend yourself you'll be consumed by their growing empire. Their own kind are they very kind to but anyone else is a different story. Their empire stratches over several continents, the exact number us unknown because they do not let anyone isnide their borders without strong supervision. Like The Confederacy they are grabbing land at the life pole. They Reside at the Lightning pole
  • Wosret Sultanate:
    This is more of a collection of species than anything else, unlike the formicas they do not ahve biological castes but have social castes which is pretty much species specific. You are born into your place in society and nothing can remove you from it, you can climb up and down in the caste but never out from it. The Sultan is alot kinder than his ancestors and have tried getting rid of the system of castes but due to history it hasn't been well recieved by the people.They are also taking minor land masses at teh life pole but due to their unfortunate location its harder for them. They reside at the fire pole
I believe thats more than enough info for now, Id love to discuss more if anyone is interested. keep in mind EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE! I will listen to it all.
Ideas (You got suggestions I am listening):
  • You are a person of high class wanting to see the world, having heard stories, perhaps living at one of the colonies or firepole or perhaps in the comfort of the confederacy. Wanting to see the world you sign up for the military or a trading company to join its crew. You meet me/my char there and perhaps relations starts evolving as the adventure progresses
  • A gadget girl, loving to play with her little machines in a small town and or village, having been born where the kind of stuff she likes isnt taken that serious she meets a traveler that takes her along the journey
  • A tribal person living at the life pole visited one of her relatives on a nearby continent using her simple et functional sailing boat, there she witnesses the horrors of how those from the empire causes others. Barely getting back alive she goes to one of the confederate Colonies seeking help and how to fight these beings.

More to come :3 its late, tata

And Please note me if youre interested
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