Looking for a Female for Epic Adventures (M/F)

Started by cirdanf, March 29, 2011, 08:09:03 AM

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I recently began on my new job (so to speak) and I need a female partner to RP with me on my bored times. Every day  I will post.

This story is based on Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 3), so I'll take your hand through it, yet I appreciate imaginative partners!

Your character can be a normal human, a human with Sorcery, a  female warrior, a furry with those? Any you desire.

Please Pm  me. I'll explain what has to be explained. The opening post we'll use is this one:

The kingdom was split by the warfare that had occurred a hundred years ago. At that time, it had exploded all over the world, and had killed and destroyed most of the population. All of it had been caused because of the desire of some groups to kill the King, and them succeeding. Now, the people were scared, even a century afterwards. The Grand War, as it was called, had given everyone a sense of paranoia, the danger stalked everywhere. Racism, inner fighting... seclusion. All wanted to be in their towns, well protected, and lucky were the few that didn't have such prejudice, which allowed exploration to happen.

The world needed a hero. The world needed someone that pulled the chords into more order, or at least understanding between people... But Igol wasn't that person.

A mercenary, called Silver by those who recognized him on the streets, was him. He went over town to town, exploring, finding treasure, and selling back. He had been on that for three years, and he decided to go back to his home, the Desert City of Navarre. He arrived, some people remembered him, some didn't . He went over to the King's palace, and kneeled in front of the man. "My King, I have arrived" , Igol said, to which the man didn't reply a word. Seconds later, he was stashed in a prison, harshly managed by the guards. He couldn've beaten them, yet didn't because that was not his nature.

In prison, he was rescued, and told that the King's advisor had sent him a pair of daggers, presented to him as Sapphire and Ruby, the names of the crystal on top of each of them. He grabbed them, and waved goodbye. Yet, the person that saved him had something to say. "Go talk to the High Priest at the City of Light", they told him... Because in their mind, the King had become a lousy person, a tyrant trying to murder guys that were at Igol's age. The prophecy stated those were the destined to bring great change to the world.

He walked towards his target... wondering what would he find there. A new hope, a new life... Or just the way to bring the old King to his tender, caring state of a great ruler.

The City of Light! He was cheerful, even while running away form his hometown. He wanted more of life. This was it.

P.S.: Don't poof after the first post please.

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