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December 02, 2020, 06:21:19 AM

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Author Topic: There can be only one? Not necessarily... [EX, Immortals, interest check]  (Read 1433 times)

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Offline thebobmasterTopic starter

The land of Riande (ree-AHN-day) is not a nice one. The city of Serenala (Saren-AH-la) has degenerated into a criminal haven. Crime is the way there, and the few authoritioverwhees remaining in Serenala are either part of the problem, or overwhelmed by it. However, before the city was sealed off and left to die, a small group of experiments arose in a mysterious abandoned house. Called the Nethers, for their presence in the underworld, these creations were different than the criminals around in one key aspect. No matter the punishment they received, they would not die. And aging would only occur if the Nether wanted it to happen.  But were these Nethers enough to save the city? Or would the Nethers prove as susceptible to human greed and power as mortals?

Basically, you would be playing as a Nether in the city. You want to be good? That's fine. A criminal mastermind? That's fine as well. Basically, this is a world where morals have gone out the window. If you want to do something, no matter what it is, you have no authorities who can prevent you.

As for the Nethers themselves, they are essentially homunculi, or created humans. They suffer damage the same as humans. However, they cannot die. On the other hand, if they suffer a wound that is fatal (such as dismemberment, or bleeding out, or even suffocation), the Nether must reassemble itself, and will be inactive for the time it takes. The more damage done, the longer it will take.

And while I said Nethers are created humans, hybrids are allowed. Basically, a Nether creates itself as it feels it wants to for that incarnation. Therefore, not only can you decide what your Nether looks like, if something happens to your Nether, you can change how they look in their next incarnation.

But one thing, to be clear. Even if you do make a hybrid, or a demon, or angel, or...anything, really, their is a limitation. Nethers can only be as big as a human. They can be a tall human, or a strong human, but it is beyond their ability to become an eleven foot tall, 1400 pound monstrosity.

Finally, I am considering allowing each Nether to take one special power per incarnation. However, due to the possibility of abuse, I'd like people who express interest in this idea to tell me whether or not it's a good idea. Also, while the RP would start in Serenala, your characters could potentially leave the city into the outside world. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. First, if this sounds like an interesting idea, please sign up. I'd love to see where this could go.

Offline Antioch

Not too bad an Idea...but the idea of making and essentially Godlike character for a roleplay is whats turning me down, I could maybe see if they had a weakness, such as if they lost a limb they could not regain it. Or if say they lost there head....I do not think that a headless body, immortal or not, would be able to fix itself, so in theory wouldn't the Nether die? Just my opinion...but like I said I would be interested otherwise.

Offline thebobmasterTopic starter

Good point.

All right, the Nether's weaknesses are decapitation (kills), or heart injuries. Anything that kills them instantly would kill them permanently. However, if there is any time for them to recover from the injury before death, then they will be able to revive at a later point.

Offline Antioch

Nice.......A lot better just for that I'm now interested :P

Offline Kate

the sounds of abuse for this or an evil inclination temps me. I am very perverted however (and do like futa themes and the likes) not sure if that is welcomed here if it is tell me :)

Offline thebobmasterTopic starter

As long as the other players don't mind, I don't. I personally have no limits. The players will set the limits on this one.

Offline DevilWing54

soungs like a good story to start off :) I vote definately, has the Rp already started or are you still getting players?

Offline thebobmasterTopic starter

I'll put up the character sheet topic and OOC topic soon.

Character sheet
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