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Author Topic: The Mind of Dunnuck  (Read 818 times)

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The Mind of Dunnuck
« on: March 29, 2011, 02:33:27 AM »
I am looking for a creative person to write with. Who isn't? Obviously no one liners allowed -- you know who you are. As for plot, that is something I prefer to work on with the RP partner, but I will be throwing some ideas around in a moment. What I want here is fast paced, though thoughtful and descriptive. I need someone that can do action, romance, and are flexible in regards to building a plot.


Plot 1: The world is one where Elfs are looked down upon. They are mistreated, abused, and given the lowest of the jobs and go unnoticed in society outside of their workplace. They are under a brutal oppression and many get kidnapped and forced into slavery. Others suffer a fate not as brutal, but of the same sort. They are servants, bloodlines largely determining where an Elf's life will take place and who they will serve. These ones live in a stagnated state on a fixed position on the social ladder. A guardsman is on patrol and follows the trail of suspected slavers. After barely getting out of the fight with them alive, he finds the only surviving slave. Knowing that The Guard is corrupt and will likely see the Elf back into the hands of slavers, the guardsman takes her in. But slavers aren't fond of losing their property.

Plot 2: Two human nobles are forced to fight their way out of their family's estate as Raiders burn their way through the town. The two are brothers, and heir to a wealthy family. However, during their escape, the two are split up and one is injured. Stumbling his way out of the city, he hides himself among rock and tree a few miles off from the burning city. He is found near death by a woman and nursed back to life. How did the raiders succeed? Who was to blame? And what became of the man's brother?

Modern Day

Plot 1: An attack on an American Embassy in Japan leaves the ambassador and his family dead. All but ambassador's daughter. A japanese man, whose intentions and motives are unknown, saves the life of the girl. The two work to keep the girl out of the public eye, but the farce can only go on so long. I cannot reveal any more plot details as it would spoil the story

Plot 2: "The coldest feeling doesn't come from the sky or worldly nature; It comes from the heart, and harsh human nature." A hitman's blood is as cold as ice; a heartless killer who gets his job done, no matter the cost. He fulfills his contracts to the letter, his cold and calculating nature infamous among law enforcement and the criminal underground alike. His next job is simple; kill the eldest daughter of political tycoon. But as he looks down the scope, the red dot on her head, she catches sight of the laser. She looks up, eyes defiant in the scope. The killer's mission changes from assassination to kidnapping as he decides to let her live, but dare not let anyone know.

Sci Fi

Plot 1: Star Wars - Path of the Sith

A star wars story I am working on. In development.

Plot 2: Mass Effect - In the Path of the Reapers

Another in development.


Plot 1: A vampire has just experienced his first lifetime. His family has recently died and he is painfully alone, looking for somewhere to start a new life so his identity is not compromised. He finds himself in London in search of Ancient Vampires that can teach him to change others with a bite so that he does not have to live his life in loneliness. This does not follow conventional vampire rules, though a lot of the rules are there. This means that boundaries will be crossed and the vampire rules that DO NOT apply in the RP are acknowledged and dismissed within the roleplay story at different times. As he continues his London search for Ancient Vampires, he enrolls in a college where his attractive nature (due to his compiled experiences) cause him to be quite popular. He slowly begins to get closer to a woman, and over time he is more and more convinced that she is the one to be with him forever. He uses the girl as a blood doll, the bite extremely pleasurable and comparable to multiple orgasms at once (and may also cause them). The "feeding" scenes are very sexual in nature and I am looking for a capable woman to roleplay those scenes with such intensity. But it is not all about sex. It is also a deep emotional story, and there is a lot of danger looming in London which is evident as soon as the RP starts. The amount of action will vary depending on my partner's preference, but I do so love action (though I am capable of doing minimal amounts). There are many other plot points but they will be discussed with those interested.

All stories are flexible and I enjoy working with others to see how the stories play out. Nothing here is set in stone, it is just an outline and a brief glimpse of what kind of depth and intrigue I am looking for (along with the steamy smex of course). While a lot of these plots don't seem to have a kink to them, you would be surprised what kind of scenarios this mind can come up with. Reply or PM me if you are interested, I have been DYING for some Role Play! And if someone already replies, don't be afraid to confront me! I am looking for more than just one RP right now
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PS, for the fantasy ones, I'm going to be using the logic and world of "Dragon Age". it is not required or even needed to be familiar with the world. Just an aside ^_^

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Re: The Mind of Dunnuck
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2011, 03:55:49 PM »
Added another plot as well as titles for two Sci Fi plots. Should give you an idea of where I intend to go with those two

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Re: The Mind of Dunnuck
« Reply #3 on: April 16, 2011, 03:58:21 AM »
Vampire section added

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Re: The Mind of Dunnuck
« Reply #4 on: April 16, 2011, 02:48:14 PM »
Fantasy plot #1 ... if you have me, Sir.

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Re: The Mind of Dunnuck
« Reply #5 on: April 30, 2011, 05:55:57 PM »
Pass me an IM ;)